Breaking news: TB Joshua admits his anointed water is pointless

On Saturday the 18th May, in an act of astonishing honesty, TB Joshua admitted that his anointed water is in fact, nothing more than water! All he is providing is water, and not even enough to drink at that! It is God providing the anointing.

If the anointing comes from God, what is the purpose of collecting the water from TB Joshua? Why not just turn on your tap?

Unless you believe TB Joshua is a mediator between you and God (i.e. a false christ), I’m sure you can agree with us that these little packages of plain water are utterly pointless!

It’s good to clear that up, but what a shame these packages of water claimed the lives of 4 people, totally unnecessarily.

288 thoughts on “Breaking news: TB Joshua admits his anointed water is pointless

  1. Huh ? Did Temitope make that admission ? When ? Where ? Please let me know before any further comments.

  2. Oh, I see, but would these people understand ? They would travel the world to go get this water, they would give all their money to false prophets, pastors and charlatans for anything that is anointed, and even die in the process. A word to the wise is enough !

  3. What Saturday did he say this? Before or after the insident? As I understand it, he said; “That if you misbehave you lose the anointing of baba god? So what he is saying in effect is, “That those dead and injured people misbehaved, that is why that happened to them?” The anointing from God was gone? It is not his fault, he is just a human being and cannot help it if someone misbehaves and the water loses its anointing from God”?

    I am tired of trying to understand his vague messages!

    He always speaks in such a way that you can interpret it in many ways? His yes is not yes and his no is not no. You cannot trust anything he says. He usually does not mean anything he says. Before he does not come out and say straightout; “That he is sorry about ALL his sins and go and make right with everyone that he hurt and whose lives he destroyed and whose families he broke up and we can see the fruit of his life change for the good”, I for one, will not believe anything he says at all.
    I will not take him at face value. He is to clever a trickster for that!

    • It was TB Joshua who prepared the members for the coming blood-anoiting for 3 weeks, by breacking the “sin-power”over them, so they would be able to receive the full promise of the anoited water. This preparation can be a way too, to fuell desires and needs. It was a gradually building-up of the expectation of something wonderfull to gone happen too them. This people have been in desperate, poor situations for a long time, so TB Joshua could have known at forehand, that this anoiting water would activate the deepests longings and hopes in the people. Using the Words of God takes great responsibility and connection with Gods Will., to let the Words manifest. There is a great difference between God who said; “let there be Light”, and TB Joshua who says; “Go and get this anoiting”. This anoiting manifested in the first service given-out, as extreem violent. People who received it in the church, without opening the package, manifested compleetly out of controle. Who wants such a bottle water in the house, when it can cause such extreem responses?

      • @ Jamie,

        Have you ever thought that there vey likely are people in the crowd that are just “set” drama queens and just do this to make it look like this is happening.

        Believe me, I have had all these kinds of bottles in different flavours and it did do absolutely nothing on myself, my wife, my family, my neighbours, my friends, and those that I stood proxy for. That is when I still believed it would do “something”. Now he is claiming quickly that you only spray it once. He is a conniving nasty man that is using a plethora deception of words to just set you to his hand so you believe anything he says. Jim Jones 2.0 personified. Only Kool-aid is missing now on the list. If he just said, drink this, this is the Blood of Jesus, people would just drink it and die.

    • just wonder, the contents of the Anoiting are released by using Gods Word in the correct attitude of faith, devotion and worshipp. If this conditionings are not respected, the Anoiting will not happen and the Anoited Water will be just water.

  4. John 10;10; The thief cometh not but to kill, steal and destroy, but I have come that may have life and life abundantly. amen.

    • Acts 19;11,12; Now God worked unusual miracles by the hands of Paul, so that even handkerchiefs or aprons were brought FROM HIS BODY to the sick, and the diseases left them and the evil spirits went out of them”. The anoited handkerchiefs came FROM THE BODY of Paul. From his swetting, or just by touching the handkerchiefs. the body of Paul was higly anoited, so everything that came in contact with him became healed. This anoiting is Gods power ON him. It means that when anoitings are imparted by a apostle or profhet, it releases the blessings that are on this person, onto others. I have the Idea that when a person who is anoited and still has violence or other bad habbits, this feelings will be part of the imparted anoiting too. Thats why some anoited God-men are very gentle and others are almost merciless.

      • @ Jamie,

        Yes ! A 100 % Yes. And much more. You are bang on about that one. You can transfer anything spiritually, anything. Especially when it is from an unclean source.

        That Is why you see many people afterwards doing things they never did before. When “infected” they even can remote control you from where they are. I am totally serious about that. I have seen it and others have observed it too. These things were for example evident in the Lakeland, Pensecola and Toronto Blessing. People were behaving weird, violent and against any scriptural basis. There are many videos available about that online. The same manifesting a you see happening there. Remember John Arnott did come to SCOAN and he just added and transferred this nasty Toronto Blessing there. There are pictures of him in the dining room in SCOAN.

  5. Father i pray that you continue to bless Senior Prophet TB Joshua so that he heals the nation and save our lives. in the Mighty name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

    • Dear brother- the salvaion is in no other but Jesus Christ only He can save our people and the lost human nation.

    • @ Boi,

      So we don’t need to blessed ? If we are your imaginary enemy, why don’t you do according this Scripture ?

      Romans 12:14-15
      Bless them which persecute you:bless, and curse not. 15 Rejoice with them that do rejoice, and weep with them that weep.

      You are not weeping with us who lost loved one’s at the claims of TB Joshua do you ? How about many others that are not healed, delivered, prospering and more.

      TB Joshua worshipper, aka self imposed “blood” infused, celestial, false Christ personality. Who has no shame to cause stampede among his sheep that he allowed to be trampled, hurt and break their legs. Get the facts right. No ” anointed” water, no stampede. 100% Responsible now.

  6. you people have a real issue…… leave this man alone oooooooh abaa! why didn’t MASTER JESUS HIMSELF prevent some of HIS Deciples from being killed when HE descended to HEAVEN…. Man of GOD, the PROPHET has done nothing wrong abt what happened

    • Come on people. Jesus is the son of God. Jesus died for all of our sins. Salvation is found ONLY in Jesus. Trying to explain the actions of this man by comparing events in his life with events in the time of Jesus is meaningless. There is no comparison between Jesus and this man. TBJ is just a man. Jesus is the source of salvation. JESUS.

    • Sonto dlamini plz do not be deceived I was a die hard believer of tb josh..I went to scoan collected anointing water from the man himself..a few bottles…nothing absolutely nothings happened to me and those that I distributed to. My Gods grace he gave me wisdom I collected cell fon numbers from the pipo who were in my tour team…once we got back home I started to communicate with them on progress…from Jan 2011 till now their situations hasn’t changed and infact others its been worse(worsen). My self I ended up being in financial debt coz I used credit card to travel.
      You know sonto I advise u pray to God through Jesus..if u want to prove go there bt b very careful ….pray the Yahweh may open yo eyes to c who thz tbj is

  7. I think yu people are not believers of the word of God that is why yu do not understand prophet Tb Joshua. His anointing water has proven to thousands pipo, if not millions, that it heals / cures. It is God at work through TBJ, You people of little faith, cant u understand at all? That is the reason he continues to be smart with yu. Try to follow his deeds logically then yu will understand his works, not accusing him of being a false prophet all the time without reasoning. He is a great Prophet of our time, learn to give credit where it is due. Morris S. Malukutu. LUSAKA. ZAMBIA.

    • M.s. malukutu, the accident that has happend in Accra, is a serious consequence of the way TB Joshua uses the Word. There is a difference between acting in faith, or acting in desperate madness to receive a promise. People have trampled others to death. For a bottle of The “blood of jezus-anoting”. If they had understand what the deep meaning behind the offering of the real Blood of Jezus is, then they would not have a need for a bottle blessed water. Real profhets dont force their own standards on others, they care for their flock by the guided standard of God. Who is TB Joshua any-how to use the Blood of Jezus as a substitute in a bottle water? Is there any respects left in where Jezus stands for, and who TB Joshua is in his never-ending troubled-ministery? Jezus His troubles had a purpose to forfill profhesy. While TB Joshua’s troubles are men-made, and no spiritual trials. I have great faith, and I dont believe TB Joshua. I have good reasons to doubt every step he takes and every word he speacks. As much as people have benefit of the works of TB Joshua, there are a equal number of people who are duped. And the calmaties are still going on.

      • The evil spirit using you wont let you type the name of The Saviour correctly. It is J.E.S.U.S GOT IT NOW?

      • The devil is blinding people so u wont see the trueth TB JOSHUA is a true man of God they are alot of people i know whose lifes have been changed by his preaching.why is it you people talk about his anoited what and not the holy cominon at catholic church they say it symbolises the body of christ.some of the people taking badly about tb joshua are demon posed people who need deliverance at scoan.

  8. MACPRECOUS MACKENZIE Even when Jesus was here physically people did not believe him no wonder other people can say what they can, other people say that, because they are sent by evil spirits, those who believe in Jesus Christ will believe the teachings of Prophet TB JOSHUA. Let us not confuse people God created people and gave them chance to make decisions, if u feel your opinion is on the side of the devil please think over.God can us anything to assist his people to be protected from anything.

    • Mac precious mackenzie. I believe God protects His people, and I believe that what happend in Accra was not God-guided. When i believe in Jezus Christ, i dont have to believe the profhets. Jezus is the forfillement of all profhesies. If Tb Joshua is from God, then there are serious , realy deep serious mis-interpretations in his understanding Gods message and plan. Every-one against tb Joshua is not evil, its just the stragedy and defence of Tb Joshua, to believe all thoose demon-nosence. Even some common sense and responsibility is turned into evil, when it is pointing to his lacks and wrong calculations. Its buzziness-mentality, no spiritual vision in Truth.

    • @ Mac Precious MacKenzie,

      Stop your nonsenses we are on the side of the Devil.

      If you want to find out people who are from the Devil go to devil worshipping sites.

      You see no-one saying here we worship the Devil, or are in allegiance with the Devil.

      Stop your Bull and start reading everything we say is about Jesus because show us anywhere we glorify the Devil.

      We put Jesus where he belongs and we put charlatans where they belong.

      Hebrews 5:8-14
      Though he were a Son, yet learned he obedience by the things which he suffered; 9 And being made perfect, he became the author of eternal salvation unto all them that obey him; 10 Called of God an high priest after the order of Melchisedec. 11 Of whom we have many things to say, and hard to be uttered, seeing ye are dull of hearing.
      12 For when for the time ye ought to be teachers, ye have need that one teach you again which be the first principles of the oracles of God; and are become such as have need of milk, and not of strong meat. 13 For every one that useth milk is unskilful in the word of righteousness:for he is a babe. 14 But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both GOOD AND EVIL.

      Milk drinker you.

  9. Mac precious Mackenzie

    Those people who believe in God should not follow whatever other antichrist are talking about. God is great have belief in God and the teachings of God that we hear from the man of GOD Prophet TB JOSHUA is very clear and understood therefore have trust in God and know who you are on the face of the most high God on earth and beyond,

      • Lets close the topic Jamie God has answers on any thing u may think of thank u.

      • There is a demon-spirit called Intimidation. Its a territorium-spirit. This spirit controles the people in a church by; domination, manipulation,competition,sabotage against people of God. The spirit is corrupted seed of witch-craft. The pastor or person possesed by this spirit will pray against others, try to convince you, you should be not authentic christian, they twist around the bible-doctrine, they counter-fit the word. They oppress, controle by the hearing word. The people possed by this spirit dont accept any authority, nor correction, . They posses heracy. Idoliatry, adultery,fornication, perversion, and they murder the heart of the spirituality of others. Witch-craft. They rejected God as the most soevereign power on the Trohn, and so God rejected their kingship. Witch-craft-spirit.

  10. One day all of us will be judged by Jesus Christ and please don’t ever take HIS position to judge Prophet T.B Joshua. I personally watch his sermons and preachings and is helping me more to be closer to Jesus Christ. He is not claiming to be God but saying God is involved in his work. You writer must ask Jesus Christ for an answer not to write all this and want people to comment. No-one is good under the sun mind you. Pointing to Prophet T.B Joshua with one finger and the other 4 will be pointing at you. Please watch!

  11. If you don’t have anything better to write about the prophet,better close your pen than writing nonsense.You have lost the grace unknowingly.Please leave the annointed ones of God alone.Your unbelief doesn’t change the fact and reality that He is the prophet of this very generation.May you be graced and know how to write and what to write with your pen.

  12. Jesus stood in what he believe in, till his crusifiction
    i believe that everybody is got a sense of believing, and to defferantiate wrong from right, now why cant we stop blamming each other and fight with the Evil spirt just for the will GOD, because remember salvation is owned by GOD of the Hearvens,no man can own salvation,now why people open a debate about something they dont own just to distruct.oh wake up christian there devil is not resting out there cant you even see that he is driving this conversation

  13. If people say TB Joshua is not a true Man of God, why hasn’t anyone delivered him yet, I mean seriously!. I personally love him, what he preaches is true, and you won’t see him defend himself for Christ is his defender.

    • @ Divine,

      Several people have offered him already. But he is only so to speak “willing” in his own 4 walled ivory tower.

      • If they were true deliverers and knew all those masses are being misled, they would have made a way to go to scoan and give him an embarrasing deliverance. Just like what you are doing here but not succeeding. Let a real man of God and deliver the false one then we shut the book

  14. If salvation is from God what for whater in baptism? As usually laundry blog – TB Joshua watch brought next selfdestroing question again.

  15. TB Joshua is a Man Of God. He is Highly Annoited. He heals deceases Doctors cannont, He delievers people, He created Awerness tha God is real and Alive. He never called anybody to His Mighty ; Annointed Ministry. As much as the Ghanian incident, He called or forced no one to gather for Annointed water. Most importatly, He never critised or judge other Men Of GOD, nor Respond to all nonsensical posts against Him. God Has Chosen Him, The Evidend is The Whole world is Shaken by His Annoiting Medium He Uses and has Been using to Change The Whole world. His Teachings About God and Jesus Christ are relevent to What we all know. Only the kindom of darkness is worried about loosing its members. Know that as God Has Chosen Him, His Annointing will grow From Strenght to Strenght. The fact that the whole is being killed , some travell from all corners of the world Just for His Touch and Annointed Water Proves GOD SPIRIT WITHIN HIM. Even During JESUS CHRIST TIME there were death cases. TB Joshua was Not in Ghanah when the incident happens. Please, close your topic About Our Great Phrophet , TB JOHUA.

    • @ Kgomo,

      Yeah ? Heal all kind of diseases ?

      Send some Creutzfeld Jakob stricken people or some stricken with advanced polio. Or people with no eye in their sockets or amputees people, or some with advanced leprosy. Other ministries claim this, let me see if he can do that. Publicly on the market, in football stadiums.

      • this is the most outrageous , silly and nonsensical piece i have ever read. the man has not claimed to be a magician but does what he does through the power of Christ vested in him.

    • @ NCE,

      There is power in the Name of Jesus.

      But a question to you. What is the Blood of Jesus for ? Please explain in your context and claim and prove with Bible Scriptures your stake to that claim ?

      • @ NCE,

        I guess I would not answer, would I now ?

        Typical SCOAN followers, brainwashed by TB Joshua and Wisemen, becoming, conmen, conwomen, scammers, liars and deceivers, instead of reading in the Word of God what the Blood of Jesus is for…..running after mediums instead of ask to be filled with the Holy Spirit themselves and have access to God because of Jesus without the use of a “medium”. Hebrews 11:1-2. Now Faith is…… Did not see any water bottle mentioned there.

  16. This article was written by one of them devil’s boys in I watched T B Joshua live and what he was saying cannot be understood by foolish darkened minds like that of the author. What he said that the anointing water is ordinary water turned extraordinary by God’s anointing. Demons are smarter than the author of this article whom they control because they too acknowledge that the anointing water is not ordinary water but FIRE. The demons cry at the site of the box of anointing water and they are using the author to discourage people from receiving the anointing water that is just about to be sent around the world. The devil and his minions are wetting their pants because of the deathly blow the anointing water going around the world will do.

    We eagerly await the anointing water! Author, the Lord Jesus REBUKE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @ Raibako,

      If you claim that I am controlled by demon spirits, why is it that I had 5 different type of bottles of that claimed “anointed water” water and no fires or manifestations were to be seen. I even drunk it from 2 liter bottels and absolute nothing happened. Nor did it do anything to my neighbour who died from horrible severe lung and brain cancer. Which demons are you referring to and why is it if God listens to anyone in SCOAN, none of you are able to deliver me of your insinuated and supposedly demons that I have. How come the God that you speak to does not answer you ?

      Does it justify then for me to say that you all are conmen, conwomen, charlatans, 419 scammers and scum that uses the weak in faith to extract their monies from them with empty promises in little packages of claimed “anointed” water.

      I remember a guy who was there and drunk from it too, soon he and his wife parted ways from their marriage. He even told me privately that he suspected the water they had drunk. He also said that when his wife was prayed over she was throw ten meters in the air and fell on he back.

      You call this anointed ? So Jesus and Holy Spirit uses such kind of violence on people ? Can you explain why he and his wife shortly parted both their ways ? While TB Joshua claimed their marriage was restored ? I have given so many examples already. Just wait and see the list will get longer and longer and you all have no repentance about such matters at all.

      • who is to believe what you are saying? are you the one to fight God’s battle. don’t blaspheme against the holy spirit.

      • Hehe didnt help your neighbor when you were hard in prayers too for it not to work or you would be shamed. where was faith when administered?, dont tell me you administered it yourself, ouch!

  17. If tb joshua is a fake or not is non of ur business, who made u a judge. God is the only one dat will judge everybody? Dont be decieve by any one bcos will are in the last days. TB Joshua is a prophet, so we have bishops, pastors, revs nd so many other. Please stop judging people, focus on your God nd not man. Lets not fight against ourself the devil came to kill to steal and to destroy, everybody can not have desame faith because all fingers are not equal. Lets Love Lead

    • @ okesandra,

      Love does not kill people in a stampede for only a bottle of water that has no value. Ever seen sheep being violent when they go inside the sheeppen ?

      No shepherd allows that. One by one all checked and led in by his authority.

      Where was the shammer and conmen and false shepherd/prophet TB Joshua to calm and lead his flock that he abused and let them jump on his command.

      You all are sick and deranged in your head and completely brainwashed zombies and are as carnal as they come.

      Sheep without a true Shepherd, Jesus Christ.

      John 10:27-30
      My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:28 And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand. 29 My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father’s hand. 30 I and my Father are one.

      John 10:14-19
      I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine. 15 As the Father knoweth me, even so know I the Father:and I lay down my life for the sheep. 16 And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold:them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd. 17 Therefore doth my Father love me, because I lay down my life, that I might take it again. 18 No man taketh it from me, but I lay it down of myself. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again. This commandment have I received of my Father.
      19 There was a division therefore again among the Jews for these sayings.

      Return to Jesus the Shepherd of your soul and repent !!!! Psalm 23

  18. Definitely they are just normal water but “blessed” they are not meaningless they are useful because other people believe from what they see and receive miracle,Tb Joshua is the TRUE man of God,believe him

  19. A few points worth noting:
    1. The Devil / Satan can aslo heal people. He can aslo provide supernatural water.
    2. TBJ has admitted that his water is dirty which means that one can be harmed .
    3 TB joshua in the past stated that his water will cause the death of may people-I am not making this up : he indirecxtly said it this year and directly stated it prior to the distribution of either the 2012, 2011 or 2010 water- you may not get the video easily beacuase it will not be on you tube, but let scoan release these videos and ashame the devil.
    TBJ will always deny the truth. He denied that people died of HIV AIDS due to the deception at Scoan that the water heals HIV- there is enough evidence for this.

    • JJKarman, yes, and because the anoitings of TB Joshua are harming and have violence in them, this is a pure sign, that it is not of God. Stay away from this man. Some-one as irresponsible and fanatic as TB joshua, is a real dangerous deceiving man. Stay away from this mis-use of powers from who-knows what source. TB Joshua has no right self-reflection and correction, so stay away.

  20. It is interesting and at the same time strange to know that the authors of this blog doesn’t know the meaning of what Prophet TBJ meant. The water is just a medium through which God works in our life. The water is ofcourse pointless without HIS annionting, cant even quench one’s thirst.

    • Without who’s anointing? If you mean God’s anointing then fine, but why does the water need to be supplied by TB Joshua? If TB Joshua really meant what he said in the video above, he was rendering his anointed water pointless. Anyone can give someone else water.

