Anel’s story – visiting SCOAN

Anel got in contact with us after the building collapse to tell her experience of visiting SCOAN 10 years ago. Her story is not a particularly dramatic one, but it mirrors the experience most people have when first exposed to SCOAN. People are intrigued, impressed (at certain things), but also deeply troubled about other things. We want to encourage people to follow those concerns, if something doesn’t sit right with you, that could be God’s spirit prompting you to stay away. Don’t listen to SCOAN telling you to “doubt your doubt” or calling their critics “blasphemers”, these are all tactics to prevent you from properly discerning what you have seen. Over to Anel.

scoanI want to categorically state that this is my account of my own experience and impressions. I was there only once, for about an hour, and it was was from curiosity. However brief my visit was, I found great comfort in the testimonies – now I finally can define my experience in exact words, namely: I once observed distressingly cult-like behaviour.

The various posts and testimonies on your site answered many questions that I’ve subconsciously carried for 10 years after witnessing one of TB Joshua’s ‘healing’ services. For so long I had a deep sense of unrest and vague apprehension whenever someone mentioned TBJ, but could not state why. Thank you for taking the time to set out and make public this information. I now have peace that my impression to stay away was not wrong, and I am deeply grateful to the Lord for keeping me from any involvement with SCOAN.

I am fortunate not to have friends or relatives caught in SCOAN but it is a blessing to have this well thought through resource available. My impressions of a man making the Gospel about himself are confirmed and settled now – THANK you! May Jesus draw all hearts and minds to Himself: He alone is the Way, the Truth and the Life. John 14:6.

I am an Afrikaans-speaking 34-year-old South African woman who worked in Lagos for a total of about 7 months (3 separate stints) in 2004/2005. I was 24/25 at the time, and it was an office job on behalf of the company’s Cape Town head office.

As TB Joshua is a well known name in South Africa I was curious to see what all the fuss was about. So one Sunday towards the end of 2004 I went to visit SCOAN, accompanied by my company’s Nigerian driver and an SA acquaintance also living in Lagos. We got a bit lost on the way, so were rather late for the service. Being ignorant about any SCOAN rules or practices, we just pitched up like one would for any church service. I choose to see the Lord’s hand of protection here by not letting me see the service from the start. I cannot speak for the other two who went with me.
[Sidebar: I should add that this was not my first or only visit to a local church; I had previously gone with two lady colleagues to their respective Lagos churches and each time I was genuinely welcomed and warmly embraced.]

I don’t recall any security guards or gates at SCOAN; we just parked and walked into the building without attracting attention. (There did seem to be some construction on the property, so I could simply have missed or forgotten the gates.) As we were late we thought we could slip into a quieter side wing and watch the service on one of the screens. But the wing turned out to be the area where the healings and deliverances were to be filmed… So much for staying out of sight 🙂

We did not experience much of a service, as soon after we got there a camera crew arrived in the wing. There were maybe 40 people with paper signs like the ones in TBJ’s videos. Sometimes the afflicted person held his/her own sign, sometimes a helper stood behind the person and held the sign. I clearly remember being concerned with the nature of the ‘ailments’ – quite a few had ‘moving object’ written on their signs. Also, there seemed to be a lot of helpers, perhaps 25, but no-one engaged us or tried to explain the procedures. It felt like everyone except us got the script to the procedings. I eventually asked a European helper about the moving objects, and she said these are common – the afflicted person had a mysterious pain that appeared at intervals in different limbs or body parts. Many other ‘ailments’ left the impression that the people didn’t care about Jesus or a personal relationship with the Lord… they just wanted an inconvenience removed so they could go back to living for themselves – or why would a man ask for a larger member? Matt. 3:8. (I strongly stress that this was my impression, as I did not speak to any of the afflicted.) Many of the ailments related to sexual problems, fertility, or HIV. This seemed to me like private and potentially humiliating matters being paraded for the sake of a show.
(Not that sins should be covered of course. But what struck me was the lack of compassion or dignity.)

At no time was there any repentance or even acknowledgement of individual sinfulness, e.g. of any possible immorality that lead to a positive HIV status. Of course the repentance could have happened before the prayer in private, but why have private repentance and then public ‘curing’?

The onlookers (not sure if volunteers or staff) seemed to be expecting or even encouraging (touching them or approaching with sand buckets) those prayed for to have a physical reaction to the prayer. It was noisy and confusing, so my impression of encouraging retching could very well be wrong. Vomiting or spitting seemed to be widely accepted ‘proof’ of a demon leaving a person. But I saw no personal, individual attention or follow-up from Joshua (from the little I know about spiritual warfare, Matt. 12:43-45 is important). Appearing not to care about the deliveree, just concerned to get to the next one as quickly as possible. After the ‘healing’ people were sometimes whisked away by helpers. But not every time. At times there were loud shouts from the onlookers, not sure if these were confirmations of the prayer or praises to God for the healing, or random outbursts as the ‘prophet’ might have expected some feedback. I saw no loving support by fellow Christians after a person had been ‘healed’. I put healed in brackets as I remain unconvinced that true healing took place that day.

There were also a few helpers with sand buckets to cover the spit/vomit, and others right behind them with hand brushes and dust pans to sweep up the soiled sand. The ease with which they did this, and the many stains on the floor, made me think this is quite common in TB Joshua’s healing prayers.
Falling down was apparently another popular expectation after a prayer. One African lady was standing while Joshua prayed for her deliverance (I cannot remember of what), with Joshua’s hand resting on her head. Lightly at first, but then I clearly saw him push down hard on her head, and she dropped onto her knees. From her posture and face she seemed conflicted – eyes open, still kneeling but looking around as if unsure what to do next. She did not seem to be convinced of her healing at all.

We left the church after about an hour, without ever entering the main church hall. No-one knew who we were, we were not with any group, and no-one stopped us when we left.

I was emotionally and spiritually unsettled and confused, and had no idea what to make of what I had witnessed. What I knew for sure was that I had no peace about that experience, and I wanted no further contact with TB Joshua’s ministry.

One word to sum up my experience? Show. From his body’s positioning and direction, Joshua looked like he constantly performed for the camera. He always seemed to be very aware of where the camera was. He would at times look up exactly into the lens, or turn around if his back was to the camera. Mind you, the camera man seemed to be wonderfully well trained and in tune with Joshua. He looked about 20, with almost acrobatic skills in following Joshua around while jumping over or sidestepping cables and people.

I am not saying TB Joshua does not have an anointing, gift, or calling. However from what I’ve seen with my own eyes the blessing has apparently turned into a huge and well orchestrated media/publicity stunt that’s all about the ‘prophet’.

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  1. ear Annel

    The fact that you were not attended to, does not proof that SCOAN is not a Holly Ground, and MAN OF GOD PROPHET TB. JOSHUA is not Anointed. There are thousands of people and hundreds helpers in SCOAN. I stayed for a full week inside SCOAN, I was well catered for. You said you were not at peace with in yourself, this simplified that the demon in you should not face LIGHT in SCOAN. You need DELIVERENCE. I am a South African. I visited SCOAN 2012 April, My life changed completely, I LOVE GOD MORE THAN BEFORE. MY FAMILY IS FREED FROM ALL SORTS OF LIMITATION. We all progressed from what seem to be demonic attack as we are all highly Educated, but struggling dismally. So know this, as long as something in you makes you to feel uncomfortable while in all Christian Churches, You must know something is wrong with you.

    • A. ; the attributes used by TB Joshua, are not accoording to skripture. You may have come nearer to God by the good results of the treatment in Scoan, but you where NOT brought to a deeper relationship with God, by The Holy Spirit, or Jezus. , but by a measure that is not in skripture. You say you are well-educated, and how come you seem to miss the right discernement of what is going-on in Scoan? TB Joshua is a Magician, not a Holy-goast-directed servant of God. The fact that you believe we must have demons, says, you are not in the Victory of Jezus at all. It is for a good reason, why the measure of TB Joshua does not seems to work at the moment, because the world is watching him.

    • You said you were highly educated but struggling dismally ? That is because your PHD says that what is out of range it cannot be done. You were using your knowledge but could not even apply it practically. What has that to do by limitations ? Why did you not become an inventor just like Manoj Bhargava. He clearly states that it is not your knowledge that brings you forward because the world system is based upon that. But you innovative abilities to be practical. So with other words a person with no education for example Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, were not relying upon their education but invention and innovation.

      No demon can stop you of doing what you need to be doing. You thought having and education would bring your worldly prosperity but it brought you the opposite, your were stuck in your thinking process that you needed to fit in. Your lack of believe that God would provide for you every single day shows you how you never understood what God was teaching the first place. For over 25 years God has provided for me in all kinds of forms and ways. And yes sometimes I can be grumpy with God too when it does not go as I would like to see but the evidence of my life is that He always has made a way in all my circumstances and have the freedom to do what I can do. More money is not the answer. Trusting God is that He will get there through you, whether you are poor or rich.

      I know exactly what was wrong with you, you were doing your own thing in the search of material progress and agenda and look what became of you. In now having material things and more finances does not make you any better than you were before and that is now your mistake. None of it will get you saved and enter into Heaven when it is your turn to stand before God.

      Very sad road you have trodden, instead of learning through hardship and grow spiritually inside you snuffed out the flame of your discovery of God in your life by thinking progress on material level is advance. You replaced it by only routinely reading your bible now as if that makes you a better person now gathering head knowledge again.

      • Being Educated does not forcefully imply innovative, or inventive, the ability to crate or innovate remains in born, such are gifts from God, that’s the reason why Warrent Bouffet, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and others who invented, innovated are yet not the most Educated in the world. Another point also is based in your field of education, ”What did you Study?” And making it easier to understand, Education does not equates Excel in life, Many others are somewhere in this world, more Educated and even more endowed with the sense of creating and innovating, but yet have not Excelled in life, moreover, the environment where we come from has a very important role to play when it comes to ideas relative to what is being discussed here, what is in the spiritual can not be explained by the most educated or the wises of man, strong philosophers have existed, are existing and will exist, but believe me, none of them will ever explain the exactitude of what is in the spiritual. The Work of God is without critics, even the Bible rightly points out, judge not, for you shall not be judged, and fight yi not that which of the Lord for he works in Wonderful ways. What we may say here might be true somehow, but brethren and sisters, let God fight his fight, you cannot fight for God, because he is the creator of Heaven and Earth, He gives at will and takes at will and you do not even own your own life, so lets not persecute who ever talks Jesus Christ or Who ever preaches the word of God, we should be able to Love God first, Love His place of worship, Love his everything and we shall find true God, lets seek our salvation first and let God do as he pleases. The idea of condemning the preacher of the Gospel, whether right or wrong by man is not acceptable in the side of God because it implies we are mocking God and seeing him as an unable God, God is able to put a stop to all inclusive mankind, so who are mare mortals like us to judge in his place? The fear of God in the beginning of wisdom, these teachings should lead us in our affirmations about the work of God. I am not against and I am not for who ever, born of man in the exercise of the work of God, be you true or fake, let God who is the supreme Judge. We at some points here will finally find ourselves insulting, mocking, hating, persecuting each other, are these the teachings of the Bible? is this how to seek for salvation? is this how to love just as God loved the world and sent his son to die for our sins? we should put our minds together and ask God to guide and lead us in whatever thing we do or say as to regards to His worship is concerned. Churches, preachers of the Gospel and followers of the Gospel must not be based on laws in order for us all not to miss our way, these are man made laws and we should stick to those laws God gave us through Moses ” THE TEN COMMANDMENTS” that is if we all know Moses was a true servant of God. Basing on man made laws, we shall be building another Sodom and Gomorrah, this is just my little contribution. God is watching and he will surely vindicate his people. God Love us All.

