TB Joshua’s MH370 prophecy…. again!

boeing_777_9m-mro_mh370After the massive embarrassment of TB Joshua’s multiple incorrect MH370 prophecies, you would think SCOAN would keep quiet and try and forget the whole episode, but think again. After a swift cut in the edit room to remove the pesky “by the end of this week it will all be over, we won’t be talking about it anymore” part, they’ve repackaged the prophecy to claim this was fulfilled. Let’s revisit the multiple incorrect elements of his most disastrous prophecy ever. Here is a timeline of actual events alongside TB Joshua’s “predictions”, followed by an analysis of what he has actually contributed.

28th July, 2013 – TB Joshua predicts a plane carrying nearly 200 people will crash in “Asia” metres from the runway. It will be due to an obvious fault that could have been solved if the crew weren’t so impatient.

8th March, 2014 – Malaysian Airways flight MH370 disappears from the radar over the South China sea. Immediately an international rescue mission takes place, searching for a wreckage in the sea around the area contact was lost.

8th March, 2014 – TB Joshua releases an edited version of the 2013 prophecy, omitting the part where he claimed it would crash metres from the runway due to an obvious fault.

9th March, 2014TB Joshua Watch call for TB Joshua to reveal the location of the plane, since he claims so confidently that God had shown him this disaster happening 8 months ago.

9th March, 2014 – Approximately 8 hours after the TB Joshua Watch post, the TB Joshua Ministries official Facebook page reveal the location of the plane……. In the ocean! Particles will begin to appear on the surface any moment now, he claims.

TB Joshua "reveals the location" of the missing jet

TB Joshua “reveals the location” of the missing jet

14th March, 2014 – After several days of speculation that the plane may have flown on for hours, suggesting an element of foul play, the search switches to the Indian Ocean after unspecified “new information”. Although yet to be officially announced, the press are widely reporting that the flight had been hijacked.

The day before TB Joshua implies an element of foul play, the media were reporting it.

The day before TB Joshua implies an element of foul play, the media were reporting it.

15th March, 2014TB Joshua brags that he’s the only minister who’s been talking about this for the last year (even though what he mentioned a year ago was very different). He advises the rescuers to start searching between Indonesia and the Indian Ocean (the search moved to this area at least 24 hours prior to his “recommendation”). He says there are some strange people in the plane, who are not meant to be inside. There was a battle on the air, the plane turned back. The pilot confronted a situation he could not handle. The whole thing is coming to an end, they will discover the plane any moment from now. This coming week, we will not be talking about it again.

What we have seen so far is very illuminating. You can see clearly two deceptive techniques TB Joshua employs in order to make people think he’s a true prophet:

  1. Make things as ambiguous as possible. For example, the “strange people on board” and the pilot “confronting a situation he could not handle”. This seems like it implies highjacking, but also could be twisted (especially with a little editing) to fit the more likely hypothesis of pilot suicide. If he really knew what happened why not say “it was hijacked” or “it was pilot suicide”?
  2. Reveal details after they become public knowledge. He said it was in the ocean when it was only the ocean being searched, and since the ocean covers 70% of the earth’s surface, that doesn’t exactly help locate it. He suggested they search between Indonesia and the Indian Ocean a few days after the search had switched its focus to there. He implies foul play, after the press have widely reported it.

If he had told them to search between Indonesia and the Indian Ocean while they were still focusing on the south China sea, that would have been impressive.

If he had revealed that the plane had been deliberately diverted when they still thought it had suffered a catastrophic failure, that would have been impressive.

The overall message of the recent prediction video is that if the authorities had listened to him at the time, it would have been over a lot sooner. He says they should have looked on the internet to see his credentials, then they would see that he could be believed. The problem is, if they looked beyond Emmanuel TV they would find that:

Why would any government listen to this joke of a prophet? This is a man with $15 million in the bank who leases a private jet, if he really knew where the missing jet was he would have flown out and proven it. Then his fame would be renown, he truly would be recognised globally as a “prophet of our time”. He didn’t do that for the same reason he didn’t make any attempt to heal and resurrect the victims of his building collapse. He makes a lot of noise about being a prophet and healer, but take him out of the controlled, sanitised environment of his carefully choreographed meetings and he can’t do a thing.

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  1. T B Joshua, please come out of hiding and humbly make your confessions before the Lord’s people, and ask the Lord Jesus to forgive your many transgressions, atrocities, lies, false prophecies, manipulations, deceit, fornications, adulteries, false teachings, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera!
    We are watching and waiting and until then, ALUTA CONTINUA!!!!!!


    • Erm… They haven’t found the wing. They’ve found what appears to be a flaperon from a Boeing 777, but it’s yet to be confirmed whether it is from mh370. Even if it turns out to be from mh370 it’s hardly the same as “any moment from now they’ll find particles floating on the surface”.

      • Shame On You, It Is The Wing Part, Just Exactly As He Said, Watch The Video, All Happened Exactly As He Said, And Those Things Already Started Washing Out Since , The Prophecy Was Made, Just That The Government Ignored Him And Blindly They Could Not Find It, If They Had Called, Him, He Will Show Them The Exact Point, Even Till Now, If They Call Him, He Will Still Show Them The Exact Point In The Ocean, Were The Bulk Part Is. Tb Joshua Is A Real Man Of God.

    • Gotta love the CAPS LOCK brigade. CAPS LOCK really helps you to make your point so well. We would not pay attention to what you write otherwise.

      Other than that, can I please direct you to the standard response you can now give? It is much more detailed than the post you wrote above. It’s in the previous post. Might save you some time writing your own.

      • Shame On You, It Is The Wing Part, Just Exactly As He Said, Watch The Video, All Happened Exactly As He Said, And Those Things Already Started Washing Out Since , The Prophecy Was Made, Just That The Government Ignored Him And Blindly They Could Not Find It, If They Had Called, Him, He Will Show Them The Exact Point, Even Till Now, If They Call Him, He Will Still Show Them The Exact Point In The Ocean, Were The Bulk Part Is. Tb Joshua Is A Real Man Of God.

    • Lol Mr.YESS

      Tb joshua said last year that everything will be clear and come into an end that same end of the week. Its over a year now! Tb joshua didnt predict that it was in ocean. It doesnt take a philosopher or scientist to know that the plane is in ocean, the world is mostly covered with ocean. Tb joshua is just stating the obvious.

      If he was man of God, tell him to resurrect the 116 people who died at his watch.

      If he was man of God, then why didnt his prophecy come true when he said the chibok girls will be released! Those girls are raped, and carry out terrorist attacks due to illusions which boko haram has planted in their brains, they r pschycologically harmed! Plus, only a few girls managed to escape!

    • Tell me, who in their right senses ever believed that the remnants of the plane would not be found? TB’S prophesies can be made by even a person in psychiatric hospital or high on cocaine. Those who believe them need to have their mental status checked. Millions of dollars were spent looking for this plane. Relatives of the missing spent months agonising. And the good old “prophet” who new all along where the plane was to be found could not help.

      Look at it this way: The good “prophet” announces to the world the exact location of the plane. The world ignores him. He hires a ship and sails to the place, picks up some debris and shows it to the press. The press do not take him serious. He hands them some brown envelopes with a couple of thousand dollars in them. A few refuse but many take them and publish the story. The debris is taken by the relevant people and proved to belong to the missing plane. TB is now swarmed by the press. And at his church? Lines of people who want to see him and attend his church stretch for kilometers.

      I am sure TB would give an arm and leg to be in that position!!!!!

