The Miracles of TB Joshua

TB Joshua’s worldwide fame is founded on the miracles that are said to have taken place in his church in Lagos and in his healing services around the world. His official TV channel Emmanuel TV shows back-to-back videos of these dramatic miracles. Tens of thousands of people from all over Africa come to Lagos for healing, often at huge personal cost. But how many of them experience the life-changing miracles that are so familiar from official SCOAN accounts and videos? And how many of these stories of healing actually stand up to scrutiny?

In this post we hear from a British doctor and a former disciple who, as former followers of TB Joshua, have had several years experience of his healing ministry in Lagos. Their testimonies show that official accounts of TB Joshua’s miracles give a distorted picture of what goes on at the church, and illustrate how TB Joshua’s approach to healing leads to great suffering for many people who come to SCOAN seeking help.

Graham* from the UK spent 4 years as a disciple of TB Joshua, and as a trainee preacher he represented SCOAN around the world. He left SCOAN in 2010. Dr John Hardaker, also from the UK, was a regular visitor to SCOAN between 2002 and 2010, and joined the SCOAN mission to Haiti following the earthquake in March 2010. He ended his involvement with SCOAN in 2010 after growing concern about aspects of the ministry.

Signs and wonders?

“When I first arrived in SCOAN, I was amazed by what I saw,” says Graham. “I saw people who had seemed to have genuinely recovered from serious diseases. They had doctors certificates and there were visible changes in their condition. Seeing God at work in such a dramatic way was one of the main things that led me to becoming a disciple. I still believe that amazing things have happened there.”

Like Graham, Dr Hardaker doesn’t deny that remarkable things had happened at SCOAN. He believes there are three possible explanations for what he witnessed. “Firstly, there may have been miracles that were genuinely of God.” he says. “Secondly, there could have been things that were influenced by the occult. Finally, healings may have been entirely staged or exaggerated. It’s very hard to say now what was genuine, but I believe I saw all three of these mechanisms in action.”

God’s truth can stand scrutiny

Later in this article, Graham’s testimony will uncover some of the routine manipulation that takes place at SCOAN. But let’s assume that there have been genuine miracles at SCOAN. How should this affect our view of the ministry?

Firstly, the presence of miracles would not alone prove that TB Joshua is a man of God. As this post demonstrates, the New Testament speaks of ‘false prophets’ who will perform genuine signs and wonders while claiming to act in the name of Jesus Christ. In any case, the Bible emphasizes the need for discernment and questioning at all times: “Test all things; hold fast what is good. Abstain from every form of evil.” (Thessalonians 5:21).

Secondly, the presence of miracles would not justify SCOAN’s fierce control and manipulation of information and denial of any apparent ‘failures’. “In SCOAN, there did not seem to be room for negative findings at all.” says Dr Hardaker. “If anything negative came to light in the live meetings that might represent a failure, it was quickly marginalized, explained away, forgotten or omitted from the record.”

“As with Paul in the Bible, God sometimes chooses not to heal people,” says Dr Hardaker. But this is not a possibility that SCOAN publicly acknowledges. Many people proclaimed healed by TB Joshua have died of their illnesses shortly afterward; we at TB Joshua Watch personally know three people who have died in these circumstances. More are documented by South African journalist Jacques Pauw who we previously quoted in this article. However, these cases are never mentioned on Emmanuel TV or in any SCOAN accounts. Instead, they seek to sweep these ‘failed’ cases under the carpet.

Dr Hardaker also questions the reliability of testimonies of healing. “Too often, the only evidence for a miracle is a positive testimony, given in an emotionally charged atmosphere, by people who are desperate to believe.” he says. “They report this on Emmanuel TV with a commentary saying “How can you ask for more evidence to believe that these miracles are from God?””

Hardaker believes that this is not evidence enough. “There needs to be truly free and independent scrutiny from a group of trustworthy and impartial researchers who have access to all participants. They must have the liberty to report all findings both negative and positive. This will then get somewhere near to assessing veracity.” However, he isn’t optimistic. “Unfortunately, it’s hard to imagine this happening at SCOAN, even on a small scale. But surely God’s truth can stand scrutiny. Why not pursue it?”

