Bisola Johnson breaks her silence – part 1

Bisola Johnson is a name many people familiar with SCOAN will know. She is the brave women from “Deception of the age”, who told her story about being sexually abused by TB Joshua at SCOAN. We have covered this video and SCOAN’s response in previous articles. In SCOAN’s rebuttal video, they claimed she was an unreliable source because she suffered from migraines (seriously!), and was unstable because she allegedly left SCOAN twice and returned, begging to be allowed back. Here she tells her side of the story. Come back tomorrow for her account of “Life after SCOAN”.

My name is Bisola Theresa Johnson, by the grace of God I am now an Evangelist; I am now on a borrowed life. God delivered from the bondage of occultist manipulation of TB Joshua.

I came across the article on TB Joshua Watch about SCOAN’s video ‘beware of blasphemers’. I am now a truly born again Christian and I have been giving (continuous) my time to the studying of God’s word; the first question that came to my mind was, can a human being  be blasphemed? (One of the erroneous demonic doctrine of TB Joshua) I am not surprise in the least, in the synagogue, when you offend TB Joshua; such person has offended ‘holy spirit’ this causes people to be afraid to dare TB Joshua.

I am also shocked beyond word to read this news that I went back to the synagogue to beg or confessed that I was given money to lie about Fatai Temitope Balogun aka TB Joshua. This is lie from the pit of Hell and for this singular reason, the World must see what TB Joshua represents.

The video shown was first was the very confession I was made to do openly when I got to the synagogue, you could see a much younger Bisola to the Deception of ages. I was told I had to bring this confession if I wanted God to intervene in the matter affecting my family. This confession was coordinated by Brother Ore, one of the male disciples Fatai (TB Joshua) sent to me. Ore helped me to construct and arranged the confession according to the pattern of synagogue, he said the confession must draw the attention of the synagogue audience. After the confession, rather than solve the issue that brought us there, I was tied down in the synagogue as TB Joshua said God want to use me. He wrote a strange language in a piece of paper and asked me to put it under my pillow anytime I go to bed; since then I have been dreaming about him and hear his voice audibly. It has been discovered in Fatai’s prayer mountain where all the disciples pictures are buried under the sand, some are nailed on the tree and so on, therefore, one will become a spiritual slave except God intervene because TB Joshua is a Soul trader.

The second video was when I left the synagogue over a issue of sending invitation letter to a group led by Pastor Labuschagne who came with some sick people that TB Joshua could not heal. When they arrived at the airport, Mr.Jimoh called TB Joshua over the condition of some people and TB Joshua slapped me and threatened further punishment. I became scared and I volunteered to be sent home, this was my 7th year in the synagogue. The pronouncement of going home sent TB Joshua berserk, no one confronts him with such threat and get away with it. When I bear my mind, TB Joshua used his finger to draw a line on the floor and said if I have two heads I should crossed the line,  because I was still fumming over the situation on ground, I dared him and left. It took me over 3 days roaming on the street of Lagos, without knowing particular place I needed to go ( now I know that it was a spell TB Joshua cast on me). I eventually returned to the synagogue but because TB Joshua is double faced and will want people to believe a lie, he told me privately that people will query his sincerity if he just took me back just like that because many others don’t like me because they knew that he (TB Joshua) has a soft spot for me. All I need to do was just to go out publicly and tell people that I used to have migraine attack, which caused my walking out on him; and because I was under bewitchment and I thought he was truly representing God, I decided to humble myself and give my very best in serving God again. (Personally, I have also been used to do that to other people, in Fatai’s (TB Joshua) words he would say, ‘make you sure you drill him/her and let him/her say before camera, humble her, ridicule and disgrace him/her. )

Brethren, after I left the house of bondage, manipulation, brainwashing and satanist on the 6th of February, 2008; I have been living a profitable life of a Child of God, restructuring my life through God’s word and guidance and volunteering in the things of the Kingdom of God and what can be of benefits to humanity.

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  1. @bisola “when you know the truth,the truth will set you free”[John8:32] God loves you Bisola,we so thankful that you’ve shared your experience @ scoan. You have opened many blind eyes by your testimony.Thank you Daughter of Zion.

    • @Mayor, thank you sir. I am Alive and well. Strong to say more because I received Mercy.

      • Bisola Johnson i ve hear seen both videos inGhana and i must say that T b joshua is an evil genius who knows how to use the bible to deceive people.i would recommend the following website to you to improve your knowledge in the bible and evangelism. by Mike Oppeihemer by Michael Houdmann

        3.Godrules channel on Youtube or article index

        God richly bless you

  2. Hi Bisola,

    Thank you for sharing your testimony.

    I must say; “That your testimony in “Deception of the age” and the other man has opened my eyes 6 years ago.

