Visits to SCOAN down by as much as 90%

SCOAN auditorium during busier times

SCOAN auditorium during busier times

A few days ago the trial finally got underway, and day one revealed a massive bombshell. The six storey building that collapsed, was built without the services of a structural engineer. Yes, that’s right – six storeys built without involving anyone who is trained to know whether or not the structure will be safe. This is a major blow to SCOAN that will be hard to recover from, and is likely only the first of many other revelations. 

Meanwhile, a news report is circulating containing an interview with a hotelier close to the SCOAN compound in Lagos. According to the report, there are around 3500 beds in all the local hotels and before the building collapse when SCOAN were conducting 3 meetings a week, occupancy rate would be 100%, rooms would be very hard to come by. Since the collapse, occupancy rates fluctuate between zero and 10% all week long (source).

This is corroborated by a source we’ve spoken to who has visited SCOAN during this period. While it may look full on camera, we’re told there are large parts of the auditorium that aren’t used (never seen on camera), and poorer visitors are put in a tent outside marked as “overflow” (ahem, James 2:1-40) to continue the illusion that things are good, even though there is ample space available in the main room.

The most interesting quote in the article is the hotelier’s plea to the government “We insist that government should understand that being a destination, all over the world, when there is accident, they should put in machineries to get to the root of the accident, take action where necessary without portraying the destination as unsafe and also overtly discouraging people from visiting there.” (emphasis ours). In other words, the uncertainty about the cause of the collapse is the very thing keeping people away. If SCOAN had cooperated from the very start, the structural failure was quickly found, all other buildings inspected and certified as safe, then people would have had confidence to keep coming. Instead, most of the people who might consider visiting SCOAN most likely believe in the strange aircraft/ultrasonic weapon theory SCOAN has been propagating. If this unknown weapon from an unknown source was the cause of the collapse, and TB Joshua was their intended target, then who would want to be anywhere near him? So ironically, SCOAN’s lies have been the very thing that have caused a massive drop in their popularity. Even more evidence that the revelations we’ll hear from the trial are a lot more serious than “forgetting to fill out the relevant paperwork”.

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71 thoughts on “Visits to SCOAN down by as much as 90%

  1. The BUILDING COLLAPSED BECAUSE OF EXPLOSION. Everybody who has ONLY common sense can see that.
    NO BUILDING FALLS DOWN LIKE THAT –> because of construction defect. NOT POSSIBLE.

    Suppose if someone would pull out some of your ribs, and/or broke one or two of your arm, and/or broke one of your leg, —- imagine ….. you just NOT going to collapse into AN IRREPARABLE BUNCH OF BLOODY SMALL CHUNKS – IN A SECOND. This is just not going to happen….

    So ANYBODY, with a right mind, with only a common sense: would know that you just want to persecute the SCOAN, the Emmanuel TV, Prophet T.B. Joshua, and all the people of God in this this ministry. You looks like a bloodthirsty hyena, vampire…. You are looking ugly..

    Let me ask you a question: ARE YOU on the SIDE OF GOD, on the SIDE of LORD JESUS CHRIST?

      • To decide if the collapse happened because of construction defect OR explosion – ENOUGH TO WATCH and SEE THE VIDEO of THE COLLAPSE.

        Thats it.

        And YOU SHOULD ANSWER my QUESTION, and not avoid it! –> ARE YOU on the SIDE OF GOD, on the SIDE of LORD JESUS CHRIST?

      • Did Jesus build illegal buildings without building permits ? Or did God command such a thing ? Or was it Holy Spirit inspired ? No, so it had nothing to do with Jesus then or God. And certainly no work of he Holy Spirit. You are claiming that the Holy Spirit inspired the death of 116 people ?

        It was the trustees of SCOAN, the Staff of SCOAN, TB Joshua at the helm that inspired it. With disastrous results.

        Show us any visual proof of explosive materials found on the compound. Was it dynamite ? Was it compress drilled holes with ignition pipes ? Where is the wiring ? One person says this, the other says that. None of the confessions are the same from any so called witness. You know you are a sham and always will be.

      • tb joshua watch,,,,,,,,,the way you hate scoan and tb joshua is too much ,,,even a blind parson can see that that demolition was not structural,,we all understand that lives we lost but that beyond our control you and me will die one day but we not gonna die the same way,that will be God s will,please stop misleading people about this demolition,who ever is believing in you in this scenario he/she is not blind but die life

      • @mist
        The only people in the least bit convinced about it being an attack are those brainwashed by SCOAN. The way it came down has been shown to be completely consistent with the columns failing. Do you realise that controlled demolition basically “fails” the structure, so if the main load bearing columns fail, the effect will be the same as a controlled demolition? Yes, some structural failures look different, that doesn’t mean they all look like SCOAN says.

        Anyway, if what you’re saying is true – then surely everyone should avoid travelling to SCOAN until the culprits have been caught? And surely TB Joshua should have attended court to give all the evidence he had? If he truly believed his lies, he would have been behaving very differently.

    • You are very silly. Honestly. Just deliberately blind.

      There are many examples of this type of collapse. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh. Shoddily built factories which then collapsed upon the poor people working in them in the same manner SCOANs poorly built monstrosity. This happens regularly. The difference is that in those countries the owners and builders are generally held accountable.

    • You go and tell us and show us evidence of those that died had explosion ~~> burns. There was one woman that claimed this, but it was a lie after investigation, she had the burns before. You bunch of serial liars.

      Secondly the Coroner after investigation found out that the corpses were crushed to death without any burns of explosions.

      Your false private prophet is a mouther of using the Name of Jesus but his lies are not part of Jesus Christ’s Gospel. He needs to confess his failure of disobeying God’s commandments and commands regarding building illegally and without building permit.