  2. A.; and believe me, if TB Joshua is not able to handle this building-collapse with wise care, he will never be able to function again. Why do i dare to say this with convidence? Because My God says so. My God, of Abraham, Isaak and Jacob . My God, who does not let His Name become poluted by strange measures of power.

  3. God bless you Anel, thank you for sharing!

    And I want to tell you that I totally believe your observations. In fact, prompting and even physical pushing is quite a common practice among certain pastors. I was subjected to it once myself. The preacher was expecting me to “fall out”, and when I didn’t respond to a light tough, he pushed me, hard. At that point I knew it was not the Holy Spirit and stubbornly stayed upright.

  4. Anel,

    This is all I wanted to hear;

    . . . “The various posts and testimonies on your site answered many questions that I’ve subconsciously carried for 10 years after witnessing one of TB Joshua’s ‘healing’ services. For so long I had a deep sense of unrest and vague apprehension whenever someone mentioned TBJ, but could not state why”. . .

    It makes me feel that at least one person benefitted from all the testimonies.

    This is why I joined forces with tbjw. For people like you. People who have a nudge that something in scoan is wrong, because one does not want to be judgmental, you ignore the nagging doubts in your heart. Then you get bombarded with ‘do not touch God’s anointed” and “you are not allowed to even think wrong about them”?

    People who are on the verge of moving out, but doubt their own judgments, because deception is to discern between what is right and what is nearly right.

    Thank you for your excellent letter. It is a 100% correct analyses.

  5. @Anel,
    Thank you for sharing! You are certainly right in your observations at the Synagogue of Satan, aka, SCOAN. But you are very wrong in thinking the false prophet had any calling, anointing or gifts. Well, this false prophet had a calling from Satan, anointing of the Devil and gifts of demons, but this false prophet, T B Joshua, never had a call from Jehovah, nor the Spirit of the Lord! He has been a liar and an imposter from the very beginning. TBJ is of his father Satan, the father of lies, and he has been lying and deceiving and manipulating from the very beginning, but the day of reckoning has come!

  6. @Anne
    May the God of Prophet Tbjoshua have mercy on you always remember this tbjoshuawatch blog is an Anti-Christ if you are not among them change your thoughts and seek deliverance from Scoan many people have gone their and Jesus Christ delivered them through Prophet Tbjoshua.
    You say no one knew who you where and no one stopped you when you left be serious with things of God you don’t go to church to be noticed or to be stopped by church members its you to be located by Jesus Christ through the Man of God not man or woman to notice you.
    You say you where emotionally and spiritually unsettled well said you have something in you that made you feel unsettled you need deliverance.
    When he say viewers and looking at the camera during deliverance he is speaking to the viewers what is your problem with that you just need deliverance I repeat tbjoshuawatch blog is an Anti-Christ if you are not among these foolish agent of darkness change your thought and seek deliverance and watch Emmanueltv and see Jesus Christ working in spirit through Prophet Tbjoshua .

    • Like in….Long live the King! ??
      And of course now!!!
      If you don’t agree with TB Josh…er….I mean Jesus Christ, you need deliverance!
      Somehow…. 😉

      • Jeremiah, how are the legal proceedings against scoan going in athens? do you guys have a strong case built or is it not going to stick? i’m referring to the abuse allegations? or perhaps you have left it in God’s capable hands?

      • People do not really understand how this chane works , there was reports of Pastor feeding congregents with Petrol , Grass, flowers etc , doing all the hypnosis tricks his name is Lesego Daniel ( SA Pastor ) , His Product is Penuel Mnguni , he also fed people with live snakes , commanding spirits to enter people feeding rats , live raptiles , what people do not know is Daniel who started with these stuff in SA is actually consulting at TBJ, so if people are against Daniel and Penuel and stand for Joshua then they are lacking Wisdom , If these SA Pastors who are doing all crazy things are satanist then where do you put TBJ ?, Why doesn’t he deliver them ?, He can’t because they actually get their powers from the same source they all need JESUS … the Only different between TBJ and the rest is , he does his tricks formally and hide all dirt , but he is anointing lots of pastors in SA , they are operating under the same Power , I know lots of them , lots …

      • @justbloggingthetruth, if you knew the devestating effects on those girls as well as many other souls, you would not be ironic like that…..or maybe you would.
        Is this the same question you pose to the bereaved families that have taken action against SCOAN for claiming the lives of their loved ones due to greed and criminal negligence?
        God cannot be mocked and the Truth cannot but expose the works of darkness.
        Man will be either condemned or justified by his words and deeds.

      • @jeremiah
        you have completely misunderstood me. it was not my intention to sound ironic, i apologize. i was asking out of concern for the victims. and just so you know, i believe them 100% and i was just wondering how the case was going? with so many abuse allegations against tb joshua, it seems nothing ever sticks. i would really hate to see this be swept under the rug and forgotten about. but i know that if nothing comes of it, legally that is, the Lord who cannot be mocked knows how to judge and avenge for His children. i’m very sorry if i offended you, as it was not my intention. my compassion is with all victims 100%.

    • Hey Francis,

      I have seen dozens of those kind of videos of him and I just look at it and see a man brawling into a camera and nothing is happening here on my side. No bouncing up and down, no demons have to be coughed out, no worms come out either, no slime is coming out, no shaking, nothing, no demons start to talk through me either. So with other words it is just a show because it looks very impressive to you all thinking something is happening on the receiving side. Then set up some of those like you coming into the church and tell wacko story that happened to them. But when you walk over there to ask them personally they are not interested talking to you, or they are whisked away by one of the helpers in SCOAN. And because you are into this same scam thing that is why you defend it because it brings in the dough to run the show.

      Let me say it again. Let TB Joshua come to a place of invitation under our controlled environment and let him leave his little crony helpers behind and we will put it on camera and record it in that environment and then he can show his claimed abilities before us. But as we have seen in the past we heard him telling his excuse story that he will not do that, because he is following an invisible while line that is in front of him and we can’t see that. You know I can also say, there is a pink elephant in my backyard and it makes a whole heap of noise and handstands, who wants to come and see it ? I am telling you, you don’t want to feed those who are coming over out of curiosity to check for themselves if it would be in their interest. That’s what sheeple are doing and he and them he works with knows it. Trusting someone that brainwashed them for a long time with trickery and his entourage and then telling you the most weird stories ever you would hear in your life. Only in SCOAN and in those funny other African churches.

  7. @ Francis Mulenga
    Not to offend you , but Ive heard it several times where people will say the God of Prophet Tbjoshua, why do you put it that way ?, how sure are you he is praying the right God ( am not saying he is not ), why don’t you just say Jehovah, because you might be following the wrong god, these days people defend mere man , but cant defend the Gospel of JESUS, they can bow to man , but not to God , they can be follower of man but Not of Christ, People are so obsessed with demons, you speak truth , you are possessed , you try to correct you serve Satan, so question is : If you see your fellow brothers and sister getting lost , what will you do ?
    Good people , lets read the Bible , lets not attend church because of fear or of material benefits , Seek you first the Kingdom Principle
    I disagree with lots of thing TBJ does , eg : stuff he write on anointing water : it works for the salvation of your soul , and yet you sprinkle it without reading your bible , James 1:21 (KJV) Wherefore lay apart all filthiness and superfluity of naughtiness, and receive with meekness the engrafted word, which is able to save your souls. Word of God will deliver you not water
    As for Anel , If you do not have peace on something , it means there is something wrong , though you couldn’t pick it up during 10 years period , the Word of God that has been shared here have set you free ,
    Stay blessed

    • @ Albert – they do this because they actually worship tbj and not God! Therein lies the difference. They have made tbj God and they worship him. I’m not even sure that they understand the difference.

    • Thank You for that comment you said it all, I rather call the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob than the God of TBJ

      • I strongly believe during the days of all these great people of God; Abraham, Isaac Jacob, Noah even Jesus Christ our Lord, the people of that generation raised questions about the kind of God they worshipped and they were latter vindicated as we all now believe they had the true God. Now people talk about Prophet TB Joshua as some satanic agent or Satan himself but just as Jesus answered the Pharisees (LUKE11:17–EVERY KINGDOM DIVIDED AGAINST ITSELF IS BROUGHT TO DESOLUTION;AND A HOUSE DIVIDED AGAINST ITSELF SHALL FALL) Prophet TB Joshua by praying with him through Emmanuel TV delivered me from the spirit of Masturbation. No demon would want any man to stop masturbation. I remember even leaving my church hall to go out to masturbate and come back to stand on the pulpit to teach the word of God. I leave my office to go to the washroom to masturbate and come back, always feeling guilty and unhappy. I was not masturbating because I saw a pretty lady, no, I just felt like doing it and did it. I THANK THE GOD OF ABRAHAM , ISAAC, JACOB, NOAH, ISAIAH, JEREMIAH AND TB JOSHUA for my deliverance from the harmful spirit of masturbation. Praise be to his mighty name. Emmanuel!!!! Good Morning

      • HALLELUJAH! AMEN!!! I myself can only see GOOD FRUITS in me, through me since I follow the ministry of Prophet TB Joshua. I had the opportunity to be at SCOAN in early of 2015, and since then my almost 25 year of smoking addiction has ended! I just could not stop before. Smoking became my breakfast, my lunch. etc. . Was part of my everyday life. A main part. But its gone!!! Thanks God! And I have other significant, good changes in me since the Man of God, TB Joshua prayed for me. The PEACE, the JOY of the LORD is just awesome since than. People used to tell me that they see the change in me, the GOOD change. Etc.
        Thanks Jesus for His mighty servant, Prophet TB Joshua!

  8. Francis! You son of the devil; out! In Jezus Name! You follower of men, and not of God; out! You hypocrite, slanderor, mis-user of the Word ; Out! You farizee, you religious presumptious rotten spirit; out! And dont return to this web-site, before you have repented of your idoletary and blind submission to the worsed enemy of God; TB Joshua! I am sick and tired of your kind of people! Sick and tired of the damage you and your ”mentor” do to humankind and eager seekers of God. I will tell you, who that miserable mentor of yours is; his adultery, his fornications, his bribings, his twistings of doctrine, his mis-use, abuse and murdering of innocent souls; for what? To establisch his name. This ”wonder-man”” TB Joshua, has a station in Spirit , that is NOT of God! You never point a finger again, to the childeren of God, never! I will not let you, i will draw the hell out of you! So helpe me God! No religious dirt, will stand against my Jezus! amen.!

