The damaging teaching about spiritual husbands and wives

A quick browse of the net will show that TB Joshua has a bit of a reputation for delivering people from “spiritual husbands and wives”. Those of you from a western background might find this idea baffling, but thankfully Zambian Pastor Conrad Mwebe has covered this issue in an enlightening blog post. For those unfamiliar with Conrad Mwebe, he is recommended reading and has been covered twice before on this site in “The state of African Christianity” and “Touch not the Lord’s anointed“.

A TB Joshua Watch reader who has suffered multiple miscarriages recently contacted us by email. Her husband is a SCOAN supporter and on a recent visit had been told by TB Joshua that the reason for the miscarriages was that his wife had a “spiritual husband”.

Pastor Mwebe explains this bizarre diagnosis:

The belief is that when your marriage is breaking up due to a husband who seems to have lost interest in you, or you have serious gynaecological problems, or you are having miscarriages, then it is because you have a spirit called a spiritual husband causing all this in the spiritual realm. It is also the case if you are getting on in years and no man is seriously approaching you for marriage. It means you have a spiritual husband blocking other men. You need deliverance in order to have a wholesome marriage or for your body to function normally.

All of this is nonsense, says Mwebe. He gives 4 reasons summarised below (we recommend you read the full article too):

  1. It’s not biblical. “We have gone right back to the dark ages where we believe everything that “priests” say without checking it with what the Bible says. As in the dark ages, stories doing their rounds are becoming larger than life.”
  2. It involves a superstitious view of dreams, in reality “dreams simply live out the wishes and fears of our lives”.
  3. There is a failure to handle moral issues the way the Bible handles them. Those involved in sexual sin are being told that the blame is on spiritual husbands or wives and all they need is deliverance. Responsibility is shifted from them to some powerful forces.
  4. There is a failure to counsel people with biblical principles of marriage, instead people are just told they need deliverance.

You may now be wondering about the videos of positive testimonies telling of deliverance from spirit spouses. Pastor Mwebe touches on this important issue too:

As usual, there are many benighted souls who are ready to testify that they went for such deliverance meetings where the “man of God” prayed for them to be delivered from their spiritual husbands and since then their dreams have returned to normal and their marriages are supposedly back on track. For those who were not being proposed, after the deliverance sessions they have found spouses and are now married and are living happily ever after! Sadly, there are many, many more whose marriages would have been salvaged if they had gone through proper Christian marriage counselling. These are the ones who suffer quietly and are told that they lacked faith or they did not have a breakthrough.

We believe that this teaching is not only wrong, but damaging and should be vehemently rejected. The consequence of this teaching is that it creates a spirit of control, where people are led to believe they are helpless against their marital issues, and instead must seek “deliverance” from the “man of God” who diagnosed their condition. This focus on deliverance, or a spiritual “quick fix” draws people away from solutions that require hard work, self control, or facing the facts. Worst of all, it draws attention away from Jesus, the one and only mediator between us and God, who every believer can pray to directly for help in the situation they find themselves in.

For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths” (2 Timothy 4:3-4)

73 thoughts on “The damaging teaching about spiritual husbands and wives

  1. One thing i know, the bible says judge not. A true christian cannot judge his brother/sister on the issues concerning God but why judged? you need deliverance.

  2. Wilfred please! Not this do not judge nonsense again.
    It so boring, anyway that’s how you people react to something you are not able to handle.
    This teaching of spiritual wife or husband is very common in Pentecostal circles,oh yeah also strange teachings about marine spirits.
    I know of a family of ladies whoes marriages whoes families all fell apart.
    Now these ladies always managed to find nice men, but something happend to their marraiges they all ended.
    One of them was caught in bed with a boyfreind by the husband the other was found with charms and was also very loose.
    The other 2 also have their own tales.
    Now when one of them went to SCOAN explained her problem, she was told by TB that their uncle is to blame for their problems.
    The real reason behind their misfortunes is that they ar all badly behaved.
    Sleep around, one of them drinks like a Russian, the whole family would be involved in each others affrairs.
    One of the sisters was seduceing the sister husband to be.
    Now with all these behaviours which man would stay?
    The cause of these ladies behaving like is, is the mother, she encouraged her children to be going after rich men while they were married.
    Why is it, that if someone is not being asked for a hand in marraige it’s always oh you have been bewitched or something of that sort.
    People ae guilable enough to belive this nonsense.
    There are several reasons why some people have miscarriages, why not run to your doctor first to find out what is wrong with you instead of going to these liars and cheats.

