BBC: HIV patient told to swap his HIV medicine for a plastic bottle of water

The BBC have just posted a news story titled “HIV patients told by Pentecostal pastors ‘to rely on God’“. It features reports from several medical professionals in the UK on the increasing problem they face of their patients quitting their medication at the advice of pentecostal pastors in London based African pentecostal churches. Specifically, some of the cases included:

  • Some said they had dealt with parents who felt under pressure to stop giving their young children their HIV medicine – and some had actually done so
  • Others were breastfeeding mothers with HIV who refused the medicine that would stop the virus being passed onto their babies
  • Some were young people, making the decision for themselves
  • The healthcare workers also reported that some patients had been told by their pastors they would be healed by prayer or by drinking blessed water.

While SCOAN and TB Joshua are not named in the article, it seems likely that make up at least some of the cases, since both the BBC and Sky News have already exposed their London branch engaging in this behaviour.

Whether it does refer to SCOAN or not, the message still needs to be repeated – there is zero credible evidence that a single person has ever been healed of HIV at SCOAN, yet an increasing amount of evidence that plenty of people have died as a result of the fake healing they received at TB Joshua’s hands. Additionally, despite SCOAN’s official claims to the contrary, there are plenty of reports from people who have been told by TB Joshua to quit their medication as as sign of their faith, many subsequently died.

If you are part of a church engaging in this kind of deadly and manipulative teaching, whether SCOAN or not, we recommend you beat a hasty retreat.

81 thoughts on “BBC: HIV patient told to swap his HIV medicine for a plastic bottle of water

  1. Wake up, people, and take your medication ! Don’t put your trust in a deceitful and lying prophet called TBJoshua, but take your medication as you seek the Lord in prayer for healing. It is not a sin to take medication while still praying for healing, it’s just common sense ! Don’t die an unnecessary death by drinking some worthless water, while neglecting your medication.

  2. Come to think of it -“What has happened to the rows and rows of HIV Aids people standing in the prayer lines at scoan to be prayed for”?
    Are they stiil there?
    Have not seen any of them holding their plackards lately?

  3. Has tbj also stopped with the “anointing ” water as well as “prophesying” about soccer games?

      • It sure does, and that’s why TBJ wants to discredit everyone on this blog with fabrications and lies, but we’re ready for him. I for one would only stop commenting when TBJ comes out with his confessions, but would he be humble enough to do it ?

  4. We have seen it on tv where patients who have been healed of HIV at Scoan have been verified by hospitals that they are truly healed. You nean the findings of The medical experts is questionable?

    • You betcha the findings are questionable.

      1. The “medical professionals” label is questionable, particularly in a nation where record keeping and regulation are spotty and affected by severe corruption.

      2. The findings are questionable for the same reason. Corruption, bribery, promises of power and high positions. I observed an absolutely ridiculous “medical finding” on Emmanuel TV, where a woman was supposedly being “delivered” of whatever was causing her child to be breech in the womb (a NORMAL physiological condition, surgical delivery is not even necessary in many cases, with a skilled practitioner. Furthermore, many babies are breech at the end of pregnancy and turn, on their own, in the later weeks, some even turn during the process of labor. Fetal breech position is not a disease caused by demons, and it is not a miracle for a breech baby to turn into the head down position. it is a common variation on normal). But anyway, they called up a “doctor” to “verify” that the baby had turned. He briefly, lightly laid his hand on the top of the woman’s belly and said that he verified the baby had turned.

      I will use a strong word here.


      If that’s what SCOAN considers “medical verification” then yes all these claims of healing are absolutely questionable. They created an imaginary emergency, hyped it up, brought in a doctor who didn’t display any actual skill in determining fetal position by palpation, and said “See? See? A doctor verified the healing!” Bullshit.

      Even those skilled in determining position with their hands often get verification by ultrasound, because it is limited in accuracy. And they certainly do not determine position by laying one hand on the top of the belly of a woman sitting up in a chair. Having been through this quite a few times, I can tell any who don’t know, it requires the woman to be reclining, and the practitioner to do a great deal of poking and prodding all over the uterus–top, bottom, sides–with BOTH hands. And still, they are sometimes wrong.

      But TB Joshua’s success relies on people who have turned off their critical thinking skills and are not willing to bother using logic to think through any of this. They want their ears tickled, so they turn off their God-given minds and let themselves be led astray.

    • Nigeria is a corrupt country where everything is about “settlement,” where you could “settle” police, soldiers, judges, customs, immigration, quarantine, lawyers, doctors, pastors, prophets, apostles, bishops, 419ers, lecturers, anything and everything.

      • @ M., Mr. T,

        Exactly. But you can’t tell them that, because than you will be passed off demon possessed or agents of Satan.