The following testimony from Graham suggests that SCOAN may have very good reasons for not pursuing the truth.

Bending the Truth: Manipulation and Deceit

In his four years as a disciple of TB Joshua, Graham became familiar with how the SCOAN system worked. “Tens of thousands of people came every week for healing” says Graham. “Obviously with so many people, it was impossible for everyone to receive individual prayer. So there was a prayer line team dedicated to selecting the most suitable people for healing.”

“The prayer line team was made up of people that had worked for TB Joshua for many years, led by junior pastors. They would go through the crowd, gathering information about people’s problems- looking for physical signs of sickness, finding out how long people have been afflicted.”

Graham explains that one of the jobs of the prayerline team was to thin out the numbers by telling people to go home. “When they came across someone with a severe illness, a junior pastor would often tell them to ‘go home and keep believing’” says Graham. “Generally, the people who were selected for healing were the less serious cases.” he says. “The team were also on the look-out for cases that could work on camera. They were very interested in having a ‘before’ and ‘after’ picture.”

However, Graham began to notice that the prayerline team did a lot to make things appear more miraculous than they really were. “I’ve seen many examples of miracles being ’embellished’ by the team. For instance, a man came who struggled with walking. But he was actually able to walk- he came to the church on foot. The prayer team came, discussed his problems, and told him he had been accepted for prayer. But first, they put him in a wheelchair. He was wheeled up to receive prayer, and when he was prayed for, he suddenly rose from the chair and walked across the hall.”

“It was presented as a miracle, but there was no change in his condition. He still walked with difficulty, just like before.”

Graham recounts another incident when the prayerline team asked someone to change their testimony. “A man came to SCOAN with his young son. He explained to the prayer line team that his son had drunk acid which had damaged his esophagus and blocked his throat. He had been unable to eat or drink, and was only able to be fed through a tube. The father said that after putting some of TB Joshua’s anointed water in his mouth, his son was once again able to eat and drink. At the time I thought this was great. It was a testimony of an impressive miracle. But I was shocked when the prayer line team decided to change the story.”

This boy was purportedly healed at SCOAN- Graham claims in reality he had already recovered.

“It wasn’t good enough that the miracle happened at home. They wanted it to happen on camera. So the father told the story to camera testifying that his son was only able to be fed through his tube, not mentioning that he had already recovered. TB Joshua prayed for him and anointed him with anointed water, and declared him healed. He was then given food to eat, which he ate with no problem.”

“Again, this was presented as a great miracle. But actually the boy’s condition hadn’t changed at all since arriving at SCOAN.”says Graham. This video shows this ‘healing’ taking place. The commentary clearly states that on arriving to SCOAN, the boy was only able to be fed through his tube. Graham argues that this is deliberately deceitful.

Graham is confident that TB Joshua knew of this routine deception. “I’m pretty sure that these decisions would come from TB Joshua.” he says. “The prayerline team were constantly in contact with him.”

TB Joshua and HIV/AIDS

One of the most dramatic and controversial aspects of TB Joshua’s ministry is the supposed healing of HIV/AIDS. This is one area where deceitful claims of healing could have devastating consequences- not just for individuals, but for entire communities. How many people are genuinely healed of AIDS in SCOAN? Graham argues that again, the picture is far less rosy than Emmanuel TV suggests.

How many people are genuinely healed of AIDS in SCOAN?

He explains how the system works: “People with HIV/AIDS had to bring a medical certificate that proved they genuinely had it. They received prayer, but were told that healing was not an instant process. They are told to continue coming to the church every week for teaching and further prayer- there were special classes for these AIDS sufferers. They’d continue to come week after week and the prophet would tell them when the time was right to get the AIDS test again.”

While AIDS victims were told to attend SCOAN classes for months after their initial prayer, a great number of people were unable to. “A lot of them couldn’t stay. For example, many people came from all around Africa. So it was impossible for them to keep attending SCOAN week after week. They had to return to their countries.”

