An investigation is undergoing into the cause of the catastrophic building collapse at SCOAN last Friday. Lagos State claim to have no record of the 4 additional floors ever being approved, SCOAN are yet to provide evidence to the contrary. A former Lagos State Commissioner for Physical Planning and Urban Development, Mr. Bolaji Abosede said “Lagos should check its record and once it is found out that the church is negligent; the government should confiscate the land, no double standard. If the owner of the building did not apply for approval or professionals were not involved, then he is liable for the disaster.” (source)

Every day, more bodies are being pulled from the wreckage. Today the body count stands at 50, and there are still many unaccounted for.

It is time for the authorities to prove that popular “men of God” are not above the law. TB Joshua’s illegal building work has killed at least 50 people, his followers initially attacked rescue workers and journalists, and now he is spinning some yarn about a mysterious aircraft remotely demolishing his building. TB Joshua is a criminal, and he has blood on his hands. Join the campaign to #arrestTBJoshua now!

Twitter’s reaction to TB Joshua’s UFO conspiracy

While TB Joshua’s followers are fastening down the hatch, the rest of the world blinks in disbelief at his ridiculous conspiracy theory.

CCTV footage from the SCOAN building collapse

Today TB Joshua showed his congregation footage of a plane flying over the building several times before it collapsed. You can see the video for yourself below, but be warned – it ends with footage of the building collapsing, which is very upsetting. The whole statement from TB Joshua is here.

A few brief thoughts:

  1. The video is low resolution, and it would have been trivial to add an aircraft “dot” onto CCTV footage in the editing suite. We all know it wouldn’t be the first time they doctored footage for their own gain.
  2. Assuming it is real, there is no evidence of any kind of contact with the building. If the proximity of the aircraft caused the collapse, it casts serious doubts on the quality of the construction.
  3. As far as we know, SCOAN still haven’t acknowledged that anyone has died, let alone expressed sympathy to their families.

Someone commenting on another site observed that SCOAN’s response to the building collapse is a good example of using devices of communication in place of the truth:

  • Propaganda: Blame it on UFO or something else.
  • Censorship: Break the reporters cameras or beat them up to silence.
  • Secrecy: Never say anything about shoddy construction.

Today TB Joshua tweeted:


He’s absolutely right, and for that reason his days in ministry are numbered.

TB Joshua blames building collapse on UFO attack

TB Joshua had an informal meeting with several journalists to talk about the building collapse. He asked that the camera be switched off, and the cameraman put down the camera but bravely left it rolling so the whole conversation was recorded (though not very high quality). Here is one journalist’s account of the event:

Journalists, who initially tried to cover the collapse of a building inside the premises of Synagogue Church of all Nations, owned by Prophet T.B. Joshua, saw hell in the hands of the church members.

The church members descended on journalists, who tried to take any photograph of the collapse building. Some journalists got their cameras smashed and other were seriously beaten for attempting to steal some shots of the collapsed building. A particular TV station had the windscreen of its car smashed by the members. What they were trying to hide is still difficult to understand.

By the next day, obviously having read the reports on some of the newspapers, Prophet T.B Joshua surfaced and tried to do some damage control. He invited journalists, who had returned to cover the rescue effort, despite the treatment they got the previous day, to his office in the church premises for a meeting. First he instructed all the cameras to be turned off on the grounds that he doesn’t want his face to be seen and that he was not properly dressed. Then he went to blatantly deny his church members were responsible for the treatment meted to journalists the previous day. He blamed the act on the people of the community absolving his church members. And then out of his ‘benevolence’, he apologized for what the ‘people of the community’ did.

Done with the apology, he then went on to detail what could at best be described as a conspiracy theory as being responsible for the collapse of the building. The building itself had been partially completed and people had been living in it. By this time it was a four-storey building. And then sometime this year, the church decided to add two more storey. People were living in the building while work was going. That accounts for the huge number of causality.

But Prophet T.B Joshua sees things differently. He told journalists that five minutes before the building came down, a mystery plane had hovered above the building about four times.

Please take your time to listen to the video as Prophet T.B. tells his tales.