  5. glad for things like Sky and BBC and some sort of watchdog culture they have in the uK. seems like Scoan uk are in their death throes.

    • There was also a report in the Independent last week that the Charities Commission was examining the finances of a church run by a Nigerian ‘bishop’ in the uk. The implication was that other chuches run by multimillionaire pastors would be/ are being examined.

  6. I think TBJ has cancer.

    I just saw a pic of him, and wow does he have a puffy face. Either he’s put on a significant amount of weight, or its steroids.
    Chemotherapy patients have so little energy cos the treatment slowly kills you at the same time as it kills the cancer. So to counter this, they have large amounts of steroids. If you don’t do lots of weights/exercise, then you put on the weight, and of course cancer patients do go to the gym.
    My mom also had the same chubby face in a short space of time when she was going for her treatment.

    This might have been what TBJ left the country for a while ago, when Scoan did all that PR work to convince people it was not true.
    It also might explain why some of the meetings are cancelled, especially the prayer lines not being done by himself so much. It takes a lot out of you, he simply doesn’t have the energy.

    I could be wrong, but my mother was the same.

    • Yes, Giles, we have been wondering for some time if there might be an underlying health issue (cf a comment I made back in June).
      Certainly the groundwork has been laid for some plausible sounding “manner of departure”, should it become necessary to hand over to the “wise men” to front the wicked circus on their own.
      We’re not praying for his death, just for the rapid demise of his empire. Daily we intercede for the Lord to deliver those known to us particularly out of Scoan’s clutches by whatever means He sees fit.

  7. From the book of Sirach verse 38 :

    38 Give doctors the honor they deserve, for the Lord gave them their work to do.[a] 2 Their skill came from the Most High, and kings reward them for it. 3 Their knowledge gives them a position of importance, and powerful people hold them in high regard.

    4 The Lord created medicines from the earth, and a sensible person will not hesitate to use them. 5 Didn’t a tree once make bitter water fit to drink, so that the Lord’s power[b] might be known? 6 He gave medical knowledge to human beings, so that we would praise him for the miracles he performs. 7-8 The druggist mixes these medicines, and the doctor will use them to cure diseases and ease pain. There is no end to the activities of the Lord, who gives health to the people of the world.

    9 My child, when you get sick, don’t ignore it. Pray to the Lord, and he will make you well. 10 Confess all your sins and determine that in the future you will live a righteous life. 11 Offer incense and a grain offering, as fine as you can afford.[c] 12 Then call the doctor—for the Lord created him—and keep him at your side; you need him. 13 There are times when you have to depend on his skill. 14 The doctor’s prayer is that the Lord will make him able to ease his patients’ pain and make them well again. 15 As for the person who sins against his Creator, he deserves to be sick.

    • Dude, it’s from the catholic bible.
      From one of the 7 books not in the protestant bibles, cause they were written in Greek not Hebrew

    • Why this quote from another book which is not the Bible ? Yes, the Devil is a liar, and he cannot deceive us with false doctrines from other books which are not part of the canon of Scripture, no matter how “cool” they sound. He mixes truth with lies and poison is always poison no matter how small it is. Please don’t bring quotations from other books, whether they are from Buddha, Mohammed, Joseph Smith, Bahaullah, Abd Ru Shin or other false prophets.

  8. Please stay with the Bible as God’s Word, as it is now.

    There was an Egyptian writer, Yūsha ben Sirach, who composed an interesting parallel to Muhammed before Muhammed was born. Sirach was well read in the Scriptures of the Hebrews and the writings which he was inspired to after reading those texts and not listening to them as Muhammed only ignorantly could do, created a 51 chapter text, that while rejected by Protestants and Jews, the Catholic does venerate it in coming from the community in Egypt, for the wisdom recorded there.

    • Just wonder
      it’s best not to comment on something you have no knowledge of, than misiforming people.
      What you have written is utter rubbish.

      The Book of Sirach derives its name from the author, Jesus, son of Eleazar, son of Sirach earliest title seems to have been “Wisdom of the Son of Sirach.” The designation “Liber Ecclesiasticus,” meaning “Church Book,” appended to some Greek and Latin manuscripts was due to the extensive use which the church made of this book in presenting moral teaching to catechumens and to the faithful.

      Written in Hebrew between 200 and 175 B.C., the text was translated into Greek sometime after 132 B.C. by the author’s grandson, who also wrote a Foreword which contains information about the book, the author, and the translator himself. Until the close of the nineteenth century Sirach was known only in translations, of which this Greek rendering was the most important. From it the Latin version was made. Between 1896 and 1900, again in 1931, and several times since 1956, manuscripts were discovered containing in all about two thirds of the Hebrew text, which agrees substantially with the Greek. One such text, from Masada, is pre-Christian in date.