However, even continuing to attend these classes was no guarantee of healing. “There were people who had been coming to these classes for years after receiving prayer, and they were still waiting to be told to take the test.” says Graham.

A greater burden on the sick

So what is SCOAN’s answer to those who aren’t healed? “TB Joshua teaches that God wants to heal you, but it also depends on your faith and your lifestyle.” says Graham. So if TB Joshua prays for you and declares you healed but you continue to be sick, who is responsible? “It would be implied that you are responsible. Maybe you are lacking faith, or you are still living a sinful lifestyle.”

Let’s look at the personal impact of this teaching. Put yourself in the place of someone who receives prayer at SCOAN. You are terminally ill, but have great hope and faith for healing. After the elation of receiving prayer from a great man of God, you begin to notice that your symptoms are still the same as before. What kind of thoughts would go through your mind?

“Maybe it hasn’t happened.”

“What if I’m still sick?”

“I’m going to die..”

Wouldn’t such thoughts momentarily pop up in anyone’s head, no matter how great their faith? And once you become anxious about the consequences of these doubts, imagine how much harder it is to banish them (to get some idea, close your eyes for ten seconds and try with all your strength not to think of a pink elephant). Similarly, he teaches that sinful thoughts and actions may get in the way of the healing process. Is any believer entirely free from these?

Dr John Hardaker argues that this teaching can be extremely damaging for those who have received prayer. “It leaves those already suffering from illness in a position of even greater burden.” he says. How many people have been blighted with this agony in the final few months of their lives, a time to be making peace with themselves and enjoying the company of their loved ones? At TB Joshua Watch we personally know of several such cases.

On the other hand, you could argue that this teaching is extremely convenient for TB Joshua. When claiming people are healed, he knows that if they don’t get better, his own self-proclaimed divine calling and gift of healing is never put in question.

Graham adds that the teaching of TB Joshua on this subject was far from consistent. “There were other times when he taught that his own faith was so strong that it didn’t even matter if you believed- you would be healed anyway.” he says. “There were a lot of contradictions in his teaching.”


In this article we have not set out to argue that all healing at SCOAN is fraudulent. But even if genuinely remarkable things have taken place there, there are serious questions to ask about TB Joshua’s teaching and the workings of the healing ministry in SCOAN. To summarize:

* Why is SCOAN so keen to control information, manipulate testimonies and cover up ‘failures’?

* Why does TB Joshua’s teaching, contrary to biblical teaching, not allow for the possibility that virtuous, faithful Christians are sometimes not healed?

* Why is SCOAN unwilling to put supposed miracles under outside scrutiny? Surely God’s truth can withstand questioning and examination.

Any thoughts on this are welcome in the comments section.

*Graham’s name has been changed to protect his identity. Dr Hardaker agreed to have his real name published.

34 thoughts on “The Miracles of TB Joshua

  1. Dear Sir, having read your write ups concerning the ministry of T.B. Joshua, I am afraid that I cannot understand a certain point you have raised in a number of posts – that there is a possibility of some genuine God-inspired activities/ miracles taking place in The SCOAN, as your conclusion to this particular post insinuated.

    Are you suggesting that (according to your accounts thus far) a serial rapist, mass manipulator, cult leader, satanic servant and an individual behind the senseless deaths of countless people could actually be used by the Almighty God to perform miracles and solve problems? If so, you serve a perverse and morally bankrupt god.

    For Dr John Hardaker to suggest that stage managed, genuine and occultic miracles have all taken place under one roof is an absurd notion and evidence of his own internal confusion about the issue. Your mentioning about the potential, however slight, for genuineness and godliness to be present in The SCOAN is simply a loophole in case you are proved wrong in the end.

    Neutrality is not optional with the information you present and the message you are clearly attempting to convey. The mere inclination that God could genuinely use an occultic servant of the devil is in itself deeply irreverent and indicative that the writer may not be genuinely convinced by even his own arguments. This very sentiment, in my view, casts aspersion on the rest of your writing.

    The issues you have presented do not give room for the case of both being true. Either we have the case of a malevolent occult master deluding and deceiving millions down to the pit of hell, or a mighty man of God who is being heavily lied against and persecuted.