      • @wakayima exactly! Not only would he have had fame and fortune beyond his wildest dreams, the families would have had closure months ago and millions of dollars spent looking for it would have been saved. There is no conceivably reason to keep it to himself if he really knew.

  3. I dont want to offed TB Joshua,but I would like him to locate where Bookoharam is and the GIRLS. That’s it.

  4. Excellent summary TBJW!

    If they cannot understand this, then I give up!

    The god of this world, has truly blinded the eyes/mind.

    “The getting of treasures by a lying tongue is a fleeting vapor and a snare of death” – Proverbs 21:6

  5. Wow. Its funny how emmanuel tv edits his videos. Im more surprised why most scoanites cant remember what tbj said during his innacurate unedditted videos. Seems like most scoanites are suffering from memory loss. Perhaps tbj should miraculously heal their memory loss by rewinding his innacurate prophecies without being editted.

    Tb joshua said the kidnapped girls will be unharmed, unhurt! They are yet not found only 8 of them walked a week in nigeria after escaping boko haram. The kidnapped girls are used for islams terrorist ideology, they r already physchologically harmed! If tb joshua is man of God, i would like to see him telling the nigerian govt the location of the nigerian girls.

    If tb joshua is man of God, i want to see him resurrect the 116 dead people who died of the church collapse.

    If tb joshua is man of God, i want to see him telling us hes not messiah of our time

    If tb joshua is man of God, i want to see him stopping his tv channel from editting his inaccurate prophecies

  6. To Vooke,

    Ha, ha . . .

    “He is a professional video editing charlatan”. Spot on.

    This is just one of his legacies that he is going to leave behind.

    Hie, hie . . .

  7. Please, type in “Does water have memory” in Youtube. Study the videos and you will now what TB Joshua is doing with you all. His secret is now out. You are in for a surprise. Now someone needs to go find out where the water is made or streamed along, gathered, bottled and produced. And it certainly is not Jesus that was involved into it.

  8. Batman, yes this water-expereinces are true, but the Anoited Water is coded in a different way. They anoit the water and speack Gods word for weeks over the botle. Until it has its own power. And then just a drop will multiply very fast, so new botles can be filled. The Spirit of the Lord is sure on the Anoited water. It is the Faith of the user which makes it work.

    • Where is that in the Bible then? Where do we see real Men and Women of God speaking God’s word for weeks over a bottle “until it has its own power”? It’s al such nonsense. Why can you not see this?

    • No @jamie that’s not christianity! That’s paganism, dressed in christian terminologies stolen from Bible passages without fully appreciating their context within Christ’s ministry & the first century apostolic age.

    • Jamie,

      What a bullet loaded of SCOAN nonsense!

      So its “faith of the user” that makes it work? Was it the faith of the blind man that made the mud which Jesus spat on to put on his eyes work? So u believe Jesus’ miracle would FAIL if blind man had no faith or low faith?

      Anointing water? Oh please! Why didnt David take his own sling and stone to sell it to Israelites as “anointing sling and stone” which kills your battle enemies faster? Why didnt the 1st century apostles gather enough mud and make Jesus spit on it so that they can sell “the anointed mud” for 100 denariis to the blind people? Why wasnt the dirty river that cured Naaman not been gathered and prayed for and sold to the israelites as “anointed dirty river”? After all, mediums are all about profit 💶💶 to Tb Joshua.

      Why would Tb joshua need to speak on anointing water bottle for “weeks”? Did Moses speak to his staff for weeks before he used it to divide the water? Did David speak God’s word on his sling for weeks before he used it to kill Goliath? Did Jesus prepare experimental spitted mud to pray on before he could use mud to heal a blind man? Was the dirty river prayed for weeks on before it was used to cure a man?

      Tb joshuas nonsensical “anointing water” is all about profit. He “prays” for it, calls it “the blood of Jesus and salvation of your soul” and sprays it on people/sells it those far. SCOAN treats “anointing water” as a new revelation from God like how Muslims treat muhammad as God’s “latest revelation”.

      • Correction on one thing. The river which Naaman was cured on is Jordan River. So goodluck trying to find “anointed Jordan River” to be your salvation lol

  9. I know power-ministeries, who transfer the Anoiting to childeren and this childeren heal the sick by just a touch. The anoiting can be transfered in every object. A microfhone can become anoited, clothes, water. And every anoited water will release a new anoiting. It is not that difficult to understand that water takes the shape of what is spoken to it. Just try it out! Speack the Word to a plant and it will florisch, speack a curse to a plant and it will wither away. Jezus His Words are a reality.

  10. But only for thoose who do the Word. The people who just read and have skriptual knowledge, will not accept, that the Word is an applied reality. We get what we say. We get what we believe. Speack a psalm into water, and the power of the Word will manifest by using the water. Only believe! It is spiritual, not carnal.

    • Nonsense. Youre taking biblical theology out of context to suit your sound doctrine. You seem to think that everything is easy. I dont walk around thinking that if i curse my computer, it will explode or if i speka biblical words on it, it will have eternal internet connection. Christianuty isnt about messing around with objects.
      Everything is to be done for God’s glory and will, not for our own entertainment. You seem to be telling us to entertain ourselves by cursing plants to make them not grow,etc, thats pure joke! Not serious theology

      • My computer became restored 3x by praying over it. Did i said it is entertainment? No, in full Faith i believe that God helps me when i ask Him. Is a computer different then a fig-tree? It is matter. The handkerchiefs of Paul where full of anoiting, the anoiting was transfered to th object of handkerchief.

  11. You are still wasting your time and energy. God is with TB Joshua you won’t change anything to that fact with your demonic lies. He is a man of God and we love him.

    • @ dthinkele,

      I find your love kind of mentally sick. Why don’t you go to the prisons and tell you love serial murderers and rapists and tell it to the wardens and let you in and let them tell you what they do in those prisons when they are on the loose these serial murderers and rapists.

      Perhaps you should spend some time in history and study what Hitler did, Pol Pot, Mao Ze Dong, Stalin, Lenin, Ghengis Khan, Jeffrey Dahmer, Marilyn Manson and go out and love them to bits and sit with them day in day out. No man of God looses anyone out of their grip and church when they are their pastor or shepherd. Enough !

  12. TBJoshuawatch, no, it is the core of the Gospel. The Word is alife when spoken by the spirit in faith. The Word will do what it says, to accomplisch its purpose. Jezus spoke too the sea, Jezus spoke to Lazerus, Jezus spoke to the sick, . Only the doer of the Word receives from God. People can heal by speacking; ” by His stripes i am healed”, over their body, by faith.. I am surprised that you dont accept it, what else do you think the Gospel is? We have all the authority that Jezus has. The Word becomes alife in us. I know this because i have experienced it. The Word is power. We draw power out of the Word, and the Holy spirit confirms it or responds on it.

      • So you have ALL the authority that Jesus has?

        Do you have the authority to accept worship of men? Christ certainly has that authority!
        Do you have the authority to kill? Christ certainly does. (Rev 2:23)
        Do you have all the authority in Heaven? (Mat 28:18) To give to eat of the tree of life? (Rev 2:7) To give a crown of life? (Rev 2:10)

        Do you have all the authority to do these things?
        Jesus certainly does. You must understand that Jesus wasn’t just another guy who managed to figured out the secret formula of how the supernatural works. He is God, He is sovereign and we are not!

        My point is this: once you start saying things like we have all the authority that Jesus has, unfortunately you do sound like Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar, Benny Hinn…that’s the same ludicrous language of the serpent they speak.