      The author, a sage who lived in Jerusalem, was thoroughly imbued with love for the law, the priesthood, the temple, and divine worship. As a wise and experienced observer of life he addressed himself to his contemporaries with the motive of helping them to maintain religious faith and integrity through study of the holy books, and through tradition.
      Most of the book of Sirach has been uncovered in the Cairo Geniza, at Masada, and in three Dead Sea Scrolls some of the texts from Sirach was found in the Psalms scroll! As with all ancient texts discovered in the Dead Sea Scrolls, Hebrew Scripture was in consonantal text only. 

      Before rejecting anything , we need to dig deeper.

      It’s Gods word and that is what is important.

      • Let’s leave the catholic/apocrypha debate out of this. Whether we consider Jackie’s Sirach quote to be divinely inspired or not, it is at the very least good advice – advice SCOAN could benefit from.

      • The book of Sirach though seen in the Catholic is perfectly legit, it just King James and the Protestants threw it away because it was not written in the original Hebrew but in Greek; hence, they thought the authenticity questionable. However, Sirach was a sage or Wiseman that was a scribe and a true believer in the LORD GOD of Israel before the birth of the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

        Note guys, divided we fall, united we stand. Let us pray.

  9. TB Joshua announced today that he prophesied that when he started training the wise men, he told them that one of them will drop out in the course of the journey. In other words, he is indirectly telling his congregation that Wise man John Chi has dropped out of his so called “Wiseman Training Program”.

    He is using this is TV medium to disgrace ex-Wiseman John Chi to say he dropped out of “the race”, this man is a serious psychopath and he trying to disgrace John Chi as one that dropped out of the race. He also implied that demons have overpowered Wise man John Chi and made him depart, that before he departed he voice changed to something like a demonic voice of some sort, WHAT! :(. Pray for ex-Wise man John Chi. TB Joshua is now on a rampage to destroy John Chi reputation and anointing with his TV station.

    Please, let us join hands and pray for Wiseman John Chi wherever he is for God to protect him and guide him for coming out of the sinkhole SCOAN.

    Also, let us pray for the other remaining wise men and other disciples in the demonic stronghold of SCOAN for the Mighty hand of the Almighty God to free them according the Word of God in Isaiah 49:24-26.

    TB Joshua went on a brain washing rampage today to indirectly instill fear in the remaining wise men and disciples that “they should not tempt Satan to tempt them”.

    • I pray that John Chi will find the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, and find grace there. Coming out of a cult is a long, long healing process. Even more so for those who have participated in leadership of cults.

      John Chi, if you happen to read this, there are many who would love to help you in the healing process! You will not be shamed and reviled here as you will be at SCOAN. None of those who left will make you crawl on your knees, or beat you and slap you, nor videotape it for the sick pleasure of those who follow TBJ.

      For John Chi and anyone else leaving SCOAN and struggling. Be truely wise men and cling to Jesus Christ.
      From Romans 8

      31 What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? 32 He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all—how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things? 33 Who will bring any charge against those whom God has chosen? It is God who justifies. 34 Who then is the one who condemns? No one. Christ Jesus who died—more than that, who was raised to life—is at the right hand of God and is also interceding for us. 35 Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword? 36 As it is written:

      “For your sake we face death all day long;
      we are considered as sheep to be slaughtered.”[j]

      37 No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. 38 For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons,[k] neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, 39 neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

  10. People, let us pray for ex-Wise man John Chi. If possible use a day to fast that the Almighty God will protect him and paralyze TB Joshua’s schemes and strategies to disgrace him with his TV station, filthy PR Blogs and Youtube videos.

    Pray also that John Chi does not turn back and return to that place of bondage like Lot’s wife and turn to a pillar of salt.

    As John is FREE, let us pray that he remains FREE by the power of the Almighty and by power in the Blood of the LORD Jesus Christ, and not be tortured psychologically and emotionally to return back to bondage by previous TB Joshua brain washing schemes and doctrines.

    Again, let us NOT forget to pray for the remaining Wisemen who he has caged in his SCOAN fortress. These men do not go anywhere but are holed up in SCOAN from day to day with no adequate exercise and insight into what is actually going on in the world around them, contrary to the Great Commission that Jesus Christ has given us to (NOT be holed up in our homes or fortresses but ) GO YE THEREFORE, AND TEACH ALL NATIONS…(Matt 28:19).

  11. Amen, let us keep on praying for John Chi as well as all the other disciples still held in bondage in scoan.
    I praise the Lord that another big fish has been saved out of that Hellhole! Jesus has answered our prayers! He is still in the saving business and stronger than tbj.