  21. How can you put God’s anointing on hold or suspend it, after you fasted and prayed for three month to get it?

    Like the new anointing water now?

    Could Paul put a hold on or suspend the anointed handkerceffs that came from him?


    Come on tbj, lie more trust worthy.

    You are loosing your cutting end on your lies!

    • @ Just Wonder,

      He just says this, because it take three months to extract enough money from foolish people in the church and other benefactors.

      Secondly he very like need this time to seek a suitable powerful demon that is available in the spiritual realm to invoke to “charge” this water with the powers of this more powerful demon.

      Is there any evidence that anointing comes in intensity ? And if those that claim so, prove this to me in the Bible where this been written down.

      As far as I know gifts come in diversity 1 Corinthians 12 through the Holy Spirit, I does not say anywhere that it was increasing in intensity.

      Deuteronomy 4:24
      For the Lord thy God is a consuming fire, even a jealous God.

      Deuteronomy 9:3
      Understand therefore this day, that the Lord thy God is he which goeth over before thee; as a consuming fire he shall destroy them, and he shall bring them down before thy face:so shalt thou drive them out, and destroy them quickly, as the Lord hath said unto thee.

      Hebrews 12:28-29
      Wherefore we receiving a kingdom which cannot be moved, let us have grace, whereby we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear:29 For our God is a consuming fire.

      So it says that God is a consuming fire, but it does not say, it comes in different intensity.

      What is clear that what this So called New Anointing displays is more violence in it’s application. So the emphasis is on powerful display with the intention to make this phenomenon manifestation “sellable and convincing” that God is doing something.

      The evidence on the other hand is so that these manifestations exactly like that with Voodoo and Shaman practitioners who use water as a medium to invoke or self invoke spiritual powers, spirits and demons to “ride” people who open themselves up to it or them.

      Those that conjure such demons can interact with them and command them spiritually to enter in weak faith, word empty gullible people who the just victimise with that ability.

      The intensity that you do see is the increasing of more powerful demons and the dispatching of beforehand agreed with some people “dramas” that presumably take place to attract more people to the church to make them more curious to this phenomenon.

      Lakeland, Pensecola and the Toronto Blessing were such phenomena. Al that TB Joshua and wiseman are doing is replicating this by using projecting their spirit, demons, spirits, lying spirits and subjecting a worldwide audience to it and let commentators in the form of usually women and some designated men to tell this is the Holy Spirit.

      Watch me write this : Close but absolutely NO CIGAR.

      Nobody believes me about this, but one day you will find out that they just have been entertaining Kundalini practice and know how to apply this on energy portals in the body from their energy portals. This is categorised in terms what is called Chakras. Forbidden knowledge expressed in Deuteronomy 18. This comes from China, Asia and Indian. Exactly same manifestations are recorded there as well observed. This is their so called “Holy Spirit” they so vehemently speak of. Believe me, Far from it.

      • You must stop using this your blog in initiating people ,even the ones that went ahead to read the books on the occult/demonic entities you are citing and given as examples are being blindly innitiated to your kingdom ( Kundalini practice and know how to apply this on energy portals in the body from their energy portals. This is categorised in terms what is called Chakras. Forbidden knowledge expressed in) .
        I am calling on all the children of God never go to research those books to know what is there as i have seen people who read this books from where you base your teachings come to scoan for deliverance and are actually delivered
        Children of God beware as they are using this means to innitiate you ,dont go searching to know what chakras or what whatever name he calls them.
        what are you doing with annointed water in the first place? to prove it or disapprove it?
        PS 105:14-15


      • @ Oscar,

        Stop your lying, you want to divert the situation here. This is Kundalini powers at work. I have seen it hundreds of time in diverse ministries all it does is dropping people down aka slain in the spirit.

        Who is the blaspheme ? Is TB Joshua Jesus ? Is he the Holy Spirit ? No, get your lying scheming lies to the other side of SCOAN because that is not what it practiced there. I heard TB Joshua in the last sermon talking about guiding spirits. What ? Yes, Guiding spirits. Figure out what guiding spirits are. What more can be said ? You need deliverance yourself from your deception and confusion.

        Then this so called “German” man was first in the under titling coming from Holland then it changed to Germany. Did his wife not need deliverance ? Strangely enough she did not. How about the intercourse between each other in how demons are spread between people and other ways. No, of course she did not need deliverance. Even during the deliverance the so called “demon” started to speak with an accent of german language. What a sham this all is. How long will you all keep up, you liars, scammers, 419 email senders, evil doers and using the name of Jesus in vain.

        I have challenged anyone of you, John Chi, Harry, Daniel, TB Joshua, all of you to deliver me with your garbage nonsense. 10 years have past and all of you failed ! Because you have no power over me, God has put me in His Hand and the Holy Spirit that is in me cannot be defeated with trickery and Kundalini powers and other blah blah. Nor does the “anointed water”, the oil, the wristband, the cloths, coins, sticks, salt, whatever you name it. Because your source is Satan and he has no power over me. Never was, never will be. You can huff and puff what you want. The Blood of Jesus and the Cross has bought and paid for me, I am marked with Light and Fire. I am more than a conqueror and more than a winner. Christ before me, Christ under me, Christ on the left and right, Christ above me.

        The SCOAN shall fall after the order of Goliath. 4 dead, many injured, broken legs, where was the demonstration of the raising the dead, the injured healed installed, the broken legs be restored immediately ? FAIL ! Where was the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in this occasion ? Nowhere, because it was NOT out of God, that is why, it was out of the flesh, greed and pride. You are exposed ! False messiah, false christ.

      • I just love this comment and give you +1 ! T B Joshua’s demons have no power over us, and we have overcome him and his gang of rogues !

  22. My guess is that most if not all that critisied T B Joshua are all men of god who are not as successful in their church business as the real T B JOSHUA.,they better contact this man of GOD for help.

    • you are of course entitled to state your guesses however do you have an opinion about the facts and personal accounts that have been published on this site?

    • it is time you turn your attention to the Lord, because help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth, and not man, let alone a false prophet like TBJ.

    • Oh my, from the heart the mouth speaks! What is it with you people? I think you are jealous of tbj, and since you cannot figure out how to run a church business as you say, as profitably as he does, scamming as many as he does, you sit at his feet to learn his tricks and project your jealously onto others. Thats my inexpert psychoanalysis for you, free of charge.

      Church is business to you? Successful ministry is about how juch money you rake in and how many butts you can put into chairs? How tragically far from the Gospel you have wandered. 😦

      May we never, ever be jealous of a deciever like tbj. I have no interest in trading my soul and integrity for millions of dollars and earthly success. How very foolish I would be to have jealousy about tbjs so called ministry.

    • @ osemwengie,

      Help to spread this violent “anointing” likely acquired by forcefully entering in the spiritual realm between heaven and earth interacting with powerful demons who are involved in these violent manifestations, passed off as Holy Spirit.

      Anyone who has done a thorough study about the Holy Spirit and His gifts and attributes can see this is not from God’s Throne flowing by acquired by force and cooperation of Satan to deceive the entire world and lull them in a spiritual stupor and make them lethargic in having a controlled and collected relationship with the Holy Spirit, Jesus and God the Father.

      Most people go by the results of the phenomenon instead of scriptural basis of the phenomenon as well it’s fruit that it causes in those who are involved. It is typical it does not expand further than their own church and 4 walls and it proves to be uncontrollable outside SCOAN because none of the appointed leaders were able to handle it or do I say this phenomenon, also to otw that they themselves were so to speak all of a sudden demon possessed after traveling and trailing the whole world everywhere and were boasting how many demons they were casting out. Just one thing concerning that, who was counting ?

  23. why not follow him instead of critisising him .he is chosen from his mother womb TBJOSHUA even satan is afraid of him JESUS LOVES YOU

    • @ Catherine,

      We don’t follow anyone than Jesus Christ.

      Who told you that Satan is afraid of anyone ? Are you for real ? Satan only bows for Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit. He bows for no mortal man. You are as deceived as the rest of SCOAN and its followers. Show me any shred of evidence that Satan is afraid of any mortal man here in earth ? And no your silly SCOAN videos with conmen, conwomen, 419 scammers will not do to convince me about this. Prove it to me with an independent team with an independent demon possessed person, chosen by that independent team, outside the SCOAN walls.

  24. I cant be surprise.
    What happen to Jesus is more than this and i know that this is the will of God, bless are those who surfer for christ.
    In God will he need people like judas so be careful

    • @ ola,

      No one is betraying Jesus here, we just want to drop TB Joshua who oversaw a stampede and had no control over them and people died. Who wants a pastor like that. Go back to Jesus and listen to Him. Take your bible and lock yourself up in a room and listen to His Voice.

  25. @ Madelaine,

    They won’t answer this, because they think or believe we are all liars concerning that and just suck this out our thumbs. These people just have a steel plate in front of their forehead and go over dead bodies without shame and remorse.

    People on the Internet just do this. When one says no the others just say yes. And sometimes you can argue with them until you see blue in your face. Because they can. The only way is to forcefully rub their noses in facts in public face to face.

  26. Jesse,
    ……….Is there any evidence that anointing comes in intensity?…….

    Well said, just another thing that is unbiblical.

    I just realize more and more how gullible we are and how much more must we study and learn our Bibles.

    Please remember to pray for the disciples to start seeing the truth of the matter and come out.

    And the five wise men who are being used by tbj for his dirty work, to wake up.

  27. I have heard that someone saw tbj standing in a satanic circle, somewhere in Lagos, with his disciples around him. The person was caught and put away and tbj was very angry, because he himself was caught out?

    I have also witnessed the water applied to a person, who we prayed for, to wake up to his lies and the next morning the person was in a trancelike state and the whole atmosfere around him smelled like sulfer.

    And the person went back, after decided to leave that place.

    There are definite evil behind it and its workings, but presented as the Holy Spirit of our loving God!

  28. I am still not convinced regarding the video you pasted concerning T.B Joshua’s anointed water.I don’t see anything wrong with what he said.God can use any medium to express myself and the anointed water is one of such.God has used various Prophet in centuries past to deliver mankind via different demonstration of this anointing and power.T.B Joshua wasn’t the first.If he chose T.B Joshua,then that is his choice.Who can question God?Are you going to question God,Why he sent Jesus to die for Mankind instead of Angel Michael?By the way,You claim the anointed water is pointless yet God has repeatedly used it to bless Men of diverse races.How do you quantify that claim?How do you disprove that?Just last week,I saw an Old friend got healed of Post Trauma Stress Disorder when the New anointed water was administered to him.How do you convince his folks and other high-witness that it is pointless and fake?It becomes a plain water when the purpose of it is not achieved,but hundreds of thousands have been repeatedly blessed,healed and delivered yet you call it a Plain water.God forgive you for your misconceptions and slanderous words…Be Christ Like is the watch word!

    • @ tb joshua watch all these things you are saying about this man what if he is real what happens?

      • How could you ask, ” What if ? ” Go has given us His Word to judge all things and so it is not “what if,” but ” what does the Bible say ? “

    • Here’s our logic based on his statements in the video Bishop:

      1. There are two gifts, water from TB Joshua, anointing from God
      2. Anyone can give a gift of water
      3. Anyone (through Christ) has direct access to God
      4. Therefore TB Joshua’s anointed water is pointless

      To refute this logic, you have to show that TB Joshua is giving more than just water (contradicting his own words) or you have to believe that TB Joshua is a necessary intermediary between you and God (what we would call a false christ). Put another way – how is TB Joshua’s water any different from water I might give you? We’re not saying God can’t use the medium of water as a means to his work, but if he chooses to do that, why does it matter who that water comes from?

      Please let us know what you think.

    • @ Bishop,

      We don’t question God and His Word and commandments.

      We question conmen, conwomen, charlatans, cheaters, liars, deceivers, false christs, 419 scammers, and more.

      This is an honourable thing to do.

      Why should we watch and stand by how sheep are lead to slaughter, which is the case here. This never can be revoked. This sin cannot be turned around for those that were involved. I call for that all that read this would stand in their shoes and in their grief and ask forgiveness to them of this evil deed that was committed.

      TB Joshua must be called to Justice in human court of his choices and pay the penalty as according to the Law.

      Deuteronomy 25:1-3
      Chapter 25
      1 If there be a controversy between men, and they come unto judgment, that the judges may judge them; then they shall justify the righteous, and condemn the wicked. 2 And it shall be, if the wicked man be worthy to be beaten, that the judge shall cause him to lie down, and to be beaten before his face, according to his fault, by a certain number. 3 Forty stripes he may give him, and not exceed:lest, if he should exceed, and beat him above these with many stripes, then thy brother should seem vile unto thee.

      Matthew 5:18
      For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.

      Luke 16:16-17
      The law and the prophets were until John:since that time the kingdom of God is preached, and every man presseth into it. 17 And it is easier for heaven and earth to pass, than one tittle of the law to fail.

    • Bishop, I am baffled that you compare Jesus and the Angel Michael as if there is some mystery why one came and not the other. Are you really a Bishop in the Christian faith? We don’t need to question God, he has answered us on that a thousand ways from Sunday, throughout Scripture. No angel could accomplish salvation by his death. No mere human, either. God *says* exactly why he sent Jesus. Because justice must be satisfied, and the only one able to fulfill the requirements was the spotless lamb of God, the God-Man, God With Us, the Son of God, perfect in his divine nature, who put that aside in order to take on the sin and burdens of the whole world. I cannot believe that I am explaining the basics of salvation theology to someone who claims to be a bishop. I am stunned. Yet at the same time, this does explain the tendency of some to view TBJ as a messianic figure, if they view Jesus as but one of many possible saviors. You must know though that this is an absolutely heretical viewpoint that has no standing in Christianity.

      We do not need to question God. We can take him at his Word. And his Word says that we MUST test every spirit. That we MUST be wary of false prophets. That we MUST call them out and warn others. That we MUST NOT say “I am of Paul, I am of Apollos” as if some apostle or prophet is above others. No. Jesus ALONE is our salvation. No prophet. No water. Jesus ALONE is our mediator before God. Not one person on this earth needs to go through TBJ to approach God. That mediation has already been accomplished, through Jesus, and through him ONLY. Not one person on this earth should ever kneel to a mere man as TBJ. Our knees bow to Jesus ONLY.

      Guess what? If TBJ is really a man of God, then we will meet in heaven and have a chuckle over our foolishness. But he does not bear the marks of a man of God, and I fear for his soul and for the souls of those who lie and deceive in order to assist him in his self promotion. I do pray, fervently, for his salvation and reconciliation to all those he has wounded and killed through his actions. I do not hate him. May God have mercy on him, as he has mercy on all of us. But if I love others, I will warn them away from danger. That is the point of this blog and it is absolutely, 100% Biblically supported in its purpose.

      • Don’t be surprised, my sister, this is no bishop at all, but one of the many people who just choose any title they fancy and go by that name, deceiving themselves and others. I’m glad you’re able to explain to this fake bishop some basic elements of soteriology, or the theology of salvation, and hope he turns his attention to the only Saviour of the world, the Lord Jesus Christ, and be saved.

    • As far as your friend, if he is healed of PTSD, praise God. But a rush of adrenaline and hope, such as that caused by religious fervor, can easily squash symptoms for a time, since PTSD is an emotional and mental disorder. Even physical pain can be subdued temporarily by such a rush. I pray that he does not experience a return of his symptoms, but I fear that he may.

      Sad to say, I have a loved one who is a fervent believer in TBJ, who suffers from PTSD and all manner of emotional and mental wounds due to his life, and in spite of the promises that touching ‘the screen of your salvation’ and praying with TBJ is enough to heal anyone, and the frequent promises that playing Emmanuel TV in your house will drive out demons and cause manifestations and deliverances, this loved one still suffers from irrational anger and emotional misery. To be perfectly frank, administering hearty doses of Vitamin D have been far more effective in noticeable, quantifiable ways than these ridiculous promises.

      Funnily enough, even though this loved one tells me I have an evil spirit, no amount of Emmanuel TV, blasted at full volume, has caused any manifestation, in spite of the promises that it would. I believe he knows that his claim is a false one, as he hasn’t bothered to pray or try to cast the supposed spirit out, either. He knows nothing would happen because the truth of the matter is, I am a believer, filled with the Holy Spirit and there is no demon that could share a room in my heart with the Holy Spirit. 🙂

  29. If the anointing water was just mere water as you claim, then why is it that potent?How come I have been touched through it? How do you convince me and others? Humans will always abuse what God has set aside for his glory. The anointing water never claimed the lives of people, It was their disobedient and inability to adhere to instruction in righteousness that led to their death. T.B Joshua expressly instructed the suspension of the anointing water before the incident. There is no precise linkage of the death connecting to the Prophet after strict warnings.

    • The lies. Sigh. He wrote on his own facebook page reminding people to come get it. It was there a few days ago but perhaps has been hidden by now,

      The distribution was not suspended until after the stampede. TBJ and scoan are fully responsible.

    • Purpose driven; ashame on you, to suggest that this people should have caused their own death by dis-obeyance! They have acted by faith on the call up by the profhet. Scoan did not even memoried the death and injured people on emm-tv. They are our christian fellow-brothers., and members of scoan.

    • @ Purpose Driven,

      You know you are a liar, because you speak like your father the Devil. You twist words just like Satan did to Eve. I was witness that he ( TB Joshua ) said that the water was just water and the power from Baba God. Also that he said that they could go and get it.

      What does mean go and get it ? What was the evidence that they took 2 or 3.

      This is said because they want to twist the fact that God killed them. Who went forward, the people, under who’s command ? TB Joshua’s.

      Here is the deal if he never did do this, nobody would have died.

      Prove us the evidence that it was God’s command to distribute “anointed” water !

      It was him who decided to do this, that makes him first hand responsible, the second who were responsible were the church leaders in Ghana and the ushers of the Branch in Ghana then the police and the military. In that order.

      It was only a matter of time that this would have happened. TB Joshua Watch had warned about this over and over and over again. Nobody listened. In desperation to prove himself and with Wisemen and disciples they organised this out of the flesh and not as a command of God. Hence this resulted in all this chaos and deaths. They are responsible, no matter what anyone says. It was them that organised it and not the attenders that were there.

      Anyone can count on their fingers that this sooner or later this would happen. Anybody knows that hyping up and creating a frenzy would result in stampede. Also he did not know that this would happen in the Spirit otherwise he would have instructed it clearly that the ushers and leaders should do it correctly as it was supposed to be. That is how it should have been.

      If there were any not born again believers who died, the he is now responsible according to what Ezekiel 33 is teaching. They have missed out of their salvation and are now reckoned not to be saved. Now he has blood on his hands according to this Scripture. That is even worse than what happened in God’s eyes and commandments.

      There is not any report that will be written that is valid of their claims. I cast this in Gods Hand to speak His Justice over it. Even if he get away with this in this life, he will NOT in the next.

      Luke 12:48
      But he that knew not, and did commit things worthy of stripes, shall be beaten with few stripes. For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required:and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more.

  30. To TB Joshua Watch,
    A sugestion.
    I have noticed that the new comers on this blog do not read the old evidences’ and reports on TB Joshua. Maybe you can think of making DVD’s with all the old reports on and explanations on it out of the Bible, of why it is wrong and distribute them?
    Not everyone has access to the internet.
    Just a thought.

    • That’s a great idea, but currently we barely have time to keep the blog going, let alone anything else. Feel free to take any of the content and redistribute in any way you like though – there’s no copyright on it! 🙂

  31. Ok, thanks.

    Or maybe a you tube dvd?

    Well maybe in the future as the Lord directs?

  32. God’s Call:

    3 Then the angel carried me away in the Spirit into a wilderness. There I saw a woman (a symbol of a church) sitting on a scarlet beast (the political systems) that was covered with blasphemous names and had seven heads and ten horns. 4 The woman was dressed in purple and scarlet, and was glittering with gold, precious stones and pearls (a rich church). She held a golden cup in her hand, filled with abominable things and the filth of her adulteries. 17 One of the seven angels who had the seven bowls came and said to me, “Come, I will show you the punishment of the great prostitute (false church), who sits by many waters. 15 Then the angel said to me, “The waters you saw, where the prostitute sits, are peoples, multitudes, nations and languages (a Mega Big church) 2 With her the kings of the earth committed adultery and the inhabitants of the earth were intoxicated with the wine of her adulteries.”
    5 The name written on her forehead was a mystery:

    Babylon the Great
    the Mother of Prostitutes
    and of the Abominations of the Earth -Rev 17

    4 Then I heard another voice from heaven say:

    “‘Come out of her (the Mega Big False Church), my people,’
    so that you will not share in her sins,
    so that you will not receive any of her plagues/judgements – Rev 18:4

  33. BABYLON is according to the Bible is:
    A place or state where a name will be forcefully made for yourself through any means –
    Then they said, “Come, let us build ourselves a city, with a tower that reaches to the heavens, so that we may make a name for ourselves and not be scattered over the face of the whole earth” – Gen 11:4.
    It will be a place where all the scattered peoples, multitudes, nations and languages will be brought together again.