  13. The Bible is Spirit. It can only accomplisch what it says, by doeing what it says. We follow Jezus, to do as He did, . Thats what disciples do. Why should you know the Bible and not applying it? We walk by Faith, and faith acts on the Word. Faith literaly walks the Word. Thats skriptual. The woman with the blood-issue walked her faith; ‘if i touch the hem of his garment, i will healed”.

  14. What i discribe is christianity, it is availeble for the people who have received Jezus in the heart. , ad have received the baptism of The Holy Spirit. Thats not false teaching, it is the active living Truth. The Truth is Spirit and life and is tangeble, it is a power on us or in us.

  15. TB Joshua is a man of God. Your satanis lies won’t change anything to his relationship with the Lord Almighty. We still love TB Joshua.

  16. @TBJW & @D Haile

    Jamie sad: “…the Anoited Water is coded in a different way. They anoit the water and speack Gods word for weeks over the botle”

    This reminded me of Samuel Akin Adewole’s pagan rituals of “anointing” the water using scripture.
    Jamie’s teaching sounds exactly same! Listen to one of Adewole’s different ways of “anointing” the water for students who want to improve their memory. Just listen to this:

    “Adewole further recommends Psalm 51, 1 King 3:1-14 and Psalm 23 for students who want to improve their memory. According to him, early in the morning before a student talks to any one the student should draw water and pour 3 coconut water with 7 cubes of sugar, honey and salt. The student should stand naked and undisturbed and read Psalm 51, 1 King 3:1-14, Psalm 23 to water. Call the names Jehovah Emmanuel (7 times), Holy Mother Mary (7 times), and Jehovah Ellion (7 times). The water should be kept in the bottle for drinking for seven days.”

    Reading and Interpreting the Bible in African Indigenous Churches, page 92,
    By David T. Adamo
    Source: http://www.worldcat.org/title/reading-and-interpreting-the-bible-in-african-indigenous-churches/oclc/48905257/viewport

    This is not Christianity!

    @Jamie you need to be careful, don’t mix Christianity with paganism. This whole thing of “coding” anointing bottled-water is purely pagan, and even if some Bible passages were quoted in the process & it gives you some kind of “result” it still doesn’t make it Christian [see Deuteronomy 13:1-2]. The Bible is not the “good” witches book of spells & should not be used as such. The Bible is “…for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness” (2 Timothy 3:16).

  17. I am not experiences with botles and incantations, i just mentioned it, to adress the issue of how Anoited Water is created.

  18. Watch the video, and understand that The spoken Word, works on ALL situations, and can influenze ALL matter. Mattew 6;52. . Just follow the steps and performances of Jezus. Jezus changed water into wine. Spiritual, He changed ordinairy water to a Holy anoited drinck. : new wine. What else is the Truth for, when it should NOT influenze peoples behaviour and thier needs? The Gospel is the the Grace of Gods goodness, and we receive by Grace and faith in His Word. Jezus says; Only Believe, in Me. The Word is Jezus. Jezus is the Word. He created this World and we have the same reign as He has, the same authority. , it is given to us. Mattew 28;18.

    • So um Jamie,

      How come if we have the same authority as Jesus. You don’t see people multiplying bread and fish on a daily basis ? Walking on water everywhere we go on holiday ? Finding tax coins in fish in different place we go when we need to pay tax ? Delivering people who have a Leviathan demons. Change water into wine and champagne….. Curse trees and they wither by our return to it ? Spit in mud and go open all in the eye hospital all the blind people ? If it is what you say, I want to see this in action in the public domain. After all we only need a mustard seed of faith right ?

      • Yes, i understand your response, . Yes, by the Bibly NT, we are all equipped to act as Jezus did. Most churches lay hands and have healings now and then., not as a standard as the Bible promises.. What i mean to say is; The Word is a living reality, when spoken by Spirit. We live by Faith literarly, and not by sight. And most christians just live as wordly people with some skriptual knowledge . When you speack the Word over a situation, the situation will change., because God will back -up and accomplisch His own Word and promises. What else should be the Gospel? It is not for a vew ‘choosen ones with profhetic mantles”, it is for every believer, for every disciple of Christ. When we are saved, baptized by water and H. Spirit, we have the power of God. If we believe it, and act on it by Faith. You have to do it, exersising faith, , trusting what the Words says. This is not another Gospel, it is the concrete reality of the core of the Gospel. If what i say is not true for you, then what is your walk as a christian? Reading, praying, going to church and discussing ?

    • @jamie,
      He also healed a blind man with mud/clay formed from his spit. Do you do that too?

      If you can’t intelligently support your beliefs from scriptures it means you are following another gospel.

      Water turned into wine was for drinking and they drank WINE not water

  19. If you have seen the video, you will understand how it works. The Faith in the Word, makes the healing happen. Most christians live in un-believe when times get roff and sick. Then their Faith does not seems to work. It is the core of a christian life, to find out if you realy believe the written Word, or just quote it with no effect, un-believe (religion). Everything Jezus says is about Faith.

    • @Jamie

      I did watch the video, and I praise God for that healing, but we can’t base our theology on anecdotes. I know some close friends whose 6 year old daughter had a very similar cancer as that boy, I’ve never known a couple with more faith. Their daughter was prayed for by almost every healing evangelist you can think of, including Andrew Womack (the subject of that video), several of them claimed she was healed. She was not, she died. I won’t base my theology on either of these anecdotes, instead I will base it on scripture. Whenever Jesus talked about the kingdom of God, he talked about something that was here, but not in its fullness, like dough working its way through yeast, or a mustard seed growing into a tree. It’s a present reality, but not in its fullness. In Romans 8:23 it says “And not only the creation, but we ourselves, who have the first fruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for adoption as sons, the redemption of our bodies.”, we have first fruits of the coming kingdom, but not everything – when the time comes for the redemption of our bodies, then we will have no more need for healing because “death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away” Rev21:4. Yes, God heals today, we see the first fruits of the Spirit, we see times when the age to come breaks into the current age, but we’re not living in the fullness age to come now.

      I’ve heard a lot of Andrew Womack’s teaching, I’ve been at meetings where he’s preached. I like quite a bit of what he says and I believe God works through his ministry. However, I emphatically disagree with him that it is ALWAYS God’s will to heal, if only you recite the correct verses with enough faith. This kind of belief is a way of controlling God, follow the right formula and God will act. Any means of trying to control God is inherently pagan, one of the unique characteristics of Christianity is that we can relate to God as sons and daughters through love. Whether we experience God’s healing, or we don’t, God is good all the time, he is in control and he loves us. One of the core themes of scripture is God taking terrible and unjust things and redeeming them, using them for our good. The pinnacle of this is seen through the most unjust act ever – the crucifixion of Christ. If we believe that God must always heal, then we attribute a great many victories to satan, and we miss out on the redeeming goodness that God wants to rise out of the ashes of tragedy.

      • Yes, you are right, and those who teach that God always heals are wrong! Yes, God is the healer of all diseases, but He does not always heal. Elisha died of sickness 2 Kings 13:14; Paul prayed for his “thorn” to be removed but was not. 2 Corinthians 12:7-9.