  12. WeWill pray for john chi hope that he stil alive. anything is possible for tbjoshua to protect his reputation. Anybody with useful information about this ex wiseman,please inform jesus protect him.

  13. Ran across this in the watch history (husband is still watching this stuff).

    Am i the only one who wonders if they even bothered to use the same actress for this story? And if it is the same woman, why on earth such drastic measures to make her look so different? She looks like an old woman in the “before” pictures, but in her testimony describes herself as “a young girl” when she had this disorder. Her appearance, the appearance of her hands and the scars are inconsistent, her story appears inconsistent. It is so bizarre.

    • These are two ENTIRELY DIFFERENT WOMEN, if you have eyes to see ! How could people be so stupid and blind not to see the glaring difference ? No wonder the false prophet, TBJ, continues to ride high on your stupidity ! Wake up, foolish Christians, who has bewitched you ? Galatians 3:1.

    • M,

      I apologize to act the devil’s advocate, but the woman is the same, she is just on bleaching cream, you can see from her finger knuckles and dark spots. Also, it looks like she came for the after video shots testimony years after the healing has taken place as you can see from her new bleach spots, then the third and current prayer line video shot, recently – as in maybe this year or the previous year 2012.

      Regardless, it still does not ameliorate the fact that SCOAN is presenting this “burn” case falsely as cancer.

      A seasoned eye is saying the wound is not cancer or ulcer it looks more like a burn from hot oil or very hot water.

      It is simply false and wrong of a Christian church such as Emmanuel.TV/SCOAN to present it as a cancer case. I guess they did so because a burn can heal easily its just a matter of time, unlike a cancerous wound, so they want to impress people by presenting it as a miraculous healing of cancer.

      I figure it is all these falsehood, cover-ups and more that John Chi saw that he couldn’t stand any longer and had to leave, training or no training. As did Lot in the land of Sodom and Gomorrah when his spirit was vexed to the core with the shady dealings and willful sin happening there.

      John Chi couldn’t stand to deceive God’s people any longer, he had had enough. God bless his good soul.

      • If you look at the before and after shot of the hand, you see that the colour her skin has gone with the bleaching cream is the same colour as her damaged skin was. So as well as natural healing, the skin bleaching has lightened the rest of her skin and removed the contrast.

      • Yes, I wondered if it was bleaching. So sad. Actively destroying her own beautiful skin while seeking “healing” at SCOAN. 😦 Either way, it’s crazy.

        But yes, even if it is the same woman, the story is still manipulative, hyped, and inconcistent. Hand cancer my foot. I do notice that with people who are darker skinned, even minor wounds can look shocking, because of the contrast in color between healthy skin and the wound. On me, welts/wounds/blisters aren’t as eye catching because there is much less contrast between my already light and reddish skin. Scars aren’t as visible either. Maybe that is why she has been bleaching?

        And what about “When God heals, he heals completely”? Why are these people coming back sometimes *years* later (as they like to put it “some time later”), saying it was TBJ who healed them? At what point is the natural tendency of the body to recover and self-heal not a miracle from TBJ? And if a complete healing, why scars? They are still visible even with the bleaching.

      • We need to hear John Chi’s story. whether he left voluntarily or whether he was kicked out. It could be either one, so let’s wait and see !

  14. In regards to John Chi: Watching TBJ’s “explanation” the “Man of God” is completely incoherant. 5 minutes of nothing said.

    But bringing up an accuser. “His voice changed!” Classic cult tactic. But this means that alllll these spiritually superior people and the “man of God himself” allowed John Chi to continue to minister while demon posessed, if their own timeline is to be believed.


  15. And what power worked through the water?

    TB Joshua admits his anointed water is pointless

    click on

  16. To TB Joshua,
    John Chi’s standard dropped?
    Because his voice is gone/ceased?
    You know, maybe John Chi’s voice ceased, because you tbj i over worked his voice! You know that it is normal to get laringitis if you over work your voice. It has nothing to do with the devil. And your voice, tbj, did it never cease in your life?
    You had trouble with this gentleman. So you make it sound as if he has character flaws, because his voice stopped. He tempted the devil? How? By driving our demon?
    You gave the 5 wise men each a letter, in the beginning, saying God said that: “One of them will drop”.
    What wonderful encouragement from you? Oeps god.
    Stop lying to save your face!
    Did Jesus say to His disciples in the beginning that one of them will drop?!?!

