News updates

The inquest is continuing into the collapse of the SCOAN building that killed 116 people. Here are the most recent developments:

  • Town planner and consultant to SCOAN Bisi Adedire confirmed that the church did not have a permit for the building extension, and they knew it: “I told the church they have contravened the law in a way by building without approval but they said they could regularise it”. He went on to say that having approval does not guarantee the quality of the building, and the collapse of the guesthouse cannot be blamed on the church’s failure to follow protocol (source: Yahoo). Despite this claim from Adedire, the same article goes on to state that “Preliminary investigations revealed structural defects caused the collapse, and officials have said other buildings at the SCOAN compound were also sloppily built”.

  • The High Court in Ikeja will consider TB Joshua’s latest attempt to put a stop to the inquest tomorrow (22nd December). The fact that SCOAN is so insistent that this inquest ceases is surely the most damning evidence against them. Pray that the authorities will remain strong in the face of this opposition and insist on the full, due legal process being completed.

  • A British-Nigerian property developer who was a visitor to SCOAN on the day of the tragedy has been giving evidence on their behalf. He notes that the first responders were unprepared, ill-equipped and were more concerned about speaking to the press than rescuing people. Apparently, of the 132 people rescued, 125 were rescued by church workers (source). It should be recalled that the emergency responders tell a very different story about being blocked and attached by church workers for the first 3 days before the intervention of Lagos State governor. Regardless of who’s story is closer to the truth, even if the unlikely figure of 125/132 people being rescued by the church is true – don’t forget that 116 out of the 116 people who died, died because the SCOAN church building collapsed on them.

Being the Christmas season now, we don’t expect to be writing any new posts until the new year, but if there are any developments we will post them to our Facebook page. In the mean time, we recommend you check out Joshua Debunker’s youtube channel, we don’t know who is behind this, but they are putting in a lot of work producing videos that expose TB Joshua. Also, a reader sent us a link to an excellent, thorough, well researched and biblically grounded video they had put together about TB Joshua. If you are not sure what to make of TB Joshua, we recommend you take the time to watch this presentation.

Merry Christmas to all our readers, our thoughts and prayers are with those who, thanks to SCOAN are facing this season in the absence of their loved ones.

High Court update

It would appear that we misunderstood the decision made on the 5th December. As we now understand it, SCOAN’s lawyers had appealed to the high court to put an end to the inquest and not invite TB Joshua as a witness, and to the coroner to put his inquest on hold until the decision of the high court. The decision made on the 5th December was the coroners decision, on the 22nd December, the High Court will rule.

Mark the 22nd in your diaries, pray that the injustice TB Joshua is wreaking on these victims each time he tries to sabotage the court proceedings will be put to an end once and for all.

To TB Joshua and the Lagos State Government, we remind you of Proverbs 29:4 “The king gives stability to the land by justice, But a man who takes bribes overthrows it”.

High Court dismisses SCOAN’s appeal

Thank God that sanity and justice prevailed today as SCOAN’s latest attempt to sabotage the inquest into their deadly building collapse failed. SCOAN appealed to the high court to intervene and put an end to the inquest, not surprisingly the judge dismissed the application.

Let’s pray that there will be no more time-wasting, and that the families of the 116 people tragically and unnecessarily killed will get justice soon.

In other random news, a group calling itself “TB Joshua Lover international” has given the federal government of Nigeria 72 hours to supply adequate information and details of SCOAN’s “mysterious aircraft” or it will present the case to the World court at the Hague in Netherlands. The group’s leader said that “Prophet Joshua is an international figure and his present ordeal is of interest to the international community”. The ordeal of the bereaved families who are suffering and grieving is of interest to the international community, the illegal extension and lack of compulsory building insurance for a hostel holding international guests is of interest, the constant attempts to undermine the legal process is of interest, but there is less sympathy for the self inflicted “ordeal” of TB Joshua.

Court case update

Thanks to Nosa for posting this update.

I guess the Coroner is only confirming what the whole world knows already that this prophet has “116 skeletons” hidden in his closet as filed in the report below:

On Wednesday, Mr. Komolafe said that the applications challenging the inquest are “stalling” the enquiry.

“It’s like you don’t want your prophet to come to court,” he told Mr. Ojo.

“The order you are seeking in that motion…. We have to take this application before we move on, it will be an impediment.”