    I advise you clarify what you genuinely believe and stop painting the picture of a confused God who decides at whim to use a servant of his adversary the devil to do good.

    2 Corinthians 6:14 – “For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?”

    • Dear Paul,

      Thanks for your thoughtful response. I’ll try and address your points.

      Why are we ‘sitting on the fence’ and not coming right out and accusing TB Joshua of either outright fraud or devilry ? There are several reasons.

      1) There are several main contributors to TB Joshua Watch as well as guest contributors. Between us there is a range of beliefs/interpretations of what goes on at SCOAN. But we are united in a deep concern about TBJ’s ministry, and a conviction that it is a cult. It is not our aim to provide a definitive judgement of TB Joshua. We simply hope to counter SCOAN propaganda and encourage people to ask important questions.

      2) We don’t have personal experience of SCOAN, so are not in a position to make a final judgement about what goes on there. Our sources for this article both believe that at some point in the past there have been genuinely remarkable events taking place at SCOAN. This is their view rather than the view of TBJ Watch. But the essential point is this: whether or not the dramatic events at SCOAN have been down to 1)God’s work 2) satan’s work or 3) man’s manipulation, we must be discerning and hold SCOAN to account. That’s not saying that it’s an equal mixture of all three ( or “a confused God who decides at whim to use a servant of the devil to do good”). It is saying there is NO possible justification for SCOAN’s secrecy and deceit, and no honest believer can justify protecting SCOAN from scrutiny.

      3) Accusing someone of being the antichrist is fairly easy to dismiss. It may persuade some people, but it alienates and puts off others. I have certainly been put off by anti-TBJ sites who show just as much zeal and hyberbole as TBJ’s disciples. So while we are not neutral by any means, we attempt to be level-headed, asking questions and presenting alternative views of SCOAN rather than simply forcing our own opinions on others. We want to be broad in our appeal in order to persuade the maximum number of people to think twice about throwing away their life and money to SCOAN.
      If this comes across as slippery and disingenuous, it’s not meant to.

      Regarding “he’s either a malevolent cult master or mighty man of God”- you may be right, but there are certainly other ways of seeing it. Jacques Pauw argues TB Joshua is a cheap fraudster and common criminal. Other ex disciples say he’s a once great leader corrupted by power. Chris Okotie says he’s a docetic gnostic, whatever that is. All we know for sure is he’s unaccountable, extremely influential, and very probably abusive and deceitful.

      That’s not all your points addressed, I realise, but it’ll do for now. Thanks again for the thought-provoking points and i hope that helps.

  2. Hi Paul
    Another contributor to TB Joshua Watch here. Again, a really important questions you’re asking. I would however question your use of 2 Cor 6:14, this is a passage of scripture highlighting the importance of believers living differently and separately from the ways of the world, so that part you cite is saying that light shouldn’t have fellowship with darkness, not that it couldn’t. If we were to take it the way you interpret it, we would have to deny that God can work though any human being, or assume that any human being God works through is perfect and never sins. Scripture would not support either of these interpretations.

    In terms of the source of the miracles, this is admittedly a tricky issue, and not one I would pretend to understand. One possible explanation is that if there are miracles happening performed by God, it is because God in his grace, chooses to meet desperate peoples needs, even though they may be coming to a man who does not represent him. It’s not so much that TB Joshua is being used to perform the miracles, but that God is so gracious, he sees the hearts of the suffering people and chooses to bless them. I do not believe there is anything unbiblical about this. Sometimes with a complex case such as SCOAN and TBJ, it can’t be as black and white as we would like, and we don’t want to present it as being more black and white than it really is.

    As the previous comment said, the key is that regardless of whether the miracles are real, fake, demonic, Godly or a combination, there are serious questions that need to be asked about the way TB Joshua runs his organisation, the lack of accountability, secrecy and deceit.

  3. Samson was going around sleeping with prostitutes, even though he still experienced God’s power in his life.
    King Saul also experienced God’s power in his life – he also prophesied at one point, even though he had also been “tormented by an evil spirit” for a while.