As unbelievable as it may sound, you read that correctly – he has claimed that a mysterious plane or helicopter flying close to the church compound caused the building to collapse.

Even if we entertain this ridiculous hypothesis for one moment, it still doesn’t let SCOAN off the hook one iota. Is he saying that the buildings on his multimillion dollar church compound are so shoddily built that the noise of a nearby aircraft could cause it to fall? Or is he saying that the UFO had some alien, invisible ray gun technology that remotely disintegrated the foundations of the building? Far be it for us to make fun of this dreadful situation, but how else are we meant to understand his explanation?

TB Joshua is the real victim

Workers and visitors were housed in this unfinished building before it collapsed.

Workers and visitors were housed in this unfinished building before it collapsed.

Secondly we should note that not once did TB Joshua express any sympathy or remorse for the senseless deaths caused by his shoddy buildings. Nor has he even acknowledge that anyone had died, even though official numbers are now listed at 17. Instead he waffles on about madcap conspiracy theories based on the fact a mysterious surveillance camera was discovered on the church site, and an unidentified flying object was nearby when the building collapsed. The deaths were incidental to him, the real victim of this attack is TB Joshua. You can see exactly this attitude on the TB Joshua facebook page, I challenge anyone to find a single comment expressing sympathy to the bereaved families.

How will the Nigerian government react?

Numerous times we have expected the Nigerian government to take a stand against TB Joshua’s shameful and embarrassing antics. We called for him to be arrested when he pretended Boko Haram were trying to bomb his live service. By the governments own words, he should have been locked up after promoting his anointed water as a cure for Ebola.

According to the law in Lagos, any building that collapses during or after construction will be seized by the government. The General Manager of LASEMA (Lagos State Emergency Management Agency) was asked whether the state government was considering revoking the land title in accordance with the policy on  collapsed buildings, he could not give a definite response. He simply said the state government had commenced investigation into the possible cause of the collapsed building for appropriate action to be taken (source).

If one building at SCOAN has been built without following proper regulations, it is very likely that others have too. The government should immediately order a full inspection of all buildings and related documentation.

Regardless of what may be said by TB Joshua, it is quite clear to any rationally minded individual that this tragedy was caused by unauthorised and unregulated building work, and allowing people to live and use a building that was still under construction. It is also quite clear to any rationally minded person that the alternative hypothesis presented by TB Joshua is verging on insane, and shows his complete lack of respect and compassion towards his victims.

Our heartfelt sympathies and prayers are with those who have lost loved ones. We pray that it might not be in vain, and that other similar tragedies will be avoided by measures taken in the light of this one.

UPDATED: Building collapses at SCOAN Lagos, many reported dead

Reports are coming out that the building at SCOAN Lagos reserved for foreign visitors, collapsed this afternoon. Many are said to be dead (source), and people are reportedly trapped. We pray the emergency services will be able to work quickly and efficiently and be able to save as many lives as possible.


Note: this is a live and developing situation, as usual no trustworthy information is coming from SCOAN. We are compiling various reports from around the web as they come in. We present them as different perspectives to the story, we cannot guarantee their accuracy.

Update 1 2014-08-12 – Current reports state that it was the building hosting the church’s foreign members, and that 15 dead bodies have been recovered so far (source).

Update 2 2014-08-12 – It has been reported that SCOAN are not cooperating with the rescue operation, or allowing journalists to report on the incident: Synagogue Church security staff behaved in an aggressive way, attacked reporters of the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) and broke their camera Work of the officials of the Nigerian National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has been also disrupted. One of the possible reasons is that the administration of the Church might have tried to cover up the real cause of the collapse.” (source)

Update 3 2014-08-13 – SCOAN confirm the collapse but claim nobody has died. “The media department of the church explained that contrary to media reports, no one is trapped in the rubbles and no one has died. Those who are injured are being cared for” (source). Soon after they release the following statement on Facebook:


Meanwhile, the BBC are reporting that at least 3 are dead, 18 are in hospital and scores are still trapped inside the building.