We can see now that even the Coroner has acknowledged the legal fact that the scoan prophet is now an “impediment” and a nuisance to his inquest by ostensibly trying to prevent him from uncovering the “truth” behind the real cause of the building collapse that led to such high mortality figures of 166 victims…

He seems to forget that the high court judge will similarly “frown” on him if he also refuses to “obey” his own high court summons just as he is doing with the coroner court summons…

Courts don’t like disregarding or disrespectful witnesses as a rule of thumb and he will find no solace or sympathy with the high court from all indications…

Plus the scoan prophet instructed his lawyers to tell the Coroner to “stop inviting him to court”…

What a Cheeky Cheek!

This “Tongue-in-Cheek” prophet probably thinks this “court summon” is not a “court order” but merely a “polite invitation” to a “tea party” which he can easily decline with just a politel…Thanks but no thanks…I’ll Pass!

His “cash sniffing” lawyers just wanna get paid “big time” so they are playing him like a little “yoyo” with these legal delay tactics so as wring out more “cash money” from their “cash cow” after which they’ll throw him out to the legal pack of wolves and baying for his blood and waiting patiently for him to step into the docks and testify as soon as the game is up for their delay tactics…

Hence they’re giving him all manner of “wrong” legal counsels that his now causing him be at “variance” with the court and helping him to dig his “grave” deeper than 6 feet deep!

Now that he has the Ace of “Spade” in his hands…
We wish him happy “digging” ….

Hardrock Construction and Engineering Company is the company that handled the construction of the collapsed six-storey building belonging to the Synagogue Church of All Nations, SCOAN, the church’s lawyer told the coroner inquest probing the cause of the building collapse on Wednesday.

The church had previously refused to furnish the coroner with the name of the contractor handling the building of the guesthouse that collapsed on September 12, killing about 115 worshipers, mostly South Africans.

Now that we know the name of the elusive construction company that “apparently” constructed the collapsed building after much pressure and threats from the Coroner…
A welcome development…let’s see if this company is a “fall guy” or a “real culprit” in this murder inquest…
From online searches there are previous notable jobs or contracts from a firm that claims to partner with “expatriates” in executing their contract…

Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt till we find out more about them…at least they too can now be directly “served” a court summon from the Coroner to come and testify on what they know about this incident…

The Coroner is making progress with his forceful attitude as “force” is the only language that “pharaoh” understands…Kudos!

Interesting Times…

Why is TB Joshua avoiding the court?

SCOAN-Collapse-2On the 5th November, TB Joshua was summoned to court as a witness in the inquiry into the SCOAN building collapse. He didn’t turn up, because (his lawyer said) he hadn’t personally received a witness summons. This is only a half truth, because his lawyer had received it on his behalf, something that is perfectly valid according to Lagos State law.

On the 18th of November, he failed to turn up to court for a second time. This time, no excuse was given, and the lawyer said he would order his arrest. The next day, lawyers acting on behalf of TB Joshua filed an application to Lagos State High Court asking them to declare that the invitation on him to appear as a witness before the coroner was a breach of his right to fair hearing, as no case had been established against his person before the coroner (source).

This last sentence is very revealing. At this stage TB Joshua is only being called as a witness, and surely nobody can argue that the general overseer of a church who’s guesthouse collapsed, killing over 100 people isn’t an essential witness in the inquest. A witness is just someone who is thought to have knowledge relevant to the event, a witness doesn’t need a case established against them before appearing in court!

According to SCOAN, this building collapse was an attack on them. This means over 100 of their visitors were murdered by an unknown terrorist organisation. If they believe they have evidence supporting their claim, they should be going straight to court as a witness to present it, rather than uploading videos on youtube. Secondly, they should have immediately ceased holding large public gatherings on a site that had been compromised by terrorists. The fact they have done neither of these things is clear evidence that they don’t believe their own stories and they’re just lying to cover up their own guilt. Why else would TB Joshua be acting as if he’s a defendant while he’s only a witness in the case?

We close this article with comments from TB Joshua’s lawyer after his second non-appearance, interspersed with our own comments:

“The Prophet has respect for the law of the land and will not do anything that will hurt the law,If at the end of the day, it is appropriate for The Prophet to appear he will be in court.

TBJW Comment:It is entirely appropriate that “The prophet” (sorry, capital P is not appropriate here) appear in court as a witness, over 100 people died in his guesthouse! The fact that he has failed to show up twice (without prior warning) shows that he has no respect for the law of the land and is not afraid to hurt it.

We do not intend to abuse the legal process.

TBJW Comment:You have already been abusing the legal process by not turning up to court and submitting “evidence” of what you think happened to youtube rather than to the court.

