Ghanian pastor: Do not rely on anointed water for protection against Ebola

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President of the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC), Apostle Dr. Opoku Onyinah, has cautioned Ghanaians not to rely on Anointing Oil and Water for protection against the fasting spreading deadly Ebola virus since proper observation of sanitation is one of the core values God has instructed mankind to practice to stay healthy.

The whole article is well worth reading.

Namibia health minister warns people not to visit TB Joshua

Following on the from the Zimbabwe health minister’s warning, Dr Richard Kamwi, the minister of health and social services warned his country that “No Namibians should take the risk of travelling to Ebola-affected countries for religious congregation. Visiting Ebola-hit countries will put us all at risk of getting the infection and spreading the disease to Namibia.” (source)

It’s encouraging to see countries taking the threat of charlatans such as TB Joshua seriously during this crisis. Neither Zimbabwe or Namibia have had a case of Ebola so far. This is in stark contrast to Sierra Leone (the one country supported by TB Joshua), whose problem is only getting worse.

TB Joshua’s cowardly U-turn

TB Joshua pledged 2000 bottles of anointed water to any affected country who would request it. He also said (multiple times) that he would personally deliver and administer the anointed water. See this video, and the timings below.

8:25 – If they invite me in the capacity of government, I will not only send the anointed water, I will carry it myself.

8:55 – I will not only send 2000 anointed water, I trust the anointed water. I will go myself there.

9:34 – here is TB Joshua, ready to go anywhere, not only sending, [inaudible] I will carry the anointed water, I will even spray it everywhere.

10:00 – Not only 2000 anointed water, but I, TB Joshua, that is my calling.

A few days later, Sierra Leone put in an official request (or so SCOAN would have us believe). The anointed water was duly loaded onto a chartered jet (someone should explain to this millionaire pastor about Fedex, think of what the $50,000 spent on the jet could have contributed to the fight against Ebola), and sent with great fanfare to Sierra Leone, but without its master.

The press in Sierra Leone are reporting that “A female representative of the Nigerian pastor, [is] in Freetown to oversee the administration of the ‘Holy Water’”.

Why did TB Joshua, who “trusts his anointed water” forsake his “calling” and send an associate on this potentially deadly mission instead?

Sadly, anointed water or not, the situation in Sierra Leone is not getting any better. The chart below shows the number of new confirmed cases and new confirmed deaths each day. Please pray for wisdom for the government and officials in these countries as they battle with this difficult situation.

New confirmed Ebola cases and deaths, Sierra Leone

source: WHO and Ministry of Health, Sierra Leone

Zimbabwe health minister warns people not to visit TB Joshua

The Associated Press are reporting that Zimbabwe health minister David Parirenyatwa is warning citizens to not go to Nigeria to visit faith healers such as TB Joshua, for fear of catching Ebola and bringing it back to Zimbabwe.

Interesting that when the rubber hits the road, there’s really not a great deal of belief in the healing claims of TB Joshua, otherwise why avoid a famed “healer” to protect yourself from a dangerous sickness?

Is Ebola a spiritual problem?

TB Joshua is widely quoted as saying:

“The so called strange ailment coming from three nations – Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia… satan is the manufacturer, the source. Begin to capture the covenant of that strange sickness. Command that strange ailment to come out and go to the pit of hell, in the name of Jesus Christ! Begin to capture the covenant of that strange sickness, command that strange ailment to come out and go to the pit of hell, in the name of Jesus Christ! Because of Christ, people of Liberia, Sierra Leona, Guinea, you are released.”*

This message plays right into his hands. If Ebola is a spiritual problem, then it needs a spiritual solution – ergo anointed water. What good are the simple, practical prevention methods against demons?

Whether or not you believe that diseases come from the devil, there are some simple and effective methods to minimise the chances of Ebola spreading. Some of these are listed below in a leaflet circulated in Sierra Leone. We implore everyone from affected countries to vigilantly follow this advice, regardless of your views on TB Joshua.

* We haven’t got a video clip of this, the transcript above is culled from one of many sites reporting it. If you have a link to the video or corrections to the transcript please add it to the comments and we’ll update the post.

Did a head of state order TB Joshua’s anointed water as a cure for Ebola?

SCOAN have now released two videos clearly making the incredible claim that the request for the anointed water sent to Sierra Leone came direct from the president, Dr Ernest Bai Koroma. In the latest video, it is TB Joshua himself making the claim. Both these statements are in the video below.

Interestingly, the president’s public website acknowledges TB Joshua’s donation of $50,000 but says nothing about the donation of anointed water.

Now the mainstream press are picking up on the story, but the important question that remains unanswered is: Did the President of Sierra Leone Dr Ernest Bai Koroma really personally request water as a cure for the Ebola outbreak in his country?

It is time for the Sierra Leone government to come clean on this and release a formal statement.

TB Joshua’s deadly partnership with Sierra Leone government

TB_Joshua___Ebola_Sierra_Leone_Gets_Anointing_Water__African_Countries__10_Aug_14_-_YouTubeWe’ve got to admit, it took us by surprise. A country actually took TB Joshua up on his offer of a donation of anointed water to fight the Ebola virus. Joe Fayia Nyuma, representing the Sierra Leone High Commission to Nigeria claims that the request for anointed water came straight from the president Dr Ernest Bai Koroma himself. In the video below, it claims TB Joshua sent $50,000 donation, 4000 bottles of anointed water on a chartered jet, costing an additional $50,000. Nyuma claims that the anointed water will be used to “curb the deadly Ebola yoke that is about to destroy our nation”.

While we at TB Joshua Watch fully believe in the healing power of God, we do not believe that he operates like a vending machine, dispensing healing at the puff of a spray. The anointed water is completely unbiblical and idolatrous, and in a case like this will only hamper the efforts of brave health workers battling this disease. The World Health Organization reports that so far 170 health workers have contracted the virus and 80 have died. Meanwhile, TB Joshua uses the crisis to promote his anointed water and brag about how much money he spent on a private jet.

Of course it is possible that SCOAN have made all this up and that Joe Fayia Nyuma was not acting on behalf of his government. If this is the case, it is imperative that the authorities in Sierra Leone clearly distance themselves from this stunt. (Update: the website for the Office of the President have announced TB Joshua’s monetary donation, but no mention of the anointed water)

We hope it is only a matter of time before the Nigerian government takes decisive action against this dangerous con artist.

The full video is below, the statement from Joe Fayia Nyuma starts at 6:10.