      • Agreed. I had a problem, just like Paul had in the Bible and me and my family did everything to get healed from it and nearly any minister that is known that I have attended to in meetings and we all spoke the Word over it and believed. Nothing changed and it cannot be that hard, because I have been healed of other problems over the years. Then I just went to a hospital and they fixed it in literally two minutes. Smack bang like that. The person next to me was complaining and complaining how everything went wrong, it did not put me off of the fact that what they did made it as it should be. Perhaps some might think oh, cursed is he/she he trusts in the arm of flesh, but with me thousands of people are helped with it and are very happy with it that it can be done like thIs. I never knew before this was possible until I found that this is what they do with it. I mean 2 minutes and it’s free. Saves you from spending a week in SCOAN and losing thousands of dollars on a quack prophet that is only interested in himself and his fame And sends you home not healed from anything.

      • I totally agree with this TBJW.
        The “God must heal or must do this or that” is completely out of context.
        In the book of Job, God’s reply demonstrates clearly how He is not accountable to anyone and how we are utterly incapable of understanding His Mind and plans in fulness.
        It is a matter of capacity and limitation as beings before Him.
        The rest is simply methods of manipulation by many.

  20. I believe that faith thrives on the prooved results, and not on the facts that people died after being prayed for. This video is no anectdote, it is a real proove of faith in the Word. It is so dangerous to let Faith become infuenzed by situations where persons died after being prayed for. I have layed hands, and seen people healed, sometimes partial. And Always something happens. I sure dont have the faith for all issues. But i do believe it is our duty to build Faith. A brother of mine died 6 months ago, and i had asked the H. Spirit if i should pray for healing, and the answer was; no, only pray for peace. He died in peace. This video, is one of the most loveble and strong proove of the Word in action, i ever have seen. The proces from un-believe to believe. I realy dont now why people die after being prayed for. I dont blame the persons faith, or the faith of the prayer-warriors. I do say; when Faith is not effective, they have to go deeper in a learning-proces. It is not controling God, is getting controle over what God has promised by understanding the right order and pattern in His teachings and then being able to apply it. Just because people die after prayer, we have to go deeper, and take the challenge to find out where our responsibility ends or just starts.

    • @jamie
      By anecdote I mean an informal account of evidence. Anecdotally the story in the video is evidence that God will always heal, anecdotally my story could be used to claim that God never heals. In both cases it’s faulty reasoning, we need to take our evidence from scripture which is what I tried to do in my comment. I’m sorry to hear about your brother dying, but I’m glad God gave him peace. However, in the land of Andrew Wommack style teaching, the only way God could work in that situation would be to give complete healing. That’s why it’s a distorted and unbiblical teaching. If you took this kind of faith teaching to its logical conclusion, you would believe that a faithful believer would never die. I’m sure you know that TB Joshua protégé Kobus van Rensburg actually taught that – at least he was being consistent, but look where it got him.

  21. The proces from religious un-believe, or dead faith, to the believe and trust in Jezus His ability, and living faith, is much more difficult and complicated then it is written. Jezus says; Ony believe; and this simple command is the most great challenge and journey for all christians. Every-one will say; I believe., i believe. The real believer acts on the Word and expects God to do what His Word says. This is not controling God, it is expecting that His Word will do what it says., because God says so; Believe in Me. Where-else do we believe in? The Word is Truth, and so this Truth has to work. If it does not work, then something is wrong in our believes-system. God does not lie, We can be very wrong in our understanding.

  22. What i dont believe is the extremities of faith in prosperity as in a ministery as Kenneth Copeland. A house of 6 miljon, and a private jet. I believe christians have the right to have wealth, but i see the shameless works of the great tv-ministeries as a dis-grace of Gods purposes. As long as 40 % of humankind is still dieing because of poorness and hunger, that long the christians have to learn what Faith means and indeed learn to understand what multiplication of bread means. Other-wise the command of Jezus has no meaning.; Go ye into all the world. Kenneth Copeland is a good example for how to manipilate Gods promises for own glory.. I can not understand why preachers fool themselves., and others, thats why i count on what the Holy Spirit teaches me; ‘let no man teaches you, for I will never leave you, nor forsake you”.

    • @ Jamie,

      Because they love money and use their false knowledge to sell themselves and make merchandise of you when you believe their own words and the trickery that comes with it. And the people love it so says the Bible. Not realising they have pierced themselves with many sorrows.

  23. This healing on the video, is done by the loving Faith of the parents. Not by Andrew Wommack. The parents applied the Word in the correct believers-authority, and the child healed. I am suprised to get so much opposition, i advize you to dive in the Word and find out for your-self what is Truth. It is an endless discussion; God must do this or that. I never said that, and you ignore compleetly the fact of the healing. You try to proove that it is of no importancy, because Andrew Wommack makes misstakes. You can live by sight for a life-time, without ever understanding what Faith is. Faith sees in the Spirit realm, and takes action on it. This parents developed Faith and knew the healing would follow, because they believed the Word.

    • @jamie with respect, the reason you’ve had quite a lot of opposition is what you’re saying is not generally in the realm of orthodox Christianity. It is based on scripture only in a “cherry picking” way, not taking into account the grand narrative of God’s story that’s present throughout the whole book. If you disagree with me that the kingdom and its benefits has not yet come in its fullness you need to make your case from scripture, I’d be interested to hear it.

  24. Christianity is full of members who dont understand Faith and the spirit-realm. They live by sight, and they truely believe that all their carnal knowling is real. Faith is faith, and when you have it, you will know it, because the H. Spirit will act on it. Faith does not look at the natural. People die all day long. Economies are collapsing every-where, but Faith acts and lives by The Word. Not as a religious pious all-knower, but as a living representive of the accomplished works of Christ. Faith acts on the Word, and it will manifest. This concludes healing, prosperity, etc. The just shall live by Faith, and there is no condemnation in Christ Jezus. So, people stay healthy when they speack the Word over their lives and body. Faith believes it. Sight discusses the matter,. There is a fast pattern in the Bible for receiving what the Word says. Some people take communion each day, and stay healthy on high ages. I gues it is important to discern what religious people say (sight), and what christians believe. I learn some issues from A. Wommack, sure not all. I learn to return to working faith, after the mess of scoan, and no-one will take it again by attac, by denial or making me questionable. I walk faith.

  25. I can not force others to come into agreement, only persons who believe will. One day your own child can be terminal sick, and i am sure this video will be a great help in thoose times. The parents reveal the pattern of healing. It is a reality in Christ. It is not an accidential healing. It is right, to not only scorn the ministeries and profhet-activities that dont work. It is important to learn to understand what does work, what the truth is. All churches have manipilations, so a believer needs to walk the own Faith. To discover the reality of living the NT. The New Blood-covenant.

  26. I bless you all. I have no time for it, i am not in the projects of un-believe. I am involved in 2 great revivals, and i supported 6 revivals by profhesy. The Kingdom is in you, so bring it to fullness, so others can profit by it too. Jezus did not revealed His whole counsel in every action He did. If you are able to reveal the wole counsel of Gods Word, in 3 sentences, then i am your willing disciple for-ever. My Spirit is flowing out, thats why it is pieces and bits in your eyes. I do understand your resistance, but i stay with my Faith. If people wit Faith have to proove them-selves as circus-artists do, then christianity is on a pityfull level. You proove me, what you believe and perform it.