Besides, The Prophet has a milk of human kindness. He is still grieving over the horrendous loss of lives. Coming to court is not proper. It is not a good way of showing respect for the dead.”

TBJW Comment:Showing respect for the dead would have meant allowing rescue workers to immediately gain access to the site to save more lives. It would mean not trying to cover up the disaster by claiming it had just involved a few people who were now being rescued. It would have meant cancelling the meeting the next day, rather than continuing as normal while a few hundred metres away people were dying in agony. It would have meant telling the truth to reporters, not bribing them to only report the good things. It would have meant paying for private mortuaries so the bodies didn’t rot beyond recognition in inadequate facilities. It would have meant immediately releasing list of people present in the building so the investigation could be conducted. It would have meant giving all the assistance required to the court in order to discover the truth and get justice for the dead.

Why is TB Joshua avoiding court? It appears he’s worried the truth will be known.

Is TB Joshua about to be arrested?

Apparently TB Joshua has failed to turn up to court for a second time:

Oyetade Komolafe was furious that TB Joshua was not in court for the start of the hearing, which is examining the circumstances of the September 12 tragedy in which 116 people were killed.

“So, TB Joshua is not in court, the (building) contractor is not in court. Any of the witnesses who is not in court today will be arrested,” the coroner said.

“I will issue a warrant of arrest for such a witness. I think the court has been lenient enough.” (source)

What ever happened to “Good Christians are good citizens“?

In other news, the origins of the mysterious plane has been discovered, and the idea of it having anything to do with the building collapse has been dispelled:

“We have found out that the aircraft belongs to the NAF (Nigerian Air Force) and was said to be on a circuit training mission at the time of the incident,” Police investigator Superintendent Olusola Agoi told the hearing on Wednesday.

“This was confirmed by the NAF,” he added.

The plane, which was flying at 1,100 feet (300 metres), was on the flight path to the nearby Lagos airport, according to experts who dismissed Joshua’s claim.

“Based on the distance of the aircraft to the building, it was practically impossible for the aircraft to cause the collapse,” Lagos State building inspector Olutoyin Ayinde had said last month. (source)

Remains of SCOAN victims returned to South Africa

Remember the families of the deceased in your thoughts and prayers as their grief is reawakened with the returning of their loved ones bodies from Lagos. News updates are listed below courtesy of Just Wonder.

A women is carried by officials after collapsing from grief

The names of the deceased being read out too much to bear for some of the family members who are crying loudly
A stretcher being brought in for one of the traumatized relatives

Member of Lagos repatriation team dies of malaria

Pretoria – A department of health employee died after contracting malaria while assisting in Nigeria, Minister in the Presidency Jeff Radebe said on Sunday.
Radebe said Pieter Fourie, who was a member of the medical team sent to Lagos for the repatriation of the church building collapse victims, died on Friday.

The repatriation of the bodies was a concerted effort: Ngcakula

Remains of Nigeria building collapse victims arrive in SA

CENTURION – A plane carrying the remains of 74 of the victims of the Nigerian church collapse has landed at Waterkloof air base in Pretoria.

‘Lagos victims’ bodies are rotting’

“Out of concern for potential secondary trauma to the families as well as public health considerations, government discourages all families from viewing the mortal remains.”
“The bodies of about 80 South Africans killed when a church building collapsed in Lagos more than three weeks ago are decomposing in inadequate Nigerian mortuaries….”

A statement issued by the South African government on September 28 hinted at the state of the bodies: “Part of what was communicated to the families is that, due to the scale of the disaster, passage of time and climatic conditions, most of the mortal remains are not in a good state.

Nigeria tragedy: Aaron Motsoaledi

Bathabile Dlamini on the arrival of the SA bodies from Nigeria

LAGOS – Minister in the presidency Jeff Radebe says the remains of only 74 of the 85 victims of the Lagos building collapse will be brought back home.

Briefing the media in the Nigerian capital, Radebe said 80 South African specialists are still busy trying to identify the bodies of the other victims.
The health professionals and police officials arrived there on Friday night and were deployed to three hospitals to oversee the repatriation process.
The medical team has urged families not to view the bodies.
A religious service will be held at Waterkloof at 2pm on Sunday and TB Joshua, the ‘man of god’ could not!

Families of Nigeria disaster victims heading to Pretoria

SA government positive about bodies repatriation

Sophie Mokoena on repatriation of Nigeria tragedy victim’s bodies