    • Jamie what kind of experience have you had with TB Joshua. i have noticed the way you speak about him, as if you have had an encounter with him. were you his disciple? have you been to scoan? can you share what tb joshua did to you?

  9. I don’t like the conclusion of your testimony. After seeing all these demonic practices of satanic deception, you conclude that you’re not saying tb joshua doesn’t have an anointing? OF COURSE tb joshua IS A FALSE PROPHET, WHAT ELSE COULD HE BE. He is clearly an agent of the devil and it is evident. NO TRUE SERVANT OF GOD, NO TRUE DISCIPLE OF CHRIST CAN DO SUCH NONSENSICAL, DELUSIONAL, UNBIBLICAL PRACTICES, JESUS SAID WE WILL KNOW FALSE TEACHERS BY THEIR FRUITS (Matthew 7:16).
    So if you are a true Christian and the HOLY SPIRIT clearly convicts you that tb joshua is walking in darkness, YOU SHOULD BOLDLY AND CONFIDENTLY REBUKE HIM AND SAY HE IS FALSE. WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF? The Bible clearly tells us to rebuke false teachers publicly,so that those who are young in the faith may learn.
    The bible teaches us that if anyone comes with such false teachings, we should reject them and never even associate ourselves with them, DONOT EVEN GREET THEM (2John 1:10)

    So please,if you’re giving your testimony and you’re truly deeply concerned that tb joshua is a false prophet, it will be utterly useless and misleading to conclude your story by saying that you are not sure that he is not anointed, THAT COMPLETELY DEFEATS THE PURPOSE OF YOUR TESTIMONY

    If tb joshua is not a false prophet, what else could he be? is there an intermediate realm when it comes to truth?

    of the devil

    • @ David

      I do understand your concern for Anel’s doubt , But you must not that not everyone has deep understanding of Spiritual discernment and in Christians we have babies , who are still fed by milk , they need people like you to direct them to correct them , but we can’t chase them away do to their spiritual blindness , we teach and show them the way , instead of pointing fingers , lets correct each other in love , to me she took a very bold step to share her stories because there are lots of victims out there who are not bold enough to expose TBJ, but if we are rejecting them then no one will come forward with the experience they had at SCOAN

      • @Albert
        I agree, because I spent 10 years with similar feelings to Anel, deeply concerned about some of the things I had seen but not quite at the point where I could confidently say he was not of God. What changed for me was some close friends leaving SCOAN and hearing the evil that takes place off-camera. Testimonies like Anel’s reflect where a lot of people are with SCOAN, so they are helpful for others processing their thoughts.

    • @ David, finally some real talk. Agreed about your observations, no disrespect to Anel. You cannot half worship God.

      • @ David and Jeagerin,

        I am wholly in agreement with that kind of conviction and the direct spoken out in that way as you do. It might be harsh, but you have to call it out as it is, not keep pussy footing around it. And you can do that if you had an experience with them, whether short or long. And indeed I have. Anel is trying the more gentle way to express herself about it, which is good, ( and it’s likely because of her short experience there and it did not check with her), but you don’t call and apple, a pear, you call it as it is named. There is no point dancing around the bush about it. It’s not half half, or close but no cigar, but it is black and white. No pun intended there.

      • Thank you Jesse. I’m an old soldier, so I’m kind of rough on the edges, but in the end we all agree about the deceiver tbj and his gang of thugs. Thanks to Anel and all contributors to this blog. The truth is getting out there and bringing people to the table (so to speak). For me, that is very important, to be able share our ideas and discuss things. I’ve learned a lot just from reading the blogs and comments, so please keep up the good work. The wall on which tbj has been standing, is starting to crack at the seams. Let’s do like Joshua did, and keep the ‘drums and horns’ on this site busy with people interacting and getting the awareness out there. The momentum will swipe him off his feet and he will land on his face in the dirt he has created. Go well my brother.

      • Yes, we are still here and will keep the fire burning! There will be no retreat and there will be no surrender. We will continue until we have completely removed the mask on the face of T B Joshua, so the whole world shall see the agent of Satan who masquerades as “man of God.”
        Where are you, Temitope Balogun Joshua, sakawa prophet of Nigeria?

    • What are some of those fruits of his that you are not of God? If you know of these fruits can you teach us others who don’t know, such that we be able to identify when we come across? LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOUR SELF, SPEAK YI NOT evil of another. Be more liberal and not so affirmative in your ideas, even the people of Israel did not believe JESUS CHRIST, that is why he was nailed on the Cross, I am not saying you should believe TBJ or not, I am merely calling on your reference to the Bible in order not to get mislead by your emotions. This is not intended to err you brother, so that if you feel offended in anyway, you forgive me, we are all here for the LOVE OF GOD.

    • why now ?, and why sending delegates and not going there personally ?, this can be part of bribe, buying out Ghana Police force that if he ever decided to relocate to Ghana then he will be safe , where is he ?

      • Let the false prophet and bribe-giver give all the bribe he wants, but his sins(atrocities) will find him out and he cannot escape God’s judgment!!!!!

    • Just wonder, it is not a bad stragedy. TB did it before, also to the police in Mexico. It is a way of giving, to receive the same for his own Nation, and himself ofcaurse. He is moving in Spirit, to create protection for himself and Nigeria.

      • @ jamie – from what I read, there’s more trouble brewing in the south of Nigeria due to Buhari wanting to cancel the stipends. tbj doesn’t give a fig about Nigeria or its people, including you. Why doesn’t he pray for peace in his country, no – because as long as Nigeria is in a perpetual state of chaos, he can get away with anything he likes.

    • Of course he is donating it. You gotta bribe someone right ? Again for him to do the give away from not his own personal money. Bribe, bribe, bribe. It also shows how corrupt the Police themselves is. Before he was doing it with rice bags. Some took others refused it. Those who refused it show character of soul. No authority should take bribes or being prattled with the means of money to silence the criminal activities. Those that took, should be sacked. No integrity clearly. Can you imagine you have a problem regarding yourself, how would you be handled fair ?

  10. TB Joshua has done a lot of wrongs, but he is a choosen profhet of God. He knows the laws and principles of how to operate in the spiritual realms. His greatest challenge is, to return to God as His source, and to remove all the tools and selffisch means that are from a wrong source., which gave him fame, wealth and a name for him-self. Believe me, he is over-welmed by the trials he has to face. Let no man believe that God should not be aware of what is going on in Scoan Believe me, TB Joshua is going to change and repent and walking as God wants him to walk.

      • You said that right! I would love to see all discerning Christians rebuking these criminals who claim to be “men and women of God!”

      • TB Joshua is a self appointed prophet, by man, his own circle which he has plied and deceived. Who found out how to enter into the spiritual realm by breaking into it with learned abilities from elsewhere in asian type of countries and forbidden knowledge and applied this and has passed it on to some of the others he mentored to extend his grip upon the deceived masses and they exchange their crowds among each other these false prophets. That is why he can’t or will not do any involvement to help to baptize people in the Holy Spirit. Nor do water baptism, nor do communion. Instead he has chosen trinket mediums to extend his influence over others and mislead them with the powers he has acquired illegally. And the Hostel collapse was the exposure of that to show us that it was illegal and so are his tricks. There must be many more things illegal but are now closely guarded.

        And he knows the value of ICT and it’s carrier as a medium to deceive many others to expand his wicked grip over ignorant people and other man made shows.

        And yes we must speak out strongly against it before it causes even more victims by his reckless way of operating.

    • @ jamie – I doubt very much he’s going to change or even wants to change. Gifting does not absolve you of your sins. I think he’s arrogant enough to think he can get away with anything because money is his god. He knows you can buy most people with money and that’s how he operates.

    • Dear Jamie

      This is what I battle to understand about you & in my ±3 years following this site I have always observed this with concern.
      One moment you condemn TB Joshua to be a false prophet and the next moment you proclaim he is of God…? This talk will surely confuse young believers who might be reading this earnestly seeking truth.
      Jamie dear, make no mistake here & don’t compromise, he is a false prophet operating with a false spirit, he serves a false christ, he has false teachings, false miracles, false prophecies & leading a false religion! This much is well documented. He is false in the true sense of the word. Please let’s not blaspheme God by even hinting that “he is chosen of God…”

      • @ General,

        That’s true what you are saying. I have tried in the past to say this too, but I was sideswiped about it. I do care about Jamie, my hope was that she would be one sided and not sit upon the fence. I am also not against her. I do find that she has some good things to say, but I don’t know why she is going sometimes from one side to another. She might have a reason for it or is not sure about certain things yet. Maybe she can explain it to us so we understand her better. Over to you, Jamie. 🙂

    • @Jamie

      there is more to your experience with tb joshua than you are letting on. one moment you call him a magician and of the devil, the next you call him a true prophet of God. which is it jamie? maybe if you tell us your experience with scoan and especially tb joshua we might be able to understand where you are coming from. have you ever met tb joshua? have you ever been to scoan? what was your experience like? what did tb joshua do to you? what happened jamie? please share.

    • @Jamie
      look what you said about tb joshua earlier; “…I will tell you, who that miserable mentor of yours is; his adultery, his fornications…abuse and murdering of innocent souls…”

      and now you say “…he is a chosen prophet of God”

      there is more to your experience with tb joshua than you are letting on jamie. one moment you call him a magician and of the devil, the next you call him a true prophet of God. which is it jamie? maybe if you tell us your experience with scoan and especially tb joshua we might be able to understand where you are coming from. have you ever met tb joshua? have you ever been to scoan? what was your experience like? what did tb joshua do to you? what happened jamie? please share your story with us.

      you might actually help someone with your testimony.

  11. @tbjoshuawatch
    you said “I spent 10 years with similar feelings to Anel, deeply concerned about some of the things I had seen”.
    so were you a member of scoan or did you visit them, or watch on line?

    you also said your friends came out and told you what happened off-camera. were your friends disciples? i’m just wondering since they were able to tell what happened off-camera.

  12. And why do you believe that a choosen profhet should not have his misstakes, sins and wrong desires and habbits? And wanting to have profit from more sources then God His source? Look at David, ………I am not wnadering between the one day saying TB is a real profhet, and the other day a false one. I say, he is a choosen servant of God, who is gone astray. And so his compleet service has become false.

    • @jamie for a start, I don’t believe that in the new covenant there are certain people who are “chosen” by God and endowed with a special “anointing”. Different gifts, yes – but all believers and chosen and anointed by God. I don’t see any scripture to suggest otherwise. Secondly, any comparison with someone like David very quickly falls apart. David sinned greatly, but he accepted rebuke from Nathan and repented. TB Joshua’s sins pile up one on top of the other with no sign of any repentance. Have you ever heard him repent of anything? There are prophecies that we’ve proven to be edited. No repentance. There are many people who have died as a result of his lack of ability to heal them despite claiming otherwise. No repentance. There are many allegations of him sexually abusing young girls. No repentance.