    The Bible says,
    “COME OUT OF HER (Babylon) MY PEOPLE. Do not take part in her sins or you will be punished with her! – Rev 18:4.
    “‘We would have healed Babylon, but she cannot be healed; let us leave her and each go to his own land, for her judgment reaches to the skies, it rises (like the tower of Babel) as high as the clouds’ – Jeremiah 51:9.

    “Flee from Babylon! Run for your lives! Do not be destroyed because of her sins. It is time for the LORD’s vengeance; He will pay her what she deserves – Jeremiah 51:6.

    “But as for the COWARDS and the ignoble and the contemptible and the cravenly lacking in courage and the COWARDLY SUBMISSIVE and as for the unbelieving and faithless and as for the depraved and defiled with abominations and as for murderers and the lewd and adulterous and the practitioners of magic arts and the idolaters (those who give supreme devotion to anyone or anything other than God) and all liars (those who knowingly convey untruth by word or deed)-all of these shall have their part in the lake that blazes with fire and brimstone. This is the second death – Rev 21:8.

  34. @T.B Joshua Watch,
    Maybe you could provide a reliable answers to my queries, one of such includes:
    1. How do you disprove the pointless water that has become a healing stream?
    2. What are your evidence to prove the anointing water is pointless in spite of its potency?
    3.Is it possible T.B Joshua and SCOAN could be stay managing the influence of the anointing water in the lives of its members? If yes, for how long could he have been doing this and how long will it last? How come he hasn’t gone bankrupt in a bid to please his dramatist?
    In response to your above write up :(We’re not saying God can’t use the medium of water as a means to his work, but if he chooses to do that, why does it matter who that water comes from?)
    The answer to your question lies in the reasons why God ordained the fivefold ministry. What are the functions of the Prophets, Pastors, Teachers etc. in the Church? Also, God places his anoint on a Man worthy of a Christ-Like Character so that Christ will be formed in the hearts of the Soul yet unsaved. So, God carefully chooses whom he places his anointing upon. Such a one would have undergone the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I am afraid you may be fighting God by pointing an accusing finger on his servant T.B Joshua. Be warned!

  35. @Jesse

    You claim we don’t question God and his commandants yet you deviate from his command. You call him Lord by lips yet your heart deny him by actions. Should your bible don’t have this verse ,I will be most privileged to incite this for your knowledge and awareness. Here what Jesus said, “A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another”…John 13:34.
    I have not seen your action towards SCOAN and T,B Joshua as a direct attribute of love. When last did you pray for him to be saved? If God finds he (T.B Joshua) incompetent I am sure he knows better ways to expose his nefarious deeds rather God has kept promoting him in the midst of your slanderous remarks.
    You have said,” Why should we watch and stand by how sheep are lead to slaughter, which is the case here.”
    What have you put in place to rescue the sheep being led to slaughter? I guess the way forward is to run T.B Joshua and SCOAN down on the mud, right? You and your crew (T.B Joshua Watch) are just toothless bull dogs. Your accusation holds not water. What charitable service has you rendered in comparison with SCOAN? You claim T.B Joshua is evil and all that, How come God still keeps uplifting him despite all odds? I am sure I am bursting some bubbles right now.
    Please re-dress your lifestyle!

    • Bishop watchman. Where do you see that God is lifting-up profhet TB Joshua? Ofcaurse I prayed for this man, ofcaurse I advized and corrected him, and ofcaurse I listen to the directions of God in this never-ending controversie called TB Joshua. I can garatee you, by revealtion, that God does not supports the wrong-doings of TB Joshua. In fact, TB Joshua is a warned man. The “up-lifting”you watch is in reality a stragedy of a man who tries not to drawn, with every medium possible. There are no slanderous people on this site, only people who have been in the scene of scoan and have being harmed, duped, mis-used and so on. If you have a better solution, then please approuch TB Joshua with your plan, because he needs good help.

    • @ Bishop,

      I said clearly I don’t question God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I know Who They are.

      TB Joshua and his Wisemen, I know too. But their actions are as II Thessalonians 2 whole chapter. I posted it dozens of time, nobody wants to read that. Now it is your turn.

      Secondly I question them as in, conmen, conwomen, 419 scammers.

      Bishop, I want to remind you what is written:

      Proverbs 14:12
      There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.

      Ponder this well. Selfimposed bubble piercer.

    • @ Bishop,

      Who appoints, apostles, prophets, teachers, shepherds and pastors ?

      If you say God, then how does he do it ? Using text, email, letter, writing on the wall.

      Why do you refuse to read:

      1 Peter 2:9-10
      But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light:10 Which in time past were not a people, but are now the people of God:which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy.

      Everyone that accepts Jesus (fill in TBJW, Jamie, Giles, Just Wonder, Mr. T, M., Madeleine, Jesse, many others who confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and more out there) are now a chosen generation. As the gifts of the Holy Spirit are irrevocable, they can be abused by ministers. Secondly, I have none of you seeing the true characteristics of the Holy Spirit and HIS SOUVEREIGN works, that means you cannot dispense Him at will.

      That is what those ministers doing. Speaking, because they can enter in the spirit realm, WHILE God has NOT spoken, healing when God has NOT commanded to heal, cast out demons, WHILE God has not used that way of deliverance. (Also fake deliverance and place all kinds of liars on the Internet to proclaim that everyone is demon possessed and is in need of deliverance or even every day. ) This has now become money business in selling lies in the Internet and stopping and deceiving people of a personal relationship with God Himself, by posing as a mediator (false Christ, Messiah) using (a) medium to connect them with spiritual realm, WITH NO DISCERNMENT whatsoever.

      These are deviate money grabbing people to expand their ministry with lying spirits and familiar spirits operating in them as is warned vehemently in II Thessalonians 2.

      No after counselling, no guidance, no bible classes for those are applied, no discipleship, no teaching of Who the Holy Spirit is and how He works.

      If anything concerning above it is all done by TB Joshua alone. So he can indoctrinate, deceive, impose, make jokes and lie to them, as he did with me, my wife, my family and thousands if others. Aka, the 7 day Hotel SCOAN experience. If not healed, delivered, we send you home. I have witnessed numerous times myself and others too and you just say we are just lying this for to have a prank here online.

      Read my writings here : Sham, Sham, Scam, Deception, Lies and Wickedness. Just like that. Nothing else.

      PS I want to draw you attention that it is the majority is unskilled, uneducated, coloured Africans. Only occasionally you hear they have a high education. But they will not show you their credentials, than big puffed up claims that they are Professor, Dr, Engineer, so and so.

      If you want reach them, they are nowhere to be found and have a Yahoo, Hotmail, email account that they never will answer to. Shammmmmmm, Scammmm, 419 conmen, women.

      We are all dressed but only by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, no fake ministries rooting for fame.

    • @ Bishop,

      I want to draw attention to you on a video where TB Joshua says, if you are not healed, you have no faith. In an earlier video he claims if you don’t have faith or enough faith, I (TB Joshua ) will have faith for you.

      Now Bishop, explain, which is it now ? It can’t be both is it ? That’s TB Joshua for you showing his human nature of saying one thing and when it comes out for him then say the opposite.

      That’s not sin is it now ? It’s just twisting when it suits him or the occasion. And everyone claps for it too. What was there to clap ? Clearly surrounded by Yes men. Nobody dares to stand up in that place named SCOAN, well here I am. Because If I did there, I would be ostracised, omitted, carried off, opposed, rebuked, sabotaged, avoided. The SCOAN treatment and don’t care a hoot whatsoever, they are always right, never wrong. You can see that with 4 people that died, dozens hurt, 1 broken their leg. Still they would say, it was the public their own fault. It’s never TB Joshua’s fault even if he organised this distribution of “anointed” water. Any normal thinking person would say: “This person is responsible” but not SCOAN followers, they are so indoctrinated, their own “god” TB Joshua can do ANYTHING without punishment.

    • Bishop, with all due respect, if pointing out error is lack of love, you have just done the same thing. Unfortunately, this makes you a hypocrite, which makes it difficult to take the rest of your statements very seriously.

      Knowing your bible so well, you must also be aware of its warnings about false prophets, even those who will say to Jesus “Lord, we healed and delivered people in your name” and his response. Simply claiming to be a christian prophet, apostle, or the like is not enough. Sorry. If a wolf doesn’t put a sheep costume on before he enters the pasture, he wont get much dinner, will he?

      What does charitable giving have to do with it! Bill Gates has given millions more than tbj and yet he is no orophet or apostle.worse, tbj flagrantly disobeys Jesus’s commands about giving insecret and not for the praise of men, by having films made of his giving, broadcast on youtube for his own self promotion.

      Sorry, my bubble remains unpopped. Nice try though.

      • Bishop ? Which bishop are you talking about ? This is another fake bishop like the rest of them. He is not a watchman or he sure would have watched for the sheep and not the wolf. Another faceless T B Joshua follower !

  36. To Bishop Watchman,

    1. …”How do you disprove the pointless water that has become a healing stream?”…

    Answer to number 1:
    Miracles is NOT a Biblical test of the true thing. The false prophets of the last days will do great and mighty miracles. The Lord said to look at their fruit!
    True and False Prophets
    15 Jesus said; “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. 16 By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thorn bushes, or figs from thistles? 17 Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.
    21 “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22 Many will say to me on that day,
    a. ‘Lord, Lord, did we not PROPHESY in your Name and
    b. in your Name DRIVE OUT DEMONS and
    c. in your Name PERFORM MANY MIRACLES?’
    23 Then I, Jesus, will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers/lawless ones, rotten fruit ones etc.!’

    2. … why does it matter who that water comes from?…Because it might just come from satan!

    3. …”What are your evidence to prove the anointing water is pointless in spite of its potency?”…

    Answer to number 2:
    In the Bible the Lord used different mediums to carry His anointing. Yes.
    But the difference between the Biblical accounts and tbj water is:
    NO WHERE in the Bible did any medium carring the anointing, became a MASS PRODUCTIONS and a mass productions to build a name for yourself.

    This is what we are allowed to do now, anointing with oil. – James 5:14 – 15 – In the book of James, the inspired writer exhorts: “Is any among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the Name of the Lord and the prayer of faith shall save him that is sick and the Lord shall raise him up”

    The only water allowed now is:

    … baptism in water after repentance of your sins.

    • In the sunday-service, 26 may, a woman had testimony and mentioned 3x; “that TB Joshua was the expected messiah,”,. They did not correct her, they just said; “will you go on please”. They did not correct her, not even after the 3e time she mentioned it.

      • Hi Jamie, Thank you for reporting this. I wish you weren’t exposing yourself to tbj and the scoan because I don’t want you to get messed up. I will ask Our Father who is in Heaven to protect you, and you ask too.

      • We have said many time before that TBJ claims to be messiah but the deluded people say he never claimed to be messiah ! Now you see clearly that this Nigerian conman and false prophet is not contented to remain an ordinary false prophet but claims to be messiah. TBJ was born in sin like everyone else, his blood is worthless and cannot redeem anything, but rather he himself needs to confess his sins and be saved….He can only deceive people who are so stupid to be deceived !

      • Temitope Balogun Joshua, you’re a liar and a demented false prophet and your day of reckoning has come !

  37. This laundry blog is really crap nothing more:

    CRAP means:


    • TBJoshua committed murder, sacrificing the lives of four innocent Ghanaians, and if you call this crap you really need your head examined !

  38. @ All,

    I understand that some of you are not taking serious about the astral projection attacking people and conjuring demons.

    Here is former occultist Earthquake Kelly, now Christian (?) and explains that what I said all along is true.

    This is what TB Joshua does (I had first hand experience with that) and what wiseman do now.

    If still not convinced, do some investigation yourself. Make no mistake.

    Please keep fighting the good fight of faith, let no-one deceive you. II Thessalonians 2

    God Bless, Brother Jesse

  39. @ All,

    Quote from

    “He was speaking to Daily guide when a delegation from the Man of God visited the bereaved families in Accra yesterday. An undisclosed amount of money was presented on behalf of T.B. Joshua to the various families towards the funerals of their loved ones.”

    Buying himself out and does not even going himself. Disgraceful.

  40. The News Report on TB Joshua,

    “Prophet TB Joshua’s anointed water stopped following death of 4 people” ;

    …”The Prophet T.B. Joshua anointing water, the source of last Sunday’s stampede and death of four people, will not be available for distribution until further notice.

    The order was relayed yesterday by a representative of the Prophet in Accra, Samuel Excellence, during an interview”….

    Have we not prayed that the Lord Jesus will stop TB Joshua in his mad course and show the people that the Lord is not in it?

  41. To Jesse,
    …………..”This is what TB Joshua does (I had firsthand experience with that) and what the Wise men do now”……………

    I agree fully. I have experienced this also first hand from tbj. If you cross him or disagree with this dictator, this is exactly what he does. Wow you! He fights you spiritually! He has got powers – that is why his disciples are so scared to leave him or think wrong of him. He does attack you spiritually! Yes, he does! For sure. But, thank God, Jesus and His angels are still stronger that tbj and his.

    We just have to pray for them to wake up and take the courage of their conviction and leave him and for the others who left him already.

    He will try his tricks, believe me he will try, again and again, but he will NOT succeed in God’s children’s lives life.

    • Jesse; yes , this is what TB Joshua is able to do. He attacs by using twisted words against you, if you have critized him. When you have given your opinion about his way of teaching and preaching, then he waits until you have opend-up in worshipp and then suddenly he says something as; “he is not reasoning very well”. , The attac causes deep pain in the fysical body, and heart. And if not aware of what is going on, about some time, you will not reasoning very well, and need to be deliverd, and so he has eliminate you. The attacs are on distance too. Protection with the Word of God is the solution.

    • Saw that early today too. I’d love to hear from Soe and Doi et al. how they discern that this guy isn’t a messiah (which presumably is what they believe), yet TB Joshua is. I do hope they wouldn’t “blaspheme” against Alan John Miller, or “condemn” him! 😉

      • @ TBJW,

        Hehe. 🙂

        Guess we just have to wait and see what they say. It is likely that they will go all berserker over TB Joshua and Wisemen again.

        The more false christs and messiah’s, the merrier, I suppose.

      • This is simply a fulfillment of prophecy ! The Lord said there will be MANY of them, and TBJ and AJ are just two of many false Christs.

      • One thing I can say for this AJ Miller is that he came out boldly to proclaim he is messiah and he is honest about his claims, though he is deceived. On the contrary, TBJ is not bold enough to make his claim but hides behind his buffoons to make the claim for him. He is too deceitful !

  42. Acts Chapter 20 verses 7-12

    Brethren, in this short passage we can see that Apostle Paul took responsibility for the death of the young man Eutychus who fell off a three storey building window where he was sitting and slept off. Paul had wanted to travel early the next day so he kept the believers up till midnight lecturing them on the word of God. I am sure the young man would have loved to have been on his more comfortable bed yet because the great man Paul was around he had to keep vigil. Eutychus never planned to die that day. I have been amazed by the foolishness of some posters on this site who have the temerity to blame the dead and injured for their fate at the stampede in Ghana by claiming it was “somehow” their fault with one thick headed guy in particular stating that they were “disobedient”. I am sure that if you silly people were present the day Eutychus died you also would have blamed him too for not binding and casting out the spirit of sleep from his eyes! how stupid can people get!
    Note that Paul immediately took responsibility for the unfortunate occurrence by running downstairs and praying for the dead man and God bringing him back to life. God is not the author of confusion the bible says. SCOAN has questions to answer before God for the deaths and injuries of the stampede just as Paul had responsibility for the death of Eutychus (and he did not run away from it) because they cannot claim to be ignorant of the effects of bringing such a great multitude of desperate, anxious and persistent miracle water believers from all over the country into such a tight area. The onus was on them to ensure that the logistics for hosting the crowd THEY invited was perfect .Just as Paul ensured the room was well lit up with plenty of lamps.

    I even expected them to use the miracle water and raise the dead as Apostle Paul did or at the very least treat the injured. They said it is from God with MIGHTY ANOINTING!

    Brethren, I come in peace. I have not come to take sides in the interminable discourse on the authenticity or not of SCOAN. I have only commented here because lives have been lost and many injured. My advice is this ;

    Don’t let any HUMAN BEING lead your life into a PURPOSE YOU have not planned for YOURSELF!

    Love yourself first else you will not be able to love your neighbor!


    Forgive my long post and thank you for your time. Later.

      • The question is, ” Would the people ever learn ? ” Like the Lord said, many are destined to be deceived, but they have no excuse that we did not warn them !

  43. @ All,

    Here is some more concerning Astral Projection and those that use this technique to Astral Project and interact with the spirit realm or astral plane as they call it.

    If after this you still doubt that this is happening in SCOAN, ask God to remove the veil from your spirit and ask for the spirit of discernment. You will see that this is what is happening and is in SCOAN passed off as Holy Spirit. This is clearly NOT the Holy Spirit.

    Do not think this is the way that Paul was taken up in the third heaven. Paul was not in control about that happening, God was. These who do Astral Projection do this at will, whenever they want. Entering in the spirit realm and extract power, information, interact with lying spirits, familiar spirits, demons, powers and principalities and even Satan. Likely they also encounter angels and arch angels who block their ways when they want to harm.

    It is time that people wake up that sitting in church is much more than just listen to a nice sermon and that there is a battle taking place in that spirit realm between heaven where God sits with Jesus, the 24 elders, seraphim, cherubim and arch angels, angels and other spiritual powers. Between heaven and earth there is massive battle taking place, because of our prayers, spiritual interaction with the Word, angels unawares that come to us to assist in our fight and contending for our Faith.

    Folks, these false devils and deceivers, false christs are falling after the order of Goliath as long we make intercession and apply the Word of God and use it as a hammer to break the rock into pieces.

    • These are the same guys who supposedly interviewed a SCOAN representative about Edmund Amartey who said:
      the only Amartey we know in the SCOAN HQ is Jane Amartey, she Joined the Church late 1996″

      In this “expose” they declared that Edmund is in fact a woman pretending to be a man. Don’t you think that kind of discredits anything else they say about him (or is it her?!).

      Secondly, if the personal things they revealed are true (e.g. not knowing his father), have you thought about how they might know that? Most likely SCOAN have provided them with that information. What an incredibly unethical church. However, it does do a good job of discrediting SCOANs attempt to distance themselves from these crazy man worshippers. It’s clear now these blogs are taking direct orders from SCOAN.

      Glad you’re concerned, but I think the direction of your concern should be firmly in the direction of this deceptive, unethical and blasphemous church.

      • TBJ would try to do anything to anyone who exposes him, including blackmail, threats, and even murder, but there’s nothing he can do to Mr T, hence these baseless fabrications. And as you pointed out, they claimed the only ” Amartey ” they know is a woman, so how come these concoctions about a man they don’t know ?

      • Shame on TBJ, he wants to be a messiah by force, but Mr T would continue to expose him relentlessly !

    • Balderdash ! Typical T B Joshua’s fabrications and concoctions. Like I said many times before, TBJ is a fabricator and manipulator. He manipulates his deluded followers to do his every bidding, just like Jezebel manipulated sons of Belial to make charges against Naboth,1 Kings 21:4-13. This is also the way TBJ manipulates miracles and testimonies, getting people of weak minds to advance his satanic agenda.

      Just last Sunday, 26 May, 2013, TBJ manipulated a woman to claim he is the expected Messiah, and Mr T exposed him in the Ghana press as a false Christ, so this is TBJ’s way of defending himself as a false messiah. Shame on you, Temitope Balogun Joshua, your day of reckoning has come !

      • is there a link for that? I need to retain that for a meeting with our pastor re my husbands tbj addiction.