    • I have had three miscarriages and doctors have found nothing wrong with me health wise. So when you go to church and a prophet sees that my great grand mother was a spiritualist and the things she did are affecting us I will agree because how came that man can tell me that when I am seeing him for the first time? The bible says if you do such things generations to came third and forth will be affected so Jacky in the black culture witchcraft is there and all the nonsense so ask first or investigate before you comment on issues.

    • I pray to God that he will have mercy on a person like you involved in deflecting the true work of God and reducing it to mere speculation. I urge you to seek the face of God and not your loud for nothing mouth. On this material day I write to you, I ve seen God set free people possessed by spirit husbands and wives throught my ministry. I want you to understand that God can do much exceedingly, abundantly, above what you think or ask. Don’t limit God to your simple mind. You can’t analyze a prophecy by intellectual journalism broken down to a circular standard, God forbid. God has used the foolish things of this world to confound the wise, you best wisdom is foolishness to God, as the heavens are from the earth so are the thoughts of God apart from yours, what gives you the oddessity to state how God should operate. God will never be limited to your knowledge of him. The wind blows in which ever direction it pleases, who knows where it cometh and where it goeth, who can determine where it should go? The God I know, the father of the Christ is also master of the wind. You can do better brethren above the nonsense of shooting down prophecy with your simple and vulnerable minds, honor men of God, don’t be used as devil’s mouth piece unless you are.

      • I disagree with you, there is never a time TB Joshua has ever passed a blame to anyone for anything, I believe you just invented the story to try to mislead people. Give your life to Jesus and ask Him to reveal to you the truth about TB Joshua and then you will be in position to speak the things of the spirit with guidance of holy ghost. Thanx man.

  3. As someone who has had several miscarriages, I find that particular part of the teaching exceptionally putrid and offensive. Women who suffer miscarriage have enough emotional trauma to deal with, without adding on this insane claim that the miscarriage is ultimately thier fault for having a “spiritual husband” and not getting delivered.

    It is also a teaching much more in line with superstition and witchery than the Bible.

  4. Your desperation to nail TBJ is getting the better of you ; It is the demons themselves that confirm to be spiritual wives and husbands and not the persons involved(Curiously, even in the times of Jesus , demons in possession were brutally HONEST! ) . In any case, all such persons confirm TORMENTING REPETITIVE dreams involving the SAME male or female FIGURES in their dreams . You have never posted any of my posts ; so if u dont post this one , I wont be surprised !!!

    • Never posted any of your posts? We’ve never heard from you before! Correction – yes, you’ve commented 5 times in total, and each one has been posted.

    • 1. Personally, I prefer to get my information from the Word of God, rather than believe demons. Because…
      2. Demons lie. *IF* TBJ is dealing with demons, they are using local cultural superstition to play games with him (as he plays with them) and having a grand time making a mockery of the name of Jesus Christ.

      • @tbjoshuawatch – I am glad u posted my comments . Apparently , they may have been posted after I checked !!
        @M – Of course, Demons by their nature lie but would u think that(lieing) possible, when the casting out of demons is FACILITATED BY , UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF AND MADE POSSIBLE by the Holy Spirit ?? In what manner does TBJ’s casting out of demons differ from biblical accounts to warrant” IF* TBJ is dealing with demons, they are using local cultural superstition to play games with him (as he plays with them)”

      • Serendipity, differences? Are you kidding me?

        We can start with the fact that Jesus did not make a self-promoting circus of screaming, shouting, and showmanship out of the deliverances that he did. He also did not say that every trial, little and big, was demonic, or that every illness was related to demons that needed casting out. He did not invite the demons to fight. He did not play little games with them.

        He did not try to heighten his fame with nonsensical stuff like “casting out demons from a jungle on Jupiter.”

        Those are a few differences.

      • @ M.


        That’s what I said, 😉 two thumbs up.

        I am glad you see and say it too. Now I hope and pray that everyone starts to see and say it. God bless


  5. @ Jacky,

    + 1

    Further the spiritual husband/wife is more in the African cultures. You don’t hear this so much in white dominant Pentecostal Churches, if at all.

    Superstition is a tool to let people believe that behind every nook and cranny and door there is a demon lurking. In Africa they are very easily misled by these stories and their folklore. Try to sell this to German, Romanian, or Chinese church. They will laugh at you and think you are cuckoo.

    I guess it sounds a bit boring when we are mostly dealing with Satan, fallen angels, lying spirits, unclean, familiar, legion, frog, astral projected spirits and plain demons.

    The more name demons there are the more church services, aka cult showroom you can fill.