    There were a lot of question marks about tbj and his ministry in my head and when I listened to that DVD I knew it was the truth, having experienced some of it first hand.

    I was set free from that cult by the Truth.

    Let us step up our prayers for the remaining devotees still caught under tbj’s spell.

    Being deceived in thinking they are serving the Lord Jesus Christ.

    They need to be dropped by him and get out!

    • Thank you very much for your kind word, may the Lord be gracious to you. I am under a burden of praying for those that are still under the deception of tbjoshua’s bondage to be free. It is my duty daily to cry to God on their behalf. My speaking out is also for those who may be thinking to go that way; to retrace their footstep and commit their problems to the Lord. I am always ready to speak out because we are saved to save others. Blessings

      • The Bible says in Luke 8:17 For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open. The truth about TB Joshua will one day be brought to the open. Already you can know who is a real servant of God by his teachings and practices. The use of anointed water, anointed stickers, faith bracelet etc are all questionable and not scriptural. God has promised us His presence always not using any medium as means of protection. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze Isaiah 43:2. He will never leave you nor forsake you. Why should we use anointed stickers, water and faith bracelet as mediums of protection? Are they different from what the traditional doctors give to people for protection? People should stop being deceived by what they see and get back to the scriptures just like the Bereans. TB Joshua is beginning to loose his popularity I don’t really hear people talk about him again as it was in the past. Emmanuel TV is not widely watched again as it was in the past. There is time for everything . Go back to the Bible, study the word of God, put it into practice and allow the Holy Spirit to lead you in whatever you do. Don’t be deceived by the good works you see in Synagogue, they are all means to get your attention and cause you to believe they are a real church. Good works are good when they are done in the light of the scripture. When you truly do things God’s way not man’s way. The Bible has not asked us to use anointed water, stickers and faith bracelet for healing. Put your faith in God and He will heal you.

  3. Thank you for your courage, Bisola! Speakung against cult leaders can be terrifying, both because of the psychology of the deception and the outright threats made against dissenters. Keep on! We appreciate you!

      • great courage my sister Bisola. you are in our prayers keep exposing this man TB joshua .may God use you to bring many people who were spell bound in scoan to see light. Keep the good work tbjoshua watch.

    • @M – you are quite correct Sir and thank you for the observation. Let’s support those who have spoken out in truth and first-hand experience. It takes a lot of courage and they deserve our support. Thanks again for that revelation.

    • @Vooke
      seems legit, it’s being widely reported. Between the two stories, do you mean is it TB Joshua or the engineers to face trial? Good question. As has been speculated before, it could be shown that SCOAN’s only “fault” was not doing the paperwork for the building (resulting in a fine), and the engineers are the ones scapegoated. However, a sensible judge would surely argue that if the paperwork process was done properly a dangerously unsafe building wouldn’t have been possible.

      • Thank you @tbjoshuawatch,
        I don’t believe a contractor is going to cut corners and they are spending nothing from their pockets. Negligence in construction is instigated by the owners who are trying to cut corners.

        While the engineers are culpable and they should rot in jail, the real culprit here is TB Joshua

      • @vooke it depends. It could be shown that the contractor underengineered the building to save money on materials without the knowledge of SCOAN. Where SCOAN’s culpability comes in without question is that they didn’t get the project approved or inspected, if they had fulfilled their duty then the collapse wouldn’t have happened, or if it did they would be in the clear.

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  6. @Flora Shamma, I do not have any gain to lie on tbjoshua, be careful how you give tags of ‘man of God’ to people

  7. TB Joshua is a real man of God. God will continue fighting for him against all kind of deceivers and liars.

    • @Twumasi, thank you for your word of encouragement, I am at got question; I will check the other site out. God bless you and all yours

    • I feel pity for you. Let me ask you this: when was the last time you defended Jesus Christ who shed His blood and died for you?
      This is what satan want for you. To leave the real thing and be grabling falsehold.
      Wake up before it is too late for you.
      Tbjoshua is Evil representation. he came to fulfil satanic agenda.

  8. M’am, I’m very sorry to hear of your experience. Thank you for sharing and having the guts and conviction to do so.

    • @Jaegerin, I appreciate you. I just cannot do less for what Jesus Christ did for me. I hope it will help someone from falling and deliver someone out of the cage.

      • My brother, you are not alone. Be strong & courageous, like you have been. Sending you lots of light, wisdom and light.

      • You cannot buy this light. God gives it to those who search and desire it, Some things you would rather not see. But with knowledge, comes responsibility. That’s where man mostly fails.

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  10. Its not by our might or power or strength but by the spirit of the Lord. He saved you. Stay blessed and continue in the study of the word of God

    • Yes, it is the Power of the Almighty God at work. They that trust in Him shall not be put to shame. I bless Him forevermore.

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