      If nobody can do that and is allowed to do so, why are you promoting the selfsame person that he is innocent and is wrong by his actions.

      The side of God is, justice regarding the ignorance and deliberate way of working that SCOAN thought they could get away with and have things done afterwards. It is the same way of working method when there is a problem going on. Does he not have to deploy a prophecy of that Mohammad Ali died ? So why did he not go on his private plane and healed Mohammad Ali and then parade him in his church ? And why did the “distance is not a barrier” work on Mohammad Ali, or just wildly spraying “morning water” in the air as you lot always claim is real ? More and more we see what really is under the surface going on. Which Jesus are we then talking about ? The Jesus of Illegal hostel buildings without building permit and no qualified builders to do the job ?

      • Jesee you are a very jeoulos pathetic and very bitter being. How does the Mohamned Ali issue affect SCOAN . Is Prophet T B Joshua the only one. Why cant u ask other prophets u believe are true. Yes Prophet TBJoshua is a Prophet of God and there is nothing you can do about it. Go jump in the deepest ocean for all we care less. You are so desrespectful and I have no manners I have asked you before to actually go release your anger on your father becoz u seem to be good at that. Go pass insults at your father and stop insulting prophet TB Joshua. You are a troubled being and I think u need deliverance. Stop insulting Prophet TB Joshua.

      • Deliverance from what ? Pray do tell….

        My father has passed away for quite a while. Was that the best shot you can give ? Insulting the dead. Oh wait you are good at that. 116 to be precise plus 4 and one broken leg. Due to your false private prophet discisions and his staff and building engineers. Why not address him and ask, TBJ why did you do disobedience to God by building AN ILLEGAL HOSTEL AND WITHOUT BUILDING PERMIT !

        Whenever I see him I will ask him that repeatedly over and over. Even if it sounds like a broken record. Then he should beg for forgiveness to me and my crew whom he sent away not healed after collecting money through Dorcas who was doing everything in her will to keep us away from him. Dorcas words were ” AND NOW THE MONEY !!!!” so it was after all about money then instead of healing ? Hmmm.

        You go on about me being bitter, but you are inept to accept the facts in your own cerebral cortex. I wonder if you have one. Or if they cut pieces out of it as in “One flew over the Cuckoos nest.” Shall I call you nurse Wretchit ? Suitable name for you, because you don’t register anything up there.

    • Jesse, your father died because of your insults, that’s it if you are telling the truth he is dead. You have a lot of time to practice insults, abusive words, all the nonsense from the whole world combined, you don’t have time to pray. All my life I knew God is the only judge. Yes Jesse you are a number one suspect, you tried to kill TBJ, you failed and now you are getting more and more bitter, he is protected by God that is why you are unable to get near him. I think Jesse is not somebody’s nickname, it’s a group of pastors who hate TBJ, jealous ones, fakes. You asked if Jesus built illegal buildings, he never built any house Jesse, search the Bible, he built US, he will soon build you. Jesse is a group of so called pastors and preachers who teach hatret, nonsense multiplied by rubbish in their so called churches. Why, why don’t you face TBJ, what I know is, once you step in SCOAN, you will be delivered before you set your eyes on him. Keep watching ETV Jesse, we will meet you in SCOAN SOME DAY, AND YOU WILL BE WELCOMED IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST

      • My father died because of my insults ?

        What a joke. The man was 84 !!! That’s beyond what the scripture says we would be. Three score and 10 that’s 70. And by strength 80. Lol. Joker you.

        You don’t know what you are talking about. Go on arrest me on suspicion of killing TB Joshua. I can’t wait to put my story out to the world by being interviewed by the news media as alleged no 1 suspect of SCOANs folly.

        Once I step within SCOAN….. Bwhahahahahahaha. Loldeloldelolol. What a stupendous insinuation. He can’t deliver a pimple from a nose or a banana from a peel. Since distance is not a barrier in your crazy nut beliefs, does God need some braggadocious like you or him to do ANYTHING ?

        I looked in TB Joshua’s eyes while sitting at his desk straight and he could not hold his eyes upon me. They quickly turned away from mine and he even got quickly back to the back of his chair pushing the chair back as far as possible from my eyes looking at him. My, my, my what a charade this man was. And here you are, claiming as el stupido otherwise.

        Emtv ? I can’t really remember the last time I did. I have got better things to do that looking and a madhouse incarnate with a nutter at the helm.

        I tell you what, you go tell him, meet me at my designated place and we will doing a stare off eyeball to eyeball, toe to toe and see that he can’t do anything then just telling rubbish to his bystanders.

        Your false private prophet agreed to build the illegal hostel without building permit. By the own words of his followers and staff, nothing goes passed by in SCOAN without his approval. And so I know by default he is the instigator of it all as well those staff who were involved in it with signing the paperwork. Oh wait there was no paperwork. It was illegal. So much for calling yourself a man of God. Allowing those involved to do it illegally. You really are a mug aren’t you ?

      • You are living a bitter life Jesse, you are not telling the truth (which you never do) when you say TBJ couldn’t look you in the eye, he has been looking into dangerous demon eyes like yours before and he is still delivering. You say I am a mug, I don’t know what you mean by that, ok, you are a biggest mug ever, I copied it from you. Keep on practicing, everything has a beginning and an end. You say you don’t watch ETV, who do you send to watch for you and bring all the negative news? Bye big mug. Be blessed.

      • And why would I lie for ? Which demons are you talking about ? Those that make a drama because they are on call and by bribe ? Or those that are hired from Bollywood to throw a tantrum in front of a crowd ?