  27. This is the trouble, for all christians who dont act by the Spirit, but by sight and skriptual knowledge, they dont understand the Spirit-utterances, and they dont see the lesson given to them. This people will even ask Jezus to do the whole journey again, to proove He is realy God. I dont need to know the whole Bible-contekst to be able to act by Faith. If you know the whole bible-counsel by study, then how does the Spirit acts in your life? No-one can bring some-one else in the Spirit-realm, God brings you there. You are all far to much in dis-agreement and in naming all the failors, . Every succes of some-one else, has to be pulled down to name all the failors of thousands of chrisitans. ; “oh, a child became healed? Well, i know 3892 situations where the child died. after prayer”. Still, believe is in that 1 child and un-believe in the 3892 situations”. Jezus failed because of their un-believe, not because He did not wanted or was not able to heal.

  28. And i want to move on with my life, Scoan is a dead road. It does not matter if we proove he is false or true,. The most ministeries in the world know TB Joshua, they call him a murderer, and no preacher will burn his hands on TB Joshua. I want to live by Truth, not by being wounded by TB Joshua. There are churchs who operate in the power of God, and i learned by my expereince with TB Joshua, to never trust any-one again. They all have their hidden tricks, tacktics and manipulations. Still, they also save and heal and deliver a lot of people. It is the best to stay out of the religious circle and to just walk in the freedom of Christ.

  29. And almost all the power-guys, attac others if the feel treatened or if they become rebuked or corrected. They have stragedies to knock the other out of the arena. , by the power. Their egos are mostly inflated by pride and by personal character-weakneses. It is a world of competiton and position and tremendous superstisiousness. They judge and label without any reverence as it suits them the best. And they all, have a intimate relationship with money. They all want to be the best and the most famous. Ofcaurse to impress God and the world.

    • Brother,

      You are most definitely on the right track to the way of TRUTH after having received your shock therapy of LIES at the hands of an antichrist prophet. Nine times out of ten you would never had accepted that he was such when you first believed he was a true prophet simply because of the myriad of false miracles & lying wonders you saw him perform and perceived it was from God the Father, God the Son and God the HOLY SPIRIT.

      (note do not call HIM the H. Spirit for HE doesn’t like it neither should you call JESUS CHRIST Jezus as it disrespects HIM for those are antichrist terminologies designed to jovialize, jocularize, and trivialize the TRINITY OF THE HOLY FATHER whose divine names and titles we should always hold in high esteem and deep reverence)

      That said you must learn not to be bothered with the miracles, signs & wonders you see and hear about in these perilous endtime as many of us have done by force after having nasty encounters with these wicked and evil antichrist prophets whose only mandate is to use such to deceive the narrow and shallow minded SAINTS who see the TRUTH and trivialize it by calling it “weird, theological or nonsensical and consequently will end up believing one form of the antichrist lie or another because they chose to believe not the truth. But not the ELECTS who can never ever be completely deceived by these SYNAGOGIANS because they are wired and programmed to believe the TRUTH once they hear it sooner or later in one way or the other that’s why God opens their eyes with a shock therapy to see the REAL TRUTH as you have done so as to escape from eternal destruction right in the nick of time before it is too late when the door is shut against those that see the stark TRUTH face to face yet they deny and reject it hence they can no longer find a way of repentance because God Himself has finally sent them a very strong delusion that they MUST CONTINUE TO BELIEVE IN THE LIE THEY LOVE LOVE. But not you. Thank JESUS for that!

      Resting my case here, lest I step beyond my standing instructions not to hazard my personal opinions here any more but instead to exhort and encouraging the elects of God I want to exhort & encourage you to soak yourself in-to-to in the scripture and prayerfully ask the Holy Spirit to give you deeper understanding and revelations into the mysteries of the Word of God for therein you will come to the knowledge that FAITH is a MASTER KEY the unlocks every locked situation in life but only according to the PERFECT WILL of God.

      Yes indeed the effectual faith and fervent prayer of the parents can make their child be healed and live by faith but it is also possible that the healing may have been instituted by a contrary spirit as well so that the thereby deceived simple minded saints can then say oh yes the Lord did it and it is marvelous in our sight. But the sharp minded elects will either TEST THE SPIRIT to see if it is of God or CHECK THE SCRIPTURE to know if it is of God by relating the situation with any other similar example of healing in the Bible to find out if the pattern of healing contradicts or complements the SCRIPTURE. Now if such an affliction is of God for reasons best known to Him as it was with very ordinary folks like us in the Bible such as the prophet Elisha’s sickness unto death, simply ask the Holy Spirit like the apostle Paul the did who are and He will reveal it to you and either proffer a remedy for it or the grace to bear it as it was with the ordinary apostle Paul’s affliction of the flesh. But if it is a satanic agenda against you then by all means prayerfully release your faith to flush it out by FIRE BY FORCE.
      This is how your FAITH ACTS NOW!!!

      So that’s how you know that such a healing ministration is of the Holy Spirit or antichrist spirit whose chief mandate is to use such lying wonders and devil’s anointing to deceive the whole world starting right from the church as is the status quo today. You ain’t seen nothing yet. Wait till when you see that antichristly “son of perdition” call down fire from the sky in the sight of the whole watching world and global media soon in the near future like Elijah the son of the prophet did in Israel. Then you will see how the whole world will fall down and worship him as if he is “God Almighty” as prophesied of in the 13th chapter of Revelation.

      Do not entertain the thought or notion as some unlearned believers are wont to claim that a prophet can be anointed of God and then later veer away from God like King Saul and still be using that same anointing to perpetuate evil and populate hellfire. God Forbid! Because if a man is given a prophetic gift from the Spirit of God and he departs from God into evil ways like King Saul or sinful ways like Samson the Spirit of God will also depart from him and also that spiritual gift in him will become dormant and no longer active. But if he refuses to repent the Holy Spirit will reject him and the gift in him will become polluted by evil spirits just like it was with Saul when the Spirit of God finally departed from him and instead he received an evil spirit that possessed and often troubled and him.

      Now if he realizes and repents the Holy Spirit will return to him and “reactivate” that gift lying dormant in him as the gifts of God are without repentance or re-call just like our God given talents which remain either dormant or active depending on what we do with it regardless if we be good or evil natured just like it was with the repentant Samson after he was captured by the Philistines.

      But there are those satanic agents like Simon the sorcerer who from day one received the devil’s anointing to be deceiving the Samaritan folks as if he was a prophet of God until Philip the evangelist came to show them the difference between the true divine anointing and false devil’s anointing. Then they knew that Simon was a sorcerer and false prophet who was deceiving them all along. Just as you now know that sorcerer is an antichrist prophet who has been deceiving you all along with a false antichrist anointing.

      My only joy and kick here is my seeing and reading of brethren like yourself being delivered by THE FATHER and freed from this antichrist bondage little by little, by and large hence I am positively addicted to screaming out the TRUTH to all and sundry both online and offline regardless of the opposition I face be they one or many, believers or unbelievers, friend or foe, physical or spiritual!

      Lastly in this site some of the brethren who comment here are of this same MIND OF CHRIST of desiring to save a lost soul. So do not erroneously think that this site is set with intent to castigate and cast down a single man or false prophet which amounts to nothing but gossiping or back biting even if some commenters here come across like that to you which is to be expected because it is an open forum for all opinions. If that were really the case I would not even waste my precious online time and foot print here one minute more. But our peace and joy the DIVINE ADMIN of this site Jesus Christ our Master, Lord, Saviour and God rejoices every time HIS lost soul or prodigal son returns back to join HIS fold and flock like you have done just as a man would rejoice after finding his long lost precious golden coin. For indeed you are a precious and golden coin in HIS sight.