    Just a thought.

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  5. I just finished watching the rebroadcast of the live sunday service&i saw the anointed water from TB JOSHUA being ministered overseas In many countries.the US,GREECE,UK,RUSSIA&THE POWER WAS EVIDENT.the miracles are shown every week.This is not Him now nor the wisemen.but the testimonies abound even in my family.

  6. In an age where most teens canbe found sprawled on the sofa watching comedies, movies, soap-operas or other mind-numbing and reality-dimming programs, Christian television with a growing passionate following is indeed a rare phenomenon. It is in fact an African phenomenon…
    Emmanuel TV is an evangelical enigma. Quite frankly, it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.Both raw and radical, it’s definitely not your run-of-the-millreligious content. It’s the station of the famous Nigerian Prophet, TB Joshua – one of the most debated and berated African characters in recent history, the storm still raging and the recordsstill writing.
    In recent months, Emmanuel TV has captured the African spirit in an almost baffling fashion, celestially arresting their attention and further stirring dispute and fuelling repute. The compelling synergy of unique and captivating Christian content sends countless tens of thousands of Africans scurrying to their television sets every Sunday, choosing to participate in the live service broadcast from The SCOAN (that lasts almost the entire day) than even going to their churches or engaging in social activities. And it’s growing at an astonishing rate both in awareness and acclaim, each week unveiling scores of new avid devotees.
    In recent months, Emmanuel TV has captured the African spirit in an almost baffling fashion, celestially arresting their attention and further stirring dispute and fuelling repute. The compelling synergy of unique and captivating Christian content sends countless tens of thousands of Africans scurrying to their television sets every Sunday, choosing to participate in the live service broadcast from The SCOAN (that lasts almost the entire day) than even going to their churches or engaging in social activities. And it’s growing at an astonishing rate both in awareness and acclaim, each week unveiling scores of new avid devotees.
    TB Joshua – All these things are not brought to pass by anything done by us
    Even the most unlikely and ‘unreligious’ sit in front of the box to watch his prophetic time, fetching out people and telling them their life history with uncanny accuracy and extraordinary effect. It’s a lifetimeof experience served live and direct, the amount of specific detail coupled with the shock of the persons concerned bold statements that pre-arrangementhas no involvement. A real eye-opener for those scores of sceptics, provoking even the most hardest of atheists to review their stance and ask somefundamental questions.
    Prophet Joshua then puts his entire ministry on the line in releasing prophetic messages to nations, oftentimes mentioning specific places and dates. Their consistency in accuracy is clear proofs that such declarations cannot but be a product of divineinstruction, direction and revelation. Envious fellows even abuse his repute to spread rumours of prophetic fallacies, word often spreading to such extent that fears and strife are rife in communities and even countries as a result. People fled home, schools closed down and business ground to a halt in a Nigerian state of late because mischievous men peddled a rumour that Pastor Joshua had said lions would come out and attack! Such is the gravity with which people view his prophecies.Then there are the miracles that seem almost too instant and incredulous to be true, yet with such alarming consistency, widespread testimony and lasting result they just can’t be disregarded. Be it HIV/ AIDs, cancerous sores or those restricted to wheelchairs – testimonies resound unanimous.
    Then there comes charity. A ministry where partners can trulysee the fruit of their offerings, the evidence of their sacrifice. Multitudes of less-privileged given scholarships, provided withhousing and welfare, taken care of on literally a weekly basis. And no monotonous call for funds, nobank details stuck on the screen at every availing instance, no subtle undertone of financial obligation.
    What of the demonic deliverances, with human beings previously calm suddenly catapulted to the floor, contorting and contracting with animalistic instincts, groaning and grimacing with venom in their croaky voices? Certainly not for the faint in heart! With self-professed witches openly confessing, repentant robbers forsaking their old ways and unveiling their gruesome tales, broken homes and relationships restored and reunited, it’s a station that defines the term ‘unexpected’.