        Hands you the smallest violin in the world. “Everything has a beginning and an end”. Meaning ? another intimidation trick you have on your sleeve ? As if there is not end to you or anything. Anyway free translation from your side as such: ” Oh God, why is Jesse still alive, how come he is strong and mighty ?” And back you go into your Wulu Wulu raindance again in the hope you can wipe me out. Until God is calling me to His side, you have nothing to bring in then empty sheets of paper with absolutely nothing on it” anddddddddd you know it, that nothing hangs in the balance because of you or your false private prophet, who keeps on whining they are after him. When he said that before they whooped his ass for 2 years now but Judgment system is a sham in Nigeria. Stretching it, siphoning it off for notoriety, receiving the bribes, running the media mill because otherwise they have no life to fill in, because if you watch the African news as whole, all you see is corruption here, sex with so and so there, celebrity runs naked before camera, child born with goat feet, Boko Haram is wiped out, but still displaces thousands and stories as they kill 3, yes THREE insurgents but recover 300 vehicles, hihihihi, aint that hilarious. How many vehicles can you ride or drive with three people. And put up another picture up that was the same months ago about a Boko Haram stronghold with one sheet of currogated roof. With the words they clearing Boko Haram enclaves. Sure. Yet next day, dozens are being killed by the Boko Haram again.

        I am bringing facts, your false private prophet says, Boko Haram will be a thing of the past by 2012, 2013. Yep, that is the truth. No lies told there. Ping back for evidence:

        “Unless I am not called by God. I place my career and calling on the line. That these 200 plus school children kidnapped, they have to be released immediately, unharmed and unhurt. Then they can wait for God’s judgement.”

        It comes out of his own horse’s mouth right there and then and you still take it for truth. Oh my, oh my. And then have the courage to call me a liar. lol. Let me make an appointment for your False Private Prophet TBJ to put him on a lie detector.

        And do it goes on and on and on. What’s next ? Oh wait, the MH370 will be found by the end of the week of 15th of March 2014. Uhuh, definitely it is.

        Another planted pieces are found. They are clean, no wildlife on it, such as barnacles, but AS ALWAYS things printed on it to verify. Coincidentally !!!!! But NO PLANE found whatsoever as was promised to us by the end of 15th of 2014 and we would not be talking about it anymore by the false private prophet TB Joshua. And all the latest debris are ripped off plane cemeteries.

        Why ask me ? Ask him where it is. And if he knows where it is, why not go point out where it is then eh ? You can’t tell me after 2 years now you have no time to do it.j

    • Fall to the ground, Fall to the ground, Fall to the ground, and be nullified in Jesus Name of your idiotic charismatic witchcraft chanting.

      • Which Jesus name. Jessee you know nothing about Jesus. Why cant you say in satans bame coz that would surely add up or sum your character

      • Jesse, every body, even a nincompoop (a full of no description) knows you are not on the side of God. May God the Almighty unveil the darkness from you and let light shine in you

    • PS Domi DG,

      When are you going to take out hose, pesticide and manure and deal with your scaremongering that is it such a drought in Africa. God’s children never will have lack. But here you are jumping the gun and siding your scaremongering false private prophet over some drought.


      Mark 11:21 Peter remembered it and said, “Look Rabbi! The fig tree You cursed has withered.” 22 “Have faith in God, Jesus said to them. 23 “Truly I tell you that if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Be lifted up and thrown into the sea,’ and has no doubt in his heart but believes that it will happen, it will be done for him.…

      Please go back to sleep will you now ?

  2. So Jesus told the false private prophet that the Chibok girls would be released immediately or was it a imaginary story he cooked up.

    Let’s look at the facts again:


    Oh wait, fraudsters have jumped on the bandwagon. Who are they. Let’s ask TB Joshua, he has a hot line to God every week.

    Why are they still not released then ?

    Again we see that TB Joshua loves a sensational story he can hang up and his followers hang upon his lips about it. While no difference is taking place, he is riding upon the dead bodies of, plane crashes, MH370, MH17, Ebola, Boko Haram, Chibok girls, fancy stories of hovering planes with infrared guns left at a Florida base intercepted by the Russian intelligence, explosives carried in on his illegal hostel without building permit and claiming he is the target while he drinking his Zobo, Tsamiya or Kunnu in his swamp called Prayer Mountain.

    While everyone knows he is living there, why go to a illegal hostel without building permit to infrared target it or blow up ? If they were looking to get it all stuck then you go for the bulls eye don’t you ? But conveniently he was under the foliage of the banana and palm trees sweating it out with an mobile phone. Why you need a mobile phone for if you “know” everything as they were telling us while we camped at the SCOAN building.

    It just does not add up at all when put 1+1 together = 3 and that all in the Name of Jesus as defense. What a crock and a sham. We know it, they know it, the police know it, the establishment knows it, but in the name of Money we want to carry on in religious tourism.

    Matthew 10:8 Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give.

    Spectator asks: “Free ? Are you serious ? Oh, are we talking about a business here then ?” No, it’s a church says an devotee of SCOAN, Spectator shrieks in surprise: “NOOOO way !!!!!” It certainly does not look like it. Why all those hotels ???? Well, uuh, uuuhh, why are you asking such stupid questions. Leave it up to God ! Shoo, rebuke, rebuke, you demon, you agent of Satan. And gets his matches our of his pocket and threatens to put the spectator on fire if he just does not shut up about it.

    • PS we also know that TB Joshua will personally will call on his mobilephone Magaya’s concubine and tries to get her come to Nigeria all expenses paid. Except the woman does not fall for his honeycomb persuasion.