      Even if TB Joshua was once a Christian minister sincerely doing God’s work (which I don’t believe, because his early ministry by all accounts was more extreme than it is today), he has thrown it all away through continuous sin and deception without any repentance. There is no such thing as a “god Man”, or a “man of God” or a special “anointing” under the gospel of Jesus Christ, only people who take Old Testament concepts and use them to give themselves far more authority and power than they were meant to have, and rob people of the personal and intimate relationship with Christ that he has offered them.

      • To say there are no choosen ones today, is a religious standpoint. There are special choosen ones today, the Remnant of God. God still speacks today, and still anoits disciples, apostles, profhets,pastors, teachers, . The fire of God is a reality. The restoration of the Tabernacle of David in us, is a NT_ reality. Most carnal christians dont expereince it, the christians who live by Spirit and Truth expereince the infilling of the Holy Spirit daily, and this is a progressive proces, leading to be able to stand in the full authority of Jezus by power, and the goal is, to become in compleet ONeness in Jezus. The choosen ones are the ones who are set apart , in preparation guided by The Holy Spirit. All believers receive the Holy Spirit, but they mostly dont develop the relationships and gifts they receive. , thats carnallity. The true worshippers, worship in Spirit and Truth. And this is not on sunday for 1 hour, it is a daily walk with God.

      • @jamie
        I know you’ll probably consider me a “religious Christian” for asking you this question, but can you give me scriptural backing for the continued existence of “chosen, anointed ones”? Note, I’m not denying the existence of people who are specially gifted in a particular way, but the idea that there are people set apart, anointed and chosen over and above ordinary believers in a similar manner as King David, or Ezekiel etc….

    • @Jamie

      Let’s just take sample of what you said just about 3 weeks ago:

      September 24, 2015 at 5:38 pm
      Jamie said:
      “no, there is no God in Scoan. Scoan is the cheap modern version of “The Offence of The Cross””
      “No, no-one ever in Scoan came to repentance to the Cross. Not even TB Joshua himself.”
      “No, they are not saved either”
      “The Holy Said that God has no deliverances as in Scoan”
      “Scoan is deceivement. Scoan is the modern lie…”
      “There is no God in those oils, water, stickers and bracelets”
      “TB Joshua uses Rhema and the Name, and never had the real Revelation of Jezus Christ.”

      Here you just said no-one has ever been saved in SCOAN including TB Joshua and that there is no God there. 3 weeks later in another post you change your tune & say he is a real man of God?

      October 16, 2015 at 10:19 pm
      Jamie said:
      “…he is a real man of God, who mis-uses his own potenties, and Gods gifts”
      “We rebuke in TB jsohua a man of God, who messes around.”

      I don’t think you know where you stand regarding this whole issue.
      James 1:8 “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.”

      Don’t be so double minded, this opens a door for the devil to deceive. TB Joshua is not a man of God.

  13. I am not protecting TB Joshuas destiny. I am absolute against his methods. It is a conclusion to say, he is a real man of God, who mis-uses his own potenties, and Gods gifts.. And it is sad to say, that there are a lot of ministeries today who mess around with The Truth of Jezus Christ. I met more man of God who have the power and fire and have created their own programs and agenda. It seem to be a trial to stay out of the temptations to make a name for them-selves and to walk as God wants them to walk. Most of the time it is; lack of understanding and wisdom. The results of selffischness are terrible. I dont have any good word for it. The results of a lack of self-examination and self-grandeur are terrible and leads others in bondage and dead. The anoiting given by God, will not be taken away when the God-man is in sin. They live as much by the finished works of Jezus as we do. It means, even when they make huge misstakes, they have right of forgiveness and the mercy of God. I do find a pastor in adultery a terrible dis-grace, but i do acknowledge his right of forgivenes and mercy. If i rebuke a tb Joshua -fan for wrong approuchement, then this is, because he acts from darkness. , from blindness. We rebuke in TB jsohua a man of God, who messes around.

      • No, a christian compleetly guided and directed by the Holy Spirit. Only the carnal christians seek the fellow-ship in churches. The matured spirit-filled christian expereince the whole Body of Christ as his church. All churches , all over the world. There are still sended disciples, still sended profhets, and still sended apostles , directed by God. Before a disciple is able to carry the power of God, he has to go through tremendous trials and tests.

  14. Difference between a boss and a leader.

    If he is chosen by God, why does he look exactly like a boss and no leader ?

    • By now, it should be clear to everyone that T B Joshua is not of God but of Satan. He lacks all the true attributes of the real man of God. He does not have the calling or the anointing of God. He serves “another Jesus, preaches another gospel and has another spirit.” 2 Corinthians 11:4.He is a liar, pretender, manipulator, fornicator and adulterer. He does not have a servant’s heart but the heart of Satan and seeks to exalt himself above everyone else; he has no humility, considering that he came from the poorest of villages in Arigidi of Ondo state of Nigeria. He has destroyed homes and families and the destinies of those who put their trust in him.
      I thank God He delivered me out of the Synagogue of Satan; I thank God He did not allow this agent of Satan to lay his satanic hands on me; I thank God He did not allow me to participate in the unfruitful works of darkness of SCOAN, aka, Synagogue of Satan. I thank God He has given me the power to trample on T B J as David trampled on Goliath…………I thank God for everything………!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Jamie,
    It took me a while to really understand Math 7:15- and on.

    Here Jesus is describing a false prophet himself, not a man of God who went astray.

    Jesus himself calls a person like TB Joshua a false prophet.

    So where does it leave us?

    Such a person will be able to
    1. Do great miracles in the Name of Jesus
    2. Drive out demons in the Name of Jesus
    3. And even prophecy in the Name of Jesus

    But Jesus Himself says that; “These false prophets must go away from Him. He does not know them, because they did not do the will of His Father. They were workers of iniquity – lawless ones (they were lawless and this is the law of God).

    Also – “And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon and out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet. For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty” -Revelation 16:14.

    You see how subtle deception is! It is a fine line between what is right and nearly right.

    Further more – TB Joshua has NO testimonies of where he turned from his evil ways, or where he got baptised in water afterwards or where he was filled with the Holy Spirit? Neither does he preach this, or allow his disciple to do this. I know of some of his disciple and guests who wanted to get baptised in water long ago. He prevents them?

    From the beginning he has not put the emphasis on Jesus as the Son of God, who was killed and who rose again. By him ignoring water baptism as well as the communion services, which points to the fact of what Jesus did for us on the cross of Calvary, he shows his true colours.

    His emphasis is also not on Christmas, but on the New Year services and his own Birthday?

    I hope this throws some more light on the subject for you.

  16. To the judges in Nigeria,

    Do not receive bribes from TB Joshua –

    Jehoshaphat Appoints Judges

    “Jehoshaphat lived in Jerusalem and he went out again among the people from Beersheba to the hill country of Ephraim and turned them back to the Lord, the God of their ancestors. He appointed judges in the land, in each of the fortified cities of Judah. He told them, “Consider carefully what you do, because you are not judging for mere mortals but for the Lord, who is with you whenever you give a verdict. Now let the fear of the Lord be on you. Judge carefully, for with the Lord our God there is no injustice or partiality or bribery” – 2 Chronicle 19:4-7.

  17. Judicial scandal: T.B Joshua, SCOAN sympathizes with Ajet Nasam

    Leaders of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) have mounted a strong defense for the Church’s inaction on the judicial corruption scandal involving one of its members.

    Justice Ajet Nasam, who is an active member of the church founded by Prophet T. B Joshua, is one of several judges suspended for taking bribes.

    The church, has however, been quiet since the scandal broke.

  18. TB joshua watch. I dont say you are religious, i say it was a religious standpoint. The Things of the Spirit can only be discerned by The Spirit. Acts 1;24 “” and they prayed and said; Thou Lord, which knowest the heart of all men, shew wether of these two thou hast chosen, that he may take part of this ministery and apostleship””.

  19. Romans 11;5 “” At the present time, there is a remnant, choosen by Grace””. Romans 12;4 “” Just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same fucntion, so in Christ we who are many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others. We have different gifts, accoording to the Grace given us””. This “”Grace given us””, are the special anoitings, to be fully equipped to do the work God ask us to do. Just as the office of a Pastor, a teacher, a sheperd, is accepted as normal, so is the office of a profhet, and of apostleship a normal part of the whole body of Christ. The office of a profhet, is not the same as having the gift of propfhesy , as most believers have. The office of the profhet, is a assignement by God, to operate in His Plan, His power and in the Spirit-realms. God Himself will infuze this office, by the direction of the Holy Spirit. A profhet is a seer, and most Pastors dont have this privilage. God gives His gifts to whom He wants. This anoited gifts are real, it means, God can give you a gift of revealing His mysteries, by the commitment of the disciple. The deeper the commitment, the deeper the ability to operate in the Spirit. As Jezus did. It is a journey, a pattern which Jezus showed us.

  20. This is the pattern; ‘1. Being saved and baptized in The Holy Spirit. carnality 2. Being filled by the Holy Spirit, by thirst and hunger for God and for His Word., from faith to faith. 3. Abiding in Him, in His presence, dwelling-place, bears fruit, from Glory to Glory. 4. Sowing in The Spirit. Spiritual war-fare, conflikt flesch and Spirit. The dog you feed is the dog who wins. Filling the spirit-man by worship, the Word,. 5. Walking in Spirit. Compleetly obeyance to His voice and directions., submission. Victory over the flesch. Mind on the things of the Spirit. 6. Going in the Spirit, intimicy with God, abiding in His presence, secret place, seeing in Spirit, visions, revelations, profhetic discernement, operating in the spirit-realms, 7. The Holy Spirit comes upon you, as a tremendous power. Dieing to yourself. Sings and wonders, healing, miracles and operating as Jezus did. 8. 1 cor 6;17 ” He who is joined to The Lord is One Spirit with Him””. (oneness in Jezus). amen.

    • @ jamie

      thank you for your response jamie. but i have questions.
      if a man of God who has the true annointing of God continues in unrepentant sin, should we not see the annointing of God diminish or the gifts of the Holy Spirit quenched, because they are grieving the Holy Spirit? and should they not be forced to step down by the Holy ghost until they have shown true repentance?

      you also said ” tb joshua knows the laws and principles of how to operate in the spiritual realms. His greatest challenge is, to return to God as His source”

      are you saying that because he understands how the spiritual realm works, that means he knows how to manipulate people using the spiritual realm? if this is what you are saying, then please explain more.

      by saying that “his greatest challenge is to return to God as his source, are you implying that he is operating by both the anointing of God and evil spirit? is it possible for a true christian called by God to be under the influence of both?

      • justbloggintruth. It surprise me, that you ask this questions, while this web-site gives you enough proove, that a Man of God can operate in the anoiting and have demonic possesion at the same time. Saul was partial demonic, because of jalouzy and hatred against David. 1 samuel 16; “” but the Spirit of the Lord departed from Saul and an evil spirit troubled him””. This evil spirit could come and go, acoording to his bad moods. Repeated sins, will give the demonic a door to enter. Yes, a Man of God can operate in the anoiting, and still have issues to deal with on personal level as; pride, controle, idleness, wanting to make a name for himself, competition, abuse, marchandizing, manipulation of the people. sexual mis-behaviour, etc etc etc. Yes, a Man of God is as much a normal human-being as we all, so he sure will make misstakes.