    I was actually wondering what all those spirits were doing before their fall. Also I am wondering where they got their “crash course” in what who is doing what.

    Secondly the Bible does not talk about all the variety of spirits than the ones I mentioned above.

    Thirdly demons lie more than not. So why believe anything they say. Focussing on Satan make him look more powerful, while Jesus says about Himself , look to Me. Why do ministers make their followers look more to Satan than to Jesus.

    We all likely know why. But I don’t feel I have to go over this again and again.

    • Jesse, take it easy and be carefull with your conclusions. Dont make the spirit-believes ridiculous, because its not that simple. And dont count on western superior-believes. Africans have no psychological frame as western have, this does not means that Africans are primitive in their spirit-frames. When a western is in emotional trouble, they call it; depression , by Jung or Freud., when a African is in emotional trouble, they say a spirit has attact them. Its much more real then you want to discribe it. Its no superstition, its a frame of thinking and feeling. I met a lot coloured people in the west, who have the same frame; chinese, africans,russians, jamaicans, surinames, etc. And this spiritual partners are very real for them, they realy have a relationship with them, and I once saw such a female- goast in the room of a man. Voodoo is a reality too, as we all know. The problem in the ministery of T B Joshua is, he uses and mis-uses the ignorance of people, by calling out all sorts of demonic forces. This forces do exists, but TB Joshua makes a un-bibly theatre and drama of the casting-outs. To proove what a heros they are., to be able to fight the enemy. And he makes the bibly-doctrine very complicated by it. Besites all the casting outs, i still have the great question to all thoose people, and that is; what about their faith? Why dont they understand what faith in the finished works of Christ can do for them? If the Chrstian body should understand what the perfection of faith means, no-one would go to pastors for deliverances, they would be able to handle their own shit., their own demon-spirits, and own diseases. Tb Joshua has a strange vision, and the western have a lack of vision, and the right vision is in the bibly faith-doctrine. “See i have given into your hands Jericho”.

      • @ Jamie,

        I did not mean I don’t believe in demons. I have done deliverance too, but I see a total different manifestation and when I encounter one, I get hot all over and I hardly have to anything, they just froth and foam on the mouth and scream and yell. I am not interested in their stories, I really don’t care. All what is important for the deliveree is the spirits or demons to come out as fast as possible. Why leave someone in that torment ? I rather want that they will be filled with the Light of God. I cannot find any evidence in the bible Jesus did interrogation with demons, except once with the men of the Gerasenes. What we read there is that actually Legion manifested all by themselves and admitted Jesus was the Son if God, that’s all there was to it. After that they asked to leave through the swine. Case was closed after that and Jesus did not even allow him to go with him. He sent him back to the community. Lester Sumrall and Smith Wiggleworth did not deliverance like that. Only Africans make it to stampede. Mostly right after that there will be a offering. Jamie believe me I have been around very big ministers and in meetings who travel around the world. I can compare a lot and have seen a lot. Only Africans make it a TV show.

      • @ Jamie,

        Did you know demons and spirits have no gender.

        I find it odd that people see certain genders. Why don’t we see whale spirits, elephant spirits, hippo spirits, aardvark spirits, canary spirits, Elvis Presley spirits, deep sea fish spirits, turtle spirits, lemur spirits, you name it.

        It’s always, crocodile spirits, lion spirits, snake spirits, tiger spirits, monkey spirits, marine spirits, river spirits, ocean spirits, dragon spirits, etc etc. mind you it is always the “scary” ones.

        I really don’t care a hoot what it is. They must not be in a human body. There are tons of High Priest Satanists, Witches, Wiccans, why not invite them all down there and demonstrate me those that are truly possessed. By all means invite all the actors out of Hollywood and do it. But no-one wants to come, clearly.

      • @ Jamie,

        I forgot Bob Larson, but that is also a shambolic TV show and greed for money. If you want know if you have a demon you have to go online on Bob Larsons website AND PAY FOR IT.

        That is what disgusts me about it all. It is not about deliverance, it about making a name for yourself and build their cult showrooms.

      • Jesse permalink
        April 15, 2013 12:00 am

        @ Jacky “Further the spiritual husband/wife is more in the African cultures……. Try to sell this to German, Romanian, or Chinese church. They will laugh at you and think you are cuckoo.”
        The concept of spiritual spouse IS BIBLICAL not African . the bible speaks of the sons of God(Angels) looking down on the daughters of Men for they were fair(beautiful) and going into them and they bare them (the Angels) children ” Of course like in the days of Galileo when he propounded that the earth was round rather than flat and was laughed to scorn by the scholars of the day; so it is in the present day that supposed enligntenment is ACTUALLY crass ignorance !nothing surprising about germans, Romanians etc laughing !