    It is not you tbj, you have nothing to do with it???????? Really!
    But when they received the anointing, you had everything to do with it and even bragged about the fact that no one else could do that?
    Yes, we will pray for the other 4 wise men left, so that they will also be set free from your claws. And also all your disciples that you use and abuse! To get out of your cult.
    Why John Chi is Not Ministering for Now as a Wiseman – SCOAN

    • First of all. Go and watch the whole video. Not just a small part to rant about. Starting from 48 min. Maybe you will get a better picture of what really is happening there, cause i am certain you miss a view points that would make you to understand the situation which hopefully lead for you to adjust your raging comments…

  17. and AND AND…………………why can tbj and the 4 wise men NOT pray for John Chi’s healing and deliverance from the demon/s that overtook him………..HUH?

    that is their job?

    or is everything lies and fake, hey TB Joshua?

    and don’t not judge me as one out there, whose heart is black and cannot hear from God.

    If anyones heart is black it is yours.

    You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye – Mathew 7:5

    • just wonder, you talk so much negative stuff that it is hard for other people to pull a straight line in what you actually mean to say. Tb joshua clearly stated that this situation is out of his control. He clearly says that normally people would pray and fast to get an answer but this time the Lord is not answering.

      Not only that, he also explained different scenario’s (job’s temptation and not listening to the Holy Spirit’s suggestion or by tempting satan to tempt you) If John chi’s case is that the Lord allowed this temptation to get him out stronger then before, who are we or you to Judge that or to lay an accusation againts TbJoshua.

      He also said that john chi is the most gifted and loved wiseman. and on a personal level tb joshua would call john chi first among them all in any situation. Not only did he told the wiseman that 1 would fall, but he also told how to get out of it. So i don’t really get what you are trying to say here, it’s nothing but accusation. And for what? Be neutral in this.

      I think it is better for you to keep wondering then to keep sprouting things against Tb Joshua, it seem you really hate that man???

      • @denkel,

        Yea right, whatever dude. “TB Joshua would call John Chi first among them all in any situation” my foot, this statement is simply not true, Bro, and you know it.

        Even watching SCOAN you will notice that TBJ had favorites in the wise men and this top favorites are Harry and Racine, period. I think he kisses up to Harry the most because he is from the biblical land of Macedonia. Beside, the sermon you are referring to that TBJ gave about “Not tempting the devil to tempt you” has nothing to do with the quotation he presented in the Book of Job Chapter 1 in regards to when devil came into the presence of God among the “sons of God” and accused God of building a hedge around Job.

        That Sunday sermon in actual fact was meant for all the other remaining disciples who have plans to leave like John Chi and not really towards the Sunday congregation. If you are a wise observer with discernment, you will quickly pick this up. TB Joshua was indirectly brain washing his disciples on Sunday and was trying to scare them (like he always does) into thinking that God will abandon them if they try to leave SCOAN like John Chi, and at the same time trying so hard to connect his brainwash tactics to the bible passage he quoted in JOB, but it simply was not holding water, instead, he kept rambling on around it.

        TBJ plays favoritism a lot and a keen eye will see it and observe that there are certain persons in his “SCOAN fortress” he prefers above the rest and gives them preferential treatment even on camera.

        We all know and observe that John was the one he cared for the least, so lets not cover up the mess with fancy words and say it like it is. Yes, it is true that John Chi was very anointed. This I noticed because he is usually the one that prepares himself the most before he comes out to teach, and usually the one that does not regurgitate all of TB Joshua’s previous sermons in his own teaching as he preaches. Unlike the other 4 Wisemen, John Chi keeps it real with TB Joshua, he does not kiss his butt.

        By the way, what happened to the Ghana singer Denise William has she run away too, or are they doing their best to break her free spirit with their cult “Adaba” behind the scenes??? Where is she? Are they making her clean latrines and peel cassava in the back house to break her?

        One word for all this mess, EVIL.

        I praise God for John Chi who has sensed it and run away for the salvation of his dear soul.

      • I’m now beginning to get the picture. If John Chi liked to keep it real and did not kiss TBJ’s butts, then he could not stay. You cannot be around TBJ for long without pretending to be a fool and singing his praises and kissing his butts all over !

        Now I can say without equivocation that John Chi left on his own, after seeing the light.

  18. …………..gev permalink
    August 20, 2013 11:18 am
    John chi has gone to adaba. People must help him out. If he is really out he must start his ministry and get married. People must help him it that area of his life………….

    Adaba is a Nigerian slang word meaning discipline.