      Now let’s see what the bible says about this:

      Proverbs 5:6 For she cares nothing about the path to life. She staggers down a crooked trail and doesn’t realize it. So now, my sons, listen to me. Never stray from what I am about to say: Stay away from her! Don’t go near the door of her house!

      Proverbs 7:24-26 Now then, my sons, listen to me; pay attention to what I say. Do not let your heart turn to her ways or stray into her paths. Many are the victims she has brought down; her slain are a mighty throng.

      And here is the great and awesome false private prophet calling her privately to lure her in his compound with false promises or reward. WHAT ! HUH ! WAIT ! WAIT !

      Which prophet you see in the Bible doing this ? Going to concubine and try to lure them in their prophet’s abode ? You gotta be joking me. On top of it he refuses to tell her his true name, but she already knows as we know it too.

      Peace between what ? Oh wait, it’s his spiritual son that he instructed to do the same in Zimbabwe with false private promises and lies.

      And lo and behold all the stupid fanatic followers of TBJ coming out of the woodwork to come and scream at us in how they will take out match sticks and put us on fire. Hilarious. What a culture clash. Silly Nigerians as if you have God into your pocket to throw havoc and dismay and scare mongering upon another believer. Please try again ! Next ! You really made it look funny.

  3. TB Joshua announces that next Saturday 11 June 2016 will be his first prayer Line in about 2 years –


      • TBJW,
        Precisely and what a good time to start on his birthday, according to him- for the people’s birthday.
        He is twisting everything around by saying that his birthday are his congregation’s and he is giving them a present by starting up the prayer line.
        It just shows you how his head works.
        Backwards….pushing ‘blame’ from himself.
        It is not his fault that he has a birthday, but other people.
        He is sick in his head.
        On face value it seems so humble, but the real reason is to get the numbers up and who know what .
        His bank accounts?
        Offshore bank accounts?
        I looked at Emman TV closely again yesterday and it looks like they are busy changing the choir platform.
        The choir was also singing from a balcony upstairs.
        Nicely filmed so that you won’t know.
        Making it smaller and the fountain at the back is gone, it seems that there is just windows now.
        No more an Olympic size baptismal pool for the show in his church?
        The people sitting at the visitors place was also few and far between,
        Arranged to look like a lot, but look carefully. There were only about 3 rows spaced with isle in between.
        He is a master of deception…
        But all the old devotees are unfortunately still there.
        I cannot wait for them to be dropped.

      • @ Just Wonder,

        Here is the thing:

        Jesus Never celebrated His birthday. It’s a man made thing and even on the wrong date.

        TB Joshua must celebrate his birthday but for shady and dodgy reasons.

        For collecting monies. For expanding his lie machine with fake and false miracles, which he is unable to replicate when you would take him aside with independent experts on healing, observing a miracle.

        Well it’s clear about the complaint of the surrounding hotels. So obviously he has lawyers sitting upon the fact that “religious tourism” such a Lourdes, Rome, Mecca, Hindu festivities etc etc.

        Religious tourism accounts for a massive 41.3 per cent of the tourist.

        While we in Scripture read:

        2 Peter 2:3 And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not. For if God did not spare the angels when they sinned, but cast them into hell, delivering them in chains to be held in gloomy darkness until their judgment;…

        So it is with all these religious tourists. What is there motivation ? To be in a crowd. But let’s look at the results of it all the time.

        That religious disaster in all cases can be blamed on MYOPIC industrialisation, urbanisation and tourism policies which countries prescribe to enrich themselves of poor people who go for such trips. Ofcourse also rich people. North American religious tourists comprise an estimated $10 billion of the industry. According to the U.S. Office of Travel and Tourism Industries, Americans traveling overseas for “religious or pilgrimage” purposes has increased from 491,000 travelers in 2002 to 633,000 travelers in 2005 (30% increase). I don’t have more up to date figures at the moment.

        But as we see in so many cases it ends up in disaster. But I would then advocate those that organize these religious tourists to come down, should put their children, families in the forefront, not sitting on big chairs in the church so when then a stampede or building collapse take place they will be affected themselves with their loss.

        I am not saying this to be spiteful, but let them feel the pain from others what they do to others.

        Do unto others as you would have them do unto you definition. A command based on words of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount : “All things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them.” The Mosaic law contains a parallel commandment: “Whatever is hurtful to you, do not do to any other person.”

        That is exactly what SCOAN, TB Joshua and his family as well his staff have done. While he was away he has lame stories of Dark Clouds over Nigeria of what he was and is part of in the first place. He refused to deal with anything to remove the people from the illegal hostel without building permit, in where he has shown his personal disobedience to God about this. On top of he comes only with stupid predictions that are suitable for him to exploit and pull the wool over peoples eyes. When you mention this, they call you bitter and not supportive to their evil agenda to draw in more fools from all over the world to run their bidding in their compounds.

        When Jesus did His Communion, you see TB Joshua not doing this. When you see John the Baptist doing water baptism, you don’t see TB Joshua doing it. Then still claiming he is the Jesus of our time.

        Why did Jesus go and wanted to be baptized Himself ? It was a two pronged example of what needed to be done. Forgiveness of sin and the receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

        And all these foolish people go there for to go through a silly manifestation that causes them to have to come back and back again, because they are not Baptized in the Holy Spirit.

        This is the commandment from Jesus Himself:

        Mark 16:15-16 King James Version (KJV)

        15 And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. 16 He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.

        None of them is doing that. Because they are not even baptized into anything. No gifts are also requested from God to be deposited into them. So it is an empty exercise of pilgrimage of what they are doing. Completely useless and in desperation.

        I have been away for years from that crazy nest and I have travelled all over the world ever since then and I still do because I do understand this commandment which is given unto us.