  6. Wake up.

    1 Corinthians 6:1-8

    “When one of you has a grievance against another, does he dare go to law before the unrighteous instead of the saints?

    Or do you not know that the saints will judge the world?

    And if the world is to be judged by you, are you incompetent to try trivial cases?

    Do you not know that we are to judge angels?

    How much more, then, matters pertaining to this life! ”

    Deuteronomy 1:16

    “And I charged your judges at that time, “Hear the disputes between your people and judge

    fairly, whether the case is between two Israelites or between an Israelite and a foreigner

    residing among you.”

    “Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy” – Prov 31.9

  7. Jamie,
    You see now how our Lord Jesus can heal, save and deliver you after scoan!

    I thank the Lord Jesus for what He has done for you.

    Well done.

    • Just Wonder, i am very happy too, about the discovery. All the answers are in the faith, the faith in the finished works of our Lord Jezus Christ. Its soo simple and clear, that I am amazed what churches have done with this Truth. I readed that church-leaders are the ones who have the most great problems with faith by them-selves. And this troubled visions and struggles are released towards the members. “Blessed are the poor in Spirit”.

      • I saw saterday-evening a deliverance of a young man, from a idol-god in him. He had been “sick”for years, and prayed for a thousands time. He was diagnozed as un-cureble by the doktors. He was deliverd in 1 min. And i saw it happen, i saw the change in his Spirit and eyes. He was normal again, and after 2 min. , he and his mother where looking around “for the care-after”. They approuched the care-after-team, and I heard them saying; “I have a idol-spirit in me, and I need help”. He was deliverd from it 2 min. before, and he JUST went on in his sickness-believes, he needed care. What he realy needed was; holding-on to faith, maintaining the healing, but he was so hospitalized and programmed in his sickness-believes, that he was loozing his healing and faith, by his own actions. Healing by prayer is a reality, and faith is there to exersise, to stand on the promise and the word. Its already done.

    • @ Just Wonder,

      Ofcourse He can.

      SCOAN only think and tells itselves that if you have not been there, you still will have demons.

      They call it compulsory, I call it and name it deception. Just that.

  8. Any body that dos not like wath GOD is doing in SCOAN is simply an anty JESUS.& so he/she need a tourch 4rom TB JOSHA .

    • @ Ige,

      Sorry te break it to you, we are for Jesus, but not for cult showroom crazy interrogations of demons that are not there, which is the order of the day in SCOAN.

    • @ Ige,

      Before you ask what is then ? It is simple, it’s fake. Any other that take place is as Voodo spirits ride in you and their own spirit they astral project, with familiar spirits and other demons and enter in your body and rape you and take over your vocal chords and speak through you.

      There are plenty examples of that on the Internet in YouTube, just type in Voodoo, Voodoo spirits and see there videos how people are being entered in by spirits voluntarily and behave the same as in SCOAN. They enter in and come out after a while. Same thing as in SCOAN. First it was one man doing it, now there are 6.

  9. We all need to be delivered, I really thank God For TB Joshua, God is using him to do a whole lot, We all need to visit the SCOAN

    • Matilda,

      There is not one Scripture in the bible that this is compulsory or a command from Jesus Christ.

      So no, no visit to SCOAN needed. There are plenty other places where this can be done, even self deliverance. Or it is not needed at all.

      And also, no thank you, not interested in being ridden by demons that I don’t have in the first place.

      • Its such a strange and deluded thing, that this churches teach condemnation and curse, while demon-deliverances are just 1% of the ministery of Jezus. The Bibky-doctrine is about to become in and walk in Christ-like-consiousness. All healing is already done when we identify with Christ abide in us and we abide in Him. We have to take hold of who we are in Him. We are his forgiven, redeemed, saved and healed childeren in Him, by Him. The healing of every problem will manifest immidiatly or in time. Christian churches have become’trouble-thinkers” as worldly people do. They dont seem to understand that we are not in sin any-more but in The Victory of Christ Jezus. The new Gospel is about total freedom, we are it already. It needs to be teached and exersised, but somehow its more fun to bring people again and again to their already deliverd wounds and start the whole fuzz of driving-out what is not there, again. It are imagenated acts. It is sin. Maybe some people need realy deliverance of a wrong spirit, but when this happens on mass, then there is something seriously wrong with the pastor, who has to teach people better discplines to handle the battle with the dark. How can some-one be called a christian, when they are full of dark believes? As having demons and evil spirits? In a real christian a demon can not enter, their beingness is in ownership of Christ.