  19. Mr. Terrific,
    That is what we hope, that JC woke up and did not keep on kissing tbj’s butt. (Apparently the females do that literally). But tbj’s modes operandi is also that if his disciples get sick, they get booted out. I have personal experience of witnessing that. Apparently he cannot pray for them to get healed or delivered? It sounds more likely that John Chi got sick (voice gone). So he does not mean anything for tbj and his ministry anymore, so he was dropped. But now God gets blamed by tbj, so that tbj does not lose face. Tbj is also blaming everyone asking him what happened to JC, to having black hearts, that is why they cannot hear from God themselves. He is cornered to explain and he does not like that. That is why he got Racine to carry on………..
    Knowing tbj as the lier he is, he will NOT come out on emman tv to speak the truth. Hypocrite!
    And then this sick man tbj even announces that now there will be more wise woman end men raised as wise? Don’t worry people! Like it is good riddens to JC. Who care, forget him people – there are more to come, we do not need him anymore! Lets move on.

      • @tg:

        Is that all you’ve got?

        You need your empty head checked. The empty vessel is the devil’s workshop.

        And there is no doubt which Devil is at work in yours, tg!

        That head is so empty that it can’t help but be filled with the false doctrines emanating from the pit of SCOAN, like “we do not suppress the flesh but walk in liberty!”

        Read your bible my friend and get understanding, and you won’t have time to be sucking up to the man TB Joshua and his signs and wonders, or come here and be pasting silly comments.

    • Well, let TBJ try to save his face all he wants, let him give all the excuses he can, but the BIG one is coming, that would be as clear as crystal, and as bright as sunlight, and there will be no hiding place for him, and even the most stupid and deluded would see clearly and wake up. He would stew in his own stew……

      And yes, it looks like another “use and dump” here. John Chi is now an embarrassment to TBJ, with the “lost voice” and all that, so let’s get more “wise men and women” to cover the shame……

      We shall see how he’d be able to get out of the big stewing pot…..Oh Lord, You have such a great humor….!!!!!!

  20. The image destruction has started. Like we prophesied here, that TB Joshua will try to find sneaky ways to destroy John Chi’s image to save face, the prophecy is coming to pass…

    The new thing coming to us is that SCOAN has dispatched PR agents to go into public internet forums and be posting that John Chi was dropped because he failed to listen to his “spiritual director”.

    John Chi was not dropped by anyone, people; he walked out of the prison house SCOAN, on his own FREE WILL. He has had enough of the falsehood and empty promises. He has made up his mind to no longer deceive the people of God.

    John Chi is a good, respectful and humble servant of the LORD Jesus Christ, as we all saw even in his attitude while at SCOAN and no one that is walking in the TRUE LIGHT of the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD should listen to this madness coming from TBJ and SCOAN to undermine his anointing and his calling. John has simply heard and listened to the voice of God that says, come out from among them and be ye separate so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues as is written in 2 Corinthians 6:17 and Revelation 18:4.

  21. @angelica
    yes you are right,john chi has left scoan because you know everything,right?
    Shame on you angelica,today it might be the worse day for you liars.

  22. As we saw today TB Joshua’s emissaries succeeded in begging John Chi to return to SCOAN; well, since we know John Chi is a good and respectful guy, there is no doubt they won over his good Christian heart.

    John Chi came up to speak in SCOAN today to the congregation reiterating the brainwashing word of TB Joshua last Sunday, that “they should not tempt the devil to tempt them, or God will leave them to their own devices” but he never told us how he tempted the devil to tempt him. That John Chi even made the effort to leave and “left” in the first place shows that something is seriously shady, his coming back now to try to help his “mentor” save face is very suspicious and fishy.

    TBJ knows John Chi leaving SCOAN is great stamp of shame on him and his ministry, and no amount of image destruction and damage he does to John Chi reputation will be equal to the blow that John Chi will give to his ministry in his departure. So, going contrary to his Word last Sunday that he has dropped John Chi, and that the devil overpowered John Chi and took his voice in other words a way of say his anointed diminished, he shameless goes to beg him to return to save his reputation and his ministry’s image.

    The brain washing power that TB Joshua holds over these men and their lives is very strong. Please let us continue to pray for them to be delivered, and not to trust their lives in the hands of this man, TB Joshua because their excessive trust in the “power” of TB Joshua could cause God to curse them according to His Words in Jeremiah 17:5 KJV, ”Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm…”

    TB Joshua is a one man army controlling the lives of hundreds of people that live in the SCOAN, directing them where to go and when to come, how to live and who to communicate with. This is not the same as that in the Acts of the apostles when the Lord’s disciples had everything in common, they had a group of elders leading the early church of the time, but with the case of TB Joshua and his ministry, only this man TB Joshua, has men and women depending on him for their every move and every decision they make in life. ONLY ONE MAN! A man who is not accountable to anyone but himself, TB Joshua is a “god” to these people whether they choose to believe or not. Let us continue to pray for these people to be delivered from this strong and powerful delusion (2 Thessalonians 2:11).