  7. In that looooooooooooooooong post about the tb joshua show, you didnt once mention Jesus.

    • No it’s not, it’s a SCOAN/Emmanuel TV press release, repeated verbatim on TB Joshua Fan Club, TB Joshua Fans UK, TB Joshua Testimonies and exactinfo-tbj. All SCOAN sites!

  8. lol, busted. You can see this post on that tb joshua fan club…dude, if youre gonna start lying on these sites where everyone can see, tip tip: dont get caught!

    Seriously though, i dont know what that post was supposed to achieve anyway. And please at least mention Jesus from time to time…

    • Actually to be fair, I’ve just looked at again and it does say on the numerous fansites that it’s from a Zambian news site, although the link they give doesn’t exist, and the writing style is the exact same flowery language used in every post written on the fan blogs, so I’m not convinced.

  9. I’m seeing you guyz fighting a war-but a lost one.check out TBJ&SCOAN MINISTRY-TBJ IS 48 this year,&his growing by the minuite-scoan even now works with the embassy’s of each country to control the influx of visitors without invitation.bcos as it is the place can’t just take everyone with the way they scrable there.the skeptism and doubt about TBJ’S ministry did not start today but since the ministry’s inception&for a ministry of its age being under such scruitiny and skeptism from begining -its recorded incredible growth.people practicaly sell their stuff&take loans to visit Scoan &what for-to see a gud show? i doubt it! Even jerusalem&isreal cannot boast of such no of pilgrims. so it all boils down to what gamaliel said.that if what the apostles were doing is of human origin it would fail,bt if its of God they cannot be stopped. thats the feat i would love to see you guys achieve.check scoans antecedent till you see a failing ministry? Or one destined to save the world through the Gospel.Even with the advent of the wisemen?

    • I am sorry for your ignorance, Have you been there and proved for yourself? Well i have as well as 3 of my colleagues. Who have vowed never to go there again. Dont worry abt the influx of people, you know human beings will dispel anything they are told until they learn it the hard way. Coming from the Scoan disappointed. My parents warned me not to go dad said this man is a crook bt i hated my dad for that. Now i am so ashamed to tell him what he said was true. You can only defend TB Joshua if you yourself has experienced any healing miracle- be sincere- not on hearsay . About prophesy even demons prophesy, hindu gurus as well??? My msg is be careful with these faith healers, Jesus can heal you even in your own apartment or house

      • Sorry to hear of your disapointment Mz Mwa, you bring up a really interesting point about how you can’t really defend him unless you have experienced the healing yourself. It leads me to wonder, are there any reports of healings from non SCOAN or Emmanuel TV sources? I’m not sure I’ve ever seen any. The only independent reports I know of are where people have died after him pronouncing them healed.

  10. You are absolutely right i never thought there will be a day when i will know this truth. I went to the prayer line in Dec 2010 and i also got the anointing water. In Jan upon my return from SCOAN i stopped taking my meds, i starting getting sick so a voice within me told me the jeus can heal me even when i am taking my meds, to be honest the “miracle healing i went for has not materialise. It has nothing to do with faith, i did have faith quiet alright for me to take up a loan and travel to lagos. i started to contact the ladies i went with, their conditions are still the same (2 of them went back for the second time) to no avail. i would really like to contact Graham.

  11. Hi MZ
    Yeah, it was the same with my mother. TB Joshua “prophecied” she would live. HIs words were “the medical report that will lead to your death has been cancelled”. But she died anyway. During that visit, her friend came too, also with cancer though at a much more advanced stage. He proclaimed her healed as well but she was dead within a week of her return.

    I must be fair here and mention that this woman did decide to believe in Jesus during this visit – FACT.
    On the other hand, the “Prophet” got it wrong on both occasions – FACT. Once again, this will never be shown on the TB Joshua Show.

    Jesus was once asked about the vicitms of a massacre, and in reply he mentioned the victims of a disaster, a collapsing tower. He doesnt explain why these things happened – why these people died and those people lived. He turns the topic to salvation as the thing they should be really concerned and asking about. So I guess thats the main thing here. I dont know why God allows some people to stay sick, and unlike SCOAN, I dont have all the answers. I’ve also had my failure story with this Annointing Water. But I do know is that only Jesus, and no other can save us and give us eternal life. Thats far more important.

