Why is TB Joshua avoiding the court?

SCOAN-Collapse-2On the 5th November, TB Joshua was summoned to court as a witness in the inquiry into the SCOAN building collapse. He didn’t turn up, because (his lawyer said) he hadn’t personally received a witness summons. This is only a half truth, because his lawyer had received it on his behalf, something that is perfectly valid according to Lagos State law.

On the 18th of November, he failed to turn up to court for a second time. This time, no excuse was given, and the lawyer said he would order his arrest. The next day, lawyers acting on behalf of TB Joshua filed an application to Lagos State High Court asking them to declare that the invitation on him to appear as a witness before the coroner was a breach of his right to fair hearing, as no case had been established against his person before the coroner (source).

This last sentence is very revealing. At this stage TB Joshua is only being called as a witness, and surely nobody can argue that the general overseer of a church who’s guesthouse collapsed, killing over 100 people isn’t an essential witness in the inquest. A witness is just someone who is thought to have knowledge relevant to the event, a witness doesn’t need a case established against them before appearing in court!

According to SCOAN, this building collapse was an attack on them. This means over 100 of their visitors were murdered by an unknown terrorist organisation. If they believe they have evidence supporting their claim, they should be going straight to court as a witness to present it, rather than uploading videos on youtube. Secondly, they should have immediately ceased holding large public gatherings on a site that had been compromised by terrorists. The fact they have done neither of these things is clear evidence that they don’t believe their own stories and they’re just lying to cover up their own guilt. Why else would TB Joshua be acting as if he’s a defendant while he’s only a witness in the case?

We close this article with comments from TB Joshua’s lawyer after his second non-appearance, interspersed with our own comments:

“The Prophet has respect for the law of the land and will not do anything that will hurt the law,If at the end of the day, it is appropriate for The Prophet to appear he will be in court.

TBJW Comment:It is entirely appropriate that “The prophet” (sorry, capital P is not appropriate here) appear in court as a witness, over 100 people died in his guesthouse! The fact that he has failed to show up twice (without prior warning) shows that he has no respect for the law of the land and is not afraid to hurt it.

We do not intend to abuse the legal process.

TBJW Comment:You have already been abusing the legal process by not turning up to court and submitting “evidence” of what you think happened to youtube rather than to the court.

Besides, The Prophet has a milk of human kindness. He is still grieving over the horrendous loss of lives. Coming to court is not proper. It is not a good way of showing respect for the dead.”

TBJW Comment:Showing respect for the dead would have meant allowing rescue workers to immediately gain access to the site to save more lives. It would mean not trying to cover up the disaster by claiming it had just involved a few people who were now being rescued. It would have meant cancelling the meeting the next day, rather than continuing as normal while a few hundred metres away people were dying in agony. It would have meant telling the truth to reporters, not bribing them to only report the good things. It would have meant paying for private mortuaries so the bodies didn’t rot beyond recognition in inadequate facilities. It would have meant immediately releasing list of people present in the building so the investigation could be conducted. It would have meant giving all the assistance required to the court in order to discover the truth and get justice for the dead.

Why is TB Joshua avoiding court? It appears he’s worried the truth will be known.

Is TB Joshua about to be arrested?

Apparently TB Joshua has failed to turn up to court for a second time:

Oyetade Komolafe was furious that TB Joshua was not in court for the start of the hearing, which is examining the circumstances of the September 12 tragedy in which 116 people were killed.

“So, TB Joshua is not in court, the (building) contractor is not in court. Any of the witnesses who is not in court today will be arrested,” the coroner said.

“I will issue a warrant of arrest for such a witness. I think the court has been lenient enough.” (source)

What ever happened to “Good Christians are good citizens“?

In other news, the origins of the mysterious plane has been discovered, and the idea of it having anything to do with the building collapse has been dispelled:

“We have found out that the aircraft belongs to the NAF (Nigerian Air Force) and was said to be on a circuit training mission at the time of the incident,” Police investigator Superintendent Olusola Agoi told the hearing on Wednesday.

“This was confirmed by the NAF,” he added.

The plane, which was flying at 1,100 feet (300 metres), was on the flight path to the nearby Lagos airport, according to experts who dismissed Joshua’s claim.

“Based on the distance of the aircraft to the building, it was practically impossible for the aircraft to cause the collapse,” Lagos State building inspector Olutoyin Ayinde had said last month. (source)

Remains of SCOAN victims returned to South Africa

Remember the families of the deceased in your thoughts and prayers as their grief is reawakened with the returning of their loved ones bodies from Lagos. News updates are listed below courtesy of Just Wonder.

A women is carried by officials after collapsing from grief

The names of the deceased being read out too much to bear for some of the family members who are crying loudly
A stretcher being brought in for one of the traumatized relatives

Member of Lagos repatriation team dies of malaria

Pretoria – A department of health employee died after contracting malaria while assisting in Nigeria, Minister in the Presidency Jeff Radebe said on Sunday.
Radebe said Pieter Fourie, who was a member of the medical team sent to Lagos for the repatriation of the church building collapse victims, died on Friday.