      • You can be sure that TBJ will remove this incriminating evidence and wouldn’t let it go on line, but we have heard with our ears, and I have exposed his hypocrisy and deception to my people in Ghana, and this is why he’s so mad at MrT, concocting baseless stories to cover his shame. TBJ can use his bootlickers to write anything they want, but let me assure you that these are the rantings of the beginning of the end of the great deception of this age. With MrT, TBJ has bitten more than he could chew, His demons cannot come near MrT, and TBJ has lost the spiritual battle and can only fabricate stories. Remember TBJ is not only a fabricator, but is also a manipulator and a fornicator of the highest order !

    • concerned,; yes, by their fruit you will know them. I have to laugh about this article! Its exactly the abusive and accusing-language of the Scoan-clan. Pityfull and un-matured. Blaming others in a shamefull way, for the own lack, misstakes and failors. Scoan loves to travel around the same mountains over and over again. The more critics, the better TB Joshua is going? And what about the 4 death and several injured people in Accra? And all the other duped people? I would say, scoan is going better and strong, over the back of innocent people.

    • @ Concerned,
      Are you really concerned that your false prophet is not satisfied to remain an ordinary false prophet but also claims to be the “expected messiah” ? A truly “concerned” fellow would rather address this false claim and challenge TBJ as to why he wants to become a messiah ” by force.”

    • @ TBJ,

      False Christ and false prophet, the original sakawa prophet of Nigeria, please come and defend your worthless allegations against MrT. You’re now caught in your own lies, and fabrications, and even if you go to Abuja to hide at Aso Rock, your sins will find you out ! It is time to make confession of your sins and repent and ask the Real Messiah to forgive you, or you would rot and burn in hell !

  44. @ all,

    On the other website there is claim that we need the medium of “anointed water”.

    I answered.

    @ WTBJ,

    Mediums is substitute for being Baptized in the Holy Spirit.

    1 John 2:27
    But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you:but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him.

    1 John 2:20
    But ye have an unction from the Holy One, and ye know all things.

    Proof of using “anointed water” as ongoing ministry and making idols, false christs out of TB Joshua and Wisemen to promote SCOAN as intermediary between God and man.

    Where in the bible or by personal Word of God we find such command ? Nowhere.

    Yet we are warned about it in II Thessalonians 2, Matthew 7.

    Case closed, SCOAN goes over dead bodies to promote their false prophet and messiah. Undeniable truth and evidence.

    • The bible mentions 7 Strong-men-spirits. 1. The spirit of Jalouzy ( murder, anger, rage, revence, competition, suspisious),. 2. The Liar-spirit. ( The religious spirit, superstisious, hiding behind religious face, profhesy out of order, preach to be recognized, seeks attention, disrupt meetings, wanting to be the first, controling the mind). 3. Familiar-spirits; horoscope, occult, fore-telling 4. Perverse spirit; Hates God. lusts after women. error. arguments with the Truth. blinded for the Truth, gives own ideas about it, 5. Spirit of Heaviness; grieve, despair, hopelesness, rejection, self-pity, gloomness, gloatery. 6. Dumb and deaf spirit, suicide, lunatics, 7. Spirit of frear; worrings, terror, inferior- in-adequaty-complex, etc. .

  45. I would advice TB Joshua supporters to stop attacking a person, but test what he/she says!

    Why getting personal with anyone, check their fruit and what they say.

    Is it impossible for you to start behaving in a mature and civilized way?

    Tackle the problems and not the person.

    That is a basic principal of solving a problem in a mature way!

    • This is so funny considering the frequent nasty personal attacks made by tbj/scoan. Hilarious.

      • T B Joshua is now caught in his own web of lies and fabrications and cannot wriggle out of this ! Where are all his defenders ?

    • The principle at SCOAN is that if you cannot attack the message, then by all means attack the messenger ! TBJ makes a false claim, promoting himself as the ” expected messiah,” through people, but instead of addressing this blasphemous and satanic claim, they’d rather attack someone they claim they don’t even know ! Shame on them and their false prophet !

    • T B Joshua almost got his name in the list ! He’s been working tirelessly to become a messiah ” by force,” using his zombies to promote him as messiah. However, with his deception and hypocrisy exposed in the Ghanaian media, his ambition is now derailed, unless he comes out boldly and shamelessly to proclaim he is messiah. He would not try to use anyone at SCOAN again like it happened last Sunday, 26/5/2013, because we’re watching him closely and will expose him relentlessly until he repents !

  46. Pingback: What about all the people the anointed water works for? | TB Joshua Watch

  47. Check out how close tbj’s teachings are to the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR), coming from the Roman Catholic Church!

    TB Joshua is their African connection or is it African Jesuit priest connection?

    2 Timothy 4:3-4
    3 For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. 4 They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.

    Titus 1:9
    9 He must hold firmly to the trustworthy message as it has been taught, so that he can encourage others by sound doctrine and refute those who oppose it.

    Roots and Fruits of the New Apostolic Reformation – Part 1a
    (There are more parts on YouTube)

  48. @Jamie, i have read so many of ur miscommunications, in most of your write ups you contradict yourself. tb joshua church is open for all, the man has never hiden away. my question is that if God is speaking through you why dont u go there and deliver this man instead using internet to deliver him, lolz. or is ur God afriad of his God? i have never see tb joshua pass judgement on anybody but always preach the massage of love and forgiveness to his members.

  49. How much are u guys paid for brandishing this man name on internet for no reason. If u have any issues with dis man why don’t u go to scoan is open for all and the man himself doesn’t hide. Deliver him or challenge him and let d whole world see who is fake and who is real. Bcuz I dnt see the different btw wat u guys are doing here and confronting d man himself who doesn’t hide. Or is ur God scare of his God? Oh ok ur God is the one dat asked you guys to rubbish the man name on internet? Very funny!

      • Very funny! Y dnt u let d journalists do d talking, wat did u call them journalist dat is to say they can report things if they think they have been badly treated by d man tb joshua. africa is a place where people do things without directions. Tb joshua doesn’t even walk around with security men. How on earth do u think he will ask security men to beat up jounalist. Tb J is d first reputable man of God I have seen dat walk around freely in d midst of his members and socialise with them.very humble man. Wat has he done to u people? How are u guys being paid for dis?

      • T B Joshua is the one who pays people to do his dirty jobs for him. He is a professional bribe-giver who pretends to be kind and generous but is very evil at heart.

    • @ Steve,

      Even if they paid a billion dollars, I still would do this for free.

      Things that look like as though they are but are not, must be exposed. That is what we are doing. It is clear we touch a raw nerve all the time. Which means, it is correct, otherwise God would have stopped it all long time. God is our Witness and God is our Shield and Buckler we will overcome the false prophets, the scammers, the liars, the 419 profilers. Because greater is He in us that the one who is in the world. We are more that conquerors and we submit to God and we will resist the devil and he shall flee from us.

      Steve, we are sincere we are upright, we have tasted the trickery first hand that is why we stand up declare war upon the Devil, who was defeated at Calvary and we are forgiven because of the Blood of Jesus, we fight the good fight of Faith and lay hold on eternal life. We are the exposers of II Thessalonians 2, the false church, the lying pastors, and the fake messiahs, the Africans that are cahoots to rip people off money to expand their lies as they always have done. There are exceptions, true sincere Africans who want to serve God as their Master. But TB Joshua and his Wisemen are not one of them. They want to deceive the world and now they get opposition from all corners of the globe and they don’t like it. They shall fall after the order of Goliath. We will not be deceived or moved by trickery, fake deliverances, fake power display, scams, 419 bamboozlers, and liars. We are the men and women of integrity that God has called for a time such as this. We will overcome the devil and his lies, vices and schemes, by the blood of our testimony. We will not allow the masquerade of the angel of light operate without resistance and we are assured that the Lord of Hosts in due time shall rebuke who needs to be rebuked. We are running with Jesus Christ of Nazareth and not with mortal men who are false christs and messiah’s. We put our foot down and shall not be moved.

      • We have already overcome T B Joshua and his henchmen by the blood of the Lamb and by the Word of our testimony. Rev 12:11. And yes, we love commenting here because there’s so much pleasure in exposing Satan and his lies and his false prophet, T B Joshua, and we shall continue to do this until TB Joshua makes a clean confession of his sins and repents and stops deceiving the Lord’s people.

      • @ Jesse u are touching nothing, you are yet to answer my question you said God bear you witness, very funny,the same God that said the battle is of flesh but of spirit being. So my question is, did God show you that tb joshua is fake? Did God commision you to set up this website to expose tb joshua? Answer this question pls. And if God has shown you that tb joshua is posses and did not give you the power to deliver him I personally doubt that your God. Bcuz the God we know can not show you a problem without giving you solution. If tb joshua is posses as you claimed. That is to say you are not fighting his phyiscal appearance or his name but the spirit inside of him. Bcuz if u claim that God sent you, I don’t see God fighting what he has created, bcuz all power belong to him he can cast out every spirit that is not of him inside of his creation. Beside I haven’t read where you have said that you have made an attent to meet tb joshua to cancel him or requested to deliver him of what God has show you and he refused or did God ask you not to go near him? And u sat down there telling people you are touching nerves, what nonsense nerves is that. I just pitty people that will believe your critisens. Tb joshua door is open go their sit in the church and deliver him from chair, you dnt even need to expose yourself. The God we serve is not a God of confusion but God of peace, what you are doing here is contrary to it. Tell me how critising someone is a peace. Go to the church and deliver this man or pray for him to be delivered where ever you are and if you have done so why would you critise him after you have ask God to deliver him? So do u critise the member of your church bcuz they are posses? You go about calling them witch, demon and all that. Lolz broda check yourself very well something is wrong somewhere.

      • @ Jesse well I rest my case, let the battle be between you and the spirit that is working through TB joshua bcuz is not Tb joshua you are fighting but the spirit that work through him. I hope you understand that. That is why I find it funny the way you go about the name tb joshua, I dnt know how much you understand the things of God though. Like I asked you earliar do u call ur church members demons, witchs when God have show u that they are posses? What do u do? Do u deliver them or do you lebel them witches and open a website to destruct their names instead of casting out the spirit inside of them? Pls answer this

      • @ Steve,

        When necessary I cast out demons. TB Joshua is not willing than inside his own ivory palace.

        God tells us to fight from the mount of Zion. Which is his mountain. Let TB Joshua and Wisemen come to the mount Zion and then he and wisemen can demonstrate his Kundalini powers and we will deliver him, right there and then. We know from experience he won’t show up, because as in his words “feels uncomfortable”. No surprise there is it now ?

  50. I want to ask you people who create this website,what do you gain by spoilling the Man of GOD’s ministry?If TB JOSHUA is fake,can you show as what good work you have done to help people in need,how many orphans have you help,how many widows you help,how many people you have prayed for and got healed?You spend all your time talking ,watching others what they do.If you claim you are good than him,show as your work and shout your mouth,coz only God is a Judge.The work of God is not talking,is about action.But the work of devil is sitting and talking and destroy other people’s life,pray God so as you will not be one of them,find something else useful to do so as the devil will not use you ignorantly.

    • coz only God is a Judge

      Really? Cos if I’m not mistaken, you’ve just judged us!

      As for showing you all our good deeds, if you don’t mind I think we’ll stick to what the bible instructs us ““Thus, when you give to the needy, sound no trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may be praised by others. Truly, I say to you, they have received their reward. But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.” Matt 6:2-4

      • ok if i have judged and you admit to judge others is wrong,why do you do it?
        If you pretend that you are doing good work but you dont have to show people what you do,why then you created this website just to talk nosense,why dont you keep it by yourself as you keep your good work by yourself.YOU ARE CONTRADITING YOURSELF.
        Stop beeing instrument of satan.Hatred will never overcome love.
        Have ever seen tb joshua creating webside for just to talk badly other people.
        God is love.if you pretend you love God,why dont you act it.

      • ok if i have judged and you admit to judge others is wrong,why do you do it?

        Yes, we judge TB Joshua’s teaching and practice by the word of God. Just as all Christians are instructed to do.

        Have ever seen tb joshua creating webside for just to talk badly other people.

        Yes, we have – we’re not going to give it a link, but TB Joshua Fans UK is currently running vicious posts smearing one of our commenters. This blog is run by one of TB Joshua’s inner circle called Michael Lathbridge. This site is also the official contact for trips to SCOAN from the UK.

      • Who gave you the work of watching tb joshua?is he the only one who does the work of God in nigeria?or is it jealousy,ask you self ,you will find answer

      • Bro u are such a joke, tb joshua doesn’t take pride from giving but gr8ful to God dat he put him in a position where he can be able to give, and beside is good for d ministry bcuz it allow d members of d church to see where their offerings goes into. In some of ur statement u said he is 419 now u said ” as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets after giving,” Bro are not confused? How can some1 who is after money like u claim, will be giving d same money back to people. Look around u how many politicians do u see giving away the govenment money they stole from the public office? Till u give me a good answer or give me a name of those politician and pastors u knw dat are giving out more than TB Joshua them u have a point in your critizens if not I will advice u to stop exposing ur weakness and the weakness of d God u serve. Thank you

      • @ Steve,

        And who’s money is it now eh ? Those who give. So who is giving here ? Not TB Joshua. Does he have a job where he works in a factory, office, swimmingpool where he gets a salary and pays poor people from that ? No, he does not.

        He profiles as “prophet TB Joshua”, a man made title that is given by them who follow him.

        People give him money and he shuffles it on to others, so that people can lie down at his feet to worship him and see him as their benefactor. Get your facts right.

        God does not need your money, all the gold and silver is already His and he is the owner of the bulls and cattle on a thousand hills.

        The “money” which is food is for the Levites, where are the Levites ? Is TB Joshua a Levite, the Wisemen ? Where is the storehouse ? It was broken down in AD 70.

        What does it say ? That there might be FOOD in My House. NOT money. Money answereth all things. Which means it comes from the people.

        Where did God appoint TB Joshua as written in Psalm 133 ? Are they not all selfappointed ?

        Are we not all a ROYAL PRIEST HOOD ? Stop this lies and make your prufit your idol because of trickery, shamanism and a Kundalini practice dispenser, targetted at the energy portals of our bodies so people drop down, slain the spirit.

        We do not accept TB Joshua as the “shepherd of our soul”, we only accept and glorify Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Him Crucified, Resurrected and Seated at the Right Hand of God Almighty. No-one else. Jesus is LORD !

        Again another video show that he claims that he knows our hearts ? Is he Jesus now ? Only Jesus knew their hearts and our hearts. Who is he, TB Joshua ? The wolf in sheepsclothing, the one that uses you as a pen and when empty he drops you in the bin. Claiming that God is fighting for him. If God did, why the 4 dead, the numerous injured, the broken leg because of stampede. We call for Truth, the Absolute Truth ! He initiated the distribution of the “anointed water” no-one else did. So with that stand up to your responsibility. How many have to fall with lies because of a small bottle of water.

      • Yes, they use ” tithing ” to ROB and STEAL from the Lord’s people, but we’re not talking about that here now. Many preachers are guilty of this crime, either out of ignorance or greed, but soon the Lord’s people would wake up from their slumber and stop giving their money to these wolves. Did the Real Messiah collect tithes, even though He came to die for all ?

  51. If tb joshua is fake why dont you go at scoan and deliver him.All this energy you spend in watching him ,why dont you spend it in prayers so as your god deliver him if you pretend you are good.God ask as to love our neighbour as we love our self.So pray for him if you pretend you are good than him and stop judging others.

    • Please describe for us the biblical mandate for anyone who warns against false prophets to go and deliver them personally. Cite chapter and verse please. No, you cannot, I know. But you people always bring it up as if it is some final answer. Why doesn’t TBJ invite his opposition to came and deliver him. As guests with expenses paid? Why is scoan so controlling of visitors, especially international ones? Why do prospective visitors from the uk have to be pre screened, including making a separate trip for a screening interview, as directed by one of the TBJ fan blogs whose writers are coordinating a trip to Lagos? Hmmm?

      When the time is right, God will deal with TBJ. In the meantime, it is our obligation to warn others of false prophets and wolves in Sheeps clothing.

      • Ur obilagtion to warn people? Did u hear urself? Ur obilagtion not that you are acting under God instruction. U also said when is time God will deal with tb joshua. So u are now fighting for God by warning people or God fight for his own. U just mess yourself up there bro. U are just drawing issues upon yoursef. When the purnishment will decend, Keep fighting a man that has done nothing against you, just bcuz you want to make money through this website. You are fighting for God, “is our obilagtion to warn people”. Hmmmm! U tell people to believe u and not believe tb joshua bcuz is fake. So wat make you real? Ur mouth watering comdemnation of human being created by God. U are the one dat said d man is posses that is why we asked you to go and deliver him bcuz u r d only one that is seeing wat we don’t see. For a man to posses is a spiritual thing and u dnt talk abt spiritual thing as if is phyical. Go and cast out d demon inside of him or u can even stay where u are and cast it out since God has shown u dat he is posses. He will equally give u power to cast it out where ever u r. The true God we knw can’t show you problem with giving a solution to it.

      • just bcuz you want to make money through this website.

        Could you explain exactly how we make money through this website? I must be missing something!

      • B4 we use to believe all this nonsense you guys are writing about but since the introduction of Emmanuel tv people have begining to see who the fake people are. U copy and paste video of tb joshua to further expose ur weakness, emmanuel tv is a channel dat is air on tv, internet and videos are posted on youtube. U also made a mention of his teaching. Wat is wrong with tb joshua teaching, the man teaches the real thing, love, forgiveness,salvation and his teaching are practicalized. you are yet to answered my question? Since God have show you that tb joshua is fake how come he did not give you power to cast the demon inside of him out. Or are you one of those pastors that assumed to see things without solution to what you saw. U r one of them that will tell a husband your wife is posses leave her b4 she kill you. my broda leave tb joshua alone many have tried and failed. Another question I have, did God asked you to set up this website to insult tb joshua or use it to fight for him(God). Bcuz true christians dnt believe they have the power to fight for their God. You fight for whom you are greater than. Obviously you are not greater than God why do u fight for him?

      • Steve, you are so confused and making such irrational statements that it would be funny if it weren’t so sad to see how deluded you are.

        I notice you make lots of statements about God, but have no Scriptural basis for them.

        Once again though, you demonstrate that to you it is all about power and jealousy. That in itself tells us all that the motive is not a godly one. Christianity is not a competition. It’s not about who is “greater.” In fact, that is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what Jesus taught, as well as the guidance given in the epistles. If anyone fancies himself as having greater authority in the church, by the Word of God he is to be watched very carefully and held to a very high standard. It is a fearsome thing to claim authority such as that of a prophet or apostle, given the weight of responsibility it carries. You who follow TBJ don’t seem to understand that.

        Once again, performing miracles and prophesying, even in Jesus’ name, IS NOT PROOF that someone is a man of God. See Jesus’ own words in Matthew 7.

        ****15“Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves.****16“You will know them by their fruits. Grapes are not gathered from thorn bushes nor figs from thistles, are they?17“So every good tree bears good fruit, but the bad tree bears bad fruit.18“A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, nor can a bad tree produce good fruit.19“Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.20“So then, you will know them by their fruits.

        ***** 21“Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven will enter.22“Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles?’23“And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; DEPART FROM ME, YOU WHO PRACTICE LAWLESSNESS.’*****

        In case that is not clear enough, the two major points are:
        1. False prophets are tricky and clever will easily deceive many.
        2. Even prophesying and casting out demons in the name of Jesus is not proof that one is serving him. IOW, that CAN be done falsely.

        I would also like to point out a huge matter of hypocrisy related to this–followers of TBJ, and himself, say that if he says the name of Jesus in his antics, that means he is serving Jesus and following God and cannot have any evil in him. Then, he turns right around and is *constantly* delivering pastors and men of the church who have been ministering *in the name of Jesus* at the same time he claims they were possessed with various demons. You have to pick. Either it is possible for TBJ to be a wolf, using the name of Jesus falsely, or he is falsely and wrongly “delivering” these pastors because using the name of Jesus prohibits them from being possessed or ministering falsely. Which is it?

        Also, take a little time to read Ezekiel 13. Wow. A strong warning for those who have ears to hear.

        If you are still reading, I will now address (again) the issue of money and giving. There are MANY people who give more than TBJ. Many. I mentioned Bill Gates. Does his millions and millions in charity make him a man of God? No, it does not. It makes him a philanthropist but it does not give him spiritual power over anyone else, nor validate his religious beliefs.

        But that is not the issue. Again, you are all about competition, and again, you are 100% missing the point Jesus made about giving. IT IS NOT A COMPETITION. Read your Bible and you will understand that the problem is not with TBJ giving money. The problem is that he does it in a showy fashion, to draw attention to himself and to use it to self-validate.