Update 4 2014-08-13 “The Nation” news website quotes a disciple identified as “Kate” claiming that the building collapse was the result of a bomb. This claim has been denied by State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO),Ngozi Braide who told The Nation last night that “there was no bomb in the Synagogue incident.” (source).

Update 5 2014-08-13 Lagos State Building and Control Agency suspect that the extra floors on the building were being constructed without approval: “We have been here challenging them on the building approval but they haven’t said anything convincing. They claimed to have approval but we could not confirm it. They were told to bring the building approval authorised by the state government but none of them could provide it.” (source)

Update 6 2014-08-13 A TV news report claims that 15 bodies were pulled from the rubble, and the the church is not cooperating with the rescue operation.

Update 7 2014-08-13 More international news coverage of the event, this time in Reuters. Confirms that at least 3 are dead, SCOAN are still not acknowledging any deaths.

Update 8 2014-08-13 Today’s death toll has risen to 17, with hundreds injured, according to News24.

Updates will follow as they come in.scoancollapse

Prophet Akin Adewole’s endorsement of TB Joshua

Prophet Akin Adewole, an expert at predicting false messiahs

Prophet Akin Adewole, an expert at predicting false messiahs

In 1995, Prophet Akin Adewole of the Celestial church of Christ was approached by three journalists who came to ask him his opinion on the controversial “man in the Synagogue” TB Joshua. At this moment, according to Adewole:

“our Lord Jesus Christ appeared to me from the Altar in my office on a golden, very beautiful and mighty chair. He commanded me not to join fake, jealous and envious prophets to say blasphemy against a fellow messenger of God: ‘The Man in the Synagogue is mine. He is your spiritual colleague. He is not fake. His power is not mixed. I do as I please. You are all working for my glory on earth. Do never disown or desert him. Truly he is young in age, but my spirit in him is pure and great. His grace is special. Many will fall through him, while others will rise through him also. Advise him always like a son, friend and colleague and do not judge him at all because God is the only judge. I reveal this to you because you fear, adore and do my wish always. I love you’” ¹

Thanks to a tip from a reader, we can reveal that Adewole made a very similar statement about another man:

“At about 3 a.m. this morning our Lord Jesus Christ personally appeared to me in my dream. [...] Jesus told me that Rev. Sun Myung Moon is His. He, Jesus Christ, lives in Rev. Moon. `He (Rev. Moon) does nothing on his own, but through me (Jesus). I anointed him because I love him, because he loves all mankind and has suffered for me more than anybody else in the world. There- fore, whoever loves him (Rev. Moon) loves me (Jesus). and he that rejects him rejects me. Join hands with him. Heartily propagate and disseminate the good news to the nations. I bless you in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.’” ²

Who is this Rev. Sun Myung Moon? He was a Korean religious leader, the founder of the Unification church, and a self-proclaimed messiah. According to Wikipedia (sorry) “The Divine Principle, the main text explaining Moon’s theology, blends Bible-based Christianity with Eastern philosophies like Confucianism and Korean shamanism. It makes the core statement that Moon was sent from the East to be the messiah and finish Jesus’ mission.”

Does this sound familiar? Someone who blends Bible-based Christianity with African traditional religion and shamanism? Someone who is said to be sent by God to finish Jesus’ mission (TB Joshua is the “last prophet of the last days”)?

I expect most readers will agree that it wasn’t Jesus who revealed to Adewole that Rev. Sun Myung Moon was his, so who was it in his vision endorsing TB Joshua?

¹ The full quote comes from the (unofficial) TB Joshua Blog, but the same prophecy is also mentioned on the official Emmanuel TB Blog “Distance is not a barrier
² This quote comes from page 10 of “Unification News – January 1998“.

Ghanian pastor: Do not rely on anointed water for protection against Ebola

Reported in peacefmonline.com

President of the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC), Apostle Dr. Opoku Onyinah, has cautioned Ghanaians not to rely on Anointing Oil and Water for protection against the fasting spreading deadly Ebola virus since proper observation of sanitation is one of the core values God has instructed mankind to practice to stay healthy.

The whole article is well worth reading.