The repatriation of the bodies was a concerted effort: Ngcakula


Remains of Nigeria building collapse victims arrive in SA

CENTURION – A plane carrying the remains of 74 of the victims of the Nigerian church collapse has landed at Waterkloof air base in Pretoria.


‘Lagos victims’ bodies are rotting’

“Out of concern for potential secondary trauma to the families as well as public health considerations, government discourages all families from viewing the mortal remains.”
“The bodies of about 80 South Africans killed when a church building collapsed in Lagos more than three weeks ago are decomposing in inadequate Nigerian mortuaries….”

A statement issued by the South African government on September 28 hinted at the state of the bodies: “Part of what was communicated to the families is that, due to the scale of the disaster, passage of time and climatic conditions, most of the mortal remains are not in a good state.


Nigeria tragedy: Aaron Motsoaledi


Bathabile Dlamini on the arrival of the SA bodies from Nigeria


LAGOS – Minister in the presidency Jeff Radebe says the remains of only 74 of the 85 victims of the Lagos building collapse will be brought back home.

Briefing the media in the Nigerian capital, Radebe said 80 South African specialists are still busy trying to identify the bodies of the other victims.
The health professionals and police officials arrived there on Friday night and were deployed to three hospitals to oversee the repatriation process.
The medical team has urged families not to view the bodies.
A religious service will be held at Waterkloof at 2pm on Sunday and TB Joshua, the ‘man of god’ could not!

Families of Nigeria disaster victims heading to Pretoria


SA government positive about bodies repatriation


Sophie Mokoena on repatriation of Nigeria tragedy victim’s bodies


South African lawyer speaks out in defence of TB Joshua

South African lawyer Bally Chuene has been speaking out in defense of TB Joshua, a reader wrote in with the following questions:

I just have a couple of questions I would like to ask on this video I saw tbjoshuafanclub posting everywhere, based on this original article by SABC.

I have googled Bally Chuene and was shocked at what I discovered. Chuene was a former lawyer to Nelson Mandela, who has been implicated in a R200,000 fraud scandal and is said to have used his money and influence to try to hush up the fact a child drowned at his property. How ironic is this? Unless people/journalists is conspiring against him as well?

The original article on SABC News is dated 29 September 2014 and note that SABC uploaded the youtube video posted above on the 28th of September. Bally Chuene states he visited Nigeria around a week ago according to the article and the youtube video. If you subtract seven days it means he must have been in Nigeria around the 20th or 21st of September at the earliest. The incident happened on the 12th of September?

So how does he know whether church members interfered with emergency workers? Was he there on that day? No of course not, so what rubbish is this? What authority does he have then and why should anyone even listen to him? In fact, he is a lawyer, not a rescue worker so what relevance does he have in this matter? He was not even on the ground that day when it happened and seems to me not even the rest of that particular week, so his argument is weak to say the very least. Why did no one question him to ask but how do you know these things if you were not even there?

Yes it is very possible that the rest is true that the church provided 11 ambulances etc. some days later when they realised they cannot get away anymore trying to convince people that only a couple of people were injured in the incident and that these injuries were not serious.

Those statements by the church is well documented and cannot be changed which is of course proof that they were trying to hide the 116 deaths that took place at the time. Proof of when these ambulances were summoned, the date, should not be hard to obtain.

So even this video leaves a lot of question marks and a lot of explaining to do.

TB Joshua fails to appear at court

TB Joshua was expected in court yesterday, but never turned up. His lawyer claims TB Joshua has not personally received a witness summons:

“There is need to make certain clarification. I want to inform the court that as at today no summons to appear before this court has been personally served on Prophet T.B. Joshua. No witness summon has been served. It was on Friday that the court bailiff tried to serve summons on Prophet T.B. Joshua but unfortunately he was not around because he was attending to issues of victims that died. The bailiff cannot depose to an affidavit that Prophet T.B. Joshua received a witness summon. I do not want it to look as if the prophet was served and he did not come. Prophet T.B. Joshua was not served, he was unavoidably absent. This has to be done personally.”

The magistrate did not accept this excuse, he said that according to Lagos state law, legal counsel could accept summons on behalf of their clients “That is why I said will you accept service for Prophet T.B. Joshua? Tell the prophet to come or do you want me to ask the DPO at Ikotun to lay siege at the Church?” (source)

It will be interesting to see what happens over the next few days, let’s hope justice is done and those held captive at SCOAN are released safely before becoming entangled in whatever chaos may ensue.