        Matthew 6:
        6 “Be careful! When you do good things, don’t do them in front of people to be seen by them. If you do that, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven.

        2 “When you give to the poor, don’t be like the hypocrites. They blow trumpets in the synagogues and on the streets so that people will see them and honor them. I tell you the truth, those hypocrites already have their full reward. 3 So when you give to the poor, don’t let anyone know what you are doing. 4 Your giving should be done in secret. Your Father can see what is done in secret, and he will reward you.

        TBJ’s reward for his giving is the praise of men, which is what he seeks. That is all the reward he will get, according to Jesus. There is no heavenly reward for giving when you do it with a video camera and sound men following you, and broadcast it to the world so that people can praise you and worship you for it. This is another issue that is so flagrantly anti-Biblical that I cannot believe Christians fall for it. The “giving videos” are narrated with glowing “Look how great and glorious TBJ is! Look how wonderful he is! Look how much he gives! blah blah blah.”

      • @ M.,

        + 1

        @ Steve,

        Steve has come in and wants to blow horn real hard. And effect like throwing stick in the chicken pen not thinking that what he does is just being obnoxious.

        Trying to stir up, but nothing than hot inflated air. Everyone can see and notice that there was nothing concrete what Steve was actually saying. Steve like TB Joshua, but Steve does not know the true insides and facts of what has been revealed time after time again. Steve has now become desperate, in the form of Paul who had to be delivered from the spirit of his granddad who was 120 years old. Now Steve thinks that we all need deliverance from our spirits of granddad’s, grandmothers, destroyers, darkness, death, lust, goblins, and more crazy demons that only exist in cartoons, games, and tv movies.

        Every time they are lined up in SCOAN in the aisles and why ? As if demons are just so foolish to be having a long chat with Wismen, this and that. Who gives a hoot about what demons have to say ? More excuse not to teach from the bible right ? Listening to stupid stories, wasting time, wasting money, wasting precious TV time to preach the Gospel to all the World. But no, it’s demon time ! Emmanuel TV, Demon time, watch and revel and be in awe about demons that hang up a story. Only foolish people believe this and are willingly be deceived by the theatrics and antics of demons. I can assure you it are no demons, but good actors that have a problem and seeking attention for that problem, TB Joshua will give you this platform to make yourself look like a fool. Behind the coulisses TB Joshua laughs his head off of another Karinggggggg in the coffers of silly people who come and stay in Hotel SCOAN for 7 days and the “showwww must go-on singing Freddie Mercury” on tape in the background. The only things that are missing is a firework and neon lights blinking “deliverance in progress now” on both sides of the aisles where it all takes place.

      • If you think you are better than him,why dont you pray for him so as God can change him.Is he God commands us to love everyone?all of you people who criticize him ,how many times do you remember to pray for him if you think you good than him?Love cares.So anyone who think tb joshua is fake,pray for him and we shall see if your god will change him.Before look others faults,why dont we first ,examine ourselves and see if Jesus comes anytime,should i go to heaven with what i m doing now.This is the only advise i have.God bless you.

      • Nana, again you miss the point entirely, and again you fail to provide any Scripture. The Word of God is the only thing that will sway me.

        No, I am not better than TBJ. This is a common theme with his followers but again it’s missing the point. Christianity is not a competition. Nobody is “better” than anyone else. We are all–you, me, and TBJ and everyone else–miserable wretches saved only by the grace of God.

        As brothers and sisters in Christ, when a wolf shows up, we have an obligation to sound the warning. Because we care for others and do not want to see them deceived and wounded.

  52. And this seems a good a place as any to answer the constant questions of “Why bother TBJ, even if he is false?”

    I can’t speak for everyone but the reason I am here is because he is a destroyer. I have experienced that destruction of health and relationships and spiritual life first hand. I won’t describe all the details in case my loved one should see my posts and fly into a rage. But I will say that TBJ is a DISASTER. He is a DESTROYER of spiritual life, of marriage, of family, and of health.

    I shudder to think of what would have happened had God not been working on me and giving me strength and confidence in His Word as TBJ gained more of a hold on my loved one. If I had bowed to his insistence I may well have lost a child. 😦 As it is, I am hated, rejected, despised, and neglected by someone who made a vow before God to love me and cherish me.

    • Tell us how he destroyed you and show evidence.Did he tell you loved one to hate you and negleted you?when was that?You know you are wasting you time.noone now is believing your lies..If i come here and say you have destroyed me,will it be true because i say it.why is it that what your people who accused tb joshua,you have believed it is true.
      you people are a jock.if anyone has been destroyed by tb joshua,bring him to court.
      If God instructed you to warn people not to go to SCOAN,why is it that his church keeps growing everyday?is your god not powerful to destroy his church?
      If your god was the AlmightY God we know,the Creator of the universe who gave you the work to destroy tb joshua’s churh,you could have succeed long time ago.But tb joshua’s church keeps growing glory to glory,and his haters keeps growing in anger and rage.
      Stop you are wasting your time

      • Are you his lawyer, Nana? I don’t owe you any evidence. But for myself I know what I have seen. Of course TBJ is too clever to directly say “Rail at your wife, insult her, question her salvation, disrespect your parents and hers, neglect your family Bible study and prayer time.” Duh. He preaches his simplistic, mind-numbingly repetitive sermons full of ear tickling catch phrases so that it can be said he “teaches love.” It is in the “prayer” and “deliverance” services that the real crap gets promoted. He demonstrates disdain and mockery of those he views as spiritually beneath him. His team cuts and narrates and labels things in such a way as to direct a vulnerable person’s thoughts. My husband simply follows his lead, like every other TBJ follower I’ve run into so far–mockery, cursing, disdain, violent shouting, disrespect, and a love for humiliating others. Inability to Biblically support any of this, so a quick jump to shouting insults when questioned. He feeds the need you all have for feeling superior over others, to gloat over the failures and humiliations of others.

        You know full well we are not talking the type of destruction that can be brought to court, nor could we if it was, being that we do not live on the same continent even. And frankly, you have a hugely inflated view of TBJ and his success. He is a clever marketer and self-promoter. But his influence is nowhere near the levels you think. He only makes international news with his failures, and they are big ones. Like 4 deaths and many injuries. Anything positive written about him in African media is editorializing in open forums by cronies and sycophants. That does not constitute journalism. IOW, he inflates himself, and you inflate him, but he is not the success you think he is. He’s a successful money-grubber, and clever with his use of the internet and social media, and that’s about it.

      • @ Nana,

        I have evidence, my past away neighbour with lung and brain cancer, my other neighbour who lives in anxiety and loads of problems. My friend that needed a hip operation and has now Alzheimer’s, my other neighbour who nearly died and went to the hospital for over 2 months and I have many more. So much of your filth in promoting “anointed water” that goes over dead bodies and heretic crazy confessions that are just sick in it’s proclamation.

    • @ m thanks for ur language but am not deluded like u claim and I’m not going to stand to accuse a man that hasn’t done anything against me, you complain abt knowing scripture but you have fail to understand one thing. Tb joshua is not sent to deliver everybody bcuz went there and you did not get your miracle or healing doesn’t make him fake, that is why we have many pastors and many living churches. If you can’t find salvation where you are worshipping you go to another living church. Is not enuf to call some1 a fake simply bcuz you did not get your healing from there and you got ur healing from another living church. Pray to God to direct you where you can find salvation simple.

      • Steve, I know where I can find salvation. I have found it. Jesus is salvation, none other. Again I beg you to get into the word of God. If you think savation is something hidden, to be found in some church or self proclaimed prophet, you denying the main tenet of Christianity. This is not about what TBJ didnt do for me. I go to the Lord with my troubles, and he hears me. I dont need tbj to mediate for me.

        This is about false claims, false theology, and damage done to the church and its members.

        You again demonstrate that the motive behind following and defending tbj is selfishness and personal gain. I dont care about that stuff. I don’t follow people based on how much I think I can get from them.

  53. If i m not his lawyer,are you his jugde?The only Jugde we know is Jesus Christ.So leave to God the battle
    If what tb joshua ‘s destruction is not what to bring in court,it means what he does, is spiritually,then stop fighting in flesh.If you think he is a destroyer spiritually,pray for him so as god may stop him.
    Otherwise,everything you are doing talking nosense,lies and so on ,you will never achieve anything,He will continue to live in peace and you,you will continue to live in anger and
    jealousy forever

    • If you think he is a destroyer spiritually,pray for him so as god may stop him.

      Do you realise how judgemental you’re being assuming that the only action “Name Changed” is taking is commenting on an online forum? Do you really think they’re not also praying fervently for their loved ones? If one of your loved ones had been taken away from you for a cause you knew was wrong, wouldn’t you do everything you could to convince them otherwise? Wouldn’t you want to warn others so they didn’t suffer the same heart ache?

      We often have people criticise us because we should be dealing with this through prayer. Do you really think none of us pray for this situation? I know in more than one country there are regular prayer meetings where people gather together to pray for their friends and family members held captive (if not physically, certainly spiritually) by TB Joshua. Huge amounts of prayer go into this every day. But does that mean we shouldn’t sound a clear and loud warning? Especially when you’ve seen lives of young people torn down in their prime (e.g. Beth), then you hear that Hungry Generation church in Washington state are sending their young people out as disciples.

      Yes, we pray. We also take action. God uses his people to be part of the answer to their own prayers.

      • ok if you pray ,let us see how your god will answer your prayer.But its seems your god is not hearing you?tb joshua is keeping shining and you ,you are still in a huge anger doing anything,lies and wrong comments thinking it will work.I feel sorry for you.
        Tb joushua’s church started 1987 something,if all these years your god has never hear you prayer,really you are a pity,when is he going to hear your prayer?But it seems tb joshua’s God hears his prayer,is your god less powerful than his God.So we should question ourself who is each of you serve the Most High GOD Creator of Universe?anyone can answer this question because it seems you are struggleling than tb joshua,Give you a rest people you will never destroy him since the God he serves is powerful than your god

    • @ Nana,

      God is already stopping him and all what is happening. Remember 4 dead, many injured, 1 broken leg.

      Every normal person would go into repentance, not TB Joshua or Wisemen and his followers or even the church itselves.

      As a matter of fact he has the guts to tell everyone, it is not his fault. Not his fault ?

      Why did you organise “anointed water” distribution ? No “anointing water” distribution, NO STAMPEDE. But no, he does not admit that. He just hides behind his cowardly excuses.

      @ Nana,

      If the battle is the Lord’s concerning TB Joshua and Wisemen, could you shine some light upon Syria and Bashar Assad and 80,000 people dead by now and Russia supplying them weaponry and missiles ?

      I am kind of curious what you have to say.

      • @jesse
        you mean God is stopping him by killing people?ok perhaps that must be the god you serve who killed them so as you people may have what to say about tb joshua,but your god is always a failure,
        tb joshua is still working majestically and more people all around the world keeps supporting his ministry because his God is more powerful than your god.Everything your god is trying to do to stop him ,it will never work.,that is why his haters keep showing their unhappiness.
        What you are bringing here about syria and otherthing,there is nothing relevant to what we are talking about ,the bible say in the last days of the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ,there will be wars and all kinds all over the world,that is what is happening.But You ,you say you are watching tb joshua , praying god to stop him,,warning people to follow him so why not your god answering your prayer?the bible say :call upon me in the day of trouble,i will answer you,i will rescue so how come aound 30 years since tb joshua’s ministry,your god can’t really answer,has your god lied to you?but tb joshua’s God has never lied to him,he keeps answering his prayer.
        So the god who lies is only satan,he is the father of all liers,so be carefull so as you will not find yourself fighting against God’s will.

      • @ nana,

        Be careful for nothing says the word of God, be thankful……..

        God is hearing and answering. Always blame the devil for your own mistake you choose to make. Easy to hide behind. Making the Devil look bigger and sell it to gullible people which all of those false prophets do, prophet TB Joshua, prophet Mandikiwa, prophet Uebert Angel, those that were found on a list to buy their title on a fake online university. Proven again and again. Sham and con artists.

        Following somebody anybody can do. How many Hindus are following Hinduism ? Islam ? Hindus do miracles, Islam can do slain in the spirit and deliverance. The Russian Orthodox Church do deliverance with holy water and huge metal crosses.

        What are you telling me ? Come on, people follow because they are deceived. Billions of them and then others turn up over the years and they have followers. Sai Baba, Baghwan Shree Rajneesh, Hare Krishna, the Moonies, the Davidians, the Temple of God, Freemasonry, the Builderbergs, how come all are in the domain of Satan and have billions of followers and whose fault is it ? Mine ? It’s their choice, totally and completely.

        Your example of people following TB Joshua is simply people without a Shepherd, which is Jesus Christ. Now they are the playballs and chewtoys of men and women who are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Sucking them out to the last drop and then wipe their mouth how enjoyable it all was. There are thousands of those liars, deceivers, 419 conmen, women and scammers. Only in their mind to progress their own place in history under cover of their man made concocted religions and deceptions. God clearly says in His he will deliver them up to their own vices so they believe the lie and you ask how does God stop them ? By people like us who have been inside and found the fruit that it produced was rotten and deceptive. It will be stopped, make no mistake. If not now, it will be before God’s throne then He asks, did you read II Thessalonians 2 and Matthew 7 Where my Son says, away from Me thou evil doers, I never knew you. Nods !

  54. The devil is the father of all lies and deceives millions.I thank God for your message and an eye opener to others, praise God Amen! says:

    I don’t understand why you are so fired up to bring the man of God down; leave him alone
    It’s our business whether he is fake or not
    For u os to pray to your alla or whatever you like to call it please and repent brother before it’s too late

    • Oh look, it’s another tired old canard. “If you disagree with TBJ, you must be Muslim!”

      Newsflash: TBJ does not own God. Millions upon millions of Christians today worship God, in the name of Jesus, without following TBJ or ever having heard his name. Millions upon millions of faithful believers lived, died, and preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ before TBJ was born. And most of those would be horrified by the heresy taught at SCOAN. Get a grip.

      Every single one of TBJs disciples resorts to the same boring old stuff. None of you bring Scripture. None of you bring rational argument. None of you are interested in a reasoned theological discussion. All you have to offer are these few arguments:

      1. “Show us you’re more powerful than TBJ, and maybe we’ll follow you!” “Show us how much you give!” and other variations
      2. “You don’t like him? You must be Muslim! Or atheist!”
      3. “Don’t judge!”
      4. “You must be neglecting family life and prayer and your job to keep up this blog.”
      5. “You need deliverance!” “Holy Ghost fire all over your body, Amen!”
      6. [insert any vile cursing one can imagine]
      7. “But it works for people!”
      8. “Obviously someone must be paying you to criticize.”

      You know what I don’t see? I don’t see any Biblical defense of TBJs practices. Period. Nothing. I don’t see any semblance of Biblical love, even though you claim that’s what he teaches (see 1 Corinthians 13 if you need a definition of love). I don’t see the fruits of Holy Spirit indwelling (see Galatians 5) in spite of the claim that he works by the power of the Holy Spirit and his follower’s assumptions that they are guided by the Holy Spirit to follow him.

      I do see quite a few blatant *anti Biblical* beliefs and practices. Cursing and insulting is directly disobedient to Jesus’ teachings to us. Using the Holy Spirit *as* a curse or a weapon against others, that is just horrifically blasphemous. As if the Holy Spirit of Almighty God is a tool you can wield to injure and punish others! For shame! There is one reference in the NT to the Holy Spirit appearing as fire, and it was not a weapon, but a signifier that the Holy Spirit had come to believers, just as Jesus promised, to be their comfort and director.

      • @name changed
        another one who is full of anger and rage.why are mad by insulting people.
        Is your god you are fighting for told you to call people old canard?can you imagine ,now tb joshua where he might be,he is peace,and you ,you are angry,insulting people for nothing because you can not win against tb joshua.
        People will lough at you,there is nothing you can do against tb joshua that will work,all you can do is insulting people and talking nosense,only that.

      • My apologies, Nana. I used an old fashioned phrase that is not well known. “Old canard” is not a personal insult. It describes an unfounded argument or story. It references not a person, but the list of arguments that are frequently used by TBJ followers. They are unfounded, Biblically and factually. Therefore to describe any of those arguments as an “old canard” is accurate, truthful, and not an insult or a personal attack.

        So, you might perhaps go back and reread what I wrote there with the understanding that I did not start off with an insult. 🙂 I’m not angry, either. I am content and secure in my salvation. I know that no matter what happens here, or what my husband chooses to do, or what TBJ does, God is faithful and good and has a plan for me. I do not need signs and wonders in order to believe this. I can wait until TBJ is exposed thoroughly and for good, because when God chooses to do so, it will be the right time.

        You are in a quandary, you see, in defending TBJ. If you believe that he *must* be a true Christian because he claims the name of Jesus and operates using that name all the time, then you must accept that I am too, and the author of this blog, and the other commenters. I believe in Jesus Christ, savior and redeemer, who is Emmanuel, God With Us. I do not believe in TBJ, and I am not required to believe in him for my salvation. He is *not* “Emmanuel”, not my savior, not my mediator with God. Jesus is and only Jesus.

        If, however, you want to turn around and claim that we are falsely using the name of Jesus, and in fact serve Satan, then you are admitting to the reality that a person can claim to be a follower of Jesus, and use his name while serving someone else. And if you admit that, then you are left with trying to prove TBJ’s validity by his “power”, which is very shaky ground to stand on, because magicians and witches and other evil people also have great power (a fact admitted to on ETV regularly). What I am looking for is solid Biblical defense, and I have never seen that.

        I don’t have much hope of persuading you. You call simple logic “nonsense.” But I do hope that perhaps others who are concerned and wondering what to think will read our exchange and see where the logic and the Biblical right standing is, between the two of us.

      • I posted a reply, but I’m not sure if it got lost or I didn’t complete the posting. Anyway, Nana, I apologize for using obscure language. “Old canard” is not a personal insult. It is a factual, accurate description for arguments and concepts that have no basis in reality, much less the Bible. The numbered list of common arguments is what I referred to with that phrase, not a person.

        So perhaps re-read that particular post with the new knowledge that I was not insulting you or anyone else, nor am I angry. I am at peace. Jesus Christ is the one who gives me peace. I am not “fighting God”, but thank you for your concern.

    • @ Whatever,

      Yes, the Devil is a liar, and we conform to that totally and completely.

      And we Submit unto God and Resist the Devil and in due time he shall flee from it all.

      We pray that TB Joshua comes to repentance of his cult behaviour and his cheating doing deliverance with the help of the Holy Spirit.

      I know from experience, it is dispensing deliverance whenever they like. There are several one’s completely fake. And there are where powers are used to create manifestations that results in nothing that a promotion to come to Lagos.

      Apparently the financial burden for the ministry has become so tedious, that they every day concoct new stories to deceive people who watch it and start to ask themselves of their problems.

      Most problems that people have is due to their own choices and commitments. Let me take an example. If you are in debt because you are using a credit card so much that the money that you have standing out is more that you have in your savings.

      Now the crucial question ? Whose fault it is ? The Devil or Yourself ? This is the same as everything. This is with sin, this is with health, this is with your job, this is with your education, this is with your husband and wife, this is with mental health, this is with anything you do.

      You ARE responsible for your actions. It is clear that they want to let “God” turn up for everything and blame the Devil for every bad choice they make. This is what Africans know and that is why they come to SCOAN, to make a funny show of themselves and laugh afterwards who they scammed us all with nonsense videos, because they are all in it together how they can embezzle, rip off, deceive, lie, scam people out of their monies. This is their new market strategy. This has nothing to do with God, Jesus or Holy Spirit. This the facts written in front of you.

      It is well knows phenomena that is cleverly exploited by nearly every church nowadays. Everywhere when there is investigation or things go wrong, it is settled out of court. I have see the courtcases myself from several high profile ministers.

      The reason why this is happening is because they are operating in the occult, the flesh and other matters to make their empires run well oiled and smooth.

      THis is the reason I am not allowing you to have it your own responsibility on that area. But I call everyone accountable to this as has been tested, tried and uncovered.

      The bible tells us so, that is what we do. We put Jesus in the place where He belongs and not where thieves, robbers and deceivers are fleecing gullible ignorance bible illiterate people. So we make it clear by using this website and other websites and we tell everyone of their behind the screen deeds what is not of God. And we pray that they will fall after the order of Goliath. Because we are coming in His Name the Name above every Name ! Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Him Crucified on Calvary, Resurrected and sitting at the Right Hand of God.