        And that is our task to do so. Not to run after somebody to sit with on his birthday. I don’t even celebrate my own for years nor does my wife. We just go for a nice meal and that is it. Then we look around who we can help instead.

        I am really waiting for an opportunity to stamp upon him one day when he crosses my path somewhere, because going there I will have no chance because of these sick twisted maniacs won’t allow me to come even near him. But I am telling you, it would be a toe to toe, eyeball to eyeball situation when it will take place.

        For years he says, oh your biggest opponent will be your best friend later. How many years you are wrong now TB Joshua ? You foul filthy deceiver of a liar towards you have your clutches upon and are pro you ! I would never be a promoter for you. I will raze you to the ground if you face me if God allows me. Because you are a evil man.

        Anyways, time will tell when that will happen one day and the world will know and all cameras will be zooming to record it and to be send out what a miserable liar you are. Because I see you TBJ nothing more than a scumbag and your staff and your whole entourage and your crazy brainwashed followers. And I AM STILL STANDING ! So God is my Witness. Just so you know.

      • indeed you are an idiot,we all need that prayer line,get visors numbers back???? heyyyy there is already big number at scoan my friend,let me tell you something,,,,,, i have visited different churches and met a few different prophets one on one and there is no prophet like tb joshua in all aspects,iam talking from experience,,,,, so you are messing around with a servant of GOD

      • I have met dozens of pastors in the mainstream and I HAVE MET TB JOSHUA several times.

        And he had nothing on me. Not one thing. Reason is because I locked my suitcase properly and my wife slept when her bag close to her bed and one night after the lock of the bag was broken. That says clear they are looking for leads to find to pin upon you, such as letters, court orders, land property, which people carry in their bags. plus they have people in your dorm who will tell you tall stories so you come out and tell yours and with that they go and make it to “personal prophecy”. And the likely hood is that there will be wall sockets with mic’s in it and hidden camera’s in the dorms and you are too stupid to even investigate around the dorms for those things.

        What also happened you are called several times away from your dormitory and put your bag next to the chair in the church in where you are interviewed elsewhere and instructed what to do. So you are away from your properties, your bags, your suitcases, whatever you have brought with you. Day and night people come in your dorm room and they won’t tell you where they have been or going to.

        They have a whole week to observe you, record your problems and issues. The rest is triggering off your Kundalini in the back of your spine for that day so you start to wriggle on the floor and call it snake, crocodile, lion, whatever, even up to Leviathan devils. lololol. Leviathan is name for a Nile Crocodile in the time of Job. Nothing to do with any spiritual garbage they pin upon you. Or as sea monster. I am still waiting for a Mongolian Death Worm devil to be paraded around in SCOAN and an Aye-Aye demon or Krampus…., hey and what about Vapula and Jikininky. Tjo ! Malphas and Azazel. Just pick a name and spit it out there. The crowd is riled up and mesmerized again with that sort of garbage.

        And don’t forget Lucifer/Satan will come around too and will tell you that TBJ is the liberator of the world. Bwahahahahaha. Because Satan has just done his rounds in Magaya’s church and went on holiday in Uebert Angel’s church last month. After TB Joshua’s birthday, he will show up in Makandiwa’s church. I am telling you. It’s clock work. You wonder why Satan is loving to go around to be so called humiliated in those places. The more bizarre the better.

        And those in SCOAN staff knows it’s truly crock and scam. But Africa loves it how they can dupe the white man and their African counterparts with their Wulu Wulu stories when they afterwards can extract and siphon off the monies from them in distributing them around with their own name attached to it.

        And somebody like you glorifies it as great deeds. Shifting money from A to B. All the banks in the World do the same things, do you see anyone being promoted and glorified for it ?

        They call it God doing miracles. How ? Like here is the money, I give it to you, you give it to someone else. Clearly nothing to see there, move along !

        Anybody can do that. Pick your cause. Red Cross, Salvation Army, United States Fund for UNICEF, Compassion International, Institute of International Education, The Rotary Foundation, United Nations Foundation (started by Ted Turner ONE BILLION DOLLARS as a start) do you hear about the man ? No.

        They all do the same. But TB Joshua must be promoted on the media, on Youtube, on new magazines, on websites.

        Just as Elijah said,

        Matthew 6:1-7

        Beware <~~~~ of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be SEEN by them, for then you will have no reward from your Father who is in Heaven. “Thus, when you give to the needy, sound NO TRUMPET before you, as the HYPOCRITES do in the SYNAGOGUES (SCOAN) and in the streets, that they may be PRAISED by others. Truly, I say to you (JESUS SPEAKING HERE), they have received their reward. But when you give to the needy, do not let your LEFT hand know what your RIGHT hand is doing, so that your giving may be in SECRET. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you. “And when you pray, you must not be like the hypocrites. For they love to stand and pray in the SYNAGOGUES (SCOAN) and at the street corners, that they may be SEEN by others. Truly, I say to you, they have received their reward. …

        But you Mist can’t even read your Bible nor hear Jesus speaking there. And then you claim TB Joshua is the Jesus and prophet of this time. Oh man. How silly it can be.

        Proverbs 28:6 ESV

        Better is a poor man who walks in his integrity than a rich man who is crooked in his ways.

        TB Joshua’s net worth, 15 million dollars. 60 million dollars private plane.

        Jesus’ net worth,

        Matthew 8:20 And Jesus saith unto him, The foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man hath not where to lay his head.

        During the time Jesus was here on earth, He willingly relinquished His eternal riches and most of the privileges of His deity. Becoming poor indeed, our Lord took on the nature of a lowly and humble servant Zechariah 9:9; 2 Corinthians 8:9; Philippians 2:6–8. And by the time our Saviour endured the tortures of the Cross for us, His earthly possessions amounted to no more than the clothes on His back that were divided up by the soldiers who crucified Him.