    TB Joshua “indirectly” told his congregation that he knows you are watching him, and he also said that he himself is also watching you every day. I guess it is because of your independent post of support to John Chi that made him run to call John Chi back to try to discredit you. Do not give up on the fight!

    We must not allow religious charlatans to continue to deceive God’s people, make merchandise of them and lead them astray with wicked doctrines of the devil (1 Timothy 4:1-5).

    Let God take all the glory!

    • ok,angelica,may be you should beg too John chi to have pitiful for you and comeback to you if you think he had left Scoan before cause now you are shameful,are you not?
      Angelica what you can do now, is to wipe your tears and your fellow’s.There is no lies you can fabricate now that can remove the shame on you.

      • @tg:

        Shame on me? What? Oh no tg, the shame is indeed on you and TB Joshua that to put his tail between his legs to go beg John Chi to come back and make a speech that “he has not left them” after insulting and trying to disgrace him by saying that demons took over his voice and overpowered him, and whatever else he dispatch his egg brained PR agents to post on public internet forums.

        No tg, the shame is actually on you and TB Joshua? It simply testifies to how powerful this website and the people in here are. It shows that we have power to pull down SCOAN, and TB Joshua knows it.

        This website keeps TBJ accountable, and at least makes him treat our people inside of his fortress right. He knows we are watching his every move and will nail him at the slightest mistreatment of our brothers and sisters he is holding hostage in SCOAN, something you my brother and all the other lily livered men that flock around TB Joshua for cheap “blessings”, “breakthroughs” and “prophecies” cannot do.

        How many ambassadors did TB Joshua send to Cameroun this past couple of days to bring John Chi back? How much airfare, transportation and feeding did it cost TB Joshua to pay for the emissaries that went to drag John back to save face? Oh, please don’t even start the story that he has been in SCOAN all along, because we know that’s a big fat lie.

        John Chi, come back to me for what? What do I need him for? If John Chi is free he is free to pursue God’s purpose for his life not fee for me or for anyone else here, we just wish him well as his brothers and sisters. However if he is too chicken livered like the wife of Lot to look back and become a pillar of salt for his own damnation and disgrace, it is up to him. I don’t deal with people that do not have the balls to stand up for God and his Word.

        On the hand, we still love John Chi and I wish him well, it is a pity he had to succumb to his “Master’s” brainwashing and breadcrumbs and reject the Word of God.

        As it is written, many are called but few a chosen (Matt 22:14). On that day, not everybody will be able to say “NO” to the mark of the beast, even the most anointed among us (Rev 13).

      • John Chi must be the biggest fool to fall for TBJ’s deception, to come back to this hellhole of Satan(SCOAN). TBJ just wants to save his face and would go to any length to do so, but some of us are just too smart for him. Now TBJ would try to discredit and disgrace John Chi and kick him out, just wait and see…..! Prove me wrong, TBJ !

  23. I have no tears for anyone who wants to be used and dumped by TBJ to promote his satanic agenda.

      • Tg:

        Dunce, dumbo, why are you replying to Mr. Terrific instead of to my comments?

        Anyway, I am not angry, never have been, just lively with my lively self some people choose to call it arrogance…but regardless of what you call it, your fancy words back to you tg, according to the Word in Psalm 109:17.

        May God help you and your slithery Master TBJ. I must give him the award of Slippery Deceitful Master of the Year. He slipped when we came down hard on him with his “prayer bench” and decided not to sell it in his church anymore, now, with the case of John Chi, he knows his ministry will be half dead if humble John Chi leaves him; so he taught real quick within a matter of days and took quick action before he could be nailed again, thanks to the loads of “anointed water” cash profit at his disposal.

        TB Joshua indeed knows how to slither and wiggle himself out of tight spots all right. No, wonder he’s still standing with his deceits and falsehood up to now. He is good I give it to him.

        John Chi does not stand a chance with the likes of conniving TB Joshua and his eyes of experience wiggling out of tight spots and embarrassments. John Chi is just a baby in mind, he does not have the back bone to deal with the likes of TB Joshua, it requires a “DAVID” who is totally sold out to the LORD JESUS CHRIST and his Word who loves not his own life unto death (Rev 12:11), so I am not surprised that he looked back to Sodom and Gomorrah.

      • The time is coming when T B Joshua will stew in his own pot of stew, and what a day that will be……! He won’t be able to wriggle out of this one……! Have you ever seen a rat caught in a cage ?

  24. GOOD- tbj watches us, maybe in that way he will get to know some Bible truths. But in the end he is going to have to choose which way he wants to pursue himself. His own folly and cleaver, deceitful, tricks, that he is playing on God and His children – Elohim Father God- the father of our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth or his own satanic way? It is his choice where he will land up for eternity! His blood won’t be on my hands! He has been warned enough. He is going to have to correct more than just getting John Chi back……………………..what if he looses his voice again?