      We might be few, but they that are with us are more than them. There will be a Remnant and the Remnant will enter in His Kingdom. Not liars, idolaters and sorcerers will not.

      Lastly but not least, concerning ourselves and those that are with us it is written.

      I know thy works, and thy labour, and thy patience, and how thou canst not bear them which are evil: and thou hast tried them which say they are apostles, and are not, and hast found them liars: And hast borne, and hast patience, and for my name’s sake hast laboured, and hast not fainted. Revelation 2:2-3

      Revelation 12:11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

      • Jesse, thank you for pointing out the complete cop-out in blaming the devil for every wrong action. I believe that one of the reasons people flock to TBJ is because he provides them with an easy, convenient excuse for their sin. “Oh! It is a marine spirit! Oh, it is my spiritual husband! Oh, there is the spirit of lust! I am not responsible for any of my sin! I am a puppet of demons! They control me! They make me do all this and I am just an innocent bystander!” No repentance is needed, no changed attitude, no hard work to change bad habits. Just “deliverance” and a spiritual high for a few weeks. Who knows what the recidivism rates are with these people? I’d like to see some statistics.

        Can the Holy Spirit be overpowered by a demon? Can a Holy Spirit filled believer become like a powerless puppet to a demon that can enter whenever they wish, even while that believer is praying and fasting and seeking the Lord? REALLY? No. This is another unbiblical thing that shows up time and again at SCOAN. Is demon possession real? Surely. Can believers be harassed and bothered by spiritual dark forces? Certainly.

        Can a born again believer, washed by the blood of Jesus, redeemed from the powers of sin and the world, indwelt by his Holy Spirit, safe in His arms, be taken over and utterly controlled by a demon? Nope. There is zero Biblical support for such an idea.

        And I would quickly like to point out–as a white westerner–that this cop out is certainly not limited to Africans. I believe it is eagerly grasped by people of all races and nations who do not want to accept responsibility for their own choices and actions, who want an easy out. We see plenty of it here in my nation as well. People saying on Sunday “I claim your promises that I will be debt free, yes, even wealthy” and then spending thousands they don’t have on vacations, dining out, and consumer goods and the next Sunday saying “Oh God, I am believing that you will release me from debt!” and getting “delivered” from the “spirit of poverty.” No. Quit spending your money foolishly, and you will reap the natural rewards of financial responsibility. You do not need deliverance, you need self control. I freely admit that I am overweight because of my choices. How nice it would be to blame it on a “Demon of chocolate” or some other silly thing. The fact is that I have made choices earlier in life that were not healthy, they have affected my metabolism, and now I am experiencing the consequences of that. There was no demon making me fat while I slept. There is only my choices, and the consequences of those choices. I am forgiven of any sin that was involved, and free from condemnation, but must live going forward accepting the consequences that I am responsible for bringing on myself. No deliverance is going to melt fat off my body or remove the hardwired desire for things that taste good and provide temporary relief from anxiety and stress (and chocolate does that, scientifically proven!). What is required of me is self control and hard work. End of story.

      • @Jesse
        if africans come to scoan to make funny show,why then do you care?why dont you leave africa and watch what is happening in europe?You people because of your anger,you dont know what to say as a christian.In Christ there is no african or european,All people are the same in the eyes of God,dont loose your mind.
        If everyone has to make his own choice,so what is your problem?leave those africans to make their choice.If you have prayed tb joshua to come to repentance,why not wait your god to answer you?In all your comments we can feel an extreme anger you have for africa.
        You are talking as if you know everything in this world,bringing scriptures and so on.but you forgot,not everyone that says Lord Lord ,shall enter in the kingdom of God.only those who does the will of God are children of God.Hating,and bringing difference about people is not a will of God.So watch out what you are saying when you are angry.

      • Nana, nobody hear hates Africa or Africans. I’d venture to guess that a number of commenters here are themselves Africans. There are certainly many Africans, both within the churches and in society, who have spoken up against the wrongs and heresies at SCOAN. You are making this an issue of racial division, not the blog or the commenters. If you’d taken the time to read my post following Jesse, while I agree with the point of Jesse’s post I took great pains to point out that this is NOT an “African problem.” but a problem that happens all over the world, in my culture too.

        You bring up a good point though. In Christ there is no European or African. Why then, is race a frequent player in discussions about TBJ (claiming that the only reason people disagree with him is because he’s black) or in “testimonies”? I am thinking in particular of a most interesting “testimony” given by an African pastor wearing Jewish religious clothing, I do not know why, who testified that in a revelation God showed him that TBJ sat at the right hand of God with Jesus Christ, above all the “white men.” This was testified at SCOAN, for the promotion of TBJ, and broadcast on Emmanuel TV. Why is this obvious racial division permitted and applauded at SCOAN?

  55. @jesse
    To bring comments about people who got sick after believing in anointing water,it does not make it true.What if we bring also people who got healed through anointing water?Even in your different judgements,there is one called:”what about all the people the anointing water works for”You can see how in your lies you are not even wise .Everytime you are contraditing yourself.
    All the judgerments you are putting on man of God are just lies,evertime you are putting yourself in a trap.It will never work.There is no evidence in just talking coz everyone can accuse anyone he wants as you do because of hatred and jealousy.
    People will lough at you coz it does not work.Find something else useful to do.

    • @ Nana,

      How dare you to say I am lying. Go to my neighbour and let them tell you the suffering and hardship and hell they went through and the friends that have now hip operation and have Alzheimer. Where the “anointing water” brought nothing than more suffering and extra money sorrows.

      What is wrong with you ? Is this the evidence that you are a zombie and have no brain to operate from then telling these things that are not applicable in any way or form ? You have no feelings not even a sense of remorse of this falsehood you keep promoting.

      1. You make me to a liar.
      2. You wipe away the suffering with fake deliverances and frantic application of Kundalini powers instead of the Holy Spirit.
      3. The never healing that ever happened to hundreds of times I attended in SCOAN.
      4. Not willing to test it out in the local hospitals and empty them.
      5. Not willing to allow TB Joshua to be delivered outside his place in the place of our choosing.
      6. People that name things such as imps and call it demons.
      7. Be accountable for 4 deaths, 30 injured, and 1 broken leg.
      8. and so I can go on and on. You have no shame.

      • Jesse,
        Every word that come out of your mouth is full of anger,hatred,insults,what kind of christian are you?you want to deliver tb joshua oustide his place ?first deliver yourself coz you need really delivrance ,it is not you who is talking,its demons inside you.Lying, hating,insulting will never help you in anything.
        I m loosing my time to discuss with people who are not even humble before God,and they are pretending to be christians.Your blog is full of hatred,envyings and insults,and those are fruits of flesh.there is nothing here about love or faith.
        every member of your blog is saying that they are praying for the fall of tb joshua but it seems you dont have faith in your god,why are you then fighting in flesh?are you really christian,if you are,then dont fight for Christ but love everyone as Christ instructed you.
        Spiritually things will be solved only spiritually too.But if you want to continue fighting in flesh you will achieve nothing.Only you are creating hatred in your heart and you will never have peace in your heart.BYE BYE

      • @ Nana,

        Ever heard about righteous anger directed at the falsehood of the ministry you represent because they have no shame. Or even allowed to let people to die !!!!???? What kind of ministry is that ?

        I just have been visiting the hospital of people who are sick and the people that are at deaths door. Do you really think if I would come with “anointed water” they will jump out of their beds and be healed ?

        If I am lying, then go to the hospitals yourself and start raising them out of their misery with they false promises they do at SCOAN.

        I myself am an example of it and you just pass it off as if I have joy to lie this and just want to make this up.

        And if I am angry because of that of that falsehood you all keep spreading it has a reason.

        If something unrighteous would take place, you don’t want to show anger do you ? You just march off and tell yourself you need deliverance because you show anger.

        How sick and twisted you are. The evidence about your goes in front of you. There is righteous anger and when expressed you pass it off as demonic.

        Ofcourse you don’t read: Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath: Neither give place to the devil. Ephesians 4:26-27

        Nor do you understand it’s application.

        I have not sinned when I am angry. So you interpretation is as usual misrepresenting me. When I call anyone of you out in the other website is because I am convinced that your motives are not right, so justified to call you out as nasty, conmen, conwomen, ugly selfish persons that only think about money and fame and promotion of self with means of deceiving videos and clips and set and prop up deliverances.

        I have been there several times, Why did he not deliver me then ? No according to you it has to be 100 times then you are free. Where do you get this rubbish from ? These lies, these indoctrinations and filth that comes only from scum, liars and deceivers to justify your Satanic exhibitions.

        That you are being exposed here and by me elsewhere to rub your noses in the facts, does not mean I need deliverance. It means you need to stop doing your lying falsehood and cult behaviour and deception.

    • what a Mighty God we serve John 9:25 He replied, “Whether he is a sinner or not, I don’t know. One thing I do know. I was blind but now I see!” Stop hating TB Josh da prophet of God, cant wait to go to SCOAN. i think as a Christian we have to love each…. other thus says the Lord so stop hating TB Josh. Keep Shining Daddy the Lord is with U.
      NANA thanx zilion times for da answers. Talking against the Man of God wont change what he is @ Nana let the haters do their thing

      • @ onkgopotse,

        “One thing I do know. I was blind but now I see!”

        What do you see ? A money running circus. That is what I saw ? Taking me in the video room with the curtains closed and it was so dark you need high grade military night goggles to see anything. Then asking you can you change this cable and on so and so connector.

        A blind man would have seen more in such room in total darkness. All they are interested is churning out videos. Imagine Jesus doing like that ? In three years He covered the whole of Israel by foot then Paul did the rest of minor Asia. And then weirdos needed to take 2000 years to cover the rest of the world. We thank God for guys like William Tynedale who brought us the Bible in English all the way in Cologne, Germany. Without a video camera. Respect and a true hero from me. You ask anyone in my street or town. Do you know TB Joshua ? …… Who ? Who is that ? Never heard about him. Only scamming gullible 419 Africans and scheming deceiving Americans know about him. And two three people in Sweden, France, Holland, Spain, Russia,Pakistan and Mexico. Why they don’t go into the jungle in Brazil, the desert of Australia, Siberia, Antarctica, Eskimo land, North Korea, Burma, Kiribati, no mans land in North America where high powered guns are the law and see if they can deliver them there. I am sure Haiti needs deliverance 99% of them. Oh wait, it would look too similar to their Voodoo Practices.

  56. @tbjoshuawatch
    Bringing about religions is another case.and i think it is not you are figthing for,so i advise you to stay in the area of your problems,coz if you start that war of religions,i m telling you,you will never have a rest coz the battle will be harder and harder.So let us stay in our matter about tb joshua.
    You said you are praying for the fall of tb joshua,when will your god answer you coz we are tired now,we want to know the truth?if your god do not answer you why do you keep working for him,your god is lying to you.that is not fair.

    • I have no intention of turning this debate into one about different religions, I was just pointing out that 30 years is not a long time for a sect to be running so you can’t say our prayers are ineffective or that God must be behind TB Joshua because he’s still going. The Scientologists have been going a lot longer than that and are going strong, are they of God? Also, there is a lot of evidence that the tide is turning regarding TB Joshua. As tragic as the Ghana deaths were, that’s nothing compared to the number of people who have died putting their faith in the anointed water instead of medicine. If these 4 deaths help discredit TB Joshua in the eyes of many (which they have), then they won’t have been in vain.

      • @tb joshuawatch at this point stop is obvious you are confused in ur respond to Nana write ups. 30 yrs you have prayed for one particular prayer point and is yet to be answered and instead of ur prayer to pull the man down is lifting him up and you are still moving around in one particular place. You are now tired of praying, you took to internet negative write ups hahahahahah my brother who are you guys deceiving? I don’t understand how you believe you are wiser than 30 thousand members or more that worship in scoan, among them are professors, lawyers, pastors, doctors and so on. What is your position to advice this people? Beside tb joshua was not sent to deliver or heal everybody and scaon is not the only living church, we have many pastors and many living churches. If you can’t find your salvation in scoan that is to say the man is not sent to you. Jesus have 12 disciples during his earthly ministry he did not sent one person among them to carry out whole work of deliverance, he delegate them to different people. Those that God sent to tb joshua to heal and deliver they get their deliverance full stop. The same thing goes to you if you 5 people serving under you, you will not sent one person to do all the whole job why others sit in the office. And one can’t not do what have sent another to do. They will stick to what you have sent them.

      • Steve, no Christian can take any spiritual advice from you seriously, nor any admonition, as long as you continue to insist that *salvation* is something that can be found in churches, SCOAN or otherwise.

        You don’t “find” salvation in a church. You don’t get it from a prophet, pastor, or “wiseman”. You don’t acquire it by squirting “anointing water” in your mouth. If you are relying on your attendance at SCOAN for salvation, or your belief in TBJ for salvation, you are going to find yourself in a pickle at the end of things. 😦

        Why are you advising people to go to this church or that church to “find salvation?” Salvation is in Jesus Christ ALONE. Noone and nowhere else.

  57. Scriptures,everytime you are talking bringing scriptures.To be christian is not about talking scriptures everytime.Jesus said who ever does the will of God ,is the one who is a child of God.
    Dont you know the Devil also know the bible by heart?So to talk about scriptures it does not mean what you are saying is true,even the devil used scriptures when he was tempting Jesus

    • Oh, and now we are getting down to the reality. The Word of God is not your foundation.

      Yes, we’re talking Scriptures. The Devil misused them. Jesus answered him back with the Truth FROM SCRIPTURE. If you claim something is of God and relevant to the Christian faith, it MUST line up with the Word of God. Anything other than the Gospel that God has already revealed IN SCRIPTURE is a false Gospel. You don’t just pluck “the will of God” out of the air. And no it doesn’t just drop from the mouths of self-proclaimed prophets. That false idea is exactly how people justify saying “Oh, God brought me this other woman, because I was not happy with my wife. It’s obviously his will for us to be together.” No. Doesn’t matter what you feel or what you think. If your assumption opposes God’s Word, your assumption is wrong.

      So yes. Scripture. Everytime Scripture. Support and defend TBJ with Scriptural truth. Emotions and experiences fall flat without a foundation in the Word of God.

      • @ M.,

        + 1.

        You are correct if you say that salvation lays not in manmade institutions, but IN Jesus Christ alone.

        They forgot to tell you also that the Devil used a scripture to twists its application to try to look as if Satan knew the scriptures to mislead Jesus of it’s true application.

        When we use the Scriptures it is for the application to smack the Devil the air out of his power of the air behaviour and his lies to display and reveal his error from the Word of God. This one of the ways to defeat Him, of course we know that if the Enemy comes in like a flood, the Holy Spirit will raise a standard (Banner) against him. So we know if we apply the Word of God to uncover the wiles of the Devil then this is the way to apply.

        We don’t quote with a question mark behind it as the Devil always does, but as it is applicable on that situation to stop the buck at his filthy wiles of deception.

        Steven and Nana, trying really hard to disprove that with their wiley deception upon their sleeves because this website begins to impact what is happening in SCOAN and people begin to ask questions.

        So keep this up, TB Joshua Watch and let’s get SCOAN fall down in the order of Goliath and set their captives free from this nasty misleading cult. JESUS IS LORD ! Glory to His Name ! Let every knee bow and every tongue confess this. He is coming !

  58. @tbjshuawatch
    the people who died is not tb joshua who killed them.can tb joshua work against himself?
    If he works against himself he will not stand but the god who is against him ,is the one who killed them so as people who hate him will have a word to say against him but everything the haters will try to do to pull him down it will never work because the God he serve is more powerful than the one who is against him.
    Again you are bringing otherthing about scientology which are not related to our debate.ok if you know the scientologists are not from God and are keeping growing,why then you have not created a website to talk against them?you talked abot others religion you judge are not from God,why you have not created a webside to warn people against,why have you chosen tb joshua.Is he the one you are interested in only?why then?that is a question mark?jealousy only..Me i know,some of your church members left you and went to SCOAN because they find there a living God who does miracles like it used to be in old and new testament.So you got angry and hatred about tb joshua’s ministry,that is why you are trying anything to destroy him.People you will never destroy him,just surender and turn back to God,noone has never win a battle against God.

    • You are missing the point by a mile. You claim “success” is proof that TBJ is a true man of God. TBJWatch has merely pointed out that there are many cults that have existed for far longer than TBJ has lived, that are growing and thriving and gathering in millions of dollars. In conversation, this is called an example. 😉 The Mormon Church is another example of a cult that has removed itself from Biblical Christianity, and yet is undeniably thriving. The LDS church is by far one of the wealthiest organizations in the world.

      Bringing these up is not for the purpose of discussing them. There are plenty of discussions about them going on, because wise people have noticed that these are also false churches and set out the warning.

      The point is to demonstrate that adding membership and getting rich is not proof that one is teaching good doctrine or serving God in spirit and in truth.

      And here, you fall right into the same pattern of every other TBJ follower. You reject logic, you reject reasoned debate, you reject the request for Biblical support for all of your assertions. And rejecting all those, you must then create fantastical lies to convince yourself. Like this one:
      >>>>” Me i know,some of your church members left you and went to SCOAN because they find there a living God who does miracles like it used to be in old and new testament.So you got angry and hatred about tb joshua’s ministry,that is why you are trying anything to destroy him” <<<<<

      Really, you know? By what means? Because whatever spirit "told" you that, I can tell you that it's a lying spirit. The same one that "tells" your fellow members that people who don't agree with TBJ are Muslims, or atheists, or a particular person, when they are most certainly not. Making up fantasies about your opponents is possibly the worst imaginable method of trying to convince them that they're wrong. :/

      • @M
        why is it that you and your fellow in this blog are not members of a cult church?what makes you different from others?You want people to believe the judgements your are putting on others but you dont want people to believe those whom you are against to…
        If you admit that people can deliver people in the name of Jesus but still using a cult power ,that means also people may use alot of biblical scriptures in their teaching or arguments but still members of a cult church.So to bring scriptures does not mean you are a true christian.
        Can you show us a biblical scripture where God told you ”you should go out and create website for judgements against others.
        Let God be the Judge,and anything you think it is not from God,pray for it and stop fighting in flesh.coz only God knows the truth.Even you who claim are from God it is not written on your fore head,you could also come from a cult church.

      • Nana, you are right. I could be from a cult church. Or I could be a believer.

        I urge you to compare what is written on this blog (not just what I write) with the Word of God, the original and final authority. Use wisdom, and ask the Holy Spirit for discernment. Don’t imagine silly stories about me to make yourself feel superior. Just read your Bible. Start to finish.

        I’m not in competition with you. It is not my job to direct your life. That’s not what I’m trying to do. The choice is yours, as always. If you find what is asserted here to be unbiblical, then go on with your life in confidence.

        I do not claim that God told me to start a website. I didn’t start a website, this is not my site. TBJWatch is a different person, and if God told them to do it, they must. That is between them and God. But God has told me, and all of us, in his Word, to be wary of false prophets. To preach the Gospel, the genuine gospel, to stand for truth.

        I have Biblical foundation for what I am doing. To be honest I don’t really need it because I am not claiming to be a special “spiritual being”, nor a messiah figure, nor a superior Christian. I am a believer, joining with other believers, in pointing out error and warning brothers and sisters of danger.

        The person who needs to support his practices by Biblical means is one who claims that he speaks for God’s mouth. Anyone who says “Thus sayeth the Lord” and claims to have a special anointing had better be ready and willing to support everything he says with the revealed word of God in Scripture. Those who claim power and leadership in the church by God’s mandate are held to a proportionately high standard of doctrine and conduct.

        Here is a link listing the commands of God to oppose falsehood and contend for truth. and the Biblical assertion that those who claim high positions in the church and seek public recognition

      • @M please pay attention to the msg on this video it might help you to understand more about the person you are criticizing and after watching please feel free to point out what you thing is wrong with the msg.

      • Steve, none of your links work. I hope I have not been a fool and clicked on malicious links, I hope you would not do such a thing.

        But believe me, I have seen enough of TBJ. I willingly watched, at first. I wanted to know more. Then I started to note problems, and asked questions, and was answered with violent rage by my loved one. Oddly enough, that made me wonder about the spirit behind this man. So I started watching with an eye for problems, and sure enough, there were plenty.