    PS, i’d be interested in what your two friends have to say as well.

  12. I was seriously ill on going to much that i cld barely stand.the prophet laid his hand on me afterward i still felt weak he told me to go and rest i slept in one of the dormirtries, the air conditoning only seemed to worsen my case.when i woke up it was as though i was a newborn child all the symptoms were till now i’m still ok. That doesnt mean after then till now i’ve not been sick since but i’ve always confessed my healing in christ when pain strikes my body. i’ve never lived on med since then. Tb Joshua doesnt teach that a christain cannot be sick-he says sickness can test usas a christain and can be used to preserve us.and if that sickness is to preserve you-theres nothing anyone can do.i agree with giles though on salvation being the ultimate.but THERE’S WHAT WE CALL MAINTANANCE OF SALVATION &GODS BLESSING & THE COST IS FAITH.In John 5:14 Jesus said stop sinning or something worse may happen to you.

  13. Guyz that you recorded a failure with the anointed water does nt nullify the many more who have recorded breakthroughs with it & are still recording. If something that is working for thousands all over the world didnt work for you i think the question of why?should be poised to you. 2) It will be a lot difficult 2 prove TBJ’s prophecy 2 be wrong taking a gud luk @ his antecedent in the accuracy of His prophecies-not only to individuals in his church but also to nations of the world.i believe in constancy. But obviously some1 is lying now. TBJ or you guyz?

  14. his prophecies dont really have much purpose. They dont give any information detailed enough to actually stop anything. Whats the point?

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  16. SOE
    You’ve been to the synagogue, m just curious is there a wrtting on the wall that there is NO GOD BUT ALLAH. Have you ever been to the mountain? Is it true that there is a place there that is mearnt for TB Joshua only.

    • Hi Shaz….Soe hasnt replied, but if I may….

      No, its not true that the Allah sign exists. I do know its on other websites, but I myself never saw it anywhere. I believe its a fake meant to slander TB Joshua.

      I dont know if there are places only for TB Joshua at Prayer Mountain, but I do know that there are restricted areas that only the selected inner circle are allowed to go, i.e. the most trusted, trusted, trusted guys. Needless to say, I cant comment on what goes on there or why its only for some and not others.

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  18. Giles, its seems your main intention is belittling the SCOAN and TBJ. What is your gain in doing that? Why dont you pray for yourself and your family so that you can see the glory of God instead of wasting your time on TBJ issues. I wonder. May the Almighty God forgive us all, cos we dont know what we are doing.

    • Exodus,
      Thats a question I have asked. Why have I decided to turn against the ministry? Why am I making this all up? I’ve gained nothing.

      My main aim is to warn other Christians. Other people tried warning me before I went there, and I refused to listen to anything negative. I went to see for myself and was taken in by it all. In short, I learnt the hard, expensive way. Fortunately, salvation is not at stake here. Your money is, and i’d like to save you the expense. But as long as you stay true to Jesus Christ, at least the damage is limited 😉

      My friend, if you do not believe me, then I’m afraid theres not much I can do. I’m not really trying to convince people who have already made their minds up, because no one could convince me TB Joshua was bad when I had already decided he was good. I even dumped my girlfriend over it, lol.

      If I see something I know to be incorrect, I’ll speak up (like the above comment on the Allah picture), even if its in favour of TB

  19. Graham please. Darkness and light do not conform. Your assumption that one of the miracles was really from God is not true. If some of the miracles are by the power of the occult, would God the almighty come in? I suggest you prayerfully read your bible to get to know who God really is.

  20. T.b joshua is a true man of God, take it or live it, t.b joshua save souls, he heals people & preach the word of God, how many lives have u his critics saved?

    • I’ve saved no lives, and nor has TB Joshua. Only Christ saves. The widespread belief that he saves is just further evidence in my mind that he’s a false christ. Thanks for helping point this out.

      • TB Joshua does not heal people or save souls. Jesus does.
        You are illustrating our concerns pretty well 🙂

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