      Soon you too would begin to inspire others who are still lost out there in the world of the antichrist prophets & churches to return back to their MASTER after reading through your own posts, experiences & testimonies you share here and elsewhere that exposes the falsehood of false prophets & churches which we true believers are scripturally commanded to do at all times both online & offline in Ephesians 5:11 because surely it helps to save lost souls!

      This why we do what we do here and elsewhere which is to:
      …SPEAK THE TRUTH [JESUS] WITH LOVE…Ephesians 4:15!


  30. I just smell a rat in this whole MH370 thing. No, the whole family of rats. Not only the ‘prophet’s’ prophecy, but the world authorities? How come that only this planes parts washed out on the beach, thousands of km away, where other planes sank straight to the bottom. This planes wing, flew under water to Reunions beach? Come on. I do not swallow this crap. Any of it!

    • Just Wonder, I agree with you.

      I have followed this MH370 nearly every possible day by looking for posts about it. I to find it hard to believe this thing just turned up on a stone beach. I believe it is planted. To call an end to the costs of this search. And nothing as this false private prophet has said or his followers has changed anything for anyone. Whether he said it or not it still happened. No person who has information will sit upon their hands to do nothing as he has done over the years. He is not getting this information from God, but from people who are going to do something on such and such day. That is why he does nothing about it. A true man of God would defy any of the authorities and protect people to fail to acquire salvation. He does not care than anything but himself and those accomplishes around him who run his beck and call. He IS the false prophet mentioned in Revelation. Stop being fooled !

  31. I just want to start with the issue of the malaysian airline.We all know that the prophet sometimes has difficulties on how to explain things…(don’t tell me he is supposed to speak yoruba for people to understand him well, i know you well ). I think when he talked about the wing it was not the whole wing he wanted to say but a portion. Anyway he told us something nobody was able to tell us concerning the Malaysian airlaine. Either it cames to pass after 1 year the fact is, nobody else said something related to that. Even if you think that it was not the whole wing anyway be humble and recognize that at least he said something that happened. Moreover…I am just asking myself why many people are against him…Many said that his miracles are only possible in his SCOAN church only.. yet I have just watched how, many mexican are testifying the wonders God operates through him…Many were healed miraculously. A certain man said they have been opening Scoan visitors’ bags to check what they were suffering from, then after they bring all these informations to T.B.J. But I saw the prophet prophetizing to pastors in Mexico…when that whole night he prayed for almost all of them giving to each and every one of them prophecies concerning their lives…I saw how they were submerged with pride from the beginning and when he started talking to them concerning what is bothering them they became humble…My question is…who checked these pastors wallets to bring the informations to him at that real time for him to prophesy the right thing to them?…why did I beleived it was true? Because i saw how they could burst into tears when the prophet told them where their problems came from…The anointing water is not for people who are not christians and don’t even beleive in Jesus and yet come to procure it as a miracle instrument to make their business prosper. The annointing water is not juju one will purchase and use when the user doesn’t even belive in Jesus ( i know you will tell me to show you where in the bible they used this but I personnaly prayed with a hair annointment for some twins when there was no oil around and they were totally healed…God can express himself by any kind of medium…just what he requires from you is FAITH )….the faith bracelet now…i tried it and sincerely it helped me. How? Because anytime I am in the car for example and I start praying with it, i become more concentrate and the time I should be looking around and being distracted by what was going on around me, i will be paying in my heart. It helps a lot because even if i don’t get a special time for prayer, when I try to recall how many hours i spent in prayer the whole day, i come with a ”wow!” It is amazing! Ok what if I don’t have it anymore? I can still pray in my heart! Yes!…okay we cannot see this in the bible but as for me,( it is my personnal view anyway..) since it helps me pray the more and get close to God the more, ( And please don’t tell me it was not God I was closed to because you are not me…you are not in my body nor my spirit)…so…since it helps me to concentrate the whole day upon God I think it is a good thing.If i buy a decoder that helps me to watch christians channels God will be happy even though xxx movies can be watched too.It depends the reason why we use the faith brecelet. God sees the motives…and we will be judge accordingly…In the time if Jesus Jewish were shocked by the Bible contents…How can Jesus say he is God?…It was true anyway because the same Bible says there is only one God. How come Jesus was telling them that he was God?…unless you see with the eyes if the spirit you cannot recognize TBJ as prophet. And the same bible is shoking many people…One thing is sure…if TBJ is not from God his ministry will end soon….like one wise man told people in the bible when christianism was at his earlies ages…but if it is from God….becareful of fighting God Himself…I also know that the PFN and the CAN were praying against TBJ…and yet he is not yet dead! Moreover he is performing more and more miracles…I can see the outcome of his miracles in Mexico…People were thanking Jesus and God! thank God they didn’t say satan thanks! if by his miracles people will rather thank God and not the devil then Praise God because he is not less preached then!….Then the devil is stupid! because he is performing miracles whereas people are giving praises to God…And his healings are permanent…i saw cancers healded completly…And CFAN or Bonnke ‘kids’ said ( I am paraphrasing) the PFN association knows the field more than them…so they don’t want to associate TBJ. They forgot the story of Micaiah (1kings22:8) the prophet the only one against thousands of prophets of God to tell the the king Ahab His plan to leave the city without a king. God sent a spirit of lie into his prophets to tell lie to the king…With God there is nothing like majority. Only one person can be right whereas the mojority will be wrong. CFAN may be wrong by taking that decision….TBJ…show me who pastured you…show me who is your spiritual father…tell me when you became christian…one pastor asked….he add then maybe we can see if you can become a member of the Penthecostal Felloship of Nigeria( PFN)…I think only God should ask this question to us. Not a human being. Because i can show Ayo a document showing that i was once a member of this church whereas I am not christian in my heart….He may ask me when i was born again which i will tell him…when are you baptized in the spirit…i can even lie to him that i have been filled by the Holly Spirit…He will then give me a certificate….showing that i am a member of the PFN….but only God knows if i am really a christian. So therefore giving these informations don’t necessary prove that we are born again. another pastor told the government to stop giving awards to humanist pastors…is it because he knew that TBJ will always win these awards?( it is just a question)….God only knows…..IF TBJ IS NOT OF GOD HIS MINISTRY WILL SOON END…(Don t tell me that it is on his way of ending that is why we cannot see him since some times…don’t rush things…wait…be patient…what? Don’t tell me you have diarrhea…and we will sooner or later know the reall cause of his building collapse)…BUT IF HIS MINISTRY IS FROM GOD NOBODY CAN STAND IT….YET THAT WILL BE MOREOVER THE REASON WHY IT WILL FACE PERSECUTIONS LIES AND DIFFAMATIONS BECAUSE ANYTHING NEAR TO GOD FACES PERSECUTIONS.

    • Yes, I am that man that will accuse any one of SCOAN of opening and cracking bags and shifting them around when not around. I also know who shifted it around. This was a Mexican working for SCOAN and I confronted him about it and they just don’t care because everything they do iis the “representation” of their own god they have create for themselves. I wrote that I wanted a family room to have privacy with my family. They put me in a room of which door made noise as a squealing pig to be murdered night and (there is absolutely no smear oil in SCOAN to change that is it) and a professor of Mathematics next to with a doctors wife who snored and shook the room the whole night with the intention to wear everyone out and deprive of sleep so they could do what I insinuate. Period.