      • The people that are TB Joshua followers say that it is the same about many Christians. They say and try to convince everyone “All of them have demons, or need deliverance”. I did not read that in the Bible that we all need deliverance or have demons. The things that you say about TB Joshua are the same things they do with Christians that were already baptized in the Holy Spirit elsewhere and it is used by overruling everybody else by telling them the lies that they might or it sure they have demons and must have deliverance.

        While I see people who are normal in their behaviour all of a sudden start to behave like they are on pogo sticks and get crazy and are full of so called “demons”. There are several videos about that where that is very clear something is just NOT right and where people sit into a corner and all of a sudden bounce up and down while he TB Joshua was standing before close to them or has bypassed them. To me it comes over and I am now sure that spirits and Kundalini is being deployed in them who then start to behave as mad and crazy people and it is passed off as they had those demons before while it comes more over it’s just a behavior you see in Haiti in Voodoo and Santeria meetings. The same way.

      • @ jesse

        jesse are you saying no one can be demon possessed if they are christians? do you not believe in deliverance ministry at all? are you saying people only had demons during the time of Jesus and the apostles ministries only, just not today?

    • @ jamie

      i have not seen any prove by this website, that a Man of God can operate in the anoiting and have demonic possession at the same time,i guess because they all dismiss the idea that tb joshua is a true man of God. but i was not dismissing that possibility either. i have however heard about the saul explanation before, and i find it very interesting. i just wanted to hear your take on it. thanks anyway.

  21. A quick summary of what TB Joshua has accomplished through proxies since he went under in late May
    1. Releases a prophecy fulfillment video over India train derailing
    2. Rejects the coroner’s report as biased
    3. Rebukes his pastors for inviting the sheeple to the anniversary of the collapsed building
    4. Acquires a $60M Gulfstream (may have been quietly acquired before he went under as it was doing rounds in Mexico when he was having the crusade)
    5. Donates some gifts to Ghanian police.

    Let’s just say the man is quite busy nursing his embarrassing sickness/injury that is immune to his morning water or he is terribly scared of Buhari jailing him but he is not too busy to pretend that he is still ‘around’

    • Well said! He or his minions are doing all these things in a desperate attempt to make the people think all is well and that he is still in control. Na lie ooooooo! Na lie!!!!!
      TBJ, you are not in charge, you ran away from the battle and are now a fugitive. Or is the Lord dealing with you? Would you not make a public confession of your atrocities? Repent now and let the Lord Jesus save your wretched soul or you would go to hell with all your minions!!!

    • @vooke – agreed, he’s very scared of Buhari. But tbj must also watch out who he’s getting into bed with in Mexico. They are no fools, and when his money runs out, they’ll deal with him like they did with those students. He he, he doesn’t know it yet, but he’s safer back in Nigeria than in Mexico.

  22. Anel’s story is nothing but an other rubbish story – her opinion after visiting the SCOAN for one hour. Congratulation…. Why do you people (in this case: Anel and the site admins) embarrass yourself with such ‘stories’ ? Are you so totally retarded? Just a really retarded people can not see that what you posting here nothing but rubbish, not the truth at all.

    • It shows Kegyelem, that it only takes an hours to see what a scam church it is. When they say it’s not about the money. They do gifts all over the world to those that do not need it, except in the past when they were giving some food, bed mattresses to some poor people whom they claim were 140 and 150 years old. Bwahahahaha 140-150 years old. Where are the birth certificates then ? If it says in the Guiness Book of Records that the oldest person on earth who is the longest unambiguously documented human lifespan is that of Jeanne Calment of France (1875–1997), who died at age 122 years, 164 days.

      And here you they are from SCOAN to prove us without birth certificates that they were feeding 140-150 year old people in Africa. But nobody goes there to make a record of it. Africans are LIARS by default. So in SCOAN. Lying is there way to get money from fools who give it to them to hang out the great and awesome SCOAN.

      But here is the thing. Online you see people say oh we show the love of Christ with that. With MONEY ? Where does that say in the Bible ?

      What I know from the Bible is:

      Isaiah 55:1 Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters, and he that hath no money; come ye, buy, and eat; yea, come, buy wine and milk without money and without price.

      That is what I know, that is what Jesus also does. He is not going around paying everybody out with His collection monies, no He is not doing that. But SCOAN does that. Buys love with money. Buys respect with money. Bribes police with money. Bribes journalists with money. Bribes victims silence with money and so you can go on.

      You call that love ? Money ? Is that love ? What does Jesus now say about this eh ?

      Matthew 6:19-20 Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in or steal;…

      Answer everything with money and don’t know what love actually is at all. Because their money lays in money to give. Well, yeah you can be really proud on that you can give money for to silence everyone.

      But you can’t fool God. Because your money is acquired by false motives and given for false reasons in the hope you can buy yourself a place into heaven.

      That is why the Bible tells us:

      Mark 8:36 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

      What’s the point ? Because you can throw around money and attach a name to it from the money that is not even yours. Why all this trumpeting around for on all those websites.

      Matthew 6:2 So when you give to the poor, do not sound a trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, so that they may be honored by men. Truly I say to you, they have their reward in full. 3″But when you give to the poor, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, 4 so that your giving will be in secret; and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you.

      All those verses I have put up there are being done by SCOAN to make themselves famous in the eyes of mankind and those that they can sit with and buy themselves protection for as a drug baron to infiltrate the world and deceive them that they are the benefactor of it all.

      You give because you have an agenda and the agenda is to destroy the rest of the world with your false way of giving and then to deceive to them to preserve this evil liar of a prophet that cannot say in public I was wrong and confess his own sins of his fallibility when he allowed to built a illegal building without a building permit. Which nullifies you as being a man of God but a Pastor False Private Prophet.

    • @ Kegyelem – so its back to insults again then? What have you contributed to counter the claims made here? Have you offered any explanations. What is the truth then, if everything we say is rubbish. People are not stupid, so as long as you continue with your adoring tbj drivel, we will come to our own conclusions. Anel has more balls than your gang of thugs combined.

  23. I think that as a critics you can be useful against Boko Haram. What do you gain from satan to do this kind of dirty job?

    • I also think that it is time to close down this your nonsense website. Close it and be blessed and delivered !!!

      • It’s time that you PADLOCK your mouth and your keyboard and even better to throw it out of the window and leave that keyboard alone with your fingers and go do something else.

      • @ DOMI DG – Best you get back to picking your nose. This conversation has gone to another level and your constant drivel proves that you are not able to constructively participate in it.

    • @DOMI DG – So now all of a sudden this conversation is about BH because you say so? What did Goodluck ever do to find the Chibook girls? I bet if it were his cars or cows that were stolen, he would have made a much bigger effort to find those. Boko Haram is alive and thriving in Nigeria thanks to Goodluck (the irony of the name!!!)

  24. It looks like TB Joshua might be preparing for a come back.

    i have been watching this emmanuel tv youtube video, and i am highly suspicious that tb joshua is preparing for a come back. it is an old video but i suspect that they have set up the whole thing to appear as a hint of a come back.

    i find it very interesting that they uploaded it in October 7, 2015, and then on the comment section they said: What unsavoury rumours have you heard about T.B. Joshua? Is there any truth in them?
    (i was wondering if they are referring to the rumours that he is hiding in mexico, which brings me to wonder if they also read this blog?…just wondering)

    let me break it down for those who might not want to watch the whole thing.

    from 5:25- 6:10 tb joshua is going on about God’s master plan and how even in the face of trial, tribulation, blackmail etc…he is still the same person and he knows where he is going…( i guess he is hinting at a better future…)

    at 17:30 – 18:13 he carries on about how he was almost misunderstood in the past… and how detractors capitalized on this to misinform the world about him and his ministry…( i believe here he is hinting at the building collapse issue…)

    21:33-23:30 i guess here he believes he has overcome the collapsed building trial… he says he is celebrating today because his focus was not broken in the midst of storms and trials…( i find this part interesting because he kind of left abruptly…how focused is that?)

    49:55 – 53:00 i think this is the most intriguing part of the video. he says if one gets stuck…and find that they cannot go backwards or forward, they should consider taking a short retreat (i suspect this to be his explanation of having been gone for a long time…he needed to retreat from his storms and trials…)
    who knows…he might be coming back as a better man, having repented and all…

    they have titled the video: TB Joshua’s SUCCESS SECRETS…

    • Justbloggingtruth,
      You are onto something here .
      I don’t subscribe to an empty extended leave of absence of 4 months simply over ‘trials. TB Joshua has been nursing an embarrassing illness which challenges his miracle claims.

      Faith healers are known to HIDE their ailments because they (sicknesses) contradict their bold claims of perpetual health-wealth-hapiness utopia.

      Honest men of God know God never heals all the time and are humble enough to accept conventional medicine. These Word of Faith heretics can’t stand looking ‘normal’ and frail so when disease strikes, they must needs cover it up to keep the facade going


    There are indeed some believers who are ANOINTED ABOVE their fellow believers by virtue of their divine assignments or accomplishments on earth as it was with the two apostles namely Paul & Barnabas.

    Notice that as soon as Barnabas departed from Paul to pursue his own apostolic ministry after the serious contention between them both because Paul refused to take John Mark who was a nephew of Barnabas (and much later the eventual writer of the Gospel of Mark under the ministerial tutelage of the aged Peter the apostle), simply because in their first apostolic mission, at a certain point, he refused to go along with them. But was now very eager to join them in their second apostolic mission after witnessing their ministerial success story. So Paul was adamant that he cannot follow them this time around (Acts 15:35-41).

    But Barnabas resolutely refused perhaps for sentimental reasons and decided to separate from Paul and go his own way and ministry. That was more or less the end of the Bible account of the acts of the apostle Barnabas for little did he know that the “apostolic anointing” upon Paul his partner was greater than the “apostolic anointing” upon him.

    So the scripture became more or less silent on whatever apostolic acts it was that Barnabas did from there on but kept on virtually recording the entire apostolic acts of Paul right to his very last days on earth. Because this man was indeed a “specially anointed” vessel by whom and whose acts virtually two thirds of the entire New Testament was written and the entire Gentile Christian Church was founded even till today as we all are direct or indirect products of his apostolic ministry unto the gentiles.

    That is indeed not just a GREAT GRACE which is our DIVINE HELP from THE FATHER above but also a GREAT ANOINTING which is our DIVINE ABILITY from THE SPIRIT indwelling us as born again believers as it is written:

    (Acts 4:34… And with great power gave the apostles witness of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus: and GREAT GRACE was upon them all…) & (James 4:6…But he giveth more [greater] grace…).