    • “We need a visit to the SCOAN”

      “….he/she need a tourch 4rom TB JOSHA ”

      TBJ has replaced Jesus.

      • @ Mr. Giles,


        They only see TB Joshua, Wisemen,… God and Jesus have left long time because they don’t want to worship Them as it written in the Bible. (a) Strange fire, practices and the promotion of a cult showroom have now taken over, with them thinking that God is among them alone and nowhere else.


        Exodus 34:14 For thou shalt worship no other god: for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God:

        Matthew 15:9 But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.

        Psalms 138:2 I will worship toward thy holy temple, and praise thy name for thy lovingkindness and for thy truth: for thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name.

        Philippians 3:3 For we are the circumcision, which worship God in the spirit, and rejoice in Christ Jesus, and have NO confidence in the flesh.

        And ofcourse II Thessalonians 2 whole chapter. 😉

  10. Remember Jesus Christ of Nazareth:
    He is the baptiser in the Holy Spirit,
    He is our deliverer,
    He is our healer,
    Yes, He does use people, but the focus are on who He uses and NOT on JESUS himself.
    We need to get out focus right.
    And keep it right.
    Go back to Jesus.

    • @ Just Wonder,


      Hebrews 12:2 Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.

      James 2:1 My brethren, have not the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory, with respect of persons.

  11. I suppose you Jacky you are white and believe you me if you should understand that there is a difference in culture. E,,g Witchcraft, Idol worship and the like. People also worship other Gods like water Gods and the like so ask before you make yourself look foolish. Am actually Zambian I came from a culture of the things I have mentioned above and I had a great grand mother who was a spiritualist. She would perform some rituals to people who came to her for help. E.g If a couple can’t have children they ended up having but she would ask for hair or nails and mix it with fowl blood and all the crap and couple would drink and eventually would have children, so tell me if that kind of practices doesn’t it open doors for demons, which later need to be cast out?? For the bible forbids idol worshiping or witchcraft and all. So cultures are different and I agree that is more in our culture than white culture so ask we will give you first hand experience of it.

    • Carol2, do you think white people have no cultural history of shamanism and spiritualism, superstition and witchery? You are incorrect. Culturally it may look different but being white has nothing to do with any of this.

      If you were able to look past your bias and your rather baffling racial issues, you would understand that there is absolutely a understanding that spiritualism is a dangerous door that opens the way for the demonic to work. There is no argument against that.

      The argument is specifically against TBJ’s unBiblical practices, and there is a strong possibility that he himself is a spiritualist, rather than a prophet. I’m white. And I have the same belief about some of the white “big name prophets” here in the West. Their practices are unBiblical. If they have power, it’s demonic. In fact, there are practices in these types of churches that mimic and draw from shamanistic and cultic rituals. Race is 100% irrelevant to this discussion.

      The Bible does forbid idol worship. Do yourself a big favor and stop worshipping TBJ.

      • M, what makes you conclude that the pastors that you have a problem with are really demonic? Who has given you the right to say that? Is it not God who will have a finally say in all that man does? If someone is real or fake can you send that person to hell? If not what is the point of saying a lot of things when at the end of the day it profits u nothing? If only bad things happen at SCAON then its easy for you to say to people that its a bad place and I suppose even on this site you would have had lot of comments from deferent people with different experiences and those that have came back to say I was delivered and the deliverance is was fake. My sister has been at SCOAN and she is one of the people that was delivered by TBJ and after she came back we asked her about here experiences and most times she says she doesn’t even remember what she said at that particular deliverance and she doesn’t even know how she was throwing up and all. The problem that took her there was spiritual and she had issues with her womb, bad dreams. Now she is completely different she sleeps well, she was healed instantly from her womb issues and the disease has not came back its more than two years now. My sister never even liked TBJ but she went their because of a couple that had a baby after their visit and she changed her mind to go. So talk to her about TBJ being fake and see if you will convince her.