    • @ The Truth,

      If you want to use “crutches” to exercise your faith, then your faith is useless. God and Jesus would have commanded this to us, like the Muslims do or the Catholics or whoever is doing this. How can you drive car with fiddling a faith bracelet ? That is the same as having a mobile phone call while driving or driving and texting. You are deceiving yourself to become a hazard on the road. How irresponsible. I would not like to sit in your car while you fiddle with your faith bracelet because you have been told to do this at all times. I for one I pray wherever I am, WITHOUT anything used as a crutch to remind me of praying. This is Christian discipline. And the Bible says God will not hear you because of your repetitive amounts of prayer. You are even more silly than those who think that TB Joshua is their God.

  32. @ Jamie,

    I have no problems that you want the Word to work for you and to walk in faith. This only can be done if you do full time ministry. If you don’t, you will have to attend to things that need to be done by the arm of flesh, such as eating, cleaning, laundry, pay bills, drive car, get your children to school and more and if God does not do certain things for you, you need to do it yourself and if you don’t do it you will have a dysfunctional life, because nobody else is going do it for you. My concern is that you forget there are things you must do by the ability of your body to live your life practically as a believer. Christianity and following Christ is both. Practical and believing God to do His part if He finds this glorifying him and His Salvation plan for us. There are things you have to do yourself. Thats life.

  33. @tbjoshuawatch,
    You got work
    The charlatan claims to have prophesied India’s train derailment

  34. tbjoshua open a church so that we come ad learn from you it seems like you know God and his ways the more. and please we want to see your face so that we can know more about you,, not just reading your post but we want to see you know more about you.

  35. tbjoshuawatch open a church so that we come and learn from you it seems like you know God and his ways the more. and please we want to see your face so that we can know more about you,, not just reading your post but we want to see you know more about you.


    • Lol. I think they want to keep their privacy hidden for sake of death threats that some hard ore scoanites may bring up. Where is Tb Joshua? Huh?

      Tb joshua watch blog makes u angry becoz u are hardcore easy believing follower of tb joshua, Tb joshua himself let 116 people die in the church collapse! Why did he never predict it? Afterall his church is “prophecy styled church”.

      Perhaps some of you would be interested to listen to a sermon in Shaheen the Camel’s church

  36. I wisched i never sended a video with a real miracle. It seems much to hard to take for you all. You chatter over it as buldozers. In steat of being in awe for what God did to this familie and let your faith be builded by it. You talk as ordinairy men, . Not as christians. For me, Jezus is alife today. I stick with that.

    • Dear Jamie,

      I don’t think we are thinking as ordinary men or women. Just we believe that you base your beliefs are from Word Faith beliefs of W. V. Kenyon and those of the Word Faith movements. For me I am not into that and as far as I can see the others are not either. I am sure everyone has their own experience with God. But Word Faith is not one of them. Only Kenneth Copeland, Jesse Duplantis, etc are into that.

      If you are into them, then logically you will find resistance into such beliefs because they are wrong.

  37. I gues i am extreme bored with the tb Joshua-misery. I just walk on in my walk of sharing Truth. I want so much more, then the TB Joshua-deadly-road. I want the good things of Gods promises. I learned by the hard way, what is going on in christianity. TB Joshua is not the only faritale-preacher who deceives people. Thousands of christians are just stucked in their traditions and endless word-fights. Making the Word of non-effect by their blind skriptual knowledge,. Above all, is the christian walk a walk about love. and life. A good life.

      • How harsch you all respons on things of the H. Spirit. Be aware of religious mind-sets, . I am off for a while, i have a calling to forfill.

    • Brother,

      Fear not and fret not as you are just going thru a transition stage of soul searching for the TRUTH (JESUS CHRIST not Jezus) like many of us did when we first realized our error in a false ministry. Just ignore those ignorant folks trying to prod & goad you here like they know it all when they obviously have no understanding of both the scriptural and spiritual aspect of living by faith in Christ Jesus. So instead of being a brother’s keeper to a brother in need of spiritual support they are playing a brother’s killer!

      Talk is cheap, action is costly!
      You’ll get over it sooner than you know it in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Amen!

      1. You MUST first acknowledge Christ’s Lordship over you
      2. Then pray to The Father to send you The COMFORTER who will teach and guide you into ALL TRUTH
      3. Then ask The Holy Spirit to reveal to you ALL you need to know about The TRUTH who is the Word of God

      Lesson 101:
      When the Holy Ghost commences to train you in the School of the Spirit, do not ARGUE with anything new or strange to your erstwhile traditional church doctrine HE tells you for He will not strive with you. Simply ask HIM to show you where it is written in the BIBLE (King James Version is highly recommended above others) and once you see where it is written in the scriptures believe it as the absolute TRUTH with all your body, soul & spirit as that will cause HIM to teach you even more and more because you are showing yourself to be a good Bible Student before HIM

      Lesson 202:
      When The Holy Ghost shows you mind boggling visions & revelations about the Mysteries of the Kingdom of God make sure to search the scriptures to confirm if it is in line with the written Word of God before accepting it as a divine vision from above otherwise discard it regardless.

      Lesson 303:
      Always rejoice in your spirit whenever He proves to you from the scripture what He teaches you for that will make HIM very happy with you indeed and cause HIM to liberally dish out His spiritual gifts to you as HE wills be it the gifts of healing, miracles, word of knowledge, prophecy and so on.

      Only remember that in this crucial endtime The Holy Spirit is more focused on TEACHING THE TRUTH to HIS saints & elects than on miracles, signs & wonders as the TRUTH is what will make them stand victorious against all the crafty cunning technical apostate lies of the antichrist pervading and permeating virtually every church on earth save but a very few. That is why so many pastors, prophets, churches & ministries are false today as you have correctly noted.

      Let God direct you to a true place of worship where truly HIS WORD AND HIS NAME IS!


      PS: This book will help you like it helped many others in similar circumstances when they found themselves standing at the cross-road between the TRUTH and the LIE.


  38. If tbjoshuawatch is of god he will come out so that people see who is he or she there is no point of throwing stones from the dark. Let it be a fair fight.. For example if Tb joshua is claiming to fight demon he is doing it on public you also tbjoshuawatch come out and fight tb joshua in public stop posting from nowhere..where nobody is not seen you

  39. I am involved in an Indian ministery, where ALL the people become healed immidiatly, by het power of God. I gues people as you, will have so many opinions and questions about it, that it is better to not share it. If you dont understand the H. Spirit, then be carefull how you Judge spiritual things. Spiritual things can only be discerned by people who have the Spirit. TB Joshuas failor is not about fake-profhesies, it lays much deeper. His whole system is wrong and leading to nothing for the members. Find out why it is going wrong. So you can see when some-one is right in Spirit.

    • @ Jamie,

      I don’t think people or myself have problems with healing in general when God chooses to do so. You say all people are healed in the ministry you are going to. What kind of healings are you talking about ? Please describe what kind of illnesses have been healed instantly? Then if they are healed who is verifying it ? Is it an independent doctor or a surgery. Is the informations about the sicknesses and infirmities published before and after ?