    Psalm 45:7…Thou lovest righteousness, and hatest wickedness: therefore God, thy God, hath anointed thee with the oil of gladness [GREAT ANOINTING] above thy fellows…)

    That is why certain believers are chosen and anointed to do certain GREAT EXPLOITS for the kingdom of God because of their GREAT FAITH in God, which their other fellow believers may or cannot exemplify because of their LITTLE FAITH in God.

    Such as David the “great” anointed king VS Saul the “failed” anointed king;

    Elisha the “great” prophet under Elijah VS Gehazi the “failed” servant under Elijah;

    Ruth the “great” wife who followed Naomi VS Orpah the “failed” wife who departed from Naomi

    Luke a “great” Bible author under Paul’s ministry VS Demas a “failed” disciple who departed back to the world from Paul’s ministry.

    The list goes on and on. In all these cases, they were all believers but the GREAT FAITH of some released a GREAT ANOINTING upon them as opposed to the others whom the anointing even departed from them and they fell from grace unto eternal destruction.

    So as a believer you can choose to flow with a GREATER ANOINTING than your fellow believers, if you also choose to act with a GREATER FAITH which MUST surely move God to empower and back up your; prayer of faith; word of faith; declaration of decrees; works of miracles, signs & wonders REGARDLESS.

    Therefore your FAITH ACT determines your ANOINTING ABILITY.


    A truly called prophet of God can actually “moonlight” between the works of light and darkness. For no man can serve two spiritual masters and be a spiritual “double agent” as you find in “JAMES-007” spy movies & espionage.

    Because God can never permit it amongst His own human servants or agents of light; neither will the devil allow it amongst its own human slaves or agents of darkness. Think of it, who amongst his two spiritual masters can the human spiritual double agent deceive, God or satan?

    As it is written:

    (Matthew 6:24… No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon [satan]…)

    (Isaiah 5:20… Woe unto them [double agents] that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter…)

    (James 3:11-12…Doth a fountain send forth at the same place sweet water and bitter?
    12 Can the fig tree, my brethren, bear olive berries? either a vine, figs? so can no fountain [prophet of God] both yield salt water and fresh [false & true works]…)

    As true believers we should endeavor to END all “scriptural disputes” at the SCRIPTURE!

    Romans 3;4…yea, let God be true, but every man a liar; As it is written!

  26. Yip, he very well can reappear now anytime, because the New Year service is coming up and the, beyond arrogant TB Joshua, does not want to miss that! Remember the big mouth must introduce some new foeffie to the world. A New Year message or ‘prophecy” and a new charm. – water, bracelet, stool, hair, teeth, stickers or maybe a bag to carry all his scrap around so that the devil will not get hold of you. Hie, hie . . .

  27. He has to repent publicly and then, after that, the world, whom he came to save (?), needs to see the fruit of that repentance first.

  28. You see – TB Joshua cannot handle criticism. Remember, he teaches his devotees – that they are not even allowed to think against him, let alone the whole world seeing the truth and the courts verdict! How dare they . . . So the waters got to hot for him. He ran away and hide, because he cannot manipulate all! Coward deluxe!

    Maybe tbj must start thinking of introducing a doll with his face on for the New Year charm?

    Won’t that be a neat idea for him?

  29. Secret Exposed: Prophet TB Joshua Buried Two Cows To Lay Church Foundation – Watch Video

    A female evangelist has accused TB Joshua of using victims of SCOAN collapse for his spiritual sacrifice to the idols that he worships, which are responsible for his success.
    The lady, Mabel as she is known, was part of the Synagogue game before God opened her eyes and sent her into full time prison ministry in Accra.
    According to an interview Mabel had with Daily Telegraph, that SCOAN building collapse is a form of mandatory spiritual sacrifice that TB Joshua had to offer to the idols behind his success.
    She further revealed that two cows were buried alive in the foundation of the main church auditorium.
    Evangelist Mabel who is currently in Ghana, disclosed that TB Joshua avoided going to court during the initial hearing because lying will forfeit the purpose of the ritual he used his victims for.
    She also revealed that more calamities will befall TB Joshua soon unless he gives his life to Christ, forsake his gods and stop deceiving innocent people trooping into Nigeria from all over the world.

    • foolish you @ Just Wonder. and co negative people, do you think Senior Prophet TB JOSHUA will bury 2 cows in his church or if you say he is demonic ,occulti or whatsoever?, do you think God will allow him to go to all this countries and organize Pastors Crusade, wereby 95% of all the pastors and Great Men of God come, and then he starts layings hands on them , praying for them, do you think an occultic person, will have such Guts to lay hands on powerful children of God, without being exposed?????????????????????????? or disgracedd?????? you people on this blog should respect your selfs and stop lieing againts a MAN OF GOD, A MAJOR MAN OF GOD FOR THAT MATTER.

      • You all made him a major man. Only you. Not God. How many atheists are major people in this world ?

        Let me point out to you:

        Nearly everybody knows these people. Now who did that all that then ? You can tell me. You can’t tell me that it was God now is it ? Do you know that God is not respecter of persons and that He can use anyone to achieve His ways ? But you have not figured this out yet.

        Now let’s go to Celebrities:

        Most of them the entire world do know them, even you. Now who did that then ?

        Ignorance is bliss.

        It was those that put him on the internet, and those that write stories about him of how great he is. But all he does is telling stories in a building or a stadium and hands out money. Anyone with guts can do this too. How many celebrities fill huge stadiums ? How many celebrities are coming in your home through your television, your ipad, your iphone, your samsung phone, tablet, computer ? Now who did that then ?

        Your ad hominem argument falls flat on the floor again and again. You need to go out more and find out that you were living in a very small room with no windows in it.

        You idolize, you are whisked away by fake miracles, that is the point here, but not the right God, but the god of this world and you revel in man what man can do by the help of others and money.

    • @Just Wonder

      that mabel woman is lying through her teeth.
      she is no different than people who have come to scoan and apologized to tb joshua for similar accusations. like the man who came to scoan before and apologized for saying tb joshua had horns among other things. and dont forget the man that was featured in beware of blasphemers, who came to scoan to apologize for spreading rumors all over nigeria about tb joshua having buried a pregnant woman in his church.
      sorry but im not buying into malicious lies.

      • This is part of the false prophets’ stock-in-trade! He gets people to make false testimonies of healings, deliverances and miracles. He also gets people to peddle unfounded allegations only for the same rogues to turn around to make their “confessions!”

    • Jamie, why are you so sensitive?
      If Jesus Christ is your Lord and Saviour, NO ONE’S words or a difference of opinion should insult you.
      What happens if the Lord leads you to stand against right-out heresy such as Jehova’s Witnesses or Mormons?
      And in this case, the truth is that as @General’s more objective comment states-as he quotes your own words- you actually seem to be fluctuating between “TBJ is a man of God/ no, he isn’t”, which is double minded.
      Personally, I understand you, because I also fought with such dilemmas.
      But that ended the moment I decided to make God’s Word my only source and understood that His Truth is ABSOLUTE.
      We must ALWAYS pray BUT…..
      For those who have knowledge of the Truth and claim that Christ is their Saviour, OPENLY AND CONTINIOUSLY DEFYING GOD’S WORD UNREPENTANT has its price whether we like it or not:
      “If we deliberately keep on sinning after we have received the knowledge of truth, no sacrifice for sins is left, but only a fearful expectation of judgement and of raging fire that will consume the enemies of God. Anyone who rejected the law of Moses died without mercy on the testimony of two or three witnesses. How much more severely do you think a man deserves to be punished who has trampled the Son of God under foot, who has treated as an unholy thing the blood of the covenant that sanctified him, and who has insulted the Spirit of Grace? For we know Him Who said ‘It is mine to avenge; I will repay’, and again ‘The Lord will judge HIS people. It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.”
      HEBREWS 10:26-31.
      Do you really think that God is interested in gifts and “anointings” when the Blood of His Covenant has been trampled?
      Or do you not consider blatant lies, abuse, arrogance at the expense of human lives and an unrepentant heart, evidence of trampling?
      I pray for all those at SCOAN who consciously distort the Truth to “sail on”.
      But not for forgiveness.
      That would be unbiblical.
      For Mercy that they may find a place of repentance, yes.
      No more, no less.
      Ultimately, it’s what God ACTUALLY says, not we.

      • I am perplexed about the responses on me. And even when i proove what i say by skripture, they dont confirm or change their insights. I am not dobble-minded. I do Judge the wrong approuchment of TB Joshua. I know as no other who TB Joshua is, i worked very near with him. We have to Judge tb joshua on 2 levels, 1. what is happening by sight and 2. what is happening by Spirit. The religious and carnal people, will ofcaurse Judge TB by their own limitation of sight- understanding. David was a man after Gods own Heart, even as a murderer. We live by the NT-covenant, and we have the right to take authority over wrong issues in a God-man. And thats what i do. The Holy Spirit told me last week what was going on in the Spirit-realm by TB Joshua. And i had to remove it. It means; TB Joshua will come-forth in greater power then ever. Our task is not, to hunt him until he repents. That is his own buzziness with God. We can only advize, correct and rebuke him. Our task is, to release ourselves from all pain, all grieves and all anger and all reprouch, for what TB has done to us. After that, you will see him for how he is seen by God. And still, we will see his miserable twistings and manipulations, but it is all in Gods hands. TB knows, he will never functioning again in his measure, when he does not change. If christians are not able to see a situation in Spirit, they will be in sin in their judgings. I still will leave the site, not because of being too sensitive, i have endured TB Joshua for years as a living hell. I leave because of the fact, that if i say something that is not in line with small-talks, they just reject. They dont have the Holy Goast in them. Only religious head-knowledge and a natural mean of judgement. If i show the ways of The Spirit, they just ignore me, or just deny what is said. If this site is only to proove they are right, without the deeper spiritual understanding, if the only act their frustrations and hardness out and dont show any, just any openess to understand what The spirit is, and what the spirit-realms are, then this site will still function by the same stirred-up feelings of being mis-treated. ,. Even the victums of the building-collaps, have to move-one, in spite of how they are treated. Civilized and wise behaviour is not in the man TB Joshua, so dont expect it. Only God can change him. God needs TB Joshua for His purposes, no-one else can do, what TB does, and what his assignement is for his Nation.

      • @jamie
        Sorry for the late response, but thank you for providing the scriptures it helps people to understand where you’re coming from a lot. For me, the key passage about anointing and gifting in the new covenant age is 1 Cor 12, especially verses 12-14 “Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ. For we were all baptized by one Spirit so as to form one body—whether Jews or Gentiles, slave or free—and we were all given the one Spirit to drink. Even so the body is not made up of one part but of many.” Yes, we have different gifts and different callings, but there is something fundamentally different compared to the OT times and that’s that we’re all one in Christ, all equal, all called, all anointed in the same spirit. Any theology that elevates certain people as “men of God” as if they are closer to God, or more anointed, or more holy undermines the gospel of Christ. That’s very much what they do at SCOAN with TB JOshua and the (ex) wisemen, but in a lot of charismatic circles the same error is made, and I hear elements of it in what you say.