  25. To TB Joshua,
    Oeps……. So what has happened now to; “God has dropped John Chi”? What has happened to the warning letter that he has carried in his pocket until now? That one of them will be dropped from the beginning and God showed tbj that it is John Chi. You have been caught out as a liar again TB Joshua! Just as we said. Not one word of yours can be trusted. You are a liar like your father the devil. For a man of God, you are lying too much!!!!!!!!
    God has NOT dropped John Chi. Ha, ha………….

    Click on:

  26. I agree;
    TB Joshua is smooth! He plays the two sides of the coin, perfectly. He is truly a master of deception and double talk. Just like the snake with the split tongue. He is a monster of a snake!
    “The fear of the Lord hate evil: ‘I hate arrogance and pride and every wicked way and a mouth with a double tongue’”, says the Lord – Proverbs 8:13
    Deacons likewise must be dignified, not double-tongued, not addicted to too much wine, not greedy for dishonest gain – 1Timothy 3:8.

    • John chis has been dropped from his duties as a wiseman,not as a child of God like all we are before God.
      It is almost 7 weeks the wiseman John chi has not been able to perform his work ,please people be wise,there is no lies about it.
      But if John chi decide to strengthen his power with his relationship with God,God may restore him,it depends on God’s will not on TB Joshua’s.

  27. 6 Brethren, if a man is overtaken in any trespass, you who are spiritual restore such a one in a spirit of gentleness, considering yourself lest you also be tempted. 2 Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ. 3 For if anyone thinks himself to be something, when he is nothing, he deceives himself. 4 But let each one examine his own work, and then he will have rejoicing in himself alone, and not in another. 5 For each one shall bear his own load.

    • @Pango:

      Thank you, I can guess this is the scripture Mr. TB Joshua quoted to his disciples for his reason to running to bring back John Chi no doubt.

      • @Angelica Don’t thank me for this scripture. I mean you people why don’t you restore Prophet TB Joshua in a gentle manner, you who are Spiritual and upright

  28. The problem of HIV was not brought by Pentecostal Churches. The world over is facing this because of failing to obey God’s Word. The question is what is the common.

  29. This website is from a pit of hell, what is yo mission realy, why don’t u crucify people who are realy doing harm in this world and live Gods anointed

    • @elvis:

      This website is to warn people of one the deceits and falsehoods in Christianity that his leading souls to eternal damnation.

      The website is the watchman to warn you of the spiritual death you stand to face if you choose to pursue signs and wonder instead of the true teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ and amend your ways and live in Holiness.

      elvis, Christianity is not about “blessings” and “breakthroughs” for your next business or family success. In true Christianity, Christ told us to take up our crosses daily and follow him, not pursue blessing, prophecies, breakthroughs, signs and wonders to live a life of enjoyment as you follow him. Seek true anointing for your soul not for your belly.

      Yes, indeed there are people doing harm in the world but there are also the worse kind of harmful people that appear to be friends but are actually serpents underneath. This is the worst kind of bad people because you do not have much defense built up against this kind, when these kind destroy, they destroy in the millions body, soul and spirit.

  30. you the Devil has even anoited u with answers to keep yo movement going if that’s what you realy belive in and you use the bible to back yourself then why don’t you start your own ministry and teach the word but not be able perform miracles.but I believe that he has brought a lot of ppl of the hands of the enemy while you are sayin that he’s taking them. To the devil, let it go who do you think you are, you are fighting a loosin batle you demon yes you
    Coz by the look of things you are the Devill here tryin to bring a holly man down trying to get a team of people to help you do it!
    TB Joshua is a man of God a Prophet a true Prophet that man loves people. That man have a very very big heart and compasion
    He cares about other people more than he does himself and that’s a fact.

    Let it go !!!!

  31. Ha ha ha ha Engelica u hav isues nd ur BP is gonna rise if it is not yet..You are leaving two lives which are your life and Prophet Tb joshua,s life.Hey Just let it go wat happened happend move on….ha ha ha ha I think you even carry the prophet to you dreams….and your toungue and fingers have adapted to insulting Prophet TB Joshua….ha ha ha Its painfull caz he doesnt even care and he is living his life happily while all you du is wish him bad…..Plis guyz just live your lives ah

  32. I wonder who said you are the holiest people on earth….???Which criteria did you use to confirm that you are the only ones who are on the right way????If Prophet TB Joshua is using the name of Jesus to con people ,then which name did you expect him to use?? yours?….Listen…Juz go preach the gospel of jesus not of Prophet TB j…..

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