  59. @M
    If you are not in competition with me bla bla,are you in competition with tb joshua.Why are you after him?If the choice of my belief is mine,why dont you let others to make their own choice as you choose your own.?
    ”You are joining others to point out error and warning brothers and sisters”Isn’t you who are making your self superior to others?what position do you have to warn people against this or that?do we know your spiritual life?what if you are worshiping the devil as you are accusing tb joshua is from the devil?Who knows you when you are hiding behind internet?
    You people are very funny?you mean everyone can come on internet making himself right and give warning of this and that as if they are the only one to know the truth? and you think people will believe you?
    Let people make their own choice as you did yours.If all the accusations you are putting on tb joshua was right,you could have brought court,since there is no evidence because he destroys spiritually as you claim,then let God deal with him.
    When i asked one of your member why God is not answering your prayer to destroy tb joshua,the answer was ,God time is the best,that there are many cults which started before tb joshua’ ministry and they are still growing.So since God is letting all the cults you mentioned to still running,are you the one who will destroy them?You are wasting your time i m telling you.
    The bible says noone is righteous,not even one,so why are you putting yourself in position to warn people of this or that?who said that what you believe is right than others belief?
    You mentioned that God told you to wary about false prophet but you do not mention that you will know them by their fruit.So those who support tb joshua they are content of his fruit then let everyone to make his own choice and stop accusition with no proof..If he destroyed you spiritually,then dont follow him,and others who claim he blesses them spiritually let them follow him .Your choice does not mean is the right.

    • No nana, I am not in competition with TBJ. I have no desire to take his place, nor to be anything like him. God’s calling on my life is a simple and quiet one, and does not involve gathering as much money and as many followers as I can.

      If no one is righteous, then neither is TBJ. Hm, again we have a problem. You want to hold him to a looser standard than you hold others. I am not putting myself higher than him. I am a simple believer in Jesus Christ. I hold no position. I claim no position. The Church is not a social ladder, with one above the other. You, me, and TBJ, before God we are all equal. We have an obligation to each other, to care about each other, be concerned for the other’s spiritual health, and to contend for the truth. When we see our brothers and sisters walking towards disaster, or reaching for poison, the only loving thing to do is shout a warning. It is still their choice, and if they want to walk off a cliff or eat the poison, they will. But even then it is not hopeless. As long as a person is alive, deprogramming from cult teachings and healing is possible. I have seen it happen many times.

      Yes, God’s time is best. For SCOAN and all other cults, there will be a day of reckoning. That has happened before. It is not my job to question God’s timing. It is my job, as described in the word of God, to contend for the truth and to have enough love for my brothers and sisters to warn them. Knowing what I know, yes, having experienced the fruits of TBJ/SCOAN, to remain silent would be a sin. A tree does not produce both good and bad fruits. You cannot have it both ways. Either defend him as wholly good, and prove it Biblically, or accept that bad fruit comes from a bad tree, as Jesus said.

      This is the fruit of TBJ:
      –family neglect
      –multiple deaths. You may deny all the deaths prior to the Ghana tragedy, but SCOAN admitted the 4 deaths there, and there is no denying them
      –a spirit of aggression and anger in his followers
      –Biblical illiteracy. In some cases a person who is trained in Biblical things becoming blind to the truths they once held so dearly.
      –heresy. flat out heresy, and practices that are more in line with magicians and witches than Biblical behavior.

      • @M you are so full of negative thoughts so you think i will sent virus. i sent you one of tb Joshua teaching bcuz u have been stating that i don’t use scripture reference, if you don’t believe the teaching of a man who use scripture, how can you believe me? See the link again. on the msg he was condemning boosting, bcuz one of your write ups you stated that the man is boosting. listen to the msg.

      • Steve, your links led to blank pages previously. Given the viciousness that is common in my experience with TBJ followers, yes I did consider whether you might have posted malicious links. I did not accuse of you of doing so. Just admitted that that was one of my thoughts when your links did not open.

        As I mentioned, I have seen enough of TBJ. I am well aware that he “teaches” things which might be called good, and that he puts on a good show. All cults do. That doesn’t excuse the heresy and unbiblical practices, nor the rotten fruit of violent language, man-worship, and Biblical illiteracy displayed by his followers. This is not the first time I have had close interaction with a cult and cult followers. The *only* reason that cults survive at all is that they tailor a message that has a sweet outer coating, to draw people in and to fool society, without making the rotten core obvious. Those who are unwilling or unable to dig and to apply logic and critical thinking will be like flies caught on fly paper, having been drawn by the sweet substance that grasps them tightly once they land. Jim Jones is a classic example that has been brought up again and again here. He taught love of your fellow man. He participated in the civil rights movement. His church was known for the care of the indigent and the elderly. It. was. still. a. cult. A deadly cult, in fact, not just destroying spiritual lives but actually murdering people. This is why it is so important to practice discernment, and to speak up when heresy makes its way into the church.

      • @M nice 1, so you want us to believe that you are the righteous one, by condemning the other. has God called you to criticized others or called you to preach the good news bcuz i don’t see what you are doing here as preaching the good news and winning souls. rather you are condemning. if tb Joshua massage of faith can make people repent from their evil ways and follow God, encourage them to read their bible daily, and keep to the word of God in their daily activities. i wonder what you call cult. cult that ask you to read your bible as if your life depend on it. and the same bible you have been on my neck to make a reference to, the same bible you said is your standard or does tb Joshua sell a special bible in scoan? tb Joshua is not sent to convince everybody to believe in God and not everyone will believe his massage the same thing happen to Christ. but those that God has sent him will surely find his massage rewarding. we have many servants of God who will preach the massage that will enter your ear listen to them and let the people that listen to tb Joshua continue. stop stressing yourself and hiding under the internet to make negative comment. bring yourself out and your work of faith and let it speak for you. you are the one that know cult and what they look like. because it takes one that belong to recognized other.i rest my case bye.

      • Steve, I tell u this is a real talk of what someone who believes in Jesus can say AMEN.

      • “It takes one to know one” are you kidding me? Steve, thats an insult little kids use. And it is patently untrue. It takes wisdom and discernment to spot the sneakiest cults. Precisely because their message is so close to the truth. So close, but not the truth.

  60. @M
    I asked you a question you dont want to answer.Who knows you in the internet so as we may follow your warnings?do we know your fruit?what if whatever you are accusing tb joshua ,you are the one who is doing it.
    Tb joshua is not hiding himself ,everything he does he does it in the light,and you because of jealousy you are coming here on internet to warn people about whatever you are thinking. I told you noone knows so as to follow your warnings.Dont you know that even the devil has access to internet?To say that you believe in Jesus Christ does not mean you are a true believer,only your fruit can prove you are true or false.Since we dont know you,keep your warnings by yourself and leave people alone.Go and warn those who knows,they will be the one to follow your thoughts or not
    If we are all equal so keep your thoughts by yourself and stop disturbing people by your lies and accusations with no foundation.
    You say your beloved one negleted you after following tb joshua.Do we know what is happening in your house?what if you are the one who neglected him because he followed tb joshua?To come on internet saying bla bla does not mean you are right.
    If i start telling people on internet that Mrs M. has destroyed me,are you going to accept this accusation i m putting on you because i said so?
    If God time is the best,i dont understand why you are struggling on internet to convince people to believe all your lies.
    If it is God who told your fellow who own the site to open this blog to warn people,this means you admit that God can speak to people to do something which is not written in the bible.
    So why then it is not God who speak to tb joshua about the anointing water?what makes you different to believe you and not tb joshua.?Is God talk to you people only?At least we know tb joshua but you, do we know you so as to believe what you are saying is true.
    Everytime you are bringing the 4 deaths as if it will make all your fabricated lies to be true.
    If it is tb joshua who killed them,why you have not yet bring him to court?
    I dont know how you people reason,you mean if you invite people for an event and they start fighting,will the crime be put on you?This has many times happened on match footballer,on marriages,anniversaries and so on,even deaths sometimes happen.had the death or injuries been put on people who invite?
    If God is doing something good for people,the devil is there to try to destroy it but the devil will never win over God,he will always be a failure in whatever he is trying to do
    The devil will never stop God doing anything He do.
    Remember when JESUS was born,the devil killed all males that were born on the same year like JESUS,but he failed as always.
    So whatever accusations you will put on Man of God,it will never work,you are wasting your time.Your jealousy and anger will never help you in anything.

    • Nana, I dont even know what to say to such a flood of illogic. If you are bothered by this blog, go away. No one is forcing you to read it. If you ignore it, it will have no impact on you.

      I will continue to speak the truth with the others here. Your lies and rantings really will have no effect on that. Stay or go, listen or ignore, it’s your choice. I’m not taking your choice away.

      But I’m not going to go away at your command.

      And yes, if someone organizes a gathering and irresponsibly fails to provide appropriate space and safety measures after creating an intense demand for an object or event, yes they could indeed be found criminally liable for resultant deaths. They’re certainly morally liable. And what does it say about tbj followers that they would crush each other for a few ounces of tap water? These are the people most devoted to the man believing what he said about the water. What did he instill in them? Not love. Not humility. not putting others before themselves. No. A powerful, blind greed for a bit of water. Rotten fruit.

      • :@M
        yeah if the accusations you are putting on others ,are back to you,you will not have what to say,you can feel what other feels when you are accusing them.
        Why then whatever you accuse man of God are not flood of illogic as you claim yours?are you people special in a way that what you claim is true than what others say?who do you think you are?if every christian are equal,who put you in a position to warn others?every christian can read his bible so let him find his truth because you are not god to proclaim that what you say is true.
        You can talk as much as you want but noone is believing you,everyone has the choice to believe what he wants,it is not you who are going to change their mind,you are wasting your time

    • @ Nana,

      Explain this:

      If light cannot dwell with darkness, and all darkness leaves a believer’s life when they become a Christian and are delivered, then why do we still have evil thoughts, desires, feelings, and bondages to lust, pornography, anger, etc. long after we accept Jesus?

      This in contrast of what Paul was saying:

      For we know that the law is spiritual: but I am carnal, sold under sin. For that which I do I allow not: for what I would, that do I not; but what I hate, that do I. If then I do that which I would not, I consent unto the law that it is good. Now then it is no more I that do it, but sin that dwelleth in me. For I know that in me (that is, in my flesh,) dwelleth no good thing: for to will is present with me; but how to perform that which is good I find not. For the good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do. Now if I do that I would not, it is no more I that do it, but sin that dwelleth in me. I find then a law, that, when I would do good, evil is present with me. For I delight in the law of God after the inward man: But I see another law in my members, warring against the law of my mind, and bringing me into captivity to the law of sin which is in my members. O wretched man that I am! who shall deliver me from the body of this death? I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord. So then with the mind I myself serve the law of God; but with the flesh the law of sin.
      Romans 7:14-25

      Then if you and Steve would live in that time, you would say that Paul needed deliverance by a similar person as TB Joshua,because in your warped, skews, heretic mind you think that Paul as possessed with demons and evil spirits.

      That is how I can say that something is completely wrong with SCOAN and twisted, because we all know that the Gospel has been delivered through the entire world by Paul alone.

      What sick and twisted mental person that comes from SCOAN or branches is telling people they need deliverance when they are angry upon conmen, conwomen, 419 scammers, liars, cheater and deceivers and promoting their own religion of “deliverance” upon people.

      That is why we can stop these lies, here, elsewhere and you shall fall after the order of Goliath. Every cult will fall at some point in time. It only takes time. Some take weeks, months, others will take years, decades. But they will fall. Because they are not born out of God, but they are born out of the flesh and the arm of flesh and not of the Spirit of God.

      But God allows it for a certain time as He describes in II Thessalonians 2. Even they will believe the lie. And that lie you both live in the hope that it was all true, while it is not.

      This ministry exists because of prying off money from dumb and foolish people that have sold their soul to something that you cannot warm yourself by.

      According to II Thessalonians 2 miracles means nothing that folly in your own eyes. You think that healing and miracles is the trump card this is God. People saved is the trump card of God and certainly not by this heretic twisted bottle of water which is a lie and no means to an end. It is not written in the bible in it’s application so not accepted by people who know their Scripture inside out and are elect chosen by God to stand up against lies and deception.

      My advice you you is, Come out of this Babylon the Great, the Harlot that is drunk with the souls and blood of them and has dragged them in the bottomless pit for eternity where eventually the false prophet will go also. Soon you will see the frogs coming out of his mouth as it is written in Revelation.

  61. @ Steve and Nana,

    Oh I would love to bring him to court.

    You ask why ? Simply, think about this ” No anointing water distributed, NO STAMPEDE !!”

    Let that sink in you. That sentence makes him responsible, directly. Also it proves God was not in it. Jesus came to set the captives free as well save them. Your idiotic claim and heresy they were saved by the water, EVEN when they did not have it in their possession.

    I call that evil, nasty, devillish and shows that God was not in it. Nor that God told him to do as he did.

    There was only an instruction for back home, don’t bring the old people out in the street, they will be crushed to death. Anyone can come up with that. That’s not prophecy.

    He never said anything that there would be a Stampede at Accra, Spintex Road, Ghana.

    Again, 100% responsible. He organized it, with them. Still he is a coward and tries frantically to wriggle himself out of the responsibility.

    I don’t see in any other ministry stampedes, than the one with Reinhard Bonke and they should never let him back in Africa again.

    And because this was coming, that is why he (TB Joshua) let his daughter study law so he can wriggle himself out of it when it announces at his door one day. Slithering snake he is. I know many other ministers who have bought themselves out with problems concerning that. One example is Benny Hinn, who had knocked over a woman in her eighties and she died in the knock over under other people and it was a court case and they settled out of court.

    Don’t tell me crap that it was the old ladies fault to stand in the way of an Benny Hinn ” slain in the spirit ” knockover.

    Wolves they are, huge wolves. Destroying the sheep at will and whenever with their lame shows.

    • @jesse
      Before saying something ,first reason very well before talking ”No distributed anointing water No stampede”can you tell me how many people you have had died in cars accidents?are you going to say ”NO SELLING CARS ,NO ACCIDENT”who do you blame when accident happen?the people who created cars or?Everything you say has nosense,you talk just to talk,nothing is right.Stop your nosense, noone is believing you.

      • @ Nana,

        Well let me explain why you analogy does not make sense.

        Car accidents are out there to provide Hospitals with organs to be donated for the sick that need transplants.

        Also cars are getting exceedingly more safe, even to a point people will not have drive themselves. This is already happening in subways, to be safer.

        Then also you try to compare apples with oranges and justify the foolishness of TB Joshua to TELL people, Go get it !

        Anyone who has at least one brain cell knows that a stampede would take place then and will cost lives. I really don’t understand you did not get that. Any death by any means is not justified. But you want to. It only shows your skewed head in defending TB Joshua by every means. Tell me what is next ? I leave that to the other readers imagination, after just seen a documentary about major cults and their crazy convictions.

        Also, when driving car, it is the drivers responsibility to drive safely and not as some madmen and women, by drinking, putting up makeup while driving, etc. etc. go out and are making accidents as you see on TV.

  62. Oh, and you just admitted that he did indeed invite people to collect the water. Several of your fellows insist on denying that. So thanks 🙂

    • M
      i did not admit he invite people for anointing water,i used the lies you are likely use to explain you even if it was him who invite them,he did not tell them to fight so that is why he is not responsible.
      Have I said tb joshua invite people?i said if you invite people for an event i put example of football matchs,or others where we know people likely fight. I said so in a purpose to show you that where people are gardering together,to fight may happen as a result of bad behaviour But it seems you are tricking my words into what you want to hear.

      • @ nana,

        Here is your skewed thinking explained. Example.

        Because in the I and II WW people were killed, that is why it is Ok with you, when people are killed.

        Nowhere and at any place it is justified that people fight, maim, or kill. We can’t give life, only God can.

        To put it again in your face, IF the ” anointed water ” was from God, why did they not use it to raise the dead, heal the injured and the broken leg. Because when we are supposed to believe all the videos at SCOAN things like that is Peanuts for “anointed water”. Also it is claimed it is the most potent, powerful “anointed water” ever.

        How you turn it or try to twist it in hope it is favourable for your analogy or conviction. These facts will keep staring you in the face. It really does not matter whether you say it as you said in the other post. Why do you have problems to accept that is was not God in that was commanding the distribution of “anointed water” but that is was totally originated out of human ideas to attract more people to the SCOAN.

        Question you have to ask yourself Nana. Was it God or was it human error that needs to be investigated, corrected, brought out in the open for all to see and judged accordingly by outside people of SCOAN ? Like every shooting/bombing that takes place in the US on a daily basis now.

        All you need to do Nana is stand those families’ shoes or even think it over if that would have happened to your own family to get a little bottle of water, which is just water. Just another note for you. They did not even had the water in their own hands ……..

        Now, get REAL NANA !!!!! Come to your senses and clarity of mind ! Justice is justice ! Stop defending anyone that it is Ok that people loose their lives in crowds, cars, trains, ships or anywhere.

        I really wished I could stand in front of you and call your confused/misguided brain to order !

  63. ALL,

    SCOAN UK has started screening people who want to visit Lagos, and they want your personal information and details about family, etc. Now anyone who cares should listen to this. Every information you provide SCOAN may be used to blackmail you in future, if you find out the truth about them and decide to expose them. You don’t need to share anything with them or make any confessions to them. First of all, confession of any sin should be made only to the Lord who has the power to forgive sins and not to any preacher, who are themselves sinners. If you’ve offended anyone, it’s better to confess to them directly and to the Lord, with the exception of public sins which must be confessed publicly. TBJ himself needs to publicly confess his sins and atrocities to the congregation and to the Lord because they are sins against the Lord and His people.
    TBJ is just doing what many African voodoo priests and witchdoctors do, because he is not a prophet of God and does not know anything about you and that’s why he wants to collect your information from London, which would then be sent to him before you even arrive in Nigeria. They would come out pretending to have a revelation from God, but it is just your own information they’d peddle back to you.
    Let me illustrate. In the days when I didn’t know the Lord, I used to consult African voodoo priests and this is what happened when I consulted one of them.The priest asked two of his assistants to follow me round the huge compound, with all kinds of idols at every turn. At each point, they’d ask me to narrate my problem and by the time we got to the last idol, one of the assistants had disappeared, presumably to go and prepare herbs and concoctions that I needed. It was after they collected my money that I realized I’ve been duped. You see, the other assistant went to disclose all my information to the voodoo priest, and he had nothing to tell me than my own history. This is exactly what TBJ is doing. God knows everything about you and does not need your information, so beware of TBJ’s fraudsters who want your information !
    T B Joshua and his gang of criminals must be exposed !!!!

    • @ Mr. T.,

      That is exactly what they do. If you take papers or letters concerning yourself to SCOAN Lagos, the they use people to glean information out of it.

      I had a PDA with a secure digital card in it and I knew it does not work when the card is not seated properly in it. I used it in one of the days I was there but did not touch the SD card. I left it charging on one of the electric sockets there and attended several meetings and dining room briefings. I was in the disciple room at that time, in one of the smaller rooms inside there opposite the dining room. When I came back my PDA did not start up and I knew straight away that it had been removed and used elsewhere. How do I know ? Well here is it for all to read. When put back the PDA it will put up a copyright message on the screen for Microsoft and you have to click Yes to proceed. You always have to do this when you have removed the SD card even when the PD is off. This is standard procedure, because you have to agree with the EULA agreement of Microsoft. So I knew there and then they were scanning for information on my 1 Gigabyte SD CARD that I had at that time. This was in 2009. This made me to decide to put immediately locks on my suitcases and lock everything away. So much to trust people inside SCOAN. Blabbering mouths who confess around you how super Christian they are, while they are conmen, conwomen, liars and deceivers.

      On my wife’s personal bag they broke the lock after they told her to leave it behind in the auditorium and told her someone will supervise the bags next to the chairs.

      It is clear why the lock was broken. Nothing was missing, but clearly the contents checked for clues to pass off for so called “prophecy”. Later one of her personal PDAs disappeared with all names and addresses of friends, family and pastor friends.

      My wife is ferociously careful about her personal possessions and even mine, she is like a pit bull concerning that. As far as I know she has never lost anything concerning that, but there is no control about her possessions if she have to leave things unattended and shrewd people tell her they will look after it while is gone. That day they did this to a whole group of people. Gleaning information from you to use against you or so to speak “prophesy” over you. Clearly you can’t trust SCOAN with your personal belongings even if they say they will. Note to self, develop pitbull teeth and hold on to them anywhere you go near SCOAN, I am sure personal prophecies will be increasingly less accurate with strangers. People come because they have problems and their will undercover eavesdroppers among them who spy on you and whatever you bring there and what you say, if not secretly use a spy camera or mic on you.