Nosa Osaghae responds to critics

Nosa Osaghae

Nosa Osaghae

Over a year ago, we published a shocking testimony from a man called Nosa Osaghae who claimed to have been tortured at TB Joshua’s SCOAN church. We only published it after confirming the story was true via some people who were present at the time. After publishing it, it was revealing that supporters of TB Joshua focused on trying to justify the abhorrent experience Nosa was put through rather than questioning whether it was true (its truth seemed to be taken for granted). That’s until a few weeks ago when some SCOAN supporters have started “exposing” Nosa’s story as false because they can’t find a mention of it in a book he published about his experience at SCOAN. Nosa responds in full below, but to summarise: the incident is not written about in the book because the book was published in 2005 and the torture incident happened at the end of 2006.

Over to Nosa:
The book Synagogue of Satan was printed and published in 2005 long after I had left the synagogue church in late 2003 (where I stayed for just about 3 weeks) and never came back there until that eventful day in 2006…

The fact of my leaving the church was based on my initial observation of their unscriptural practices which I clearly documented in the book with no intention of even mentioning the names of these “two churches” in the book namely “Synagogue Church & Christ Embassy” as at then; as my primary focus was not to point accusing fingers at them directly but to warn other potentially deceived Christians like myself of being lured into such churches because of the attraction of such false miracles, lying signs & wonders which had captivated my imagination as a new born babe-in-Christ who had repented from his worldly ways only a few months earlier in that same year in March 2003.

Now there are no fabrications, complexities or disparities if all these events are placed in their proper chronological order i.e

  1. I went the first time uninvited to synagogue church in November 2003 or thereabouts as a “visitor” and intending member and was unexpectedly invited by the prophet to “stay or live” with him in his church as a trainee minister or “disciple” as they call it
  2. I remained in the synagogue church as a disciple for approximately 3 weeks before the end of the year 2003, long enough for me to decide it was not a place for me to grow in spirit and in truth of the Gospel of Christ…which today has now proven to be the right decision
  3. I finally published the book “Synagogue of Satan” two years later in 2005 in print format after much spiritual battles against the so many life threatening spiritual attacks I received from the demons in that synagogue church as soon as I left the church…which made me resolve to write down my experiences there as a book and then publish the book so as to to help save others like me who were facing such challenges of faith…I know many people who contacted me after reading this book and were delivered from such bondage of fellowshipping in both synagogue & christ-embassy churches just by the knowledge of the truth contained in that book
  4. I went a second time to that synagogue church in November 2006 to deliver that message to that woman (much against my will as I had previously vowed never ever to step my foot in that place for good) simply because I was overwhelmingly persuaded and convinced that the message was from the Lord and that He wanted that woman out of that church by “all means” whom He confirmed was a “special vessel” to both myself and Brother Stanley who accompanied me to that church on that fateful Friday…so I obediently went there “again” after all these years to pass that message to her…I know for a fact that this same woman has since left the church according to the perfect will of God and I have never seen her or had any contact with her since that day till date neither do I intend to as I have only done that which the Lord commanded me and that’s that.
  5. The only reason all these synagogue fanatics are still making such wimpy noises is simply because I am still trying my best to obey the Lord’s commandment not “sue” this prophet and his synagogue church for human right abuses and torture against me and Brother Stanley my companion in the “sufferings of faith” that we endured while doing the Lord’s business…like other messengers of God endured in the Bible
  6. If this synagogue people dare to provoke me further on this matter, I will instruct my lawyer to immediately file a suit of “torture & human rights abuse” against this prophet and his church in this very month of November 2014; eight long years after that heinous crime was committed against me…so they will know better than to call me a “liar and fabricator” when their lying & fabricating “prophet” comes face to face with me in a law court. Let’s see how he will deny in the court of law that they did not indeed torture and abuse me that day at his behest and instructions while they were busy filming the entire “gory” show with their ubiquitous “ETV” cameras…
  7. Maybe they think that because I AM TRYING MY BEST TO OBEY THE VOICE OF THE LORD it means that I am lying…but i just might decide to sue the skin of this man’s back as an act done out of provocation…you don’t torture a man in a church and turn around to call him a liar…that’s insult on injury.

Please post this response of mine with this final warning to these synagogue posters who were not abused & tortured by their church like I was; that if they dare speak “evil” of the pain, misery, agony, torment and abuse I “suffered” at the hands of their prophet and church I vow before heaven and earth that I will make their prophet and his church “suffer” for what they they did to me legally, media-wise and otherwise regardless of the consequences whether good or bad for both of us.

A Christian may look outwardly as peaceful as a pool teeming with “Piranhas” until you mistakenly tread into the peaceful pool to provoke them…then you will know that no danger in the water compares to the ferocious attack of piranhas not even the great white sharks…

Perhaps this particular “new” provocation of theirs is exactly what has just broken the camel’s back and tipped the legal scale for me to go and seek a judicial re-dress in this matter regardless…

We’ll soon see ourselves in court!!!