        TB Joshua takes from others who toil and work hard with the sweat on their brow and their back tortured by it. Sometimes with minimum wages, but he takes it and let other people attach his name to it by scam parades and screaming sit down people who draw attention to their situation mimicking Jesus for their healing. It’s always BLACK people who do it an so the camera pans on the designated time to deceive the onlooker something is really taking place, but don’t wheel somebody in that is coming from nowhere that has nothing to do with them from a independent hospital to bring a true sick person. Then they will stop you at any attempt. I saw people being deliberately forced walking up the third and fourth level to their dorms who had hip problems and other problems related to legs. But someone I know here was not allowed to come down because they had not a special stair lift designed
        for him to get to his place.

        And your own Litmus test is, when the collapsed illegal hostel without building permit with those people who were crushed under it, he could have demonstrated how big his god he claims he serves, but he was next door cracking jokes to his followers, hanging up lies and excuses and lame stories on a piece of paper. Instead he challenged the world to come over and raise them up from the dead. Why ? You followers claim he is the Jesus and prophet of this time. That was the time. But he was not around and even ran off for months elsewhere because of it.

      • MIST !

        Look without prayer line in situ !

        Even though the man has a very bad background with not something to emulate it shows that with money and investments you can do all that.

        Ecclesiates 10:19 A feast is made for laughter, and wine maketh merry: but money answereth all things.

      • Mist !

        Quote of Ted Turner, in case you are thinking otherwise and that TB Joshua is justified in allowing to build an illegal hostel without building permit and then pretending he is God’s mouthpiece.

        Quote “Many of Turner’s better-known comments were direct jabs at Christianity. He once called it “a religion for losers” and told employees who observed Ash Wednesday that “Jesus freaks” should go work for FOX (the rival to the Turner-founded news giant CNN). He apologized for the latter comment, but his feelings for Christians were no secret.”

        Yet TT spends billions upon charity purposes. But YOU and other TB Joshua followers JUST absolutely don’t get it here. You are blinded by what money actually does or not does and if you think it will get you into heaven, you should think again.

        So please do yourself a favour stop hiding behind what TB Joshua does with given money from someone else’s hard work and then gives it to others with his name attached to it. Shifting it from A to B.

        At least Ted Turner WORKS personally for it. TB Joshua gives a crazy blah blah blah madness show on Youtube every week and now he is desperate to kick start Religious Tourism again for the sake of his countries greed for nothing to go for.

  4. At last we’re getting to the bottom of the matter and trusting that justice would prevail. We already know that SCOAN has been lying from the very beginning, just like the father of the false prophet, Satan, has been a liar and a murderer from the beginning!
    T B Joshua, your sins will find you out and you cannot hide!!

  5. Kegyelem says:
    June 5, 2016 at 12:58 pm

    Aaaah, your ignorance, your ignorance…

    … “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me” – Hosea 4:6

    so Kegyelem …”And YOU SHOULD ANSWER my QUESTION, and not avoid it! –> ARE YOU on the SIDE OF GOD, on the SIDE of LORD JESUS CHRIST?”…

    The answer:

    Proof that Jesus is God.

    John 1:1-3 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was with God in the beginning. 3 Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made.
    1. John 1:18 No one has ever seen God, but the one and only Son, who is himself God and is in closest relationship with the Father, has made him known.
    2. John 20:28 28 Thomas said to him, “My Lord and my God!”
    3. Romans 9:5 Theirs are the patriarchs, and from them is traced the human ancestry of the Messiah, who is God overall, the Messiah, forever praised! Amen.
    4. Titus 2:13 while we wait for the blessed hope—the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ.
    5. Hebrew 1:8 But about the Son he says, “Your throne, O God, will last forever and ever; a scepter of justice will be the scepter of your kingdom.
    6. 2 Peter 1:1 Simon Peter, a bond-servant and apostle of Jesus Christ, To those who have received a faith of the same kind as ours, by the righteousness of our God and Savior, Jesus Christ.
    7. 1 John 5:20 And we are in him who is true–even in his Son Jesus Christ. He is the true God and eternal life.
    John 10:30 “I and the Father are one.”

  6. @tbjoshuawatch,
    Excellent piece. Hotel occupancy is the best and most objective indicator of TB Joshua’s waning fortunes

    • But what is there, can still be utilized and that is exactly what he doing now. Doing a prayer line with false lying miracles to deceive the dumbo’s who go there in their desperation.

  7. Ping back:

    Surely the MH370 has been found by now according to the serial liar TB Joshua by the end of 15th March 2014.

    How much lies can we endure from this serial liar ? Only his followers can. What could it be ? Perhaps and likely they are serial liars themselves and feel much associated with him about it and see it as a Christian virtue to exercise that and glory in to it.

  8. Ping Back:

    TB Joshua told us that Ebola will be eradicated by the “anointed water” and $50,000.

    Is he telling us the truth ? No he is not, he is lying through his teeth.

    Desperately he wants to celebrate his birthday to rake in his financial reward off hard working people that come to his compounds and Nigeria is now so poor that they condone any lie and any murder to go through the net. They just don’t care anymore about it. We must have the money at all cost. We want more than 116 people dead and their blood be stained on their local compound. Money ! Money ! is their only motivation. Not God. Money !

    1 Timothy 6:10 For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

    We don’t care, we don’t care, we don’t care. Money, Money, Money as Abba sings. So is it their slogan come to SCOAN celebrate TB Joshua’s money craze for more power.