      I find it a bit strange that all are being healed. Even in many ministries not everybody gets healed. Not even in Benson Idahosa, Michael Reid or T. L. Osborne whose wife died of lung cancer. Just read about T.L. Osborne of who he is. Why did his wife die ? Why did T.L. Osborne wear a wig ? If he could speak the Word as you believe it did not happen or changed anything ? I have met all three, all three have a lid hands upon me but none of them were able to heal me of an problem that I have. But a hospital could in two minutes. Even with a man next to me who was complaining about everything was the cause that went wrong. Yet he did it because I told him to do it and he is OK. Should I go to TB Joshua again because my experience with all four of them are incapable to heal of the Jesus they claim they have access to ? Two minutes Jamie and it only cost me a train ticket And some time. Going to all these high profile ministers resulted into nothing and a loss of thousands of dollars And years with these people. While on other occasions I was healed instantly of other issues. And the problem that not got healed is the easiest to be healed. Besides all that. Nobody understands the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is not just you flick flack around whenever you like. The Holy Spirit hardly makes Himself known because He knows it is not about Him but about Jesus and even more about God the Father. The Holy Spirit does what God says not what we say. He is not our errand boy to just say Now do this or do that. But if you say so, then why is no one capable of arresting anyone in the Holy Spirit remotely unseen. Yet this is claimed by all these ministries inside. Outside they are incapable. I have been to hundreds of meetings where they claim this is so, but all you see is chaos. Crazy people who roll up and down and growl like dogs, coo like doves, crow like roosters, roar like lions, bounce up and down like they are on pogo sticks. And go from one side from the room to the other with sayings like wooooooo, hooooo, wooooo. Do you call this workings of Holy Spirit ?

  40. Has anybody seen him today or he is still hibernating hoping we will forget his human sacrifices?

  41. Pope Francis Sends Video Message to Kenneth Copeland – Lets Unite

    Translation of Kenneth Copeland’s “Tongues” Prayer for Pope Francis

  42. 23/09/15 in God’s timetable is day number 500 in the countdown and according to the French ambassador, is supposed to be the day climate chaos begins?

  43. The pope choose for a good reason the Kenneth Copeland-ministery for his bizar stragedy to unite the church. Kenneth Copeland is vulnerable to more fame . And a year later, the pope dis-qualifies all the christians who have a relationship with Jezus, including Kenneth Copeland, who is one of the most important charismatic leaders. Very smart, you litle demon-pope. I hope you all discoverd, that the Pope believes he is Joseph, and all the other churches are the brothers who nearly kiiled him. In the 2e world-war, the Vatican knew what choise to make; they choose Hitler, in steat of God. To save the own skin and to bring thousands of realy spiritual people, to the gas-chambers. This Pope is a realy woolf.

  44. Let us wake up. Tbj’s narrow mindedness is irritating!

    Then Jesus said to his disciples, “The time is coming when you will long to see one of the days of the Son of Man, but you will not see it. People will tell you, ‘There he is!’ or ‘Here he is!’ Do not go running off after them. For the Son of Man in his day will be like the lightning, which flashes and lights up the sky from one end to the other. But first he must suffer many things and be rejected by this generation.

    “Just as it was in the days of Noah, so also will it be in the days of the Son of Man. People were eating, drinking, marrying and being given in marriage up to the day Noah entered the ark. Then the flood came and destroyed them all.

    It was the same in the days of Lot. People were eating and drinking, buying and selling, planting and building, but the day Lot left Sodom, fire and sulfur rained down from heaven and destroyed them all.

    It will be just like this on the day the Son of Man is revealed” – Luke 17:22-30.

    “There were giants in the earth in those days and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.” – Genesis 6:4

    Giants in Israel:

    Stories of the Nephilim and Rephaim


    The mysterious structure of Gilgal Refaim




  45. Proof of giants in the past are everywhere.

    Will they be here again, before Jesus appears?

    Giants in South Africa:

    Michael Tellinger – Giant Footprint in South Africa Panoramic View May 2013

    Michael Tellinger – Stone Circles & Ancient Gold Mines in South Africa – Megalithomania 2010

  46. Prophecy of 112 popes to rule the Roman Catholic Church before the end of the world?


    According to the video clip is the so called “Unnumbered Pope” a.k.a Peter the Roman” or LAST POPE coming after this 112th Pope?

    Pope John Paul is the so called 110th
    Pope Benedict is the so called 111th
    Pope Francis is the so called 112th
    Pope Peter the Roman? Is he the next so called Last Pope?

    Note the above 700 year old prophecy very keenly indeed and then compare it with the Biblical prophecy below by watching out for this FALSE MESSIAH or LAST POPE’S endtime check list:

    1) He is a very young Pope in his thirties or so (Luke 3:23)
    2) He is of Jewish descent from a Hebrew mother (Matthew 1:23)
    3) He is born in Bethlehem or a Bethlehemite by descent (Matthew 2:5-6)
    4) He will perform unbelievable miracles, signs & wonders as a priest / pope (Revelation 13:13-14)
    5) He will have long bond hair and cold blue eyes like in the graven image or Picture of Jesus (Deuteronomy 4:16-17)
    6) His real father is not human but the devil in ,other words the Seed of Satan which will be a spiritual secret of course (2 Thessalonians 2:9)
    7) He will build the New Temple of Jerusalem for the Jews to worship in on Mount Moriah which is the same location where Solomon & Ezra both built the previous temples where the Islamic mosque presently stands in East Jerusalem (Zechariah 6:12-13)
    8) He will erect the image of the beast (Virgin Mary Statue) in the altar of the New Temple of Jerusalem and animate it to speak to people with a human voice (Matthew 24:15-16)
    9) He will attack & annihilate virtually all Moslems and dissidents worldwide in a modern crusade with NUCLEAR WEAPONS in the next era of the FOURTH SEAL before / during / after he is confirmed as the New President or PRINCE of the New World Order (Isaiah 29:14) & (Revelation 4:7-8)
    10) He will unite all churches & religions in the world to worship the dragon & the image of the beast in his new mingled religion of Judiasm & Christianity that cannot be mixed together as one (Daniel 2:42-43)
    11) He will persecute the true believers or endtime elects during the GREAT TRIBULATION right after which JESUS CHRIST will come and destroy him in and his worshippers in the eternal LAKE OF FIRE (Matthew 24:21-22)
    12) He will be GREETED & HAILED by his SYNAGOGIAN-WORSHIPPERS all over the world by the codename: EMMANUEL meaning God with us! (Matthew 1:23… Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name EMMANUEL, which being interpreted is, God with us …)

    Connect the dots………does it lead you to a particular Pentecostal controversial SYNAGOGIAN CHURCH today globally notorious for false prophecies, healings, miracles, lying signs & wonders where they are already spiritually greeting & hailing their FATHER or PAPA the antichrist a.k.a LAST POPE with the same name of EMMANUEEEEEL?

    If you think this is so, is it not peculiar and evident that this LAST POPE who is supposedly poised to take over from this Present Pope MUST already be BORN into this world as an evil and wicked GIANT whose mother is a HUMAN and whose father is a DEVIL? (Genesis 6:4-5 There were GIANTS in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God [angels] came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same [evil & wicked giants] became mighty men which were of old, men of renown. And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth)

    I hereby submit to the elect brethren that the antichrist is already ALIVE with us in FLESH & BLOOD as a young boy who is growing & preparing himself for his endtime mission to raise another GIANT RACE of half humans & half demons like himself just as it was in the catastrophic FIRST WORLD OF NOAH but he will FAIL & FALL CATASTROPHICALLY according to the UNFAILING & INFALLIBLE WORD OF GOD!!! AMEN!


  47. I wonder why you spent so much time only on TBJ,he is human and he will die as you and me someday but the question is what is the legacy he would be living behind as christain? we have billions of muslims who dont believe in Jesus Christ.what have you done about that but i knowTBJ ministry have convertd alot to christ. many musician are wining soul to the devil people go to their show worship them some even die..what can you do ?

    • Ya kinggeorge and just like that SCOAN musician that died in July 2015 which could not be healed for 9 years. Hmmm. Even that one was converted. Yes ?

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