    • Carol, no I am not White.
      Like you I also have had a few miscarriages, out of which the last one almost killed mw.
      And no it was not cause I was bewitched by someone.
      When I was operated on, the reasons where seen.
      Raptured cysts on my ovaries and raptured Fallopian tube.
      So my dear I know what I am saying.
      If I was someone else I would have thought oh it’s cause someone down my family line bewitched me!
      Some people wish to be foolish I guess

  12. I know my self that I have spiritual husband and I have done a lot of cleansing in church and am still having bad dreams what can I do and I need prayers

  13. For someone who does not know the Lord Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, one who is not in Christ, one in whom the Triune God does not dwell through God the Holy Spirit, one wio has not been transformed, anything is possible with satan and his demons. we have no inkling the extent to which satan and his spiritual and human agents go to oppress sons and dotas of adam. The Bible has only given us so much of what happens in the spiritual realm. its too much to have been recorded. If people get demon possessed

  14. 2.
    Africans who are aware of the reality of demon possession are also aware of how the demon(s), can at times speak through the one they possess and in some cases, how they can oppress the one they possess, including making some ill unto death with some. having said this, for believers in the LORD, who do not give the devil a foothold by living a life that does not glorify God, i totally agree with pastor mbewe. satan and his demons have no entry point into our lives. we are protected, we are invinsible.

  15. 3
    All said and done, there is a tendency to marvel at satans powers, which are nothing compared to Gods. our tendency tends to be on the spectacular. instead of giving testimony to what God is doing, the focus is on what satan does. granted, we ought to know the enemy we are up against with but we should not fear him because He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world. the devil has held captive those who are his but he has no power over us believers. i hope my full comments have come through.

  16. Any man of god can see if you need deliverance , if you have a problem in your life that is afflicting you and you can’t put it down ‘ then you need to be delivered from that problem by fasting and prayer, it’s simple.

  17. I know that I’m having a spiritual husband and It destroy evrithing,my job relation ships ,finace,it even tell me straight that if I accept it,I will be rich if I don’t I will be nothing,I realy need help

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  19. Baffled by how many in small unheard of ministries obsess over this man. The Benny Hinns and Chris Oyakilime’s seem to focus on their own ministries and divine mandate, not overly perturbed by how other players are doing. I suspect if focus shifted, we’d see better things in these ministries that judge and condemn. I don’t know the man but shuuu, he seems to command a measure of attention – or is it professional jealousy perhaps. Just my thoughts


  20. What is a spirit? The Bible says Angels are spiritual beings. Does spirit get married? do they procreate? where is this teaching coming from? Jesus nor His disciples never delivered anybody from spiritual husbands or wives. They delivered people from demonic attacks and possessions. This is the strict of the devil to derail people from the word of God. This issue of spiritual husband does not save. Only faith in Jesus which comes through the word of God that saves. The devil uses this means to cause the pastors to spend time casting spiritual husbands and paying less attention to the word of God.

    One other false teachings I have seen in the Scoan is the issue of delivering “Christians” from demonic possession. Can demons possessed a Christian? A born again child of God can never be possessed by demons but can be oppressed or afflicted just like the case of Job. You will hear a spirit in a person being delivered saying this woman or man is a child of God or this man is a pastor. Pastors who are possessed by demons are wolves in sheep clothing. They have not been bought by the blood of Jesus. When Jesus comes into your life He takes full possession and no contrary Spirit can snatch you from Jesus. What do you people say about this?

    • Hi Gilles, thanks for you contributions – but can we request you comment under a slightly different alias? We also have a Giles (one “l”) who is a regular commenter and ex-disciple, and some people think you’re him. Thanks!

  21. All those judging TBJ are doing so with their physical sense knowledge.
    All you Christians who are judging TBJ, ask yourself, why did Jesus cast out demons out of Mary Magdalene who was a close family friend of His. He did it as an example of the greater works that He has promised that we would do, because He went up to be with the Father after when He sent the Holy Spirit whose Power is behind spiritual healing and deliverance. There are levels of Power/ Annointing of the Holy Spirit given by God to be used to heal and deliver in the Name of Jesus. Every annointing has its own unique instructions given from Above, every man of God operates in their own unique manner.

    All those judging TBJ do not have the understanding of spiritual things at all, and what people don’t understand they knock it. Its as simple as that. TBJ is a man, no man is infallible. The bible says all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. I am sure he has his own faults as a man. There is no ministry in the world so far that is operating like TBJ. It is possible that filming of his ministrations charitable worketc, is an instruction from God, who knows. This ministry would have been extinct years ago if really it is not doing any good to anyone. Trying to destroy him with your words will not stop those who believe in him.

    If you critics of TBJ take pleasure in doing so, then carry on, it is your ministry, just as TBJ is facing his own. After all if he was not so important you would not focus your attention so much on him. Go on, carry on trying to destroy with your sense knowledge. Good luck to you all.

    • T B Joshua is under examination by the Bible, and not by sense knowledge. And judging from the Bible, TBJ is a false prophet !