  9. Ping back:

    How can you believe a serial liar ? A false private prophet with predictions that are lies.

    And the Nigerian Military who keeps lying to us all that Boko Haram is not able to do anything. Are they even serious ?

    Why should the world believe their lies ? Don’t tell me it are not lies.Serial lying rules ! Everyday there is proof.

    There was a time that speaking the truth was a matter of honour, but today lies is the worlds banner. Including Christians and false private prophets who hole up in their compounds and deceive thousands.

    And it is all acceptable. How anti christ that all is.

    Leviticus 19:11 Ye shall not steal, neither deal falsely, neither lie one to another.

    But that is exactly what they do. In the Name of Jesus as well. Is anyone going to say something about it ? Or am I alone in it ?

  10. Ping back:

    What about the Chibok girls TB Joshua ? You said IF you were a man of God, they will be released immediately. Is that so ? You said God told you that ! Did He ?

    And all the followers just don’t care. How many lies there have been spun. They still are infatuated and hypnotized.

    Proof after proof after proof. How can you be somebodies friend when they lie to you time after time ?

    What is the matter with this world ? There was a time that one found that truth should be at all costs, but not anymore.

    What we see, is lies, thievery, robbery, deception, corruption, falsehood, greed and the unquenchable thirst for money. The destruction of all moral fabric all over. And that in those so called ministries. Yes come over, so we can concoct another lie day after day !

  11. Ping back:

    Malema thinks he can get blessings from TB Joshua for to be next president.

    And where are you now Malema ?

  12. Ping back:

    TB Joshua said that Mugabe would die and Peter Mutharika, And his followers screaming and yelling online all over to intimidate Peter Mutharika. The time came, the time passed, nothing happened. Again another false private prediction nobody questions. Why do these followers not come out their shell now and admit they were wrong and supporting a serial liar ?

  13. Ping Back:

    Euro and other currencies falls:

    But it fell also before in 2007 and it will fall again after 2016 so nothing to be concerned about.

    I am tired of these useless predictions.

  14. Ping back:

    How many African leaders TB Joshua has lied to ?

    I am telling you, serial lying is a Christian virtue. NOT ! Only if you are named TB Joshua, the Messiah of our time and prophet of our time. Lies are then all allowed.

    • Please remake this video and include Abacha and Johnathan. Both were Nigerian leaders who were thoroughly deceived by the big wolf, the great false prophet of Nigeria, T B Joshua!!!

  15. Ping back:

    How CS Upthegrove lied about TB Joshua that there will be a wall of fire around the ministry. From 6:22 onwards we see a false prophecy unfold.

    What happened on 12 September 2014 ? No wall of fire was to see nowhere.

    What was blamed for it:

    A hovering plane
    A controlled demolition
    Boko Haram
    An infrared Lasergun mounted inside a Lockheed Martin CS 130 gunship but it is nowhere to be seen.

    Lies upon lies upon lies. And who is the author of lies ?


    John 8:44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

    But no word can reach in the faculties of a TB Joshua follower. Lying IS OK ! It’s right, it’s the fabric of SCOAN. Him, the leadership and his followers. They all do it. Willingly and deliberately. You must a total braindead person to not possible to distinguish or to discern it. Uhuh, it can only be spiritual discerned, but they can’t either.

  16. This is the picture that is TB Joshua’s greatest fear:

    What do we see here ? A lying deceiving false private prophet that refuses to appear in court to tell the truth to the Judge there.

    Whose god is too small to deliver him without lawyers he paid for with other people’s monies and celebrates his birthday with.

    What berates these people is a total mystery but likely it is described in II Thessalonians 2 in the flesh manifested.

    Those who have an ear, let them hear. But followers of TB Joshua are forever deaf to the truth.

    Jeremiah 5:31 The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof ?


  17. Even if the TB Joshua and followers are this close to the Scripture of “Thou Shalt Not LIE !”

    They still would not able to see it or even read it. Much less not doing it.They will at all costs uphold their false private predicitions about Boko Haram, MH370, Chibok girls, Ebola, to the African leaders, you name it and it is ALL RIGHT ! All justified. All condoned. All accepted. No questions asked.

  18. Ha, ha Jesse,

    Spot on and what about the little octopus divining a better rugby score that tbj.

    Tbj was actually disturbed about him!

    Hie, hie . . .

  19. Well did you see people WHAT THE LORD HAS DONE TODAY in the SCOAN??!!!

    WONDERFUL!!!!!! YESSS!!! Did you see the pastor from Brasil whom has a permanent pacemaker since 12 years? And his heart started to beating as Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed!!! Did you see how happy is this pastor who told this testimony in tears??!!! 🙂
    DID YOU SEE??!!!! 🙂



  20. I am sorry (not really) but I am not going to reflect on all your nonsense comments here or in the other topics. I cant make you think reasonably and objectively.
    But you should tell me:
    – are you occupied only with the ministry of Prophet T.B. Jsohua or do you have other victims as well?
    – WHY did you choose especially Prophet T.B. Joshua in the whole world – why him? There is lot of other ministries as well, if you specialized yourselves to Christian churches….
    – with other Christian ministries you dont have any problem or bigger problem than with Emmanuel TV, Prophet T.B. Joshua??

    • Yes, we focus on this false prophet because we worked with him and know him and his lies, deceit, manipulation, fake miracles, fake testimonies, false teachings, fake humility, adulteries, fornications, fake prophecies, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera!!!!

      • How is that none of you give glory to the Almighty God that He worked so mightily in the SCOAN on last weekend??!!!
        Are you not happy how the LORD delivers, heals, blesses people there??!!