      • @jesse
        Dont worry,what happened to you and your wife at your visit to Scoan,it must be Mr Terrific who did it now that they have chased him away,be in peace

      • @ nana,

        If it is the guy on the picture that floats the Internet ? Then no it could not be him because I never seen him around there, nor in the branches.

        And I am very good in observing and remembering people’s faces, because of a special background concerning that.

        I actually know the liars, the deceivers, the 419 scammers by name. And I can post them all here. With no problem. I have started with one already. See other posts. I can do more, but I give the others time to repent of their lying and deceiving. Believe me I can point them out just like that. It’s one of the things that made me deeply disappointed in them as well righteous angry. I cannot imagine they have no shame while looking in my eyes and then to know they were leaders then and claiming they were doing the work of God. 10 years and over “demon possessed” and trailing over the world doing claimed “deliverances”. Preposterous. Disgusting. I won’t trust anyone of them ever again. The Scum that they are.

      • We stand upon the Word of God, contending for the faith that was delivered to the saints. Jude 3. We speak for no man, but for Jesus Christ, who bought us with His own blood, but they speak for a man, a false prophet and the great deception of the age, T B Joshua, because they are sons of Belial. 1 Kings 21, especially verses 10-13. We don’t fabricate lies, but we rebuke and expose the unfruitful works of darkness. Ephesians 5:11. But they fabricate and distort because they are of their father the Devil, and will do his every bidding. But take heart, we are winning and this is just the beginning of the end of the sakawa prophet of Nigeria, T B Joshua.

    • The extensive information gathering on the SCOAN website for international visitors, and the fear mongering (if you come on your own, you will get beaten up by kidnappers!) to make sure that visitors *only* arrive their having been screened and investigated is a very bright neon warning sign for those who are wise enough to pay attention to it.

      There is a blog that claims to be speaking for SCOAN UK, not sure if they are, but one of their recent posts emphasized the screening process and has added another level, face-to-face pre-screening interviews. So people who want to go to SCOAN Lagos not only have to provide all kinds of intimate information, including the phone numbers of *relatives*, but have to travel within the UK just to be pre-screened. At their own expense, naturally.

      What is SCOAN afraid of? TBJ is so powerful that “demons want to kill him” and he “delivers” them dramatically, and yet international visitors must be screened and rescreened and investigated and controlled so thoroughly? Why is that? He wants to make sure only the gullible and suggestible get in, and those with problems that can be “healed” on an emotional high, just long enough to get them back where they came from.

  64. @M
    can you show us how many people here on your blog you have warned about tb joshua and after they follow your warnings?

    can you explain us why Jesus gave to his disciples power and authority to cast out all demons and to heal all deseases?
    Now you are running after tb joshua’s daughter!your hatred has grown bigger and bigger.
    Your christian life should be questionable!
    ok we are waiting to see you bringing tb joshua to court,but dont be too long or dont just talk about it in lies as you do everytime you are talking here.

    @Mr terrific
    Mr terrific shouldn’t be talking here because he is disgrace to your blog.He used to distrubute anointing water in ghana and started to extort money from people so they chased him,that is why he is full of anger towards tb joshua,He is trying anything he can to lie to people about tb joshua’s ministry but nothing work for him.
    Have mercy on him,send him a visa to come to uk ,may be you can give him a work in your churches but be careful and watch him alot.

    Yes you are right i dont have anything to do in your blog,i m going,but i fear you will stay talking alone with your fellow members ,noone is believing you.
    But before to go i want to congratulate you,you manage to calm your anger,your fellow should follow your example and stop insulting people.bye bye

    • @ nana,

      Am I after TB Joshua daughter ? What another preposterous remark is that. It proves that I know who anyone of you are. Let me write it again. Claimed leaders who were possessed for over 10 years with imaginary demons that they claimed was holding them back in a bid to save the ministry with their scam tactics.

      Nana, you have nothing on me. I was exemplary to anyone, sincere, committed fully, a servant, kind, helpful and a follower of Jesus Christ in all my doing and attitude, until I found iniquity in each of you and you all grieved my spirit to the deepest core of my being having no shame how you deceived, lied and tried to trick me with TB Joshua tricks and false promises. I did not leave in a huff, I Prayed, I fasted, I spoke to many other pastors and other men of God. I loved all of you and treated you equally, spoke to in sincerity and showed you humility in my serving and hospitality. Only to find that you shamed my trust, my love, my sincerity. It is anyone of you that should apologise profusely to me about your arrogance, selfishness, lies and your egotistical attitudes to use me and kindness.

      • @jesse
        jesse you make me lough,you are a respect man who has wife ,may be chilidren ,and you can reason like that?accidents do happen so that people may die,and hospitals may have organs to treat others people?really?even a kid of 10 years would not reason like that,I m really loosing my time discussing with people who does not know what they are saying.
        Another thing Mr TERRIFIC is not the only BLASPHEMERS that has been chased out the synagogue,they are many i know you know them,and you will keep defending them because you have the same purpose to blaspheme against man of God.
        I finish by telling you ,if you think tb joshua is responsible ,he is not hiding nor he did not go to exile,you can go to his place and catch him,even now he is preaching,tell the police to catch him.
        Everything here you are doing is nosense,and you are a joke.continue loose your time we shall see who are the looser,bye bye

      • @jesse
        jesse i m woundering now how old you are!everything you are talking has nosense.
        Isn’t you who came here to blapheme against Man of God?because we refuse to believe you,now you are starting saying things as if you are innocent.When you will apologize to tb joshua,we shall apologize to you even if we have done nothing to you,i will do it just to make you feel better coz now its like i m talking to a kid.You are crying for nothing eventhough you are the one who came by yourself to discuss in this blog,noone forced you,now you are crying as a kid that we should apologise to you!
        Please fellow members of jesse ,please advise him to stop ridiculize himself as a man.
        I think i should go now because some people here are not mature enough to hear the truth.
        Bye jesse hope you will find strength coz i dont know what is happening to you.
        May God bless you and your family!

      • @ nana,

        Laugh what you want, you have nothing on me. Absolutely nothing.

        What has my age to do with this ? Just because you can’t find anything on me to stick on me. You try the condescending attitude and Jezebel tone towards me. All these tricks I have seen before for years online. They call it reverse psychology and trying to be the ringleader in the hope you can turn the TB Joshua Watch team against me. Even if they would, it still would not matter. I am fiercely independent and don’t need no compliments or help to be as I am, or exist.

        God has trained me for years for that. I am put here for a time such as this. Mainly to prove and show what a liars and deceivers some of you are.

        It’s fine if you don’t believe me. It absolutely does not make any difference to me. You will find out that I am speaking the truth. Maybe not today, but you will. I will gain nothing with lying here. I can go to my bed and sleep soundly and without my consciousness guilty. Just think about it, Nana. I have nothing to gain if TB Joshua would fall because of his own sin. I can only say that it would be a day that I wish I do not want to witness. But liars and deceivers need to be called to Justice especially if people got killed and hurt. If this counts for me, it counts for anyone.

  65. To only those who belive any other gods .you fail to understand the man of God T.B joshua as for me i know why.i wl blame the Devil who make children of God to fail God .PSALMS chapter 3v4-5 says for i now found the truth between God and Men so i shall not trust men understanding

    • @ Thwala,

      We will read that scripture, when you take responsibility for your actions and choices.

      Children of God never fail. They always are taken care of.

      It is your lack of knowledge and no vision.

      Your problems lie summed up here:

      Hosea 4:5-11
      Therefore shalt thou fall in the day, and the prophet also shall fall with thee in the night,
      and I will destroy thy mother. 6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge:
      because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.7 As they were increased, so they sinned against me: therefore will I change their glory into shame. 8 They eat up the sin of my people, and they set their heart on their iniquity. 9 And there shall be, like people, like priest: and I will punish them for their ways, and reward them their doings.10 For they shall eat, and not have enough: they shall commit whoredom, and shall not increase: because they have left off to take heed to the Lord.11 Whoredom and wine and new wine take away the heart.

      That sums the world up for you and their choices, TAKE RESPONSIBILITY AND STOP SHOVING EVERYTHING UPON THE DEVIL ! Thwala.

    • @jesse
      ok jesse i heard you,just rest and be in peace,i dont want to disturb you coz i see you are not strong in your spirit and i dont want to the cause of your weakness.If you want people to believe you dont have to stress and cry.
      The way you explain yourself is like a kid.You should rest a moment dear.ok bye bye

      • @ Nana,

        Hello, Hello, Nana

        what weak spirit are you talking about ? You confuzzle me. You are talking about a cause ? What cause ?

        Did you mean ? 2 Thessalonians 2:11 And for this CAUSE God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

        Do you believe the delusion of the teaching of TB Joshua ?

  66. @Mr TERRIFIC
    have repent yourself before condemning others?Because No thiefs,No blasphemers will inter in the kingdom of God

  67. ALL,
    The real blasphemer is Temitope Balogun Joshua, the great deception of this age, the sakawa prophet of Nigeria, who blasphemes the Lord God Almighty and His Christ by claiming to be the ” expected messiah,” and deceiving people who don’t know their Bible. But judgment is upon TBJ, and unless he confesses his blasphemy, deceit, lies, manipulations, false prophesies, fornications, adulteries and other atrocities and repents and asks the Lord Jesus for forgiveness and salvation, he would surely go to hell !

      you are really TERRIFIC! but we will never be terrified by your hatred towards tb joshua because even Jesus was accused by all sorts of blasphemes.A servant is never great than his master that is why we are not suprised by your committement on blaspheming.

      • Your false and sakawa prophet, T B Joshua, is already terrified of MrT. His demons are also terrified and cannot come near MrT, and that’s why he’s resorted to slander and fabrications. But let me assure TBJ that the only thing that can STOP MrT is the day TBJ makes his confession before the Lord’s people, repents and asks the Lord Jesus to save him. Until then, ALUTA CONTINUA !

  68. @jesse and Mr TERRIFIC
    watch emmanuel tv and see how tb joshua keeps shinning!are you feeling any jealousy in your heart?satan is still a looser.bye bye i m dedicating that song keep watching emmanuel tv all over the world,amen amen

    • There is no jealousy, but grief for the multitudes who are being deceived by this petty false prophet, TBJ. No wonder the Lord says His people are being destroyed by their lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6. And rather than watch the choreographed Emmanuel TV, I’d rather people begin to read and learn their Bible, to know the REAL MESSIAH who bought us with His own blood, but never deceived anyone and NEVER collected any tithes from anyone, like these false messiahs, prophets, pastors, apostles, bishops and archbishops are doing.
      One thing I know, the time has come and all these false preachers will be exposed, and are being exposed, and the judgment has already begun from the house of the Lord. 1 Peter 4:17.

      • @TERRIFIC
        oh mr terrific how pity you are,now that you dont have a business since they throw you out of the synagogue for selling anointing water and extort people, you are trying every means to blaspheme so that your fellows here can help you.
        you will not get a visa even if you use many scriptures to make yourself a real christian,it seems it does not work,they dont hear you,they also know you and fear you,but they dont tell you because you are helping them to!
        Saying tb joshua is a false prophet we have heard it many times from you,what else?,

    • @ Nana,

      Quote from Nana “watch emmanuel tv and see how tb joshua keeps shinning”

      You had probably a “fat finger” let me rephrase what you actually meant. Let’s remove the “h” in shinning.

      watch emmanuel tv and see how tb joshua keeps sinning. <~~~~

      Right on, Nana, thanks for letting us know.

      😉 Jesse

      • @jesse

        For you i just pray to be forgiven because you dont know what you are saying,you think like a kid i dont want to make you cry like the other time .About shinning you can remove whatever you want ,it will change nothing in life of tb joshua, he will keep shinning and you you are keeping jealousy.
        bye bye keep watching emmanuel tv and happy birthday to our daddy in the Lord!is there any anger jesse?keep watching emmanuel tv!

      • @jesse
        what i meant weak in spirit is,you are trying hard to make people to believe you and when you see they dont believe,you get angry,and start to cry and talking nosense.
        But today,its okay,you have tried to calm down.keep it up.

      • @ Nana,

        You don’t need forgiveness do you ?

        Still I want to remind you of:

        Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath: Neither give place to the devil. Ephesians 4:26-27

        Be ye angry and sin not – It has been remarked that the direction here is conformable to the usage of the Pythagoreans, who were bound, when there were any differences among them, to furnish some token of reconciliation before the sun set. Burder, in Ros. Alt. u. neu. Morgenland, in loc. It is implied here:
        (1) that there “may” be anger without sin; and,
        (2) that there is special danger in all cases where there is anger that it will be accompanied with sin. “Anger” is a passion too common to need any description. It is an excitement or agitation of mind, of more or less violence, produced by the reception of a real or supposed injury, and attended commonly with a desire or purpose of revenge. The desire of revenge, however, is not essential to the existence of the passion, though it is probably always attended with a disposition to express displeasure, to chide, rebuke, or punish; compare Mar_3:5. To a great extent the sudden excitement on the reception of an injury is involuntary, and consequently innocent. Anger is excited when a horse kicks us; when a serpent hisses; when we dash our foot against a stone – and so when a man raises his hand to strike us. The “object or final cause” of implanting this passion in the mind of man is, to rouse him to an immediate defense of himself when suddenly attacked, and before his reason would, have time to suggest the proper means of defense. It prompts at once to self-protection; and when that is done its proper office ceases. If persevered in; it becomes sinful malignity. or revenge is always wrong. Anger may be excited against a “thing” as well as a “person;” as well against an act as a “man.” We are suddenly excited by a wrong “thing,” without any malignancy against the “man;” we may wish to rebuke or chide “that,” without injuring “him.” Anger is sinful in the following circumstances:
        (1) When it is excited without any sufficient cause (there is cause and you know it) or when we are in no danger, and do not need it for a protection. We should be safe without it.
        (2) when it transcends the cause, if any cause really exists and you know there is one. All that is beyond the necessity of immediate self-protection, is apart from its design, and is wrong.
        (3) when it is against “the person” rather than the “offence.” We addressing the causes we address the offences that are done. The object is not to injure another; it is to protect ourselves.
        (4) when it is attended with the desire of “revenge.” No revenge is intended here than exposing the lies, deception, scams, fake deliverances, 419 and other matters. You don’t read, you are locked up in your own castle clearly. That is always wrong; Romans 12:17, Romans 12:19.
        (5) when it is cherished and heightened by reflection. And,
        (6) When there is an unforgiving spirit; (we will forgive when he and the wisemen/disciples repent of their lies, scams, deception, etc. etc. a determination to exact the utmost satisfaction for the injury which has been done. If people were perfectly holy, that sudden “arousing of the mind” in danger, or on the reception of an injury; which would serve to prompt us to save ourselves from danger, would exist, and would be an important principle of our nature. As it is now, it is violent; excessive; incontrollable; persevered in and is almost always wrong. If people were holy, this excitement of the mind would obey the first injunctions of “reasons,” and be wholly under its control; as it is now, it seldom obeys reason at all and is wholly wrong. Moreover, if all people were holy; if there were none “disposed” to do an injury, it would exist only in the form of a sudden arousing of the mind against immediate danger which would all be right. Now, it is excited not only in view of “physical” dangers, but in view of the “wrongs” done by others – and hence it terminates on the “person” and not the “thing,” and becomes often wholly evil.

        Let not the sun go down. Which means. Do not cherish anger. Do not sleep upon it. I sleep as a baby, Nana. Do not harbor a purpose of revenge; do not cherish ill-will against another. “When the sun sets on a man’s anger, he may be sure it is wrong.” The meaning of the whole of this verse then is, “If you be angry, which may be the case, and which may be unavoidable, see that the sudden excitement does not become sin. Do not let it overleap its proper bounds; do not cherish it; do not let it remain in your bosom even to the setting of the sun. Though the sun be sinking in the west, let not the passion linger in the bosom, but let his last rays find you always peaceful and calm.” I am calm, but at the same time very thorough and persistent against liars, cheaters, deceivers, 419 scammers and those that do not repent and the like. Nothing wrong with that. When you read your bible from cover to cover you will understand where I am coming from, because I know you have not, otherwise you would know the scriptures that are pointing towards that and you would see it from my side as well what God wants. God bless you, Nana


    MR Eddie Amartey alias MR TERRIFIC is looking for friends from UK here in this blog,be aware of imposters,for more information go to ””

    • Nana my advise to you is to leave this group of people and leave your life. I stopped posting stuff on this site because I realized that I was wasting my time arguing with these people, am better off spending my time in prayer or doing things that will please God. Do the same. Our Almighty God is not a good of confusing he is full of love and compassion even to us the sinners you TBJ and me inclusive. I always say that when the time of judgment comes people will really be in shook who will go to heaven and who will not. So the judging is up to God because in this world no one is perfect no not one. We are all bound for hell if anything. So people are hypocrites and they judge and call names, slander and insult. God doesn’t do that to us who sin everyday he is always loving. When people say Jesus said, You cast out demons and did all in my name but I don not know you, so have people became Jesus that they are busy sending others to hell??? Take the pluck out of your eye before you take the pluck out of someone else!

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  71. I dare all the critics of T.B Joshua to stop talking from their little cubicle and end the garbage writing! If you are real go to Synagogue of All nations and we will definitely see you in full manifestation, who really sent you! Stop the noise and the nonsense and please tell us which minister or prophet of God is better! Give the people the alternative, since according to your “garbage” comments; he T.B Joshua is fake or substandard. If you don’t have an alternative plan, please do yourself a big favor and just shut-up! People are not stupid, to see your choice of ministers flying around with multiple Jets, when millions can be fed just with the maintenance and landing fees of these aircrafts; and yet you are making noise about “anointed water” that were given freely to people of faith. Why those people die in Ghana was due to poor crowd control which always is the case when sudden or unexpected crowd of people turn up in an event! People die at a crowded sport events, car park, etc. Prophet T.B Joshua did not directly cause the death of these individuals and to add what you bias fools did not comment the Sr. Prophet T.B Joshua has already met with the deceased families to work out some type of compensational plan. Yet in you various countries we have witness hundreds of accidental death victims die without proper compensation- see Boko Haram and your poor road conditions for example. You blinded fools you forgot that God used various means or objects to perform miracles. Jesus turn ordinary water into wine, Paul used his apron to heal, Moses use a stick to lead the Israelites out of bondage by defeating the best army in the world! We can just simply go on and on or write a book about all the mediums used by God and men of God from Biblical time to present- so what is really wrong with the anointed water? Everything works by faith, if you don’t belief the medium of anointed water will not work for them. So if you don’t belief in it, let those who do use this medium of healing!! I know critics of T.B Joshua are agents of the devil- I still wonder why you have not been able to stop him, he is unstoppable!!

  72. People who do not know must keep quite lest they make themselves available for satan to use them against the kingdom of God. Prophet TB Joshua explained himself as someone like the donkie that Jesus Christ rode on entry to Jerusalem and not as the messiah himself. What’s wrong really with the clarity in the issue of anoiting water? I do not see any need for this discusion about the anoiting water. The prophet made it clear and there is nothing wrong from his words.

    • So if the anointed water is just water with anointing from God, where does TB Joshua come into it? Why come to SCOAN or risk getting trampled to death in a stampede when the same substance comes out of a tap? There are two choices here, either the “anointing” is from TB Joshua (not God) or getting the water in little packets from SCOAN is pointless.

  73. Matt 7vs1to6/luke 6vs37, Do not judge,and you will not be judged. Do not condemn,and u will not be condemned. Cus if u do they will be a big judgement their in heaven for u,cus god is the one who judge and condemn, so plz no one should do so.

  74. Guys the devil is in trouble.thanx to technology we would nt know how furious he is towards the man of God.I watch Emmanuel TV and see Men and Women travelling from all over the World just to get their marriages which de devil stole,children ,blessings and all that God has prepared for them but was stolen and no one was able to deliver them even in their prayer fasting and reading the word of God.This are the man and woman of God I.e Pastors and Bishops that are suffering silently.This is a sign that God gave us Elija of our time.forward with TB Joshua in the name of Jesus.

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  76. TB Joshua is a true man of God if he heals with just water anointed by God Himself. i got healed thru that water and my family too after a horrific car accident!!

  77. i my self tried contacting TB joshua in facebook but no reply to my message, and suddenly wiseman JOHN CHI added me as friends from no where, i asked question and there was no answer as well, BASICALLY NOBODY WILL ENTERTAIN YOU. So i dont believe this anymore, good luck those believing.

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