  22. People are really desperate for help in so many ways, people are suffering secretely and would go for anything and anywhere to get help, especially when they see and hear positive things about those things and places by which or where people have received solutions to what they are suffering. It is rather sad and unfortunate about those 4 deaths, but TBJ was on a mission to minister in his Ghana branch of SCOAN, he did not put out banners or give out fliers for a crusade. All those thousands of people heard about it and decided to take their chances of a miracle. The volume of crowd was unexpected and therefore totally uncontrollable. How is that TBJ,s fault? Those who believe in TBJ’s annointing and his authenticity as a genuine man of God and are therefore on his side are a lot more than those who are not. Like I said before, those who are against him and his ministry use their physical sense to judge, with no understanding at all about the devises of the devil and demonology. Even demons confess that he is ‘light’ and they are ‘darkness’! what more proof do you need?

    • I repeat: no anointed water, no stampede and no deaths. If TB Joshua wasn’t peddling this blasphemous concoction, these 4 people would still be alive. He’s responsible.

    • Do you not know that demons are liars and they are of their father the Devil, who is the father of lies ?

  23. Stop decieveing people Jesus gave us this commandment in Mathew 10:7-8 . Luke 9:1-2, Mark 16:15-20.
    Jesus Himself demontrated this in the gosple of Mark1:23-27 , Mark 5:1-13, Mark 9:14-27
    Luke 9:37-42, Luke11:14-23

    It may suprise you Luke 1:74-75, Luke 11:24-26 .

  24. Please please study the scriptures and stop this your deception , Acts 10:38 Acts 8:5-7,
    Acts16:16-18 what happened there after from verses 19-24 is actually what you guys are doing here in your blog but watch it. Acts 5:38 But if it be of God , ye cannot overthrow it ;lest haply ye be found to fight against God.
    The miraculous works of Christ testify of His devine nature and mission John 5:36,
    Christ calls and enables His followers to continue His works John14:12
    Ps.96:3 Declare His glory to the heathen, and His wonders among all people.
    God does not judge according to outward appearances but according to their works. 1 Corinthians 3:10-15 ,1 Peter 1:17 Rev. 20:12-13, Rev 22;12

  25. Lord Jesus uses every medium to heal & deliver with hands of His anointed servants. The Lord reveals this to His people who are destined to get their breakthrough, I believe if this anointing water was from satan, people would not be permanatly healed or delivered from their troubles. Prophet TB Joshua is anointed one of God, A servant of Lord Jesus Christ who humbly accepted responsibility to teach the word, pray for people and help those in homes terribly stricken in poverty, we can witness this on Emmanuel TV. No agent of Devil can ever do that rather they are highly committed in killing and destroying the world. I would advice that we take time to watch Emmanuel TV because I a lot of people who were accusing him the same way repenting and publicly on the channel asking for forgiveness from TB Joshua and Lord Jesus himself. Anyway may the Lord Jesus Christ grunt us more mercy and kindness enough to open our eyes of faith, in Jesus name I pray. Amen.

  26. Hello Mr. Giles
    You asked what is spirit? ok, what do you think is the work of the fallen angels who followed satan when he was cast out of heaven? Those are the demons and evil spirits whose master is the devil himself, being used to execute his evil works and destroychildren of God mainly, to make surethat as many people as possible end up with him in hell finally. What do you think happened to those fallen angels, do you think they are just floating around the world till satan is eventually defeated? Ask yourself if you are a Christian, why did Jesus cast out demons from Mary Magdalene who was a close friend of her family? Did Jesus not say ” greater works shall ye do because I go to see my father”, do you know this scripture and what is means?
    The devil is so angry wtih TBJ because he has the most powerful annointing so far to destroy his(the devil’s) evil works so much so that he will do anything to try and disgrace him. I repeat, it is rather unfortunate about those 4 dead people, but the man of God was only doing what he is called to do and those people just happened to be at the right place at the wrong time.

    To mr. terrific:
    If TBJ is under examination with the bible, tell me, why did Jesus cast out demons as an example of the greater works that He says we will do? Why cast out demons even from a woman who was so close to him, MaryMagdalene, whose home he used to dine? Those demons would have just fled from her automatically at Jesus’ presence, no?
    All those against TBJ are just the devil’s instruments who do not either believe that the devil exists, or they do not understand or know anything about his devises.