      • Deceive me? 🙂 I am also a living testimony about how mightily uses the Ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua to deliver people! Glory to God! I myself experienced.

        But I personally believe it is possible that not everybody will be in much better state…after visiting SCOAN, even working there.
        It depends on the person. Very much depends on the person.
        Not everything depends on God.
        And Prophet T.B. Joshua is a SERVANT OF GOD. He cannot do by himself anything WITHOUT the LORD. So just not fair at all to accuse a medium what the LORD uses.

        The fact that you worked in SCOAN that is not a guarantee that you will be a better person than before.
        Judas worked with the Lord Jesus Christ! And…?

        The fact that someone worked in SCOAN is NOT makes that person reliable, trustworthy AT ALL…

        So you had the privilege to work in the SCOAN? And you could not use this awesome opportunity for the salvation of your soul…? :((

        This is so sad…

      • No one can deny that the thousands of testimonies are true in the SCOAN.
        If someone takes the time to watch week by week the testimonies, deliverance, and take the time watch the videos on youtube, than cannot deny what happens in the SCOAN is REAL, really the Mighty Work of GOD.

        The people who testifies about the work of God in SCOAN, through Prophet T.B. Joshua, FROM ALL AROUND THE WORLD are MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH TIME MORE than you people…
        How many are you…?

        Those who is FOR the ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua are MUCH MUCH MORE, than those who are against him, like you people. You are the minorminorminorminorminorminorminority.

        Anyway, WHY would anybody trust in YOUR words…?? What do you think: WHY? Who are you? DID YOU PROVE YOURSELF TRUSTWORTHY? …You just under a nick name, you just spitting out harsh accusations hatefully and happily…
        I dont know you. But you know what…from what I saw from you people here I would not trust you to leave my cat for a day with you.

        Unfortunately there is people who just easily lie, falsely accuses others…, makes hate-campaign as you do here… There are such people in this world. And they are not Christ-like.

        And this is maybe the most important about you people here, that this kind of people just NOT Christ-like.

        Anyway… I need to repeat, that please think about Eternity, WHERE WILL YOU SPEND ETERNITY if you continue your life, your deeds the same… And YOU JUST DONT KNOW how many days left….
        You are in danger-zone.
        In a very-very-very dangerous zone.
        Any day you may find yourself in hell…
        Think about it…worth it? 😦

  21. correction:

    I wrote: “I am also a living testimony about how mightily uses the Ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua to deliver people! ”

    but this is how I wanted to write: ‘ I am also a living testimony about how mightily uses GOD the Ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua to deliver people! ‘

      • Aha… And? Who cares..?? Is this, what YOU are saying, is this – do you think is “very authentic and trustworthy” ??

        I may write here similar things as well concerning you people or about an other third person: “Just today I heard from a psychiatrist that Jesse is under strong medication, cause he is hallucinating.” or “Only yesterday we heard from a policeman that there is a proceedings for multiple fraud against you”

        You see..? It is easy to write here anything, play an ugly drama.
        I mean easy to people without conscience.

        IF(!!!) your intention would be really PURE and HONEST than you stay away from write such things like you just did now. You would ONLY write anything which you can really prove, with real witnesses, ect, ect. Because than you just want to avoid the possibility to accuse falsely anybody.

      • @Kegyelem
        I wouldn’t expect you to believe that doctors account, I do because I’ve heard several very similar ones from independent sources, but I don’t expect you to trust me on that. Let’s stick to something that we can prove. We know and have proven multiple times that he edits his prophecies, not just for brevity but to remove serious inaccuracies. Doesn’t this strike you as dishonest? How would you defend this practice?

      • Do not twist my words. 🙂

        I meant and I explained clearly what I meant. The point is: who cares about what YOU write here? Who cares about your foggy and deceptive statements??

        But thanks God you actually admitted that your intention is NOT PURE and HONEST AT ALL.
        You just admitted that ALL the ACCUSATIONS you posted on this site is NOT PROVEN AT ALL, YOU CAN NOT PROVE AT ALL.

        You said you can prove ONLY one thing that videos concerning some prophecies were edited.
        1. Not prophet T.B. Joshua the video editor in the SCOAN – and you always accuses him for anything!!! Dont you accuse JESUS because Judas stolen money??

        Of course the videos must be edited, must cut them in order to play only the part of the prophecy.
        I dont care if you now start to jump on the thing that one or two video was edited in such a way which FOR YOU makes the prophecy false, because your INTENTION is NOT PURE, NOT HONEST, NOT RIGHTEOUS at all, as it is clear to anyone with a right mind and as you just admitted as well. 🙂 AND THE FACT IS that THERE IS MULTITUDES OF PROPHECIES WHICH you yourself can only ADMIT, cannot find any “fault”.
        Start thinking on Eternity – where you going to spend VERY SOON, if you continue your life, your deeds the same, if you remain the same.
        THIS should be the MOST important to you… Where you going to spend Eternity, where your loved ones will spend Eternity. The best thing you can do is to just stop the wrong things, repent before God, and start to follow JESUS CHRIST. Dont you want to do this…? Do it. Just do it. Maybe you may still find mercy and grace. Just start to do the right.
        Thank you.

  22. My English not the best, but anyway. 🙂

    So I repeat:

    IF your intention, your HEART would be PURE and HONEST than you would avoid to write foggy, unjustified things against someone.
    BUT you yourself demonstrates that YOUR INTENTION IS NOT PURE and NOT HONEST –> AT ALL.

    And everybody who can thin reasonably can see this.

    Please, it is time to think about Eternity, where will you spend if you continue like this..

  23. Pingback: Day 2 of trial: Is the SCOAN site about to be demolished? | TB Joshua Watch

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