        Anyway, stick around – debate and discussion is good, if you’re wrong it can correct you if you’re right it can strengthen you all the more, let iron sharpen iron. God bless.

      • Jamie, come backkkkkk !

        Why are you running ? I think you have some things right but other things not and we can debate that. You can debate that. You must understand like we all do, we cannot know all things and you know that in the bible Paul corrected Peter. And he accepted that. The people here believe you have a certain way of thinking, but in practice it is only working for charlatans because the just add to it by doing silly things on top of it to make it more interesting for others while they actually are being deceived. Anyone is no different, we all can believing things that are not right and they need to be corrected, but I believe you don’t want to be corrected about what you did. The things you wrote came over as sitting in two camps which is confusion sowing. You are either black or white in ones conviction, do not put water interesting the wine. We all have tasted what TB Joshua is like and we deceived to spit him out. He does not repent. He will only repent if he is cornered like he did with you all when you were his disciples. Now it is his turn.

        But unlikely if he has sold his soul to the Devil and has agreed to play that role with good knowledge of the bible. He is doing the opposite of what he is preaching. That’s what cult leaders do. I just saw another program of a Are you in a cult and the man was taking control of many minds by brainwashing them by telling them what they wanted to hear.

        Go back to the Hily Spirit and see you will not get a check in your own spirit about TB Joshua. Hecisxfalse and not chosen, he is appointed by men, like Saul was made king.

    • @Jamie, I’m sorry to see you go, your comments gave me much reason to think things over. Be that as it may, go well brother.

  30. I quote the Words of My Mentor Prophet Tbjoshua The persecution will suffer in the hands of detractors causes us to be known all over the World.
    The better a man is the worse he is thought of by his rivals .
    Everything Good in you is the cause of evil.
    What is good in you is the cause of evil.
    Love your neighbour as you love yourself and pray for those who persecute you .
    Your neighbour could be your enemy.


  31. Jesse, “” she has sometimes something good to say””. , i am sorry, but i dont fit in your vieuw about me. I am a called and choosen servant too 4 great world-churches. Power-churches. I am equipped with a full profhetic gift and i receive revelation each day. I learned by this site, that it is almost impossible to change the religious-minded people, . This is the reason why nothing worked for you. Only the born-again can understand what is happening in Scoan. If you dont have the spiritual eyes opened, you will never understand what is going on, and how God is dealing with it. He is still in charge.

    • @ Jamie,

      What does that mean ? Who chose you ? We are all chosen as a royal priesthood wherever we are…..

      It is written. Don’t go by whatever church is doing. You just said that all those who are in a church are carnal ? No ? I can join the largest church wherever. It just does not mean I am on the right path. You need to find out for what you are set apart for not because of this or that church, whoever they are.

      Play your part is all that counts, whether here or anywhere. It’s not always about power Jamie but about a relationship with God and His Holy Spirit by understanding bit by bit what He means in His Word. No church or pastor can teach you that, because they are all in a programme as far as I can experience and have been part of. Remember God is in Whispering to us, not in the stampede and lightshows of the church.

  32. Vooke; i dont know you, but nevertheless; goodbuy too. mr. Terrific? : You showed your best side. …………………………………. Tb Joshua watch? ………………Bless you all.

    • Okay, Jamie, feel free to come back anytime! There have been Visser, Vasilis, Doe, Soe, Ben and many others who have been missing in action or have become actual casualties and can no longer defend the false prophet……….

    • @ jamie

      jamie, for what its worth, i do believe you. especially what you said about saul. it does make a lot of sense.

      please dont leave yet.

      could you at least share what you mean by ” I know as no other who TB Joshua is, i worked very near with him. ” and …”i have endured TB Joshua for years as a living hell.”
      i know i have asked if you worked with tb joshua before. could you please share with me what that was like? your experience working with him and what made you leave?
      please email me at

  33. Hi Jeremiah,
    Is there any truth in this?

    JustBloggingTruth says:
    October 16, 2015 at 2:59 am
    “Jeremiah, how are the legal proceedings against scoan going in athens? do you guys have a strong case built or is it not going to stick? i’m referring to the abuse allegations? or perhaps you have left it in God’s capable hands?”

    What is happening in Athens? Do you know anything about this?

    • Everyone concerned in the abuse has moved on. Their wounds and most inner thoughts are known only to them.
      But as in such cases the 2 minors for different reasons chose to not take legal action when necessary-mostly family issues and public shame- and now it is too late….too many came against them as it is classical in such cases of manipulation, insinuating their own “share” in the abominations that took place.
      The rest of the girls- want nothing to do with the whole matter at large.
      You see, it involves too much hurt, too much deceit- and even though confessed publically by Andreas- a gradual denial of events as time went on, as people just like in the case of yours truly, focus on all the “good” he did for them.
      He did a lot of good for me too.
      But in the end the lies, falsehood and deception went beyond all this, most of all in the way it was handled, UNBIBLICALLY, ARROGANTLY.
      I hear that he still seeks office- and believe it or not- it is said he leads house fellowships with those who remained “faithful” (deceived) until the end.
      Have you heard of the parable of the thorn bush in the Old Testament? This is it.
      Anyway, if this says anything, we who were closer to him and most involved in SCOAN have ALL fled but one. And I am talking about a good 10 people here.
      Let everyone draw their own conclusions….
      And may true repentance and full consciousness of fault stir his and their hearts.

      • @ jeremiah

        what the devil meant for evil, the Lord can turn it around for good, and in your case the veil of deception was removed and the Lord opened your eyes. The bible says we should workout our own salvation with fear and trembling…Phil 2:12. and the path you have chosen is the narrow, but at least you have peace in knowing that it leads to life.
        i hope the rest of the people who left are still holding strong in the Lord. have you guys formed a new fellowship after leaving scoan, found a new church or do you just worship at home individually?

    • Most have simply closed down due to extreme frustration and disappointment, few-as my self- fellowship elsewhere but what’s important here is that no church can disappoint me now, for I have One Shepard, Jesus Christ, One Father, The Great I AM, One Mentor, the Holy Spirit.
      In this, I am much blessed!

  34. @Jeremiah;I’ve been following you close and closer Mr are a wavering reed,your wavering state is confusing you 1st,let me tell you this sir,you are not going to confuse tb Joshuawatch,you get me?say yes sir!

  35. @tb Joshua defending team;come on Guys defending a mortal man instead of defending the gospel and Jesus Christ our hope of glory,answer this question,how long you’ll defend for this charlatan?let me tell you straight,you know what?you wasting your time.the walls of jerricho fell down and Israel came out scoan walls fell down and tb Joshuawatch blog came out what?so what?

  36. @tb Joshua minions and stooges,to play a fair game Guys since iam a reasonable Man,why instead of wasting time defending Your MENTOR,SENIOR PROPHET,FATHER EARTHLY JESUS,why we don change a topic and defend something else.who is a best time world footballer Leo messi against cr7 ronaldo?Personaly I think Leo messi is the best for iam charmed with his sense of humour.lets go!!come on you dumb minded People,so called chritscoanian followers.

  37. @jammie:hey you,get alive and step out if you feel at tb Joshuawatch we don have time nurse your feelings.ok?Go and study your bible not to give us your dry morsel bread of scriptures.Damn..!!Go and have a nice time with your bible.hope to see you in Paradise one day!say yes sir!

  38. @Francis mulenga.I offer you Mr sir a bursary,with an accommodation and food+school fees with a pocket money of about R20000 monthly to attend any university or college to upgrade your dumb head with something better than defending your unbiblicaly Prophet.number two I will personaly teach you to discern between the move of the spirit of God from that occultic move@so called emmanuel tv.I think you can contact to give you money brother.OK?

  39. Actually I have no intention to reasoning with people whom -obviously- are serious mental cases, aka this site admins and ‘their people here. Actually, you people are very boring to me.

    I am very sorry for your families. I am very sorry for your children – if you have, – and I hope for you children sake, that you are not a child molester … You people are very suspicious to me because of your sociopath attitude.

    You people are insane, very sick.
    You should seek professional help, you should seek deliverance.

    I dont write this to offend, but what I see.

    And I advice all normal people whom stop by here, just to ignore these guys here – that is the worse for these bunch of psychotic whom find enjoy in hatred, in false accusation, in lies, etc.

    • You have no intention of reasoning, so you’ll just resort to insults and call us mental cases, child molester’s, sociopaths, insane, sick, psychotic liars. Wow, your “mentor” has taught you well.

  40. @Kegyelem go and find the meaning of the word SORY in oxford,then come back and use that word relevant to our topic.Go… for your life…move quickly you kegscoandev!!

  41. @keg whatever you’ve said i find it dumb and void..listen keg you boring Jesus+tb Joshua a favour go and drink 5 gallons of water then anoint your mind,then come here in the south I’ll kick your ass.then you know wanna do I’L give you the pure word from the throne of the most high…!say yes sir!

  42. Good morning! ‘Anel’ is definetly not a derivative of ‘Angel’. Young child, your writing is devil inspired, he was able to deceive you. Before you were born in SA, i relocated to Nigeria. So… motherly word of advice: 1) Do not point accusing finger at God’s anointed one, such accusation brings you to devil’s side, where you find yourself to be against God. 2) Do not rely on you feelings, impressions, intuition, education and exposure too much, examine everything in the Light of God’s Word, you will see my pastor differently. 3) According to old russian saying: “Do not spit into a well, you will be in need of a drink from it”. There are other wells ofcourse but in time of desperation you will be around that very well.
    Young lady, do you recommend Holy Spirit should make some adjustments and direct prophet T.B. Joshua to start explaining every move and touch he makes to critics watching? When “sorry” is in your mouth, find courage to say it out and loud also and you will know humility by T.B. J.
    May God Almighty open your eyes of understanding!
    With all my christian love, Lena Zubrisky

    • @Lena
      God’s anointed one is Jesus, period. Calling anyone else God’s anointed one is flat out blasphemy. Secondly, it is BECAUSE we take God’s word seriously that we can’t take seriously someone who allows people to call him messiah, or sing songs of worship to him, or who claims to hear from God, then edits “God’s words” so they say something different, or who disobeys the word of God and does not submit to authorities. Why should we take someone like that seriously?

    • @ Lena,

      How come you have the same ridiculous ways of what we see of other TB Joshua’s followers and funny gobbledigook. What well are you talking about ? The arrogance ! Do you know that there is only ONE Well and that is the One from Jesus Christ you need to drink from and not that of SCOAN.

      Isaiah 55:1 Ho! Every one who thirsts, come to the waters; And you who have no money come, buy and eat. Come, buy wine and milk Without money and without cost. 2 “Why do you spend money for what is not bread, And your wages for what does not satisfy? Listen carefully to Me, and eat what is good, And delight yourself in abundance.…

      Why would I want to drink from that dirty polluted well that comes from SCOAN ? Unbelievable. Any idea how silly you sound ?

      What did Jesus teach you now ? Again you read one part but skip the other:

      John 4:13 Jesus answered and said to her, “Everyone who drinks of this water will thirst again; 14 but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him shall never thirst; but the water that I will give him will become in him a well of water springing up to eternal life.” 15The woman said to Him, “Sir, give me this water, so I will not be thirsty nor come all the way here to draw.”…

      Away with that dirty well you are advertising and are so proud of. A well of self promotion and self adulation pushing my God and Saviour away for a substitute mortal man that has run it’s course with not having a mandate to build a illegal builiding without a building permit and then tells you four lies to scapegoat another while it was his own personal choice which he chooses to bribe off with filthy lucre.

      What “well” are you on about ? The “well” is polluted, muddy, unclear dirty water and undrinkable and continues to be undrinkable because of stubborn unrepentance. Please, do not compare you foul smelly dirty stinking well to the GREAT AND AWESOME WELL THAT JESUS CHRIST is Who is the only True God and Saviour of Mankind. God is One He will not share His Glory with another as you keep blabbering.

      If you read this properly you will see what the Holy Spirit is saying this to you and not sharing your own personal carnal conviction to peddle yourself forward with a con man and his entourage scam show.

    • Lena,

      The only one who has to say sorry is TB Joshua’s fanatic cursing followers who come online daily to spat out their vile bile curses, his disciples for upholding his lies with funny stories in the church and himself for doing his own thing and selling his soul for filthy lucre. May God rebuke you for saying otherwise.

    • @Lena
      1) Your motherly advice is a bad one because it advocates embracing a false prophet.
      2) Like @tbjoshuawatch rightly pointed out, the meaning of Christ is God’s Anointed One. Any such reference to anyone but Jesus is blasphemy.
      3) You said: “examine everything in the Light of God’s Word, you will see my pastor differently”
      In light of Deuteronomy 18:22 we see your pastor fulfill Matthew 24:24, Matthew 7:7:22-23
      4) And no the best is NOT yet to come! It is going to get worse until Jesus comes back, go read Matthew 24 [the whole chapter].

      Mat 24:7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.
      Mat 24:8 All these are the beginning of sorrows.
      Mat 24:9 Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake.
      Mat 24:21 For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.

      TB Joshua says “the BEST is yet to come”
      Jesus says “the WORST is yet to come”

      You can go with TB Joshua’s false view of these end-times which gives a false promise, but on this site we go with what Jesus God’s Anointed One says! Thank you very much!

      • Hi Lena

        Lol…that’s crafty. Spin it a little & make it look like we believe the same thing. No, I won’t fall for that. Sorry.
        Similar to Joel Osteen’s “your best life now”, your pastor promises the best in this lifetime, that’s why he gives you anointing water, or morning water as you call it nowadays, to help you get all those things you want – best job, best business performance, and and and…. That’s why Emm TV feeds you testimonies of “promotions at the workplace”, “big business contracts won” to encourage “your BEST life now” mentality. And what about Boko Haram? Wasn’t it supposed to die down some 2 or 3 years ago & people forget about it & be at peace & happy? No. It only got worse and utterly foiled your pastor’s prophetic prowess. He made a false promise [prophecy] & God exposed him.

  43. @lena: “according to Russian saying” it would be so nice to hear you if you were cementing what you talking with God’s word,now you quoting Russian saying,Let me tell you this lena you are out of context.if you understand me,please say thanx!

  44. @lena: “according to Russian saying” it would be so nice to hear you if you were cementing what you talking with God’s word,now you quoting Russian saying,Let me tell you this lena you are out of context.leave ANEL alone,when you love your prophet more than our savior Jesus,I give you permit him to adore him till death separates please..I say please lena…I say lena aseblief..leave ANEL.say yes sir i promise to leave ANEL!!

  45. Good morning neighbours!
    It is suprising how could some one be misunderstood by other people. It can not come to my mind to start comparing Jesus with any human being no matter the anointing of the person. My pastor is a brilliant preacher, there no such ideas in his teachings and i follow all of it. My russian well is about those people that condemn my church without really having knowledge of the place or thinking one hour standing by the entrance can make them to have the right opinion. Many tried to codemn with thier mouth my church and my pastor at one point in their lives, but after realising they were as wrong as they could possibly be did not waste time to come and apologise. Prophet T.B. Joshua welcomed them all and God blessed them through the prophet. So, the well i was talking about is a place one condemns and later comes to the same place looking for benefits. So, why not studing it well before condemning?
    There are many anointed men of God on the world. Lagos and Nigeria as a whole are blessed in this respect. Prophet T.B. Joshua is one of the anointed men of God wether you, my neighbours, believe it or not. He is a humble human being with a passion for people in his heart.
    Watch emmanuel tv for a long enough period of time or better still attend many services or apply for a visit, so that you, my neighbours, can see things clearly, revelation comes in the presence of God.
    I do not have any slightest intention of hurting anybody’s feelings, far from it. Learning to love you all! Trying to follow all instructions of the prophet.
    The best is yet to come!
    From Lena Zubrisky

    • Thanks for the reply Lena.

      I’m interested in what you think about the edited prophecy videos? Does God’s word need mistakes editing out? What do you think about the fact he disobeyed the authorities by not getting approval for his buildings and no coming to court when summoned? What do you think about the lies told about the Athens branch or John Zavlaris? What do you think about the times people have claimed he is “Jesus of this generation” or “messiah of our time” and it’s been broadcast without any correction on Emmanuel TV?

      You will find evidence of all this on our site.

      • Good morning!
        1). Prophecies i ever hear in the church from the mouth of prophet T.B.Joshua are all correct.
        2). Prophet T.B.Joshua is a very proper person all round. Collapse of a building is a controlled demolition.
        3). There must be a reason for not coming to the court, that can not be known to me.
        4). I have never been to Athens.
        5). T.B.Joshua is one of the prophets of God of our times. Reading Holy Bible is very profitable, no one in the church thinks prophet T.B.Joshua is a messiah. No reasonble person could ever think or claim to be a messiah.
        Keep watching emmanuel tv!
        God bless!
        With christian love, lena zubrisky

      • @lena
        1) You need to open your eyes then. Do I really need to show you the MULTIPLE times he’s edited out mistakes from prophecies? I could give you many.
        2) You’re dodging the question, no matter how the building collapsed – it was illegally constructed without permission or approval. How do you justify that illegal behaviour?
        3) Reason or no reason, he’s disobeying the authorities, in direct contradiction to scripture.
        4) You don’t need to have been to Athens to be able to understand that it was once an official SCOAN branch, and now SCOAN claim it never was.
        5) Emmanuel TV is full of blasphemies, watch this youtube playlist to hear someone misquoting John 3:16 to say that God so loved the world that he gave us TB JOshua, someone else calls him the “messiah of our time”, someone else claims he has been “sent to liberate the world”, and another person calls him “Jesus of our generation”. Every one of these clips is from Emmanuel TV, and they have never been retracted or corrected.

      • Hi, Are you still talking about the Collapse in SCOAN? Lena, you are shame to the society. Where do you take time to scrutinise Scoan,s Activities. Look here, as Long as you keep talking about A PERSON, YOU SURELY HAVE INTEREST WITH PERSON. PLEASE Lena waist that time to PRAY TO YOUR GOD. Leave the SCOAN Believers alone. Can you imagine telling ALL THE SCOAN FOLLOWERS TO OPEN THEIR EYES? We are Diplomats and Graduates coupled with Brilliance from our God for that matter, we can think for ourselves and read with understanding. Who are you to tell billions of brains to open their eyes. PLEASE GO BACK TO SCHOOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lady !!!!!. and stop brainwashing poor people with your vague ideas.

      • @tbjoshuawatch
        Did you mean to put a link to youtube playlist in comment? The link is not there. Maybe try again.

    • @Lena
      You said: “Trying to follow all instructions of the prophet.”

      This is quite telling! Exactly our point!
      In SCOAN they walk according TB Joshua’s word and then use some Bible verses as footnotes.

      • Yes, when you are a visitor surely you do exactly as the host want. TB Joshua never advertise His calling.

  46. @lena “NEIGHBOURS” you call me your NEIGHBOUR? Are you sure?listen here Iam not your NEIGHBOUR,ok?not a single time in this life i would hate my neighbour by allowing him to attend a service@scoan,for the bible says “love your neighbour as you love yourself”;all of my NEIGHBOURS are born again Christians worshiping God in truth and spirit,they love the truth.they don manipulate vulnerable believers by twisting the word of God to favor their wicked motives..!now LENA do for me a favor,Go and look the meaning of the NEIGHBOUR IN OXFORD DICTIONARY,then come back and try to explain what you were saying.don forget to quote some scriptures(not your Prophet) when you come back.shhhhhhhhhh please don tell your NEIGHBOURS I love you Lena,Ok?say thanx Mr sir!lets Go!

  47. @Anne “DIPLOMATS AND GRADUATES WITH BRILLIANCE”glory be to God that@scoan u’ve got PHD’s& following Tb with primary certificate..let me correct you 1st,anne you are out of context.number 2 in God education doesn’t count at all,the thing which matters is the gnosis(spirit of knowledge) of God//2peter3:18.before I take time to lol,let me tell you my heart I do care for you&and I love you Anne Girl.say ok Sir!lets Go…!

  48. Hi general, why would you think i make up something? That is my own interpretation of “THE BEST is yet to come!” That we are going to enjoy the best of prophet’s anointing, GOD promised to the prophet bigger anointing with bigger responsibilities, and most importantly we are going to enjoy the best time with JESUS, JESUS is the ONE that is the BEST and HE is coming! That is how i want to understand it.
    GOD bless!

    • @Lena,

      He was saying that wayyyyy before, that the best is yet to come, again also a plagiarism which is said by numerous secularists as quote. You think it was coined by TB Joshua. Really ?

      Proverbs 19:22 The desire of a man is his kindness: and a poor man is better than a liar.

      Proverbs 19:21 Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.

      Proverbs 28:6 Better is the poor that walketh in his uprightness, than he that is perverse in his ways, though he be rich.

      Deceived by their gain and greed is your path you walk upon.

      Psalm 34:8 O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.

      You who trusts the deceive and false private prophet rather than Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit that you can receive for yourself to live you life blessed.

      I see that you are out for a hand out from TB Joshua’s benefactor charity of monies that are not his’ but from hard working people who will never be able to make a selfie in his private plane, nor sit in his 1.7 million dollar house in South Africa and is constantly targetting for more tourism and inside furred with wads of money wallets to have the greatest show on earth of deception.

      • And indeed he was saying that longgg time before that the best was yet to come, well here it comes and all of a sudden his illegal hostel without a building permit collapsed. Hmmm yeah indeed. And not even to think about that his prayers were against all this kind of happenings before that. And ofcourse the false confirmation prophecy of CS Upthegrove that said there is a wall of fire around the ministry. Really ? So if there was a wall of fire around the ministry, nobody could as he claims coming in and do controlled demolition, or even come over the ministry with a strange jet without suffering the wrath of God he is been praying for. Not even to mention that all that, he does not want to say this openly in a Court with his hand upon a Bible and swear before everyone to see. Yes, yes ! Check Mate !

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