  27. Beulah, now we know that you do not know your bible as you will like us to believe.. you have repeatedly make an argument of the case of Mary Magdalene’s deliverance to buttress your theory, but my question to you sir, are we talking about the same Mary Magdalene of which was said was a woman from whom seven demons were cast off as in Luke 8:2(Now after this [Jesus] made his way through towns and villages preaching, and proclaiming the Good News of the kingdom of God. With him went the Twelve, as well as certain women who had been cured of evil spirits and ailments: Mary surnamed the Magdalene, from whom seven demons had gone out, Joanna the wife of Herod’s steward Chuza, Susanna, and several others who provided for them out of their own resources.

    or are you referring to another? if yes, can you please declare with all certainty from scriptures that her deliverance was not until after she became one of his followers because every other good bible scholar knows that the reverse was true for this woman.

    It is a tragic indeed when men choose to interpret the word of God in half truths to suit their agenda! I am a Nigerian that lives in the West and can not claim to know by what powers that TBJ performs the reported healings because i have never been to any of his services or heard any of his messages but my guiding principle is simple; and that is any doctrine or message that is outside the scope of what has already been provided for us in the Bible is either a delusion from Satan or a foolishness of Man’s wisdom. For those that lay claims to extra special personal divine revelation whether it be from Mountain of Fire Ministries, Benny Hill, Joel Osteen, Joseph Prince etc disguising them in various forms, shades and concepts will all receive their due reward at the end of age proving whether they were from God or not.

    Any preaching that seeks to keep the minds and hearts of the people in bondage of fear, and exalt the origin or the legality of their problems and not on Christ their Savior, who had already settled their accounts with God is evil. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever! Every Word of God is true and worthy of all acceptance as it is and even the powers of darkness knows this for a fact!

    Every true Christian only have one mandate; To believe and preach Christ and him crucified and that he is now seated on the right side of the Most High with all Power and Authority in Heaven and on Earth given to him! The days of man’s ignorance is far past and no one today in the body of Christ should allow himself to be cheated in any way of the rest that he has already been given in his Savior.

  28. I have never met this man Tb Joshua but i believe there are spirit husbands and spirit wives.There are people who have come and told me about them even when they are not immoral!!! yes they cause even deaths of spouses,bring barrenness and also can bring such problems like the way i am writting a book on this subject.Am not here to judge any man but want to add my voice that yes these demons exist and have destroyed many homes and delayed marriages of many.One moslem girl came crying to me cause of these demons that would harass her at night,after casting out these demons she has peaceful nights and has long given her life to God.and has gotten capital to work.we praise the Lord for all this!

  29. Hello Bunmi

    I am not a bible student like you, but all I know is that casting out demons is one of the commissions given to children of God, as you have clearly stated about Mary Magdalene from whom seven demons were cast out, and the rest who had been healed of evil spirits etc., evil spirits are the same as demons. Whether these women followed Jesus after they had been delivered from demons or evil spirits, whether He was the one who delivered them or someone else, is of no consequence, the fact is these women had evil spirits or demons cast out of them during the ministry of Jesus. Jesus himself did cast out demons( you know of many scriptures to back this I am sure, so why question some man of God who has been annointed for this same purpose? its because you do not understand spiritual things. You limit the power of the Holy Spirit. It is very possible that you have experienced sex in the dream and eaten in your dreams several times, but you just see it as just one or those things. Bunmi if you do experience these things it is not just one of those things ooooo, please go to SCOAN for deliverance, please, my dear fleshly bible scholar!
    Deliverance in this contest means to be set free from demons or evil spirits. I believe you are one of those bible scholars who either does not believe the devil can afflict or attack Christians, or even that he exists at all.
    “Be sober and vigilant, for your adversary the devil, like a roaring lion” etc. etc.(finish this quote as you know it very well) Who is warning Christians of the devil and why?

    I dare you to watch’, tb Joshua ministries/ deliverance of Pastor Lucy Tene from the USA. just one example of many Pastors who used to think like you, and who has been set free at the SCOAN.
    Careful not to blaspheme when you insinuate that people like Benny Hinn are not men of God, if you do, you blaspheme against the Holy Spirit, and you know the consequences.

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  31. Even the son of God Master JESUS was accused by your ancestors of healing with the spirit of belzabub and its no suprise that you have continued from where they left to accuse and farbricate lies against the Kingdom of Heaven that is colonising the WORLD using PROPHET TB JOSHUA, Your days are numbered and the devil you save is a looser and already defeated,MIND YOU CANNOT LOAD TB JOSHUA WITH THIS RUBBISH GOD HAS ALREADY LOADED HIM WITH HIS HOLLY SPIRIT,niether the devil will appreciate you but go with you to eternal damnation, GOD BLESS TB JOSHUA,

  32. Let me be frank: This post is garbage. For people going through supernatural opposition firsthand, things such as spiritual spouses don’t need to be Biblical to be true. But